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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 6

6. Who

A week has passed since then. And today, I was having a bland day as well.

Now, I could feel that there was a distance between me and Natsukawa. Though, I thought there was a distance between our hearts since long ago.… Still, thanks to it, many teachers seemed to have forgotten that I was a comedian in class who also was in love with Aika Natsukawa…. Well, I still love her even now.

Students in the class occasionally asked, “What happened recently?”. Although I showed a reaction, I tried to deceive them with a bland reply. To be honest, no way they could understand what I felt even if I told them…

I did so as I realized it was the first step toward a calm and quiet daily life. In fact, I was starting to get it. But, such a joy was destroyed by the sudden appearance of a visitor.

“Hey, You’re Sajou-kun, riーght?”

Unexpected Story Development

Suddenly, a girl came in front of me, who was sitting in my seat, and said so.

A girl with bright brown hair, she seemed like an easy-going girl, but she didn’t look like a gyaru. Her vibe was like someone who would introduce recommended cosmetics in the morning news program. Yes, in short, cute.
[TN: In Japan, Gyaru is, a woman adhering to a fashion trend usually marked by brown or blond-dyed hair, gaudy clothes, and accessories]

“You’re talking to the wrong person, you know?”

“Ahahaha, I caーn’t be wrong!”

If you know it, you don’t need to verify my identity first then……

Apparently, the girl was talking to me without any purpose. I might not have the skill to see through someone just from seeing the face, but I still could feel something was wrong with her smile.

“You’ve seen through me well. I’m the only one in this class, whose name is Wataru Sajou.”

“Ehー? Stop talking in puzzling wayー!”

“Okay. So, what class are you from?”

At the end of the greeting, I planned to reveal what the girl wanted with me. It felt like there would be something bad in asking her name, so I asked her class. Actually, it was a Domino Effect-style tactic that would give me her name in one question.

about:blank “Ah, as I thought you don’t know me? I’m Rena Aizawa from the next class! Want to know my three sizes too?”

“Ah, not really.”

Dangerous… I’ve almost drawn the fantastic information from her. But, she’s sure confident in herself huh? It’s not big enough to be so proud of it… Still, that’s a pleasure to my eyes. Wait, I’m actually a gentleman who doesn’t care about the size all along? Alright, any size, come! I’ll welcome you.

“Aren’t you too confident in yourself? So, Aizawa-san, who is cute and can be so frank to me, what you want with me?”

“Come on, to say that I’m cute, even though that’s not the case…… Anyway, I saw you the other day! It was when Sajou-kun bought a “Simcat”!”

“Eh, really?”

Apparently, she witnessed me buying a continuation of the manga series that I bought halfway through my junior high school days, that I bought the continuation until the latest one recently. It wasn’t a problem that she saw me, but I bought it in a bulk, so I felt slightly embarrassed that she knew what I was doing last weekend. That’s right! I didn’t go outside and play with anyone!

“I like that series too… But, I won’t admit the live-action drama that I saw on TV the other day!”

“I know that feeling…! “

I really understood that feeling. But even without saying it, I knew that out there, there should be a lot of such comrades. If all those people gathered, I would dress up as the main character of “Simcat” and together do a live-action eradication campaign. Wait, if that were to happen, wouldn’t it look as if I was making the live-action film myself?

“I never thought that there was someone close to me who liked it too! That’s why I want to talk to you!”

about:blank “What is your favorite supporting character?”

“It’s Ku-chan, then kitten that the heroine, Sakuya, have kept for 10 years!”

“Okay, you pass.”

A kitten was introduced to the main character by the heroine. Even though it was a kitten, the kitten said, “I’ve been with you since I was little!”, to the main character, and he was like “What? Huh?”, and that scene was so funny. Cat-type AI that came from the future to the present, in fact, other than that he could speak, the kitten kept insisting that he was a tiger cub. Even though the kitten was small, the character was deep.

“I can’t believe that there are comrades in the next class…”

“I feel the same. After all, it split the fandom between who likes and dislikes it.”

“I know, right?”

“Ah! The class will start soon! See you next timeー!”

“Y-yeah, see you again.”

Aizawa, who suddenly appeared like a storm and stimulated my taste, left my class.

What a cheerful girl… I doubted it for a moment, but maybe she really didn’t have any motive behind that. But, I haven’t changed the idea that type of girl is somewhat prudent.


I noticed that the people around me were looking at me. I suddenly fluttered and I looked at Natsukawa on the left like it was a habit.



Oops, She turned away with great momentum. It could be said that all of it was seen by Natsukawa. In front of a girl that I always (one-sidedly) involved myself with until recently, I was talking with other girls excitingly…. The ugliness of a man, made me feel guilty.

Far from being Natsukawa’s boyfriend, I might not even be a friend in her eyes.… Yeah, right, Aika Natsukawa is everyone’s girl! (※However, absolutely no one can’t touch her.)

Still, even after thinking so much, there is me who is happy. No man can keep calm by being talked to by cute girls. Right?…. I’m sure of it!

Really, men are all idiots.



It was the lunch break. A very familiar girl that I saw recently came to me. As she folded her hands behind her, she hopped and came to me, the impression of her in my mind was that more than someone cunning, she was like a heroine that came out in ‘Shounen Manga’.
[TN: Shounen Manga, is a comic for boys]

“Oh, it’s not been long since we last met. But, What’s wrong?”

“Let’s have lunch together! Let’s talk about “Simcat”?”

“Eh, O-okay…”

I replied with dismay, and brought an empty chair around me and sat her down. I couldn’t keep up with this speed of development.

Today was my first meeting with her. And it was the second time I met her. Was there someone out there who got close to this point just because they had a common taste in manga? Nah, impossible, if I did the same thing for Natsukawa, she would say, “Disgusting!” right at my face, and I would be blown away by that word’s power.

Suddenly I felt someone gaze and looked around.


Somehow, the surroundings were paying attention to us. Some guys were pointing the tip of the mechanical pencil toward us.

Not good…. This is not good!

“Ah, Aizawa… If we gonna eat together, why don’t we move somewhere? We will stand out too much in here.”

“Eh!… Wow! It’s true!”

Aizawa read the air and replied in a whisper. Perhaps she noticed that we were attracting attention, she started to clean up the lunch box that she had put on the table….. Still, there was no sign that she was embarrassed and blushed.

Does it depend on the person? Well, this alone is not enough for me to doubt her.

Then, we went out into the corridor and thought of a good place.

“The Cafeteria… I’m sure the seats there are full.”

“Ah, then, follow me, I know a good place!”

Aizawa said she knew a good place, so I decided to follow her. She seemed to have a special place for having a meal with friends. Still, I would like her to spare me from a place that would make us stand out too much, but this happiness to have a cute girl accompanying me…. For now? I decided to enjoy this moment.


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