D Genesis, 3 Years after Dungeon Appeared ch 4

4. Unregistered skill and number one in the world

I grabbed the orb and put it in my bag, and I immediately left form that place.

After all, the trailer is half buried diagonally in the soil. The hole had disappeared before I knew it, but the crack remained there and swallowing the trailer.

My body is so wet because of rain already and I didn’t want to carry around a skill orb, so I immediately contacted the company to ask for early leave.

On the other side of the phone, Chief Enoki was cursing me, but I only answer it with, ‘Yes, yes’ or ‘I understand’, and then hung up the phone.

Then, one hour later. In my room, after I got out of the shower, I was sitting in front of a Kotatsu next to my bed all year round.
[TN: Kotatsu is a table with a heating system installed]

“Well, well, how much will I get if I sold this?”

I can see the Skill Name by touching the orb.

The mysterious number below it, called the Orb Count, apparently represents the time elapsed since the discovery, and was already known to disappear when it reached 1436.

“May king / 0074. Hmm, The King of May, huh. It sounds amazing. Is it a Skill related to agriculture?”

When I started up my laptop, I went to JDA’s orb purchase list and typed in ‘May king’. However, the result was ‘none’.

The orb purchase list is a list of how much various companies, organizations, and individuals want to purchase a particular orb, and the discoverer can apply for it to trade through JDA.

After all, there is only one day to spare.

They don’t know when it will be discovered, and it was impossible to select and purchase products that are lined up like a normal store. Of course, there was no time to hold an auction, so it was common to buy and sell through direct dialogue with prospective buyers.

“It can’t be helped. Then, I’ll just check what kind of function it is…”

While muttered so, I accessed JDA’s skill database and searched for ‘May king’.

However, the search result was still “None”.

“Hey, is this an Unregistered Skill?”

The JDA database is naturally connected to the WDA. In other words, it’s a skill that has never been found in the world.

Unregistered Skills with unclear functions have almost no sales channels. After all, it can’t be priced. Of course, I don’t have time to look up for more information or to negotiate.

“What a shame… I thought I could get a lot of money fast and quit the company.”

I dropped my shoulders and imagined the hassle after I reached the company tomorrow.

Too much bad imagination in my mind, I shook my head from side to side and stood in the kitchen to boil water.

I took out a quite good brand of tea from the cupboard to change my mood while putting a kettle on the stove.

“Gyokuro no Hoshinomura is the best.” [TN : in raw, ‘星野村の玉露’, is the name of the tea, based on real product, you could try and search in google.]

After boiling it for a while, I took it off the stove. Then I looked at the orb on the desk again while I was waiting for the water to cool down.

“Is there no choice but to use it myself?”

I carefully put a little of ‘Yame no gyokuro’, poured it into a cup, and brought it to the table. First, I took a sip of it.

“Hmm? It tastes stronger than usual, but… What did I do wrong?”

Well, since it taste good, I don’t really care though. Then, I picked up the orb without thinking much.

“As expected, what I need to now is make a pact.”

I muttered so, and used the orb with a small scream.

“I will quit being human!”

It was a strange feeling. Something permeates my body, and I feel that my body is being dismembered and reconstructed…. It was a weird sensation but not that bad.


When I opened my eyes, I move my hand to see how it felt.

I don’t feel that something has changed.

I was a little disappointed, thinking that the world might look dramatically different.

“Well, it’s the same as ‘Sex’, after you experience it, there’s noting really change…. Anyway, How do you use the skill?”

As usual, when you’re in trouble, go and search on the internet.

I searched for the stories of the guys who used the skill. Of course, I can’t tell if it’s a lie or a real thing.

“Hmm, how I say it, No matter what I read, the summary is ‘Somehow I Know How’…. Somehow… Somehow, huh…”

I closed my eyes, folded my arms, and drank the remaining tea, but the result was….

“…I don’t understand at all”

As expected, huh.

Did I fail to get the skill? With that in mind, I remembered the D card.

Certainly, the acquired skill should be listed on the D card.

“Where did I put the card? I’m sure, it’s in the pocket of my pants…”

When I took it out of the clothes basket, I slip my hand into the pocket and took out a dull silver card.

“Oh, there it is. Now, the skill is…”


Area 12 / Keigo Yoshimura
Rank 1

May King


“Oh, it was added properly…..”

It’s too much for my brain, so I check the card twice.


After loosening the inner corners of both eyes with the thumb and index finger of my right hand, I’m looking at the card again and the result did not change.

“Ra–Rank, One?”

The letters of ‘Rank 1’ were shining brightly there.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait! I’m sure it was about 99 million, right!?”

However, after reviewing it many times, the 1st place is mean the 1st place.

Assuming that the ranking is based on the experience points obtained by defeating monsters…..

“That eerie voice that I heard for a while after the iron bar dropped to the hole, is from that?”

I can’t think other than that.

And I’m sure, I didn’t run over something with my car on the way home.

I suddenly noticed something and raised my face.

“Rank one, that mean I’m strong?”

It’s already been 3 years since the Dungeon appeared in this world.

The military guys would have been there since the beginning. Sure, there are now ordinary explorers, but the top ones are probably someone from military or police.

And I just passed the people who gained 3 years worth of experience?

However, I didn’t really feel it.

“But I don’t feel like I’m getting stronger at all. It doesn’t mean that I could twist the doorknob until it broke if I want too.”

Then, I tried to squeeze the knob on the front door with all my might, but nothing happened.

“Then, is it Magic?….. Wait, a skill different from a magic, right? I’m sure they’re different…”

On that day, I was forever searching on my PC for useless thing.


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