Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 7

7. Chapter 7

When I woke up, it wasn’t on my usual bed, but on a bed with a wooden ceiling.

My memory is quite blur.

While I trying to open my eye, I slowly remember what had happened so far.

I went to school, took classes, put up my umbrella and went back in the rain, so I met Shishihara-san, and…


I came to another world and had a hard time.

I was chased by a three-necked snake called Orochi and suffered a serious injury… and then…

I remember that much and get my body up vigorously.

When I look at my body, the bandages are wrapped around it, but the pain that was there has disappeared.

“It’s should not be… a dream…”

When I look at my body again, I noticed that my clothes are also changed.

…… This room, I don’t remember seeing this kind of room.

It’s a simple place with minimal furniture, and there are tubs and washcloths at the bedside.

“Kaito! Did you wake up!?”


“Schiff? Lime?”

I was surprised by the sudden voice.

On the wooden table beside the bed, there was a silver slime, lime and a black cat-shaped shape shifter, Schiff.

“Yeah! It’s your familiar, Schiff! You’ve been hanging between life and death for three days, but I’m glad that you’ve alive!”

“…..Three days !? It was that bad!?”

“Because of the overuse of Support Magic, your body was about to break. If someone near there hadn’t come to help, you would have died.”

‘You would have dead’, when I heard that word, I felt a chills.

I’m happy to be alive, but…

“Who… Who helped me?”

“That is–“

“Then, I’ll explain”

The voice of someone other than Schiff.

When I heard it through the door and looked at it with surprise, a mature blonde man stood and one of his hand holding a glass of water.

“Are you thirsty?”

“Yes …”

He smiles kindly, and I nods to the man who says so, and receives the cup quietly.

I see that Schiff and Lime aren’t wary, so I can believe him… I guess?

Then I drink the water in the cup to moisturize my empty throat.

“Hmm, my injury is…”

“Your wounds have been healed by a healing wizard. Is not painful anymore, right?”

“Yes, it surprised me.”

Healing Wizard.

So you can say, it’s a wizard who use Magic to cures people, is it?

There are Monsters and Tamers, so I’m not surprised if there’s even a wizard, but… Wait, who is this person?

“You… who are you?”

“Hm? Excuse me. I haven’t introduced myself yet.”

A man who pulls on a nearby chair, pulls it to bed and sits down, and clears his throat.

“I’m Berce Lagiazar, the chief of the guild headquarters in the Hendil Kingdom. This is a private room, or you can say a clinic, that run by the guild, and you’ve been treated here.”

“Um, I …”

“Arihara Kaito, right? It’s okay, I’ve heard about you from Schiff.”

I glance at Schiff, and he says ” he is a trustworthy person.”

I’ve come across words that I’m curious about, such as the Hendil kingdom, the Guild, and the Chief, but now let’s grasp my situation first.

“Hmm, what is guild …”

“It’s like a workplace where people called adventurers gather. Well, you can say it’s the place for the people who receive and solve the problems and requests of various people.”

Is it like a shop?

I don’t think they’ll do such a wide range of work, but maybe it’s something like that.

“But, it was hard right? I couldn’t believe that while you’re lost in the historic ruins, you met Orochi.”


“Right!? I was surprised when I first saw Lord. Even though you didn’t know the land well because you came from a distant place. Still, you were too careless, Kaito.”

Schiff blocks my voice when I heard that I was lost and was about to spill my stunned voice.

Apparently, Schiff told him what happened at the ruins, but he did a good job of deceiving him about my identity.

Seeing the triumphantly speaking Schiff, Berce-san puts his hand on his chin.

“I think many times…. But, a slime that incorporates Mithril, and a shape shifter that uses human language…. Seriously, it’s really rare.”

“Every time you come to see the Kaito, you always say so.”


“I’m sorry. It’s really feel strange to be able to talk fluently with non-humanoid monsters like this.”

Did he come to see me while I was asleep?

“For me, Kaito-kun… you are also an interesting person.” 


“You survived Orochi alone. Excuse me, but Orochi is not so easy that a child like you can escape and live.”

I can still remember that horrifying monster.

I don’t want to see it again if I can.

“Of course, I’ve heard from Schiff how you escaped, but let me check on that… Did you really escape that ruin with the help of familiars?”

“…Yes. I escaped from Orochi and survived with the help of Schiff and Lime.”

With that word, Berce-san eyes sharpen for a moment.

However, in just a moment, it immediately returns to its original mild look.

“It looks like it’s all true. Well, I’ve observed you with my own eyes… I know you’re not a bad person.”

“I’ve said so many times. Kaito is not a bad person.”

“Hahaha, I have to confirm it myself.”

Schiff glares at Berce-san, who scratches his cheeks as if in trouble.

After that, Berce-san turns to me.

“Well then… what are you going to do now?”

“… What should I do?”

“At first glance, you seem to come from a distant place. But, honestly I can hardly see it if you use different clothes than the one you are wearing right now, and you seem to have any kind of money too…. do you have acquaintances in this country?”


“So, no one you can rely on, huh?”

The first problem I’ve here is that I have no one to rely on in this world.

No matter how reliable Schiff and Lime are, they are not so versatile that they can help me with human life.

“What should I do, Schiff?”

“Hmm. I haven’t deepened my understanding of human culture yet. Berce-dono, can anyone work as an adventurer?”

Does Schiff want me to be an adventurer?

He quietly answers Schiff’s question.

“Not everyone. You have to pass the prescribed examination…. The examination is only a simple practical test and an interview.”

“Then, are there any conditions to undergo the examination? Can Kaito be accepted too?”

“If you have the ability, anyone over the age of 15 can participate. Of course, he is well qualified.”

If you’re an adventurer, do you mean I’ll be a person who receive the request?

Well, He explained that earlier.

However, the first important thing is the environment in which I’ll live and the money I’ll need to live.

No matter what I do in the end, I have to live first now.

….Should I consider entering the job of an adventurer here?

“You don’t have to force yourself to choose as an adventurer?”

“… Hmm?”

Berce-san said in a serious voice to me who was thinking about what to do.

Schiff also tilted his head to his words.

“Berce-dono. You’re the guild chief right? If you’re the chief of a guild, shouldn’t you rather agree of Kaito becoming an adventurer?”

“It’s true that not many people could survive being attacked by Orochi. I understand what he has done and after I heard what abilities you guys have, I know that you guys have some strength.”

Berce-san folded his arms with a bitter expression on Schiff’s words.

“To be honest, we want people like you, but I’m not a hard-hearted enough to recommended you that was dying in the fight against Orochi, to become an adventurer.”


“No matter what you do, your will should be respected.”

Did I was dying?

To be honest, I know I’m dying, but I don’t really feel it because I was on the verge of losing consciousness.

However, to be honest I don’t want to experience such an experience again.

I became silent, but Berce-san come to pass a kind of bag that.

“Berce-san, this is …”

“You got lost in the ruins because of our fault in managing the area around the ruins. In return, the guild will help your life for the time being.”

“However, such a ……”

“It’s okay. It’s bad for me to just throw you out away just like this.”

The truth is that I was just blown away in an accident, so Berce-san and his friends aren’t the one in wrong at all.

Not only did he save my life, but the fact that he did so far like this, it makes me fascinated.

“Why is it so much for me, who you just met the first time?”

“I’m taking responsibility as the guild chief… that’s half of the reason, and the other half is because I had a daughter who was about the same age as you… Yeah, that’s it.”

I’m at loss while placed on a hand bag with weights.

Should I accept his good intentions as it is or not…

“Kaito, you should take it.”

“Schiff …”

Schiff speaks to me who became silent.

He smiles and looks straight at me.

“Don’t worry. I understand the value of human money because I remembered it when I was walking around the city.”

That’s not the problem, though!?

Seeing him who’s proud to himself, it makes me loose my tense.

“Kaito, you should be able to live here for a while. In the meantime, look around this kingdom and find out what you want to do.”


It seems Berce-san also doesn’t want me to return the money.

Then, there is no choice but to give up and receive it here.

I’m grateful, but somehow, I’m also feel guilty…


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