Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 6

6. Going to school

“Then, I’m going.”

“Yeah, Be careful.”

“….. Won’t you give me a ‘be careful kiss’?”

Is she drunk from the morning?! Aaaa, This damn alcoholic!

Anyway, after sending out my mother, I prepare to go to school.

But, the news I saw earlier, it’s bugging me.

“Promotion Measures for Marriage and Polygamy.”

This law made me quite excited. This law, actually written in the predecessor law, “Law of Mandatory Marriage”, that was cancelled.

Originally, polygamy was introduced not only in Arhenheim but also in every country in the world. That’s not surprising given the number of men, but in reality there aren’t many men who is doing polygamy.

This was not so easy to solve because the problem of men’s awareness of women came from their root, but Arhenheim tried to force it by law, to increase the number of couples.

The problem were the declining birthrate and the soaring cost of making children.

In any case, the law was forced to be cancelled after it was passed the Diet. The cause was the fierce opposition between men and the women who supported it.

Initially, the Arhenheim Parliament was trying to pass the law even if there was an opposition….. But, here came a situation that no one had expected.

It may be said that it was the strength of ‘the will of men’ in this world….

What happened was the mass suicide of men across Arhenheim.

Men should die rather than be forced to marry!….. That’s the conclusion.

Then, this situation shook Arhenheim. Those who were pleased in heart with the Mandatory Marriage also began to blame the government all at once. It was a ridiculous story that even a few men commit suicide in a group. But, in response to this unusual situation, the law was forced to be abolished.

And now, the next thing they came up with is this new law, “Promotion Measures for Marriage and Polygamy.”.

This new Law, is… basically, if you get married, the country will give you money. The law says that the more wives you have, the more money you will get.

So to put it bluntly, ‘I’ll give you money, so get married and have more children.’. That’s what the new law is trying to say.

However, the man in this world was not only talk but also take action, the fact that the men even committed mass suicide, it scared me.

Well, that law doesn’t state that they men should live together with the women just because they got married. To be honest,… what a shame

But, perhaps, to marry a arbitrarily chosen woman was just sound ridiculous to them.

If I didn’t regain my memory, I might have thought the same as the person who committed suicide.

It makes me trembled when I think about it. I’m really grateful that I regained my past-life memory. If my memory is correct, compared to my past-life’ world, this world is much easier to live.

When I was thinking about that, the time for me to go to school was approaching.

By the way, I went back to my room and looked at the uniform.

It’s a skirt. The previous life memory that I was grateful for earlier… Thanks to that memory, now, I feel uncomfortable with this uniform.

I timidly pick up the clothes and change into it. I’ve no problem while changing into it. Well, because it’s something that the past me in this world, have been wearing on a daily basis…..

After I changed into the uniform, I tried to stand in front of mirror and looked my appearance.

……Fuck! Why, it looks good! 

Well, I has a beautiful face that could even be compared to woman, so even skirts and blazer uniforms are surprisingly makes me look cute.

In this way, I get used to wearing a skirt… and I get lost in the ‘new world’ I’ve never been into.

Looking at the clock, it was already the time, so I left home and walked.

From my home to the junior high school is about 10 minutes by walk.


When I was walking and vaguely saying that the weather today is good, I was stopped from behind.

Looking back, there was a boy student who was a little chubby.

“Ooo, good morning, Maegashira”

“Yeah, good morning. Are you okay? I heard you fell down the stairs …”

…His name is Akihito Maegashira, my classmate, and the only boy in the class other than me.

He was a boy who had a magnificent personality and was friendly to me, my only boy classmate.

“The teacher was terrible! When I tried to visit you, the teacher didn’t tell me the hospital because it would be a nuisance to you! I’m not a girl, so why the teacher could not tell me!”

“Oh, I’m sorry to make you worry, but I’m okay already.”

Maegashira tilted his head slightly to the words. Perhaps he’s wondering if I answered honestly or not.

If it was the old me…

“Even without you worrying about me, I’ll be always okay!”

I should have responded with a bit of Tsundere trait. [TN: Tsundere is, when you tried to hide your feeling by saying the opposite of your own feeling, it’s kind of hard to explain, so google it yourself to find more….]

“….Something, did something happened?”

“Nah, I just grew up a little.”

“What’s that? it sounds so cool …”

Maegashira, looked at me with a little respect.

“Did something happened in school while I were resting in bed?”

“Hmm, there’s nothing in particular, but… ah, right, when the girls heard that Hatano-kun had fallen down the stairs, they were worried until crying, you know! They were really annoying!”

Don’t be surprised….. it’s a common thought in this world …


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