Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 10

10. Aika Natsukawa is…

In just a moment, I stare at Aizawa from the side. Her eyelashes are super long. Hm? Was she always this cute? I can’t stop myself from looking at her.

My heart is beating so fast, but by squeezing my own cheeks, I could regain my composure. Yeah, this is a crucial moment.

“Aizawa… You see, before I met Natsukawa, I were rejected by another girl.”

“Hm, Sajou-kun were rejected?”

“Yes, it’s the story from when I was still in Junior High School”

I’m a fan of idol named Aika Natsukawa. It is no exaggeration to say that my favor to her transcends love, and it can’t be called just a mere ‘love’ anymore. No one should ever hold a grudge against someone like Akina Natsukawa.

“Yeah, that girl rejected me in a very terrible way. It was something like, “You’re a disgusting guy.” or “How could you say such a thing?”, Anyway, it was in a way that they deny my existence. Well, if I think I about it now, it might not entirely wrong.”

“That, that kind of thing is…”

“Anyway, after that, when I walked down the corridor, a woman who rejected me appeared in front of me with her boyfriend. And her boyfriend say, “How dare you did something unpleasant to my girlfriend.”, something like that.


“I was beaten and blown away, At that time, Aika Natsukawa, who’s walking behind me, my face thrust into her chest.”


“Then, Natsukawa screamed and got angry, and made me eat a whole slap of her.”


“And, I fell in love.”


“I’m kidding.”

Aika Natsukawa was at the standing where I was blown away. She was surprised and told us to tell her the whole story, And, that girl’s boyfriend exclaimed that, “he had done something wrong!”, while pointing at me.

But, Natsukawa was angry at that boyfriend, and also at the girl who rejected me. “What you did is, trampling on the dignity of other people. It’s the worst thing to do!”, is what Natsukawa shouted at them.

Many students agreed with her remarks that’s full of anger. Anyway, thanks to that, I was saved, and wanted to know more about Natsukawa, so I started chasing her.

……is just a hoax, a big scam, that I told to Aizawa.

“…..Aika Natsukawa is not just cute, She’s a good girl. I’m confident that I can do anything if it’s for her. Though, even if I don’t do anything, Natsukawa seems to be able to do something about herself.”

“… I see, I see.”

To my words, Aizawa raised her leg that’s outstretched to the ground, and held her knee on the bench. I don’t want Aizawa to think bad about Natsukawa. That’s why I make Natsukawa a “Woman who understands the feelings of a broken heart”…. Anyway, I’m sure Natsukawa actually understand that feeling! Because it’s that Natsukawa we’re talking about!

“That’s why I became a die-hard fans of Natsukawa.”

“Okay….. Hmmm?”

I have to tell her this. That, I ware not Natsukawa’s boyfriend and I can’t be that. I’m not an entertainer who makes people laugh by showing my desperate attempt at trying to get someone out of my reach, and I’m not going to keep a role to make the class feel more alive. I’m just an ordinary creature. A human who made a lot of mistakes.

“… Eh? What do you mean by fans?”

“Aika Natsukawa is everyone’s idol, I’m confident that I’m her number one fans.”

“Wait a minute! Aren’t you dating Natsukawa-san?”

“The only one I’ll give my approval to go out with Natsukawa, is only a handsome guy!”

“No, that’s not what I mean!”

Come on, Rena Aizawa! Don’t be so confused! It’s a punishment for trying to harm my idol, Aika Natsukawa! You should know your misunderstanding. Blush your face! Ooooh! Sooo cute!!!

“Everyone knows that, but I guess, in the case of Aizawa, who could only see her boyfriend, didn’t know that?”

“…Eh? Maybe, that’s true.”

“Natsukawa is good girl. I’m confident that I will always continue to support Natsukawa even if I have a girlfriend that’s not her.”

“Eh! Eeeeeh!? Even for girl, that feeling is complicated……”

“You see, all men are like that. And, even some girls who has a boyfriend, they’re still absorbed in handsome idols, right?”

“Ugh… if you put it that way…”

If Senior Arimura is really the worst man, he should not be convinced easily when Aizawa want to break up with him, and will keep trying to maintain the relationship with Aizawa. Even a man will care about his own status when seeing a girl, and think whether that girl is suitable for him or not, and above all, Aizawa is just so cute. That just because he really fell in love with Aika Natsukawa, he will not care about other women anymore, it just not a nature of a man to do that. You see, we are a greedy creature.

You know, your look is just the most outer part of your inner heart. So, even though Senior Arimura wasn’t particularly trying to have a new hairstyle or dressing up to look better, he had a cool vibe and personality of a “reliable senior”. At that time, when he was asked about his favorite girl and answered Natsukawa, I think he’s not planning to seriously make her to be his girlfriend for the time being. I think that’s he answered with a feeling like ‘I’m a fan of her’. However, that feeling turned into a feeling of guilt to Aizawa. If so, everything can be settled up fast.

“Oh, the time for lunch break almost end.”

“You couldn’t eat your lunch. Sorry…..”

“Don’t worry. And, I’ll scold Ashida again later.”

“No, don’t… Maybe, Ashida-san just protected Natsukawa-san, and I don’t think she has a bad intention to me.”

“Eh? That Ashida? Protect her?”

I thought Ashida said such words only with hostility and malice. You see, Ashida knows I’m not dating Natsukawa, and she know that Natsukawa hates me. She must know that Natsukawa won’t get hurt even if Aizawa robbed me from her. Really, I don’t really understand what that means, I wonder if there are things that only girls can understand.

“Well, whatever. Anyway, if you expect too much from a man, it will only hurt you.”

“You don’t need to say an unnecessary words. But, Sajou-kun too, don’t expect too much from girl.”

“Don’t worry, I’m okay.”

I don’t hope or expect anything from her, and I don’t plan to be so serious to get her. If you can build a good relationship with her, it’s more than enough. Thanks to that, I feel that my life has been extended by about 5 years recently. It’s surprisingly comfortable to understand that and just let yourself be deceived.

The back view of Aizawa leaving who was completely rejuvenated. Looking at Aizawa now, I think that her way of speaking words fluffily is her true self. It’s really scary to try to blind other just by using her charm. Though, I was blinded by it.

That pavilion was originally a place of memories of Aizawa and senior Arimura. I shouldn’t get closer to it too often anymore. Well, I don’t think I’ll come here by myself unless someone invites me.

If I hadn’t chased Natsukawa. I’m sure Aizawa didn’t even try to get close to me, and maybe I shouldn’t have had such a trouble at all. But, just the fact that I can get to know a cute girl is just feel like a bliss for me, it’s to the level of fluttering with a soft blanket in bed. What I could understand about this event is, in terms of avoiding troubles, it’s important to know yourself better.


And if I did that from the beginning. I might not need to feel a little lonely like this. Oi, oi, I guess I was kind of expected something.

Author’s Note : In conclusion, men was equally stupid in love.


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