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Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 8

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8. Chapter 8

The next day, after I woke up, I was leaving the clinic.

They took a good care of me and let me rest for about a day, but I thought I couldn’t be always in their care.

The uniform that I wore when I came to this world seems to have torn apart, and all I’m wearing now is the black trousers and gray shirt that the clinic had prepared for me in advance.

“If you have any problem, just tell me, huh…?”

After receiving the money, I talked a little more, but Berce-san really helped me.

It seemed a little weird that he treats me so good when it’s the first time we met, but… maybe he really doesn’t have bad intent.

The first thing to do now is to leave the clinic.

“Well, first… what should I do?”


On me head is Schiff transformed into a hat. Then I hears Lime’s voice, and looks around from the entrance of the clinic.

I saw the outside scenery from the window yesterday, but really, it’s totally different from the world I used to live in.

There is a lot of people walking and the clothes they are wearing are completely different.

Machines were everywhere in my world, but in this world it’s mostly brick and wooden buildings. But that doesn’t mean it’s less developed than my world, and there are machine-like tools all over the city.

“That is….”

“It’s called a Magic Tool. Kaito, is this the first time you’ve seen it?”

“Ye, Yeah…”

“Everything in this place is unfamiliar to you now, but it will eventually become familiar. Let’s get used to it one by one.”

I nod to Schiff’s words.

Sure, I’m not used to it yet, but as he says, I can get used to it little by little.

Then I take a small deep breath and say what I’m thinking right now.

“At first… I have to go to thank the adventurer who helped me. After that, I’ll stay at the inn today.”

“Um, if that’s the plan, let’s head to the guild right away.”

“I heard that the guild is just the opposite of the clinic…”

While muttering so, I’m looking around the clinic, and I found a particularly large building.

It has a quite wide entrance and probably is a place called ‘guild’, as I saw some very adventurous people in light armor entering there.

“For now, let’s try to go in there.”



Perhaps because I has lime on my shoulders, as I crosses the street, I’m gathering the eyes of passers-by. Anyway, now, I stands in front of a building that seems to be a guild.

“When you see it from near, it look bigger than you thought…”

“Standing here will just be an annoyance. So, let’s get in quickly.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

When I stepped into the guild while being reminded by Schiff to stay alert, the inside was like a little different world.

Immediately after entering, I saw the window that spreads out horizontally and the guild staff who are accepting there.

And lined up there are adventurers equipped with weapons and armor, some of them are sitting on indoor tables and chairs, chatting, and looking at something like paper that’s overhanging the wall.

I took my breath away in a space that had a different shape but made me feel like it’s the “workplace!”

“Maybe, it’s your first time coming here?”


A woman who seems to be a guild employee talked to me, who was unreasonably nervous and stuck at the entrance.

She’s a woman with pale pink hair that’s hard to imagine in the world I used to live in. She talk to me with a smile.

“Let me introduce myself! I’m Mai, the one in charge of guiding people here! Nice to meet you!”

It’s our first time seeing each other, but she’s a very energetic person.

Mai-san continues to talk to me, who still can’t follow the flow.

“Is there something you need? Ah, maybe you want to make a request?”

“No, I’m looking for someone…”

“So it’s a request to find people?”

“I would like to thank the adventurer who helped me in a dangerous place, it’s not a request…”

“Hmm, do you know the name of the adventurer who helped you?”

Luckily, I asked their name from the guild chief in advance.

The one who helped me was a group of adventurers who were in a party, and the name of the leader was…

“It’s a party whose the leader called Laila-san…..”

“Laila-san? You are the one who got helped by them, so…”

Mai-san, who put her hand on her chin and stepped back to see my whole body, had a surprised expression.

“Maybe you’re a talking mimic child!? Oh, after I see you more carefully, I can see a beautiful slime on your shoulders!!”

Did my existence spread among the guild’ member?

Maybe, that monster called Orochi may have been more big deal than I had imagined.

However, what is the talking mimic that she mean…

“Kaito, it seems that we, shape shifters, are also called mimics. It’s my first time hearing that too.”

“The mimic that she means… Is it ‘that monster’?”

I have an image of a monster that usually turns into a treasure chest, that I’m familiar with.

“Wow! The hat talked!? Maybe that child is a mimic!?”

“That’s… Mai-san?”

“Oh, right! I saw Laila-san and her party earlier, so I’ll call her right away!!”

Then, she urges me to sit in a vacant seat, ‘Please sit in this seat!’ is what she said. After that, she goes somewhere with a tremendous speed.

I’m still a little uncomfortable with the eyes that keep looking at me.

Then, Schiff, who is transformed into a hat, that I was wearing on my head right now. Suddenly, he landed on the table while transforming into a black cat.

“If you don’t feel like hiding it, I don’t need to turn into a hat too.”

“You, you’re so bold.”

“If I can, I want to talk with you while seeing your face. You see, I can’t do it from above your head.”

After he say so, the adventurers who are looking at us are noisy.

I see, they’re a bunch of strange people.

While stroking Lime that came down from my shoulder to my hand, I try to check the impression they have about the guild.

“How do you feel? About The guild…”

“…From a monster’s point of view, it’s a den of dangerous creature. From my personal point of view, it’s like a place where elite humans gather.”

“As expected, there many amazing people in here, right?”

Schiff nods strongly to my question.

“This’ll be the best training place for you. And if you deepen your friendship, you can ask the strong man to teach you, and have a spar with you. But as an adventurer, it will be natural for you to accept request. So, you can say that it’s a great place, because you can meet a bunch of monster that you can make friends with.”


Can I improve my power if I join the guild?

To be honest, I have no idea what to do next.

At present, I can’t return to my original world and I have no goals here either.

To put it bluntly, I don’t have someone who I can rely on have to deal with this situation, so there is no choice but to make money myself. But it is doubtful that I, a high school student who has no social experience, can do it properly.

Schiff, who see me anxious silently, puts his forefoot on my hand.

“Kaito. If you don’t feel like doing it, that’s fine. For me, the fact that I’m your familiar is most important than anything else.”

“… Thank you, Schiff.”

“Fufu, you don’t need to thanks me…!”


Suddenly, Schiff looks behind me with caution.

And in response, I turned around and saw someone in a robe just behind me staring at me from the hood.

To me, who couldn’t even make a voice in surprise, the mysterious all-black guy uttered something.



“Say your name.”

I’m being asked to introduce myself…!?

If I refused, I’m afraid what’s gonna happen after that…..Ugh, I can’t make a good decision, so I would say an appropriate name.

“I’m…. Jacob.”

“Jacob? Really?”

“My name is Jacob Rising.”

Fuck myself.

There must have been a better name, even if it’s just an alias.

However, I wondered if the mysterious guy was convinced by that? Because I saw that guy’ shoulder dropped, and left me as it was.

Feeling relief, I tried to turn around to Schiff…. But, the mysterious guy speak in a low voice…

“Aren’t your name, Kaito… Arihara…”


Yes, that guy just muttered my name.

By the time I turned around again, it was too late, and there were no sign of that mysterious guy there.

“Is it… Shishihara-san!?”

Maybe, just now… it was her?

I can’t think of anyone other than her who knows my name in this world.

No! Maybe I heard it wrong? It maybe just my imagination.

“Who was it? The mysterious guy who approached you just now. Seriously, I knew that person was a woman, but I don’t really know what she want.”


“But it was a good idea to use an alias. It could be a hassle if someone like that knows your real name… Hmm? Kaito, are you okay?”


“Ye, yeah, I’m okay. I was just a little surprised.”

I smiles at Schiff and Lime, who are worried, while my heart still beating so fast.

After it calmed down, and I could feel relieved, this time I heard someone fluttering from the back of the guild.

When I look at the person who makes a noise while tilting my head, I see a beautiful blue-haired woman running straight toward us.

By the way, from behind her, I can see a man and woman, and I could see Mai-san who is saying “Don’t run inside the guild!”.

“Oh, There he is!”

When the blue-haired woman finds me and Schiff, she just stops in front of the table.

Looking closely, the woman with her quirky hair stretched to the shoulders showed a cheerful and happy smile.

“Thank god! You were safe! It was worth the effort carrying you all the way here then!”

Carrying me?… Eh? Me? Carried by this person?

Although she looked delicate, I could felt a powerful aura from her that almost seem visible. And in front of her who is smiling with a big smile, I had no choice but to make a smile too.


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