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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 12

Another Ch from Aika Natsukawa POV

12. Goddess’ doubt

That guy (Wataru) has been having lunch with Aizawa-san almost every day. I’m sure…. He’s living happy days, flirting around like that without even thinking about how other people feel!

Or so I thought that, at first, in the first few days. Shortly after, whenever he returned classroom with bread for lunch, somehow, he looked so lost in thought.

He should be happy that he’s able to spend every day with such a cute girl, why is he making a face like that?

……It’s a mystery. Usually, even if I never asked for it, he would start to talk to me fluently without any stop, so there was nothing I didn’t know about him. But, I feel like he’s been hiding a lot of secrets lately. Even though, he could talk it to me as usual, really.

And I didn’t know why but, I suddenly took a glance at him…

… This is not me! Why do I have to think about him like this! Oh yeah, that’s because Kei always said weird things!

“… You just came back, and your face looks so grim already. What are you thinking huh, Sajo-chi?”


Kei hugged me and talked to Wataru, who was sitting next to me. And of course…. a strange voice leaked out from me!

This side of Kei is bad for my heart, really, I want her to stop doing this. If she wants to talk to him, she should just do this to him….. No, that’s not good! What am I even thinking about!

Wataru who got called by Kei, turned his face over here. When he caught me and Kei in his sight, without thinking he turned his face back as if he had no time to bother with us, and opened his mouth as if it was a hassle.

W-what the hell is wrong with you…..

“It’s about my status.”

Probably, just maybe, he wasn’t able to answer Kei at the same time as he was thinking about something. And maybe, she didn’t like it, I heard a faint “Hmph” at my ears.

“You see, the commoners should just study silently.”

“Why are you so annoying, Shudra.”

“Alright! I’ll take on your challenge!”

“You guys, stop it.”

Kei was about to jump in, so I stopped them.

Wataru, How dare you to leave me alone and only talk with Kei….. I won’t allow you to enjoy a hug from Kei! This is necessary so that you wouldn’t become a pervert more than this!

Kei, who was unfaithful, got away from me and stared at him, then clapped her hand as if she had come up with something. Then she pointed at him while speaking in a loud voice.

“Ah, I know it! So, you’re still curious about Aizawa-san, right?”

W-wait a minute…!

…What do you mean? Still?… Did he ask Kei about Aizawa-san before? What did you say to him, Kei? Don’t tell me, you told him the same thing as what you said to me before…!?

“Eh? Ah, yeah…. well, that’s right.”

He was pushed by Kei’s flow, and probably her guess was right, so he nodded without saying anything. And just like that, he kept looking back and forth between me and Kei… Suddenly, his face became so serious and stared at us…

─── H-hey, don’t suddenly make a face like that! It surprised me you know…

“I have a question for you two.”

“W-what is it……”

In other words, Wataru was looking closely at me right now. In addition, because he looked at me with a serious face that was rare, somehow it upset me.

But the moment he said something, a bright brown-haired girl came into our sight. And, as soon as the girl entered the classroom and saw him, she approached him from behind and…

─── Eh!? Aizawa-san, what are you trying to do!?

“Aizawa and Arimu───”



Aizawa-san leaned from behind him who was sitting sideways in his seat, in a hugging position, and called Wataru out loud.

Eh? Eeeeh…? This girl, What are you doing! If you hug him with such a posture, he will…!


“Aa! Maybe you’reー talking about something? I’m sorry to disturb youー!”

“Ah, no, it’s okay. It’s just Sajo-chi’s talk, so don’t mind.”

It’s not okay at all! Look at this guy’s face! He’s so happy that her chest is pressing from behind his head! See… This guy, he’s so happy like that!

“……Aizawa, move… aaa, it’s soft”

“Eww, pervert.”

“Why don’t you go die?”

When I noticed, I was cursing Wataru while sighing. It was unintentional, but maybe because it was a boy close to me who was flirting with someone in front of me.

Seriously… Why can you say your thoughts so honestly! I mean, when you’re attacked like that, why are you even smiling!?

“It’s not daytime yet, but what’s wrong?”

“Noーthing? Suddenly, I just want to talk to Sajou-kun.”

“I-Is that so…?”

Aizawa replied to the pervert’s question like she was trying to tempt him even more. Her words were so straight and favorable to him, it just made his face red.

 What are you so embarrassed about, huh…? As I thought, this guy is a pervert.

However, somehow, it looked to me that Wataru didn’t completely believe in Aizawa-san. But, rather than doubting, he had a face saying he didn’t know what Aizawa-san wanted.

This… This guy, you’re really thinking a lot about this, right? Still, somehow, why are you look happy like that!

I can’t stand seeing this pervert’s attitude anymore. I won’t feel good unless I say a word to him.

When I tried to take a step, Kei came out before me.

“Well then! Then! Aizawa-san, why don’t you tell us, the reason you broke up with your ex-boyfriend!”


Wha, what are you asking!?

Eh? It’s not something you could ask lightly… right? I mean, even this guy also looks at Kei with a very surprised face… See, my thought is not wrong, right? Still, is Kei usually the type who stepped into the circumstances of others like this…?

“Eh, eeeh!? Do you usually ask such a thing suddenly like thisー?”

Look! Aizawa-san has a face that seems she has a hard time saying anything! I’m sure it’s something she doesn’t want anyone to touch. So Kei, let’s not ask that previous question and ask her another…..

“Isn’t okay? Right, right!? Anyway, You’re into Sajo-chi right nowー, aren’t you?”



…Aizawa-san likes him? N-no way, it’s a lie, right? Kei also said that Aizawa-san was planning something before, and above all, I can’t believe she fell in love with him. I mean, at least I don’t think she would fall in love with a boy who declares his love to another girl (me) on a regular basis.

“Well, that is〜… as expected, I wasn’t good enough, I guess?”

“I see〜, isn’t it kind of a tragic story? And that ex-boyfriend who dumped Aizawa-san is the worst! I guess…”

“T-that’s rightー”

Ke-Kei? To ask that… aren’t you being a little too much right now? Even if Aizawa-san is planning something, I think it’s still a very delicate topic to talk about… You see, even Wataru also has a face saying “This is bad.”. Wait, rather, since he’s sandwiched between Aizawa-san and Kei, I started to feel pitifu─── S-serves you right! It’s because you’re flirting with another girl, so that this falls on you!

“But, because there’s already Sajo-chi, you’re okay already right!? Throw away the man like that, he’s just a woman’s enemy, and be happy with Sajo-chi!”


“Wai, wait a moment, Kei……”

Rather than trying to be brave, he just unconsciously stopped Kei. No matter how close they might be, it wasn’t something you bother to say in a loud voice, right? Then, when I looked at Aizawa-san, I didn’t know why, but my shoulders were trembling, probably because of my unpleasant premonition….

“───……like that.”

When I reached out and tried to close Kei’s mouth, Kei grabbed my hand and pulled it to her chest, and squeezed it.

…Hey, Kei?…. What on earth are you thinking about?



“Can you not say something bad about my ex-boyfriend like that?”

For a moment, I was stunned. But as I was afraid, Aizawa-san quickly went out of the classroom with a sullen face and a piercing attitude. Too much development, I was looking at Kei and his face alternately. When I did that, I suddenly felt that there was some purpose behind Kei making Aizawa-san angry like that,.

“Sajo-chi, why don’t you chase her?”

“No way, She’s so scary.”

“Ew, cowーard…….. but you’re right this time. I guess.”

During this period, Kei told Wataru that she was worried about Aizawa-san. Wataru also stared at the destination where Aizawa-san went out with a tense face while mumbling a pitiful thing.

…..Am I the only one here who doesn’t understand? I somehow understand that Kei is taking action while thinking about various things. Still….. Maybe Kei was trying to find out if Aizawa-san was planning something or not? If so, maybe I don’t need to be so worried about Aizawa-san.

Then… What about this guy (Wataru)?

Seriously, you… What are you thinking? Aren’t you always just flirting and playing around…? Did you start to like Aizawa-san?… Is that the reason why you went somewhere with that girl all the time…?

Author’s Note : Because she’s cute


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  1. Time for a mindset change for our FL. She still thinks it’s natural for the MC to fawn over her all the time while she rejects him.

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  2. …….What did Kei said? Don’t say…..
    should be
    …….What did Kei say? Don’t tell me …….

    ……maybe it because I was a boy close to me was flirting with at someone in front of me. Seriously… Why can you said your thought…..
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