Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 11

This is from Aika Natsukawa POV

11. Goddess’ sentiment

I put my elbows on my desk and play with my smartphone. I don’t have apps that I’m addicted to, and I don’t have the concentration to keep looking at the screen for a long time.

If I have time to spare when seated at the rear of the classroom, I may slowly look around my surrounding. And when I do so, I can’t help but feel uncomfortable with the quietness that is different from before.

Recently, ‘That guy’ (Wataru) behavior is strange.

He used to follow me at all times, uttering words that set my teeth on edge. One day, such annoyance disappeared completely. No, it’s not completely gone. Still, it was rare, and I was a little happy.

Maybe that day was the trigger. From that day on, his behavior was obviously strange. I remember uttering a cold words to him. I didn’t like the strange fuzzy feeling that I felt, so I accidentally rushed to his house. And when I thought I could talk it outside, I never thought I would be taken inside his home.

『”I love you. Please go out with me.”』

The words that I have been heard many times. But, after that day, he stopped speaking any important words to convey such feelings anymore. By the way, I feel like he was really serious at that time. But I thought it was the usual words he usually said again and again, and so, I didn’t really thought to much into it. Still, I don’t think what I said was wrong at that time.

『”…….So, I’ll try to read the situation.”』

What does he mean by reading the situation? What kind of situation do he plan read?

I should have asked, but I ran away from the place in front of Wataru’s family because I can’t stand being there. I don’t really understand it myself, but I remember having a strong anger at him at that time.

『”Hey, you’re Sajou-kun, right?』

And one day, a cute brown-haired girl began to appear before Wataru. Apparently her name is Aizawa-san. I thought he don’t know her too because he was confused, but then he started going somewhere with her almost every day. For some reason my classmates who I rarely talk to, told me that, even though I didn’t ask.


It’s quiet.

Wataru talked to me all the time, and sometime I couldn’t finish my meal because of that. I felt that my lunch break was so short every time, but recently I’ve finished my lunch in 15 minutes. It makes me have some free time and I don’t know what to do. Whether he’s being around me or not, he’s still an annoying man to me.

He’s probably having a nice chat and talking happily with that girl, Aizawa-san, around this time.

“……hoho, aren’t you being flustering?”

“Hmmmm? Aika-chan, are you being jealous?”

“Hey…Kei!? No, it’s not like that! Why I need to feel something like that to him! “

“Without Sajo-chi, It’s quiet, right? Don’t Ai-chi feel lonely too?”

“I feel refreshed because someone annoying is gone! Please, Don’t say anything strange!”

“You don’t have to be so angry.”

Kei often looks at me and him, and approaches us with a grin. Most of the time, I guess, she think of us as a couple doing something funny or something like that. Apart from that, Kei is sometimes teasing me like this even though he is neither my boyfriend nor my anything. I know that I could trust Kei, but this is annoying….

I told her exactly what I thought, but Kei didn’t care and continued to say, “By the way.”. No, wait, please listen to me.

“That girl who is wandering around Sajo-chi, she walked in the corridor every day with her boyfriend in arms until recently.”

“Eh? Boyfriend?”

By the way….. I feel like there was a couple walking in the hallway of the school with their arms crossed openly until recently. I’m sure her boyfriend is a senior, not from the same year.

But wait. Why did a girl who seemed to be so close to her boyfriend until recently, suddenly come to him?

“She has been flirting with her boyfriend until recently, but don’t you think it’s strange that she suddenly approach him?”

“That, that girl, do you mean that she’s planning something?”

“Yeah, but maybe… she’s not only planning, but already proceed into it…”

When I asked, Kei replied and then muttered something. Really… What the hell she want to said!

If she’s really trying to do something to harm him, then doesn’t that mean, I needs to do something about it…? No, no, it’s not that I’m worried about him or something! It’s just also to prevent me from being dragged into it and harmed!

Aika and Kei

“Oh! Sajo-chi is back!”


“Then I’ll be back to my seat, Ai-chi!”

“Eh, Kei, wait….!?”

Kei whispered to me that he is back, and she quickly finished her lunch and went back to her seat. Really… can’t she at least stay with me until the end! She plan to leave it to myself alone!?

When he sat down, he began preparing for the next lesson as if nothing had happened. Hey… why today, you don’t talk to me as usual!

“…H-Hey… come here for a moment.”


It’s a strange feeling to be the one saying something first to him, it make me feel a strange itch on my body. Still, I can’t overlook the fact that no matter how annoying is… he might be harmed!

“You, you….do you eat with Aizawa every day?”

“No, not every day … But, well, mostly.”

Eh, hey you… why can this guy answer so causally like that! Don’t he say that he like me!? Usually, you’ll try to hide that kind of thing because you don’t want to make a distance with the girl that you like, right!?

“You’re eating outside? There’s someone who saw you when both of you going out somewhere….”

I ask as if I weren’t concerned about him. Because I know that the day I say I’m curious about him to his face, he’ll get cocky. I’ll never let that happen.

“Yeah, that’s right. It’s not wrong.”

“I… I see.”

Like I said…. why is this guy! Can admit his relationship with girls so easily! What are you going to do with me!? You usually call me a goddess, but you don’t really think I’m a goddess, right? There’s now he looks me in that way!?

After exchanging some words with me. Wataru, unusually, took his eyes off me and put his hand on his chin and began to think about something. This guy, can do this kind of gesture too, huh….. No, it’s not that I’m making a fool of it or anything.

“Um… Natsukawa. Did you know Aizawa?”

“Eh…!? Yeah, I did know her? Why did you ask that?”

Suddenly he asked me something meaningful. I answered that I knew her, but… Is this guy suspicious of Aizawa-san too? Otherwise, he wouldn’t ask about that girl’s past… right?

….And when I think like that, this guy suddenly, ask me something dumb.

“I want to know more about Aizawa.”

“…..You know, I can’t talk about that! This idiot! Make sure to chase the girl’s ass moderately!”

My head turns white with anger. Why am I so enraged like this? Maybe it’s because when people are worried about him, on the other hand, this guy is flirting with the girl he just met without thinking much. If he’ll just give me this kind of feeling, I wish I hadn’t bothered myself to think about him!!

I don’t want to see this guy’s face right now. As I stood up with full of vigor, I jumped out of the classroom as fast as I could.


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