Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 8

8. Lunch

“What the hell …”

Looking at the door where the girls went out, Maegashira was muttering like that.

Usually, there are only a few girls running. You see, you will always want to go ahead even if you kick others down like just now, it really gonna be a terrible battle.

Above all, the class isn’t over yet.

Looking at the podium, Professor Tanaka, who teaches the Modern Japanese, is stunned.

What are you going with this…..

After the teacher regained his senses, he declares the end of the class, so we stands up, gives thanks and the class ends.

It’s the first time I’ve stood up and thanked the teacher with only two people …

“Well, then I’ll go too.”

“Yeah, I’m not sure, but be careful… really.”

Maegashira looks at the door while saying such a thing.

I’m sure he is worried about the strange behavior of the girls.

I’m also curious…

When I turned to the door to buy it, there was a different sight from the previous one, there was a person at the entrance, a tattered girl.

A girl whose face is hidden by her long and disorderly hair. Her eyes could be seen through the gaps of her hair, it gives off a suspicious glittering light.

I almost screamed at the sight, but when suddenly I heard a rattling noise and saw Maegashira collapsing from the chair, my mind got calmed down.

Maegashira seems to have fainted. I shake his body wake him up somehow. Meanwhile, the girl I mentioned earlier enters the classroom and approaches. There is no problem about it. After all, she is my classmate, Minori Saegusa. She was like that someone from a horror movie, who came out of the TV screen. I don’t know why she was so tattered. She is usually a neat and clean girl with long black hair. Now, her appearance is very horror.


Even Maegashira, who regained his mind, wondering if anyone knew who is she.


I hear an exhausted voice from Saegusa-san who came close to me.

“I bought…. some bread, so, together… do you want… to eat it… together with me…. please?”

Saegusa giving her bread to the MC
[TN: Remember, this is the illustration from the LN, and he’s not wearing a woman uniform there]

She was saying that, even though she’s still out of breath.

Apparently, all the girls were listening to my conversation with Maegashira in the morning…

It seems that all the girls bought bread and invited them for lunch instead of me who didn’t want to go out to buy.

Perhaps it was a fierce battle, because her beautiful black hair has lost its luster, and even her uniform has been messed up.

I thought, if I refused this, wouldn’t she commit suicide because of shock?… That’s what I’m afraid she really gonna do.

“O, okay …”

For the time being, I accept her request.

……Because I’m scared.

Saegusa-san who heard the words, it changed her mood so fast.


Her voice that was sound like someone about to die regained it vigor, and her eyes were rejuvenated.

And, “Ah!”, she seems to noticed how she looks now.

“Wait a minute. I’ll be back soon, really soon.”

And she went out. However, Saegusa-san, who returned immediately after saying that word, her appearance almost makes me mistook her for someone else.

Her long black hair is glossier than usual, her skin is look softer, and you can see that she put a lot of effort into that. Furthermore, the uniform that had been became so messy was fixed. Obviously, compared to the girls who came back after Saegusa-san, you could see,

“The winners and the losers.”

That’s the only words I could say when seeing their appearance.

“Now, Let’s eat! I bought various food.”

Saegusa-san says happily. The other girls look at us with a resentment when they hear the words, but they never try to join us. Perhaps, the loser doesn’t have the right to have lunch with me…

“Ah, I’ll pay for it.”

“No, it’s fine! I just bought it without your permission, so I’m sorry if I don’t get your my favorite bread.”

“Well… then, thank you. Itadakimasu!” [TN : ‘Itadakimasu’ is a way of Japanese praying for their food before meal.]

“Yes, please eat.”

To be honest, I don’t want to be in favor, so I plan to pay for it, but it seems I don’t need to think to much about this.

“Hm, I’ll get the cutlet sandwich.”

“Yes, if Maegashira-kun also want, please just take it.”

“I’m okay, because I bring my lunch box …”

Maegashira replied grumpily, but Saegusa-san still looks happy and smile. Saegusa-san is eating the fruit sandwiches. By the way, there are still about ten breads left.

“Oh, Hatano-kun, there is something near your mouth.”

“Eh? Really?”

I tried to wipe it off with my finger, but it didn’t come off. When I tried to wipe it again, Saegusa-san approached me.

“Please stay still… Okay, I got it.”

Saegusa-san showed the breadcrumbs she had picked up with her fingers and put it in her mouth.

At that moment, the classroom was filled with horrific murder intense….

“Curse Curse Curse Curse Curse”

“Grudge Grudge Grudge Grudge Grudge Grudge”

“Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill”

Resentment can be heard from all over the classroom.

Maegashira is trembling in fear. However, Saegusa-san, who is in front of me, is laughing as if nothing had happened.

Saegusa and MC

“Sa, Saegusa-san, everyone went out from the classroom in such a manner, are your body okay?”

“It’s okay, there are a lot of losers in life, but I won, so it’s okay.”

For some reason, the others was agitated!

The words make the classroom air even more dangerous.

“Curse Curse Curse Curse Curse Curse Curse Curse Curse Curse Curse Curse Curse Curse”

“Grudge Grudge Grudge Grudge Grudge Grudge Grudge Grudge Grudge Grudge Grudge Grudge Grudge Grudge Grudge Grudge”

“Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill”

Saegusa-san continues talking without worrying about the air at all.

“And anyway, I’m learning martial arts, so I’m strong.”

‘Mmmph!’, she make a gesture like showing her bicep.

It’s a cute gesture, and it’s even more cute because Saegusa-san, who is a neat and clean girl, is the one who does it.

This attitude in this strange atmosphere.

You can see that, this neat and clean girl has a nerve of steel…

And just like this, the first day of school after my discharge was over.


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  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    After the teacher regained his sense, he declares the end of the class, so we stands up, gives thanks and the class ends. ->
    After the teacher regained his senses, he declares the end of the class, so we stand up, gives thanks and the class ends.

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