Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 8

8. Girly Network

I climbed the stairs and headed to the second-year classroom.

I heard about Rena Aizawa’s boyfriend in detail from Ashida. As an information fee, I carefully explained the 5 cute parts about Natsukawa, that only I might know, to her, and she was very pleased. When she left, she was looking at my face and said, “Yeah, it was a misunderstanding, but still You’re disgusting.”, with a big smile on her face.

Seriously, what was that for? Courtesy? Oi, want me to slaughter you, huh?

Anyway, the name of the ex-boyfriend of Rena Aizawa seems to be Kazuki Arimura, he’s a senior in the second year. According to Ashida, she often saw Aizawa in the corridor following him to the second year’s classroom and in the end, he took her back to the first year’s classroom. Just by that, you can guess that she was deep in love with Arimura-Senpai. [TN: Senpai : honorific for senior]

I fixed the position of the fake eyeglass for disguise and walked around the corridor where the classroom for the second year was located. I disguised myself just as a precaution. It would be scary if a senior student knew about me by any chance. So, I wanted to avoid getting into that kind of trouble.

“……There he is.”

Kazuki Arimura, I managed to find his information on SNS.

He seems like someone who is good at sports, and he has shorter hair than in the photo I saw. Just looking at him like this, sure he gives a vibe of a senpai. He looks like a kind of athletic bro… Wait, isn’t he the exact opposite from me? Aizawa-san, why’re you so unreasonable……

While playing with the smartphone, I approached Arimura-senpai and leaned against the wall. It seemed that he was having a romantic talk with his classmate boys.

『”As I thought, it’s Minase, right? I want to turn over that black hair, I mean her straight bangs and see her forehead.” 』

I understand that feeling. I mean, that mysterious charm of the bangs.

A senior other than Kazuki Arimura was enthusiastically talking about Minase-san.

I don’t know who she is, but I know how he feels…… I have once dreamed of having a girl who hides her forehead with her bangs too. If you blow on her bangs, and she says, “Hyaaa–“, after that… I can die from that cuteness.

『”For me, it’s Sajou-senpai from the third year.” 』


What shocking remarks.

There is a senior who likes that female gorilla…!? Impossible! She’s a woman who likes to yell, “Don’t lie!”, in anger to the scale at home, you know? After that, she will be in a bad mood, and when it’s time for dinner, she would snatch away my hamburger steak, you know!? Seriously, weren’t you going to lose weight!!?

『”I want to be her underling, come at me saying “I’m horny”, and forcefully attack me.”』

Oh, he’s an ‘M’, I can understand then. The only one that suits my older sister is a pervert. But, I won’t give my consent if my brother-in-law is an ‘M’, or else I will definitely cut off any ties I have. Anyway, if you think about it, it’s what a hell of a fetish!

Well, I don’t care about that now…! Next is Arimura-senpai, the people around him talked a lot, I don’t think he won’t say anything.

Unfortunately, the girl chosen by the other seniors is not Rena Aizawa. Since she came to me with an ulterior motive, probably she wants to make someone else feel bad. But maybe that someone is not me, since I never met Aizawa before, so I’m definitely not her target. Most likely her target is Arimura-senpai, who is her Ex.

My guess is that Arimura-senpai has another person he likes. That’s why, that senior broke up with Aizawa, and Aizawa resented him. I think that is the cause of the feeling, “A man is such a creature”, that I sometimes feel from Aizawa.

Well, well, now, spit it all, Kazuki Arimura. Who on earth do you like?

『”Arimura? What about you? Recently, you got dumped by your girlfriend, right?”』


Okay, okay, Stop, Stop right there. Stop the camera once. Hahahahaha. What?

Hmm, What? He got dumped? So, it was you who was cruelly got dumped by Aizawa? Instead of being the one who throw cold water, it was your heart that got broken?

Then, is it that? Rena Aizawa dumped Arimura-senpai because she fell in love with me ───Wataru Sajou at first sight? Hmm? But, it’s not possible no matter how I think about it. Because it’s me, you know? I have a face of 55/100….. I’m sorry, I put too many points, I think it’s only about 42.

Then, what it is? Perhaps, Arimura-senpai to Rena Aizawa, he still lik───

“For me, It’s……… Natsukawa from the first year.”



I ・ can ・ not ・ understand.

Eh, isn’t it just impossible for me? Thinking about it, I’m just a high school student you can find everywhere, right? If you look at me at glance, I may not look like an ordinary person, but I’m 100% sure, my spec is just normal. And, I can’t even solve the problem of men and women with just a little thought.

I wonder if I should just leave myself to the flow and continue to flirt with Aizawa. Well, Aizawa definitely has some motive, and I don’t think she likes me or anything.

But isn’t it good? I mean, she’s cute. Even if I get fooled by her, I don’t mind. Follow the flow and just let her deceive me… doesn’t that mean I’m a good man? Right? Girls all over the country, don’t you think so too?

“… You just came back, and your face looks so grim already. What are you thinking huh, Sajo-chi?”

“It’s about my status.”

“You see, the commoners should just study silently.”

“Why are you so annoying, Shudra.”
[TN: So, ‘Shudra’ is a caste in an ancient Hindu, that can also be mean a servant? yeah basically he’s mocking her, that’s she’s lower in status than him]

“Alright! I’ll take on your challenge!”

“You guys, stop it.”

Looking to the side, Ashida was hugging Natsukawa, who was sitting in her seat, from behind. Apparently, it was the time for Natsukawa and Ashida to flirt with each other. Usually, I would have taken some action against it, so I guessed Ashida wondered about me because I just sat down silently.

To Natsukawa’s words, I followed it like a dog and lay down my arms. Ashida looked at me and complained, “Huh, Sajo-chi, seriously?”.

Yeah, this is my philosophy, don’t forget it.

“Ah, I know it! So, you’re still curious about Aizawa-san, right?”

“Eh? Ah, yeah…. well, that’s right.”


Hm? Wait… When it comes to the relationship between men and women, there are experts at this school too! Even if I don’t think about everything alone, if I can connect to Ashida or the girly network around here and open the wiki page of Aizawa, the answer will come out in 5 seconds.

“I have a question for you two.”

“W-what is it……”

“Aizawa and Arimu───”



The moment I tried to ask a question, I felt some weight rested on my back. And a sweet voice that I suddenly could hear. When I noticed that it was Aizawa, the thing that immediately transmitted to my back, I tried to find the words for that soft thing.

…!?? Fou-found it…!!

This is…… Aizawa, it was my bad to say that it wasn’t that big, I’m sorry. I think it is about ‘C’-size! Well, what I want to say is… Right now, I’m happy…..


“Aa! Maybe you’reー talking about something? I’m sorry to disturb youー!”

“Ah, no, it’s okay. It’s just Sajo-chi’s talk, so don’t mind.”

Even commoners have the right not to be interrupted in a conversation you know, Ashida-san!! This damn Sudra… aren’t you so courageous as to stab a commoner?! But, since the girls are scary, I’ll forgive you now!

“……Aizawa, move… aaa, it’s soft”

“Eww, pervert.”

“Why don’t you go die?”

……Am I in heaven right now?

Wa-wait a minute. To get happy of being cursed by Aizawa and Natsukawa, something is wrong with me. I’m sure due to the influence of the female gorilla who settled in the Sajou family, I became a little ‘M’. Wait, it’s not a little at all.

“It’s not daytime yet, but what’s wrong?”

“Noーthing? Suddenly, I just want to talk to Sajou-kun.”

“I-Is that so…?”

Recently, the frequency of Aizawa coming to see me has decreased little by little. Yesterday, I met her at the usual pavilion at noon. But that’s it. What is her aim of coming to see me at this kind of timing…? Moreover, she even makes physical contact that she has never done before. I mean, isn’t this something that happens only after you have a favorability of 95% in her eyes?

“Well then! Then! Aizawa-san, why don’t you tell us, the reason you broke up with your ex-boyfriend!”


Oi, wait a minute? Thanks to you, I can’t look directly at Aizawa’s face now. What are you going to do about this? Even Natsukawa is opening her mouth dumbfounded by it you know?… still, she’s beautiful as usual.

Without thinking, seeing Natsukawa almost made me gulp.

Hahah, I’m really disgusting.

Author’s Note : Why are girls so quick in circulating information….?


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