Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 6

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6. Chapter 6

Orochi, a three-necked snake.

It is a snake with three heads that greatly exceeds my height.

A terrifying monster that scatters poison, and squeezes its prey with its long and supple torso, then crushes the prey bones, and make them rounds.

Such a monster is approaching while crawling on the same floor as where I am.

“Hear me, Kaito. Don’t get me wrong. But, You’re like a small fry that has just awakened to power.”

Schiff, who briefly explained me about Orochi, threw such words at me.

It sounds harsh, but I nods to the unmistakable facts.

“It was a Failure of me to casted Support Magic to you first. The first thing I had to do was make you aware of your weaknesses as a human being.”


I’m a small fish that has just awakened to power.

Even if I have the power to put a crack in the wall, I can’t stand up to a monster that is much taller than me.

“Orochi is monster that was once entrusted to the former Demon King’s aides. Its power and quality of magical power are dozens of times better than you. No matter what you do now, you will never win.”

I listen to the voice spoken from the hat on my head.

Schiff and Lime encourage me, who is holding my breath in the shadow of the stone pillars and fighting my fear.

I wouldn’t even be able to stand up if I’m alone.

Without Schiff, I must have been still at the altar, waiting for help that would never come.

“Kaito. You still have a long way to go. Your growth is something that I can’t imagine. That’s why you absolutely have to survive this adversity.”

The fear that’s make me shivering is already approaching.

Not yet, I haven’t moved yet.

“We will do our best.”


Lime that moved from the shoulder to the forearm of my right arm deforms to cover my arm and the back of my hand.

A living gauntlet.

I confirm that it has transformed into such a figure.

The preparation is done.

All I have to do now is to have my resolution.


Since I got caught up in this world, To be honest, up until now I’m still confused.

I haven’t decided to fight, and I don’t want to fight monsters.

I want to go back to my original world.

Even now, such thoughts still come to me.


On the other hand, I also wanted to help Schiff and reward him who trusted me.

Maybe he’s been waiting for someone like me for a long time.

After waiting for a long time, he finally found a person, and that’s me me.

I can’t imagine his joy that he feel.

That’s why I can’t die here.

“Can you do it?”

“Yeah, I’m okay. I can do it, Schiff.”

Schiff satisfactorily responds to my clear voice.

After a few seconds, he continues to speak.

“Then, my lord…. Run through it with all your might!”


At the same time as my body gifted with Physical Strengthening by Support Magic, I jumps out of the stone pillar and runs at full speed to the exit.

“I will tell you the way! You can run without thinking, just survive!”

While concentrating so much that I can’t even let out my voice, I rush through the ruins in total darkness.

Along with that, the sound of something big crawling from the front and the jarring sound of something rubbing an iron echoes.


“Orochi is here!”

In the darkness, I can see a huge snake in hazy.

A body thicker than a log and longer than a bus. The snake’s head, divided into three parts, is staring straight at me.


Much larger than the giant snake I saw in an old movie, it has fresh blood dripping in its mouth, and a dead dog-headed monster lying in a blood pool on the ground.

“Did it eat the Kobold herd!? As usual, it’s indiscriminate!! Kaito! Be careful!!”

“I know!”

Suppressing the fear that almost make my legs about to freeze, I moves to slip through the side of the Orochi.

However, it’s also aware of my existence!

A big tail is shaken to block my path.


I jumped a blow that could blown away my body…. But, as if it had expected my action, one of it’s three heads opened the mouth and tried to bite me who’s in the air.

“Huh !?”

I feel the premonition of irresistible death.

My body freezes like an ice, and I can’t move when I see the approaching snake’s mouth.

No good! I’ll be eaten!?


When I was about to give up, Lime that stuck to my right arm sucked up my mana, deformed its silver body, stretched like a rope, and stuck to the ceiling diagonally from above.

And by pulling my right arm that was connected as it was, it helped me from being eaten by Orochi.

“Kyuu! Kyukyu!”

“Lime! Good job at saving our Lord!!”

Lime separate itself from the ceiling and returns to its original shape.

Schiff screams as if he scolds me, who is landing while still staggering and trembling with my heart that’s still throbbing non-stop.

“Kaito, don’t give up! You as our Lord, still has us!!”



I move your legs that are about to stop again and run away from Orochi that still trying to chase me.

Fortunately, thanks to Lime, I could passed Orochi.

All I have to do now is run away, but I will be caught up as it is.

“…Calm down! …..I’m still alive!!”

I tell myself so and think about how I can survive in this situation.

Even if I escapes outside the ruins as it is, it may still following me.

In that case, I, who has limited physical strength, can never escape form it.




Confront it? That’s out of the question.

I can’t even think of turning back and face Orochi, who is currently so aggressive and trying to bite me with all of it’s three heads.

Even one head is strong enough, and if it have three of them, it just means despair!!

“Uooo! Kaito! The venom touched my body!”

“I’m running desperately already you know!!”

“Do your best!!…… Wait, don’t tell me!?”

“What happened!?”

Schiff who is on my head leaks a surprised voice.

“Hey, he seems to have realized that you try to escape! It’s chasing you while knocking down the stone pillars!!”

“That means!”

…..No, can I do it!?

A way to overcome this situation that suddenly came to my mind.

However, there is no time to hesitate.

If I can’t do it, then I’ll give my life to the one who can make it!

“Schiff!! Crush the stone pillars!!”

“Okay! Lime! Anything that’s is long… change into a weapon that can be used by Kaito!”


While still running, Lime on my right arm sucks up my mana like before, and stretches its silver body and transforms into a club about 2 meters long.

I grab it and squeeze it tightly.

“Okay, if it’s this….”

“No, not yet! In addition to this, cast Enchant Flame to it!!”

From the hat, transmit through my body, a flame is lit on the club that Lime has transformed into.

Support Magic…. Enchantment, is applied, and a red-burning club illuminates the dark ruins.

“Kaito, just throw away your common sense as a human being! To survive! Rampage with all your might!”

“Okay! I can do it! Lime!!”



I clasped it with both hands and slammed it against the stone pillars, crushing them with force.

I fell the pain that seems to tear my muscles, and my bones also squeak.

My whole body is screaming.

But still I’m not going to stop.

While smashing all the visible stone pillars that I see, finally the exit is visible. I will do my best to run to the exit.

“Good, good! That’s the way it is! The ceiling has collapsed !!”


Swinging a red-burning Lime around like a daredevil, I desperately move my legs.

I can’t think of anything else.

I can only see it what’s in front.

While listening to the sound of Orochi crawling from behind and the roaring sound of the ceiling of the ruins collapsing, I just rushed ahead…. And I saw a wide staircase leading to the outside.

It was half-destroyed because Orochi passed it before, but the me right now can easily climb it.

“Kaito! A little more! Do your best!!”

Schiff’s voice sounds so far away.

When I noticed, blood oozes from all over my body, and I’m about to lose consciousness.

Am I still holding Lime?

I haven’t let it go?

Even though the feeling that I feel on my hand is faint, I aim at the last remaining stone pillar…. and swing Lime.

“Uga, gaaa, aaaaaaa!!”

A sound of something crushed.

The moment I heard that, my body was already weak.

The power that I had been building up from earlier has disappeared, and when I was about to fall to the ground, Lime, who had been deformed from the shape of club, stretched it’s body to the ceiling of the stairs and used the momentum of my fall to throw me like a pendulum.


While I’m feeling like I’m floating and my whole body suffering so much pain, the appearance of Orochi that still chasing me from behind is reflected in the field of vision.

It’s still trying to chase after me while being crushed by the collapsing ruins.

While receiving the three pairs of eyes full of obsession of murder, My body slammed to the ground and thrown out of the ruins.

“Argh, Agh…”

What I see on my back is the sunshine that is the same as in my original world.

I survived.

I was able to get out of the ruins alive.


However, my body can’t move.

This is probably because Schiff’ Support Magic, Physical Strengthening, has put a toll on my body.

But, mysteriously, the pain I had felt before was gone.



“I’m glad. Both Schiff and Lime were safe…”

“Don’t move! I’ll never let you die! Wait, there’s a human sign nearby, I’ll call for help now….”

I can’t hear you well.

I understand in my head that I can’t fall a sleep now, but I can’t resist this drowsiness.

Between a slight sleep and reality, the appearance of Schiff and Lime is faintly…. And the face of my classmate, Shishihara, who has been summoned somewhere in this world too, comes to mind.

“Shishi, hara, -san.”

She’s neither a friend nor a familiar person.

However, I was worried about her being thrown into this world by herself like me.


“Don’t sleep! Kaito!”

I could hear multiple footsteps approaching and the voice of Schiff calling my name.

The footsteps gradually turn into rushing and go straight to me.

“The ruins of Orochi are collapsing!? Why!?”

“What the heck is happened here…. A child is lying down here!?”

“This is….! Bad!! Let’s take him to the city now!!”

Someone’s voice, neither Schiff nor Lime.

While listening to it, someone lifted me up, and in that moment, my consciousness reached its limit.

Author’s Note :
As now, each role are,
Schiff : Physical strengthening, attribute addition, very supportive and compliment a lot
Lime : Transforms into weapons, ropes, etc., and assists in movement
Kaito : Tank with delicious mana
……………..Yeah, I guess it’s like this.


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