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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 5

5. Bakery

A new morning has arrived, the time now is, it’s just past 5 am.

I’m doing some stretching now, while bathing in the pleasant morning sun.

Hook my leg on the wall and stretch my leg.

The reason why I am doing this from early in the morning is that in order to become a ‘Devilish Man’, I thought that my body had to be tight, so I decided to jog in the morning from today.

……I got up early not because I regained my past-life memory. By the way, in my previous life, I woke up at 5 am every morning and even if I’m late, I started working at the office at 7 am. ‘Habit’ is scary, you know.

It makes me feel a little depressed, so I start running immediately…. It doesn’t means that I want to forget all of the past, though.

“Hu, hu, hu”

After a while, when I looked at the clock, it had been about 20 minutes since I started running, but I was less tired than I expected, even though I had never run before, maybe this is also the physical spec of my body here, It may be quite high.

……What wrong with this cheat guy, if I met him as someone else, I might have hated him at one glance.

However, this is my body, so I can only feel superiority. I love the words, special and excellent.

With that feeling in mind, as I continue to run and enjoy the scenery around me, I could smell the good smell of freshly baked bread.

And when I look around, a bakery shop was already open.

By the way, I remember the contents of the refrigerator in my house. and only beer that came out in my mind… Wait, there were also some snacks…… But it’s not appropriate as a breakfast. I look at the bakery again. A delicious smell passes through my nose and stimulates my brain. My feet naturally went into the store.

The bakery had a calm, elegant atmosphere. When I open the wooden door, a clinking bell sounds to signal of my visit. Once inside, the nice smell of freshly baked bread stimulate my appetite even more.

However, unfortunately, the variety of bread made was only a few, probably because it had just opened, which was a shame.

For the time being, there seems to be a white bread, so when I was looking to buy it, the clerk came out of the kitchen, probably because the clerk heard the sound of a bell.

“Welco.. eh?… why? what?… Welcome?”

Why are you questioning a lot! That’s correct! Even men sometimes come to buy bread by themselves.

While thinking that,

“Sorry that I’m disturbing you, I’ve been caught by the delicious smell. You’ve already opened the store, right?”

Of course, I know it’s open. Because it said it was open! It is a strategy to build up a conversation and get to know the clerk. Who knows, maybe the clerk will give me a bonus.

This clerk is a female who has gray hair tied behind and gives a cute impression.

“Ah! D*ck! Wait I mean, Of course!” [TN: In here, it’s actually a word play, ‘Of course’ is ‘もちろん’ in Japanese, but the girl at first, say, ‘もろちん’ which is a dirty word, literally mean ‘Your d*ck is exposed’]

….What should I do, I was naturally sexually harassed.

……….Let’s go through it for the time being.

“Oh, right, then please give me this bread.”

At the store who do sexual harassment to me, I decided buy a loaf of bread that was lined up.

“Thank you! Would you like me to cut it?”


When I asked her to cut it to toast size, there was a jam on the counter and I found a tag saying that it was handmade, so I decided to buy it at the same time. When I was there, the clerk who did sexual harassment to me called me.

“Excuse me! If you like, I’ll count that jam as a bonus.”

“Huh? Are you sure?”

“Yes, but in exchange, could you come here again? If possible, during daytimes when there are many people…”

“Hmm, then, when I come to buy next time, I’ll come around noon or evening…. Hmm, but what’s the reason for that?”

“Well, just by the fact that a male customers come to the shop, it can be count as an advertisement.”

After I listen carefully to the story, it seems that men do not come to buy food by themselves, instead the ask a women to go. So, when it comes to the stores where men come to buy by themselves, it seems that just by that, it attracts a lot of attention. Of course she seems to be confident in the bread she made.

“If everything goes well, even a chain shop might not be a dream!”

She was really enthusiastic.

When I bought bread at such a bakery full of desires and went home, the time was around 6 am, so I took a shower and prepared breakfast.

Well, it just a toast…

“Somehow, it smells so good…”

“I’m baking bread right now, so why don’t you get ready to go to work now?”

“Ugh… I understand…”

I sees my mother heading to her room as if she is still sleepy.

After a while, a career woman came out, so I handed over the toast.

“There are strawberry and blueberry jams.”

“Wow, did you get up early and buy it for me?”

“I smelled something good while I was jogging.”

“Hm? You start to do some jogging? Why so suddenly?”

“Well, it’s just to build up some strength. Don’t worry too much.”

“Hmm… Oh, I’ll turn on the TV, okay?”

When my mother turned on the TV,

“Yesterday’s Diet approved the Promotion Measures for Marriage and Polygamy, which will be promulgated and enforced next year.”

It just right when the interesting news was announced.


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