Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 5

5. Chapter 5

What I need to to is simple.

If I drive away the slime, that’s more than enough.

I take the first step with all my might.

First, from there.


My body feel stronger.

It feels like something that was missing from my body until now, fits tightly.

I can see the slime in the middle with a clear view, even in the dark.

“… Kaito? Kaito, can you hear me?”

“It’s okay, I can do it.”

“Wait, something is wrong….”

I put strength in my legs and jump forward with all my might.

The moment I plan to raise my fist….. to my surprise, the wall was already approaching my eyes.

“Kaito! Stop!!”

I return to my sense because of Schiff’s voice, the fist that I prepared slam against the wall.

I thought that I would hear the sound of my fist being crushed, but what I heard was the sound of the fist crushing the wall made of stone.



Seeing my hand stuck up to the elbow, the slime trembled with surprise and fear, then they’re bouncing on the floor and running away.

Only the silver slime is stay still, but now it doesn’t matter.

I forcibly pull out my right arm from the wall and look at my fist.

“….This is Support Magic!? Amazing, Schiff!”



I called out to Schiff, who was surprised with a big eyes rounded, but he doesn’t response to me.

After a few seconds, he finally started to move, but his anxious expression did not change.

“Just now, it’s not only because of the Support Magic that I casted on you. Kaito, your magical power is… just too powerful.”


Involuntarily, I make a reaction like I was taken aback by that words, but apparently the original Physical Strengthening Magic is not as strong as it is just now.

“Your own constitution… No, magical power. Coupled with the fact that my Magic has a too high affinity with it, the effect of Physical Strengthening has more than doubled.”

“… That means?”

“If I use Support Magic to other than you, they can get some effect, but if I use it for you, the effect will be immeasurable. That is enough to transcend the limits of your body.”

…That means, I should fight instead of my familiar?

No, wait, is it okay to do that as a Tamer!?

I was imagining a future in which my familiar would follow me and I’ll give instructions to them to fight.

“I’m also confused. Never did I thought, that this will happen….. Wait, in this kind of moment, am I suppose to say ‘As expected of my Lord.’?”

Perhaps Schiff is also confused, he is dexterously holding his head with his front legs.

When he was worried on the spot about master-familiar relationships, I noticed that the Silver Slime, or the Mithril Slime, that had been at my feet for a while were still looking up at me with a glossy surface.

It don’t seem want to run away at all, so I crouch down and look at it.

“The slime that bullies you has run away. Well, you should go home early.”


A Mithril Slime shows the kind of action of shaking its head vigorously.

Eh? What? What does it mean?

Schiff nodded to Mithril Slime, who desperately tried to communicate, and translated it to me.

“Apparently, it want to stay with you.”

“Is that so? But we plan to make a Kobold to my familiar…”

“That’s right, but….. Rather, considering the power of the current Kaito… Hmm.”

When I glance at the Mithril Slime, Schiff looks up at me.

“Change your strategy in battle and make the Slime as your familiar.”

“I don’t mind, but is that really okay?”

“Yeah, now that I’ve seen that you’re stronger than the Kobolds that have been strengthened by Support Magic. In terms of Strengthening your strength even further, Mithril Slime is the right choice. Because it can also be a shield.”

“…..I understand.”

I have Schiff to lightly cut the back of my hand with his nails and sign a contract with Mithril Slime as the way we did.

After confirming that the magical connection was established, the Mithril slime that bounced happily climbed up on my shoulder, which is the opposite of Schiff.

“… It’s surprisingly light. I thought it was heavier because it was Mithril.”

“It’s just a special trait. The weight itself is the same as a normal slime. Anyway, why not give it a name?”


“Yeah, It’ll be happy if you could give a name.”


The Mithril Slime nods to Schiff’s words.

Name… A name, huh?

“How about Lime? It might be a just a simple name though.”

“Kyu! Kyuu-!”

And the Mithril slime bounces happily on the shoulder, with a new name, Lime.

“It seems that The Slime like it.”

“Then, Please take care of me from now on, Lime.”


However, when I think about it, a black cat on the left shoulder and a slime on the right shoulder.

It’s hard to turn my neck and it’s quite hard to move like this.

“But if I get on your shoulders like this, I’ll be in the way of Lord. Kaito, is it okay for me to get on top of your head?”

“Head? Hmm? How?”

“Well, just look at me.”

As soon as I say that, the Schiff that jumps high from my shoulder turns into a black lump.

The figure of him who transformed in the air… slowly got on my hand….


“Um, like this I won’t get in the way with your movements, and you’ll be able to hear my voice.”

It looks like a black hat you see in a western movie.

It’s as light as the real thing, and it looks cool.

When I put it on, the hat is fixed so that it sticks to my head.

“How is it?”

“It’s okay, it’s perfect.”

I can hear the voice of Schiff in my ear.

It’s not noisy, and the voice is just loud enough to be heard.

“This hat doesn’t look good with that outfit. When you reached the human city, look over the right outfit.”

“Haha, right.”


It certainly doesn’t look good with a high school blazer.

I was curious when the phrase “human city” came out, but first I had to ask Schiff what to do from now on.

“What to do next?”

“As a plan, You were able to make another monster as your familiar. After that, let you understand how to handle your own power, and decide what role should Lime do aa a familiar….”

Schiff suddenly stopped.

What happened? When I tried to ask, the sound of something big crawling with a loud sound echoed from the back of the ruins.

“…..We were noticed!? No way, it was drawn to the smell of the Kaito’s mana from that far distance!?”

“Schiff, this sound is …”

“It’s here! The strongest and wicked one in this ruin!”

The next moment, a monster voice that look like it came from the bottom of hell can be heard from the depths part of this floor right now.

A terrifying and powerful voice that I do not know if it can be defined as a living thing.

“….We can’t escape from this floor! Kaito, now, we have only one choice left!”

“And that is!?”

“The three-necked snake, Orochi! Escape to the ground that’s beyond him!”

In this situation of desperation, in the darkness that seems to tremble violently.

It was decided that I would encounter a monster that reigned outside of common sense.

Author’s Note : The protagonist start to awakens to the hard-core close quarters battle.


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