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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 7

7. Classmate

As I get near the school, the number of female students I see increasing, to be honest, I haven’t seen any boys other than Maegashira.

As I walk through, I will naturally get attention from my surrounding, of course I will feel it, and Maegashira who is walking next to me seems to be in a bad mood. After all, his puffy cheeks are even more puffy. And if I try to express it one word, he’s in rage.

“Seriously, I really hate it! They really have no manner… can’t they have a little more delicacy!? I’m in rage!”

And he said it himself!

I haven’t noticed it until now, but apparently the Maegashira trying to look cute… Even though he’s hating women, but he still trying to appeal… or maybe not…

……Don’t say it’s me?

Anyway, I enter the school building while receiving the attention of the female students, and I was stopped by a beautiful voice on the way to the classroom.


It was Yuri Mishima, a classmate and also a chairman, who called out to me. Her appearance is a girl with straight bangs and ponytails on her back. But the one that leave the most impression in me is bellow her slanted eyes there’s a mole, she’s a beautiful girl who is also seductive.

“Chairman, good morning”

“Eh, ah, good, good morning”

“? What’s wrong?”

When I greeted her in the morning, she was surprised, so when I asked her, Maegashira, who is stand next to me become so grumpy.

“She’s confused because Hatano-kun greeted her, even though it’s okay to just ignore her as usual.”

Oh, really? It was because my attitude? Sorry then.

“Like I said, I grew up, I’ll reply if it’s just a greeting.”

“Hatano-kun, I will make sure to remember today’s date forever!”

And She says something strange while being very happy.

“I, I’ll do it again tomorrow, so don’t worry too much …”

I Look at her and call out with a smile.

I tried to see how effective my smile was, and if it works, I will continue to use it a lot.

After all, a smile doesn’t cost me anything. Wait, what kind of currency they use in Arhenheim…..

Then, her face turned red and she stopped moving in a daze.


She doesn’t move, so I call out again, but then a line of red blood flows down from her nose.

Apparently, she had too much blood on her head and had nosebleeds.

My smile is very effective.

For the time being, I give her tissue and have it stuffed in her nose.

A beautiful girl with stuffing her nose…. I don’t know what to say…

The person in question is walking like she’s in high, which is really dangerous.

Maegashira is angry about why I was kind to her.

I wonder why Maegashira is angry, but what make me wonder the most is why the chairman talked to me? Well, she forgot it, so it probably wasn’t a big deal.

When the three of us entered the classroom, the girls who saw me gathered around all at once, and they were worried about my physical condition.

“Hatano-kun, were you okay?”

“Everyone was really worried, you know…”

“But I’m glad that you looks okay.”

While everyone gave me their thoughts, the chairman was holding her head and mumbling, saying that I was supposed to say it first.

“Thank you, I’m sorry to make you all worried, but my body is already fine.”

The classroom calmed down for a moment and then exploded.

“Yeeeeaaah! Hatano-kun tanked me!”

“What are you talking about!? He said it to me! Didn’t get it wrong!”

“You guys have a really bad eyes! Hatano-kun was looked at me and told me!”

“…..No, he told me, no doubt. The fortune-telling today, said that there’ll be a good thing happen to me today, and this is it.”

“Are you all stupid!? Really, you all are stupid! stupid! Of course he told it to me!”

And so on, all of them claim to be told by me, and do not give up.

Don’t they understand that I told it to everyone…

“Hatano-kun, let’s leave these stupid women alone and go to our seats.”

Maegashira, who was looking at the girls’ struggle with contempt, said that.

I agree with him and decide to leave, and head to my seat.

My seat is at the end by the window. By the way, beside my seats are Maegashira, and this lineup is the result of the teacher in charge considering the few boys. Therefore, the seats around us were very popular, and the highest price of 30,000 Jenny was obtained in exchange for the seats around us. I feel chills, when I know that just a junior high school student could even pay this much price on a seat. By the way, the value of Jenny, the currency of Arhenheim, can be considered to be about the same as the currency in my previous life, Japanese Yen.

When I take out the textbook from my bag and put it on my desk, I notice something serious.


Perhaps hearing a voice, Maegashira, who is sitting next to me, speaks to me.

“What’s wrong?”

“I forgot to buy lunch …”

“Right, I guess so, usually, you always bought lunch from the convenience store.”

“Ugh, today, I have to buy from there then…”

“Buying it at lunch time will be full of students, so good luck.”

This junior high school doesn’t give lunch, of course there is a cafeteria, so students who do not bring lunch by themselves have no choice but to buy bread for lunch. And, strangely enough, the bread purchased here is cheap and far more delicious than the bread at convenience stores, so at lunch time, mostly it’s full of people.

“Ugh! I don’t want to go!”

Yelling so, I lie down on my desk.

Then, when the morning class was over and the bell for the beginning of the lunch break rang, the girls in the class went out of the classroom in an instant as if they were fighting.

Why’re they going out so fast…..


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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Perhaps hearing a voice, Maegashira, who is sitting next to me, speak to me. ->
    Perhaps hearing a voice, Maegashira, who is sitting next to me, speaks to me.

    “Right, I guess so, usually, you war always buy lunch from convenience store.” ->
    “Right, I guess so, usually, you always bought lunch from the convenience store.”

    “Ugh, today, I have to buy there then…” ->
    “Ugh, today, I have to buy from there then…”

  2. You know, at this point I’m worried that if he did something like toss a weapon in front of a group of women and said “kill the others and the winner will be my wife” they’d actually do it. He obviously wouldn’t and (I hope) murder is illegal there no matter the reason but the fear is still there.

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