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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 9

9. Villager A’ Thought

Ashida’s lariat-like question, made Aizawa confused.

“Eh, eeeh!? Do you usually ask such a thing suddenly like thisー?”

“Isn’t okay? Right, right!? Anyway, You’re into Sajo-chi right nowー, aren’t you?”


The air was somehow tense. When I looked closely at Ashida’s face while being scared, I could see her smile that was similar to Aizawa’s smile these days, it was an unbreakable smile.

This… is this a moment when a fight between women is about to begin? Wait, why they must fight? Why!!?

“Well, that is〜… as expected, I wasn’t good enough (that piece of shit was just pathetic), I guess?”

Oops, my girly sensor has reacted now. By playing the heroine of the tragedy, and by being reflecting on that, it’ll create a flow where the opponent’s position will become worse than her. It’s clever. By the way, today, Aizawa is also cute.

But, if even I can understand it, I don’t think Ashida won’t catch on to that. I personally think that Ashida’s intuition is quite sharp.

“I see〜, isn’t it kind of a tragic story? And that ex-boyfriend who dumped Aizawa-san is the worst! I guess…”

“T-that’s rightー”

No, it’s as what I expected, but … aren’t they too frank? It’s like after you finished putting on your makeup, you put another foundation on top of it… So frank… As I thought, when girls are talking bad things about men, they are more lively than usual….

“But, since you’ve Sajo-chi now, you’re okay already right!? Throw away a man like that, he’s just a woman’s enemy, and be happy with Sajo-chi!”


“Wai, wait a moment, Kei……”

Perhaps she thought it was an overstatement, Natsukawa was trying to stop the excited Ashida by grasping her shoulder. Aizawa, who let Ashida say whatever she wanted, closed her eyes and shook her shoulders while looking down.

After she exaggerated her own words like that, is she regretting it now…..?

Well, I don’t really understand, but there’s one thing that I can understand. That, Natsukawa is a goddess. Yes, I wasn’t wrong after all. Yup.

“───……like that.”


“Can you not say something bad about my ex-boyfriend like that?”

Aizawa, who sharpened her eyes, stared straight at Ashida and said so. Unusually, she didn’t end the words weakly like usual, and she was saying it seriously.

Is this the true feeling of Aizawa?

After saying a few words coldly, Aizawa quickly left the classroom. In the end, she was hardly talked to me. She came just to press her chest against my back…

… Oi, oi, isn’t it the best?

“Sajo-chi, why don’t you chase her?”

“No way, She’s so scary.”

“Ew, cowーard…….. but you’re right this time. I guess.”


I like Aizawa because she’s cute. It’s not a romantic feeling. Just that for such a cute girl to talk to me, I can’t think other than, it’s a reward for me. I wouldn’t do anything for that girl if I have to be the one who is having a hard time.

But, if I leave this alone, I’ll get into trouble like just now, and it’s annoying…… Honestly, I don’t think it was necessary for Ashida to pick up a quarrel with her. Realistically, it doesn’t seem to be a smart choice to just stay on the sidelines.

But thanks to Ashida, I learned that at least Aizawa doesn’t hate Arimura-senpai yet. Otherwise, she wouldn’t say anything like defending him. I don’t really get it yet, but anyway, I should be thankful to Ashida for working hard.

Maybe now, I could break this deadlock.

It was lunch break. And, Aizawa didn’t come to my classroom. But, without thinking much about it, I went to the pavilion behind the school building. And perhaps my wish had reached her? I could see Aizawa was sitting there without eating her lunch.

… “Hi! You’ve been waiting for me!?” … If I say that, I’ll die for sure.

“Our Shudra was so mean a while ago, sorry, Aizawa.”

“Shu, Shudra?”

Aizawa, with her eyes rounded, looked up at me with a curious face.

Shit, she’s so cute. How dare that Arimura-senpai be interested in another woman… but, well, the woman is that “Aika Natsukawa”, so it can’t be helped. I’ll especially forgive him this time. I don’t know what Aizawa thinks about it though.

I sat a little further away as usual. Aizawa, on the other hand, wasn’t as energetic as usual. She sat silently there, looking depressed. Just a few hours ago, I would have never imagined Aizawa to have such a serious side.

“… Sajou-kun, I realized that when you’re with me, you don’t really talk about Natsukawa.”

“Well. I was educated that when I’m with a girl, I shouldn’t talk about other girls.”

Aizawa laughed weakly and went out with my joke. I had a lot of doubts about Aizawa, but I could see a glimpse of her goddess’s tear. 

Sigh, how can she be so admirable? By the way, up until now, this is the cutest of her.

“But, you like Natsukawa-san, right?”

“As I thought, you knew it?”

“No one in this school doesn’t know about that. Didn’t you always together with her?”


Stop. That word, hit me hard. The embarrassing past of repeating action without thinking about my own value. Please don’t mention it anymore and leave it alone. Now I am worshiping her as a fan, supporting her with the light stick. Yeah!! Yeah!! Go!!

“And I think everyone also knows about what happened between Aizawa and your ex-boyfriend.”

“I see…… right, that’s right.”

Well, I didn’t know though. How can I say something like that? Really…. Just until recently, only Natsukawa was in my eyes. Only one woman can be seen in my field of view….. This is a pattern where when I say it again while looking in the mirror, I’ll fall into despair.

……Now, let’s sort out the situation.

Aizawa hasn’t forgotten about Arimura-senpai yet. I’m sure she still likes him. Yet, it’s said that Aizawa was the one who dumped him. And, what I actually heard from Arimura-senpai ‘s mouth was the word “Natsukawa from the first year”. Perhaps this was the beginning of a series of events.

Aizawa and Arimura-senpai were a very close couple. However, one day, the ugliness of a man was activated, and Arimura-senpai fell in love with Natsukawa at first sight. It can’t be helped, since she looks cute, beautiful, and cool.

And Aizawa, who noticed it, quarreled with Arimura-senpai and dumped him even though he didn’t really mean it. I guess, she didn’t want him to see other than her. Arimura-senpai who felt his own incompetence, responded to Aizawa’s request easily. That leads to Aizawa’s recent actions. Well, all of this is just speculation.

Anyway, Rena Aizawa has a grudge against Aika Natsukawa.

That’s why, Aizawa, who saw me always around Natsukawam, might have misunderstood Aika Natsukawa and Wataru Sajou as a couple and tried to steal me from Natsukawa. And since I have an average face, she thought that it would be easy to steal me away. Yes, she was about to rob me.

The reason why she tried to do all of this without even trying to gather accurate information is the same reason as me, as I was obsessed with Natsukawa, Aizawa could only see Arimura-senpai in her eyes.

She thought that Aika Natsukawa would be hurt and sad if she robbed Wataru Sajou from her. Eventually, Aizawa will abandon as well, and with the relationship between me and Natsukawa a mess, her revenge drama will be complete.

“Maybe, Sajou-kun doesn’t care about me that much, right?… Since you’ve Natsukawa-san.”


Aizawa sounded as if she gave up. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to change my heart because I had someone I love. And, by using her love experience, she was trying to read my heart. To be honest, my heart was quite shaken.

So, how should I get in touch with her after this? The hurdle is a little too high for me, who is so mediocre that I want to turn my eyes away. If I say that it doesn’t matter, I will just become an indecisive man who cares about two girls. Above all else, what should I do? Really, what should I do?

What can I, who is just a Villager A (in the city), can do? I don’t know. What have I done until now? Chasing Natsukawa…. What’s wrong with me.

It’s impossible for me, who never resolved something like this before, to think of a good idea. Yes, I don’t have such a smart brain. How can I make someone in this kind of situation calm down? I only have a limited card that I can play here.


Oh, right. Let’s drag Aizawa down into this ‘Bottomless Swamp’ too.
{TN: What he mean here is, to make her into Natsukawa’ fans, I mean that’s our Mc’ Bottomless Swamp}

Author note : Bottomless Swamp [Office]


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