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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 7

7. Her purpose

“See, isn’t this a good place?”

“Uh, yeah… I think so…”

Isn’t this place have no people at all?

It was a small pavilion beyond the trees behind the school building. Even for me, it was the first time that I knew there was such a place in this high school.

It looks nice and sunny, but it’s a place where a man and a woman should not come alone, isn’t it? This is outrageous.

“I-it’s definitely a good place. T-the sunlight filtering through the trees…..”

“Right, right! I always eat here!”

Nobody knows this place, oi. It’s so unpopular to the levels of ‘Nobody will know what we’re doing here’.….. This girl, How can she bring a boy she just met to a place like this?

Wait, calm down, this must be a trap. Maybe it’s a plan for some prank, and Aizawa’s friends are lurking around this area with a smartphone in one hand! It must be true, because it’s me who thought of it!


“?? What’s wrongー?”

“Ah, no, nothing”

I squinted while looking around, but I couldn’t feel anyone around. Well, if she had that purpose, she would do a thorough investigation of me beforehand, and if she did that, she must know that, “I’m a student that stands out in class”. So, from Aizawa’s point of view, turning me into her enemy would be risky.

There’s no reason for her to do this if she knows that this might be dangerous….. Oh, right, speaking of which.

“You always eat here? Not alone, right?”

“Hmm, why? Are you jealous?”

“What the hell are you talking about.”

It’s only been a few hours since we met. Normally, I wouldn’t have that kind of feeling, but sadly, a normal boy would start to develop the feeling of “I’m her boyfriend”…… But when she’s looking at me, her eyes kind of tell me “Boys are such a creature”, and as long as I understand that, I won’t fall into her trap for sure.

“We’re gonna talk about manga, right?”

“Eeeh? Isn’t itー too sudden?”

“If you can’t talk anytime, anywhere, you’re not a real believer…!”

“Wha, What’re…! Then, let me ask you! Who is your favorite character!?”

“The Master’s daughter!”

“Eeeeh!? That girl, is the type who likes to act cute and helpless, isn’t she!? As I thought, boys like that kind of gi───”

Rena Aizawa. She might look bright, energetic, and stupid, but I often get the feeling that she knew what boys might like and made herself look cute in front of boys. That kind of girl, if I had to guess, must be a type that liked to hang around boys a lot. Of course, I never thought that Aizawa had any interest in me and came in contact with me like this. Because this kind of romantic comedy-like development shouldn’t happen without a trigger.

On top of that, we were at the pavilion in the back of the school building. It wasn’t a place where girls who liked to hang out with others people, came to just eat a meal. If she had used this place before, it was probably her spending time with some other boys. Because if the other party was girls, for sure they would have cut their relationships with Aizawa by now.

If Aizawa has some kind of scheme for calling me to this place, I should find out her relationship with other males first.

For now, let’s see what lies in the shadow of this girl who’s acting cute and helpless.

“───Hey, let’s eat together here tomorrow!”

“In other words, because the girl acts cute so───Eh? Tomorrow too!?”

“Yup! Tomorrow too!”

I’m going to eat lunch with such a cute girl again tomorrow? Yup, I don’t care about her acting cute or not anymore….. maybe I should use this chance to deepen my friendship with Aizawa…? Really, even if she’s deceiving me, I can’t help but forgive her.

For some reason, I even left school with Aizawa on that day. After all, she came all the way to my classroom and called me out loud. Thanks to that, the surroundings teased me that I was cheating, and the girls in my class were looking at me with cold eyes. It might be good that they had lost interest in me, but to be disliked and have a negative evaluation from others, as expected, left a lot of damage more than I expected…

No doubt, Aizawa has started to negatively influence my peaceful student life. I have to deal with this immediately….! Ugh… even though she’s cute, what a shame!

“…. Hmmm”

“What’s wrongー? something troubling you?”

Even though I was worried about it, I came to the same place with Aizawa the next day.

Is this a reward for something I did? As expected, God is watching, what I’ve been doing lately, and decided I’m a good boy─── Huh, wait, most of the time, am I not just chasing Natsukawa’s ass?

Anyway, I can’t say to Aizawa, “I’m troubled because of you.” I have to somehow deceive her.

“Well, Aizawa… it isn’t that big, huh?”

“…..Big? What are ── Hey, you’re the worst! Where are you looking at?”

“The shape.”

“Don’t look!”

The only topic that came out suddenly was something that a bastard usually said. N-no, it’s fine! If Aizawa is going with that, I will go with that intention too. If she comes close to me for some purpose, I just need to go all-in! And, Aizawa has no choice but to put up with sexual harassment to achieve her purpose that I don’t even know…. Yes, this is something unavoidable!

In this unpopular pavilion, just the two of us alone, and the affection that continued to build up even if I did some sexual harassment. I was aware that Aizawa’s eyes were seriously telling, “Disgusting”, about me, so without a doubt, there must be something behind all of this.

If what she really wants is just to flirt with me, she would have done more body touch…..Uuuh!

Still, I couldn’t see Aizawa’s purpose.

The relationship with Aizawa continued for several days. For some reason, I felt good about what happened, so I didn’t mind the “wait and see”.

A woman who makes me think to forgive her even if I’ve been deceived by her. So scary.

But still, wasn’t Aizawa rushing things too much….. I mean, lately, I feel that the frequency of her visiting me has been decreasing…

Maybe Aizawa’s purpose has been achieved…? I’ll even pay you money, so please come again…

“───H-Hey… do you have a moment?”


A few days had passed since I was slapped by reality, and on the day when Aizawa didn’t come to me, I would eat at the cafeteria or the courtyard. Because it would be so awkward being next to Natsukawa…..

On that day, as usual, I had my lunch on the bench in the courtyard and returned to the classroom. But, as I was preparing for the fifth period, Natsukawa, who was sitting next to me, rarely enough called out to me.

Really, it’s really rare. Oh, My Goddess, What would you want from this trivial me?

“Y-you… are you eating with Aizawa-san every day?”

“No, not every day… But, well, mostly.”

“You’re eating outside, right? There’s someone who saw you when both of you going out somewhere…”

“Yeah, that’s right. It’s not wrong.”

“… I-I see.”

When I answered honestly, Natsukawa put her hand on her lap with downcast eyes. There seemed to be something she wanted to say to me.

Now that I think calmly about it, the man who has been approaching you until recently is waving his tail to another woman… wouldn’t that make you mad?

…No, wait? Natsukawa is a beauty. Mean, she’s a “girl”. As long as you are a girl, you should have an information network about 38 times more than that a normal boy like me has (※MC’ prejudice). If I want to find out more about Aizawa, I think it’s better to use it.

“Umm… Natsukawa. Did you know Aizawa beforehand?”

“Eh…!? E, ah, yeah, I did? What about it?”

“I want to know more, about Aizawa.”

“…..You know, I can’t talk about that! This idiot! Make sure to chase the girl’s ass moderately!”

“Ah, wait…”

She was angry when I answered the reason why I asked about Aizawa.

…. Ah, did she think I was aiming for Aizawa? But, Seriously? What a blunder. I wonder if she will forgive me if I buy fan goods from her… Really, if she really sells it, I’ll buy three for appreciation, missionary purpose, and daily use ───daily use?

When I asked and answered myself, I felt a shadow approaching me.

“You have a ‘good’ status, Sajo-chi.”
[TN: ‘-chi’ is a kind of honorific that girls like to put behind someone’s name to make the name sound cuter, can be used for both women and men]

“What is it, Ashida?”

“You guess? I just want to say hello to the enemy of women?”

“Women’s enemy …”

When I saw Natsukawa angry and out of the classroom, Natsukawa’s best friend Ashida spoke with a face that seemed to have some hidden meaning. Perhaps because she was tall and in the volleyball club? Even though Ashida was just a girl, she looked quite powerful since I looked at her while sitting.


“Did Sajo-chi no longer like Ai-chi?”

“Well, because it has evolved from “like” to “love”.”

“I’m asking you quite seriously, you know….. but of all people, it’s Aizawa-san, huh…”

“I’m always serious ─── hm? Of all, what…?”

I heard some interesting words from Ashida’s mouth. It was as if she knew Aizawa in detail.

Is it some bad rumor? It’s okay…. I’ll listen even if it’s a rumor that’s only amongst girls and even if it’s something difficult to talk to boys. (Exited)

“Did something happen?”

“Nothing really happened, it just that girl has been clinging to her boyfriend all the time since she entered the school, walking together in the corridor every day! There are barely any people who don’t know that! Uhhh, it makes me so jealous!”

“Clinging…. to her boyfriend?… Since entered this school?”

“Ah, what? Are you jealous of that clingy girl’s ex-boyfriend….. Rumor said that they’ve been dating since junior high first year.”

“Eh? Since that long…?”

The information network of girls is amazing!! And also, super scary!

But with this, I understood one thing about Rena Aizawa. She had a boyfriend until recently. If it was true that she was dating since junior high first year, she must have been quite sad. It would be hard to imagine that she had already over her Ex and came to me right away after breaking up.

This is…… I feel like I’m starting to see her purpose.

Author’s note : Girl’s Information network > Internet


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