Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu – Side Story 1

This is from Shishihara POV

Side Story 1 – At that time she is…

Arihara Kaito.

He was just a classmate who I just met a little in class.

I don’t know much about him because, from the start, I don’t talk to boys much.

All I can tell is that I’ve always seen a couple of boys in the class chatting together with him.

Wait, I think I’ve heard about him being hated by animals extremely?

When I first heard it, My thought was the same with other, like it must be “Inconvenient” or “Difficult” for him, but what about the person himself?

To be honest, I know this is not a good time for me to think about it now.

After all, I got separated from him.

Magic Circle of Transfer Magic.

Arihara was blown away from the Magic Circle while I was being transferred by the Magic Circle that is often seen in fantasy.

I could only see him swallowed by the light, and when I noticed, I was stuck in the middle of a mysterious hall.

“I’m sorry for summoning you so suddenly. This is the hall of the Royal Castle in the Philgen Kingdom. I know it seem absurd, but you were chosen as a someone with the quality of Hero. “

Well, someone that look like a king said that to me, who was still stunned.

Then, when he asked who I am, and the country I lived in…… I answered Japan, but the King mysteriously tilted his head.

“…..Well, was there such a place around our Kingdom? The summons should only apply to within the Kingdom and its surroundings…… Can you tell me what kind of place it is? ”

When I explained about Japan while feeling the noise around me, everyone on the spot, including the King, turned pale.

At this point, I thought they didn’t knowingly call me in a different world, but I didn’t expect him to apologize with all his might.

“….I’m sorry! Originally, I was supposed to select from the people of my kingdom, but it seems that we have summoned you from another world due to our inadequacy….”

According to the King’s aides, the Magic Circle that appeared at my feet and Arihara-kun’s feet is called “Hero Summoning Magic Circle”.

Originally, the Magic Circle seemed to be limited to the area controlled by the king, and it was a simple thing to call to the magic circle that set up a person with heroic qualities.

So, as a king, he was careful not to cause any trouble when selecting a hero from the people of his own country and notifying the people in advance of it… or it supposed to be like that, but a problem arose when I, who came from another world, was summoned.

It’s unclear whether the Hero Summoning Magic Circle has determined that no one has the Hero Qualities in the land under the control of the King, or whether the Magic Circle itself has a serious flaw and summoned me instead, in the end this became a big problem for both the King and me.

“Aaaa, I never thought that something like this might happens…… You see, I should have informed the people in advance to avoid this kind of situation…”

For some reason, I apologize for seeing the King who is feeling terribly guilty.

Then, it was finally revealed why I was summoned, but it seems that it was because a new King that control the Demons, the Demon King, was born.

Born again… it makes me have some question when I heard that. But, it seems that the existence of the Demon King is not unique, it’s just a King that lead the Demon with great power.

In fact, it is an annoying existence that has appeared in the past and has put the country and humankind in crisis.

In order to confront it, in each kingdom existing on the continent, “Hero Summoning Magic Circle” is activated, heroes are selected from the people, and they work together to face the Demon King and those who follow it. It seems to be my mission that I has been chosen by it now.

“Then, why don’t we just summon once again? And, by the way, can I go home?”

When I asked the King who explained that while being extremely depressed, the answer I got was that going back is impossible.

From the beginning, it seems that only one “Hero Summoning Magic Circle” is allowed to be owned by each kingdom, and if it is broken, the connection from other countries will be cut off as a sanction.

In the first place, it seems that the Hero Summoning Magic Circle takes an extreme amount of time to create.

Regarding whether I can return, it was said that it is impossible at present because there should be no point in creating a function that allows the Magic Circle to return back, to the Magic Circle that should only summons the people of his Kingdom…

In other words, I can’t go home now, I can’t go anywhere, and by the way, I’m an isolated and helpless here, all alone.

“What should I do …”

I summarize my thoughts so far and look around again.

To be honest, if the King was an ordinary unmanned person, I could just hit him hard and then break the the window! And escape…. but when he showed the desperate faces of the people here, I can’t just leave it be.

“… Arihara-kun”

Kaito Arihara.

A classmate who I talked just a little on the verge of being summoned here.

I got him involved in this.

I’m sure he had nothing to do with summoning the Hero. That’s why he was thrown by the Magic Circle and not here now.

……I have to find him.

“That mission as a Hero….. I will receive it.”

“… Mmm!? No, but you’re in a different world now… You don’t have to drop yourself in danger for us, you know!?”

“No, I have something to do in this world too.”

“And that is…”

People in the hall buzz with my voice.

Regardless of that, I continue to speak.

“I, I’m looking for someone….. Arihara-kun, who was sent here with me.”

Arihara-kun, the king tilted his head when he heard the name.

“Hmm? Hmm? Who is this Arihara-kun?”

“The person who came with me. His name is Kaito Arihara.”

“Is that… the same as you, a hero… is that what you mean?”

“No, he’s just an ordinary person involved in the summoning. When I was summoned, he was thrown by the Magic Circle.”

“…..Hmm? He was thrown…. when you were being summoned?”

“Yes, I’m sure he’s in this world too.”



Suddenly everyone is silence.

Everyone, including the King, shuts their mouth.

After a few seconds, the King finally accepted the situation and turned to a man who looked like a subordinate, with his face turned blue.

“N-Now, start searching for a person named Arihara Kaito right now!!”

“Ye-Yes! Immediately!!”

The hall turning from silence to full of noises.

In the middle of that, I secretly made my resolution.

The chances of returning to my original world are almost zero.

There is some regret left there. No, it’s a lot, really a lot.


Now that I’m aware of it, my vision is blurred, but I wipe my eyes so that no one notices it.

I should blame the people in front of me, but it wasn’t intentional that they summoned me.

No one should be blamed.

If I want to say who’s to blame, it’s the annoying guy who is the Demon King, so if I meet him, I’m sorry I have to hit him at least once.

“But, before that……”

I need to become stronger to survive in this world and find Arihara-kun.

Meet him and apologize.

First is that, Then… Then, after that, let’s think about it when the time comes.


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  2. Nice to see that the ‘summoned from/to another world’ was an unprecedented accident for them, instead of shoving that role on the confused people that were summoned for their convenience as a political/disposable pawn.

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