Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 35 Part 1

This ch is the start of vol 3 LN

35-1. In the meantime, Let’s think about what to do (Part 1)

“Lady Ratzel, I will give you the job of guarding VIPs from today.”

Together with Illias, we was summoned by Marito, then he bring us to the office and announce that Illias assignment will changed.

VIP protection, as the name implies, is a mission to protect important people. It seems that the work of a knight is like a police, but when it comes to knights in fantasy world, somehow the position of being an escort sounds cool.


“That’s right. Lady Ratzel, you’ve proved yourself that your ability can match that from the dark side of Mejis. So, I guess, it’s okay to leave it to you.”

That’s right. It’s a better opportunity to demonstrate Illias abilities than to walk around the city with a guard.

But who’s the VIP to be guarded? Although there are some candidates, when considering the timing, no one came out in my mind. Means, is it okay to say that there is some change happened?

“From today, mean…. has Pope Euparo already arrived at Tiez?”

“No, he’s still around Garne’s territory right now. He doesn’t come alone. He seems to come with a decent number of people, so it’s going to take some time than planned.”

“Right… Then, who is she gonna protecting?”

“You, it’s you.”

“What did you say?”

Marito points toward me. There is no one around me, so it seems to be really me.

“You don’t seem to be aware of it. Did you forget that you are a valuable person who can read Earth’s language?”


I can’t say that I’ve some skill, so I wasn’t very aware of it. But to be able to read books that have important information for this world, it count as something valuable here.

If you say I have some special skills, I can’t say for sure about it. Just the fact that I could read Japanese makes me get treated as an important person, it just make me feel uncomfortable.

“If this is known to others, it is very likely that someone like Larheit will aim for your life. If it really happen, you will definitely not be able to protect yourself, right?”

“That’s right.”

I don’t feel like I can beat any of the enemies I’ve been hostile to. If only there’s a firearm… No, it’s still impossible.

It may be valid for bandits, but it is a resident of this world, you know. Maybe they can avoid it after seeing it.

Illias wasn’t injured when she was involved in the explosion the other day. Snipe her using Sniper Rifle from a very long distance? I think that it will be possible if somehow it could penetrate her body that has been strengthen using mana, but I guess she’ll somehow do something if that’s really happened.

“Fortunately, you and Lady Ratzel live in the same house. Don’t you think it’s convenient to task her as your escort?”

“It’s definitely convenient.”

This is a very reasonable opinion. It goes without saying after he knows that I’m a cohabitant in her house and her ability is proved already. And, if there were other escorts at home, I would be even feel smaller.

If you are a person who is originally guarded by a VIP, most of the case you live in a large building. I don’t see many dramas where the guard live and work in a normal houses.

But Illias as my escort huh… hmm…

“But, Illias huh…”

“Wait, are you dissatisfied with me?”

“If you have a person you want, I can change for you, but I can’t lend you Lord Ragdo.”

Well, it would be impossible to attach the Knights leader as an escort. Rather it’s scary. I see from Illias’s eyes that she want to said something, but let’s think about this honestly here.

“I think Illias is okay if you think in terms of competence”

“Hmm, then, do you hate female escorts?”

Your Majesty, how daring are you to poke where it’s hurt for Illias. That’s not to say that there is nothing’ wrong if I gonna be protected by women, but by the standards of this world, such prejudice, I can just abandoned it.

“No. Rather, feminine people are very welcome. Unfortunately, I don’t feel any sex appeal in Illias.”


That eyes so scary. Are you despised me? It can’t be helped, I’m a man after all.

“….Well, Illias would be suitable for both men and women. It just that her personality is not compatible with me…”

“Who do you think is compatible with you then?”

“Well, if it’s a knight you know… Grandpa Kara is the best.”

After all, Grandpa Kara’ ability is high. He is the person who is the easiest to incorporate into my strategy as well.

And also, that Spear throw he did was strong. With that in mind, when thinking about strategies in my head, it feels good to say that it is a move that can be use to decide the end quickly from a long distance.

“Lord Domitorkofkon huh? Sure, it looks like he’s a good match, but he’s in the position of the head at his current workplace now.”

“I see. Well, all the grandpas from Lord Ragdo corps are skilled… I think there is a more suitable position than a VIP’ guard.”

“You can pull any young knight from Lord Leanor corps if you want, Would you like to meet them?”

“Nah, I think Illias, who has her abilities proven is better.”

You see, I can’t invite the knights who hate Illias to her house.

“Then it’s decided. Lady Ratzel, this is a royal order. Protect him.”

“… Yes, Your Majesty.”

From now on, there will be more opportunities to act together with Illias.

When I think about it, I often saw Illias a lot. It’s unavoidable because she’s always in a different workplace, but it’s convenient that I’ll be in constant contact with her.

There is telecommunications technology in this world, but it is using mana and one of a secret ability of Yugura Religion. It’s difficult to introduce it to the mass.

However, Illias has a lot of complain… It’ll be hard to be able to do bad things from now on……. Isn’t it means I’m gonna have an unhealthy life? Ah, but it may be really painful not to be able to go to the city at night.

Anyway, For the time being, I should tell the members of Lord Ragdo corps about Illias becoming my guard.

“Then, do you want to go and see Lord Ragdo corps?”

“… Yeah.”

Oh, Illias-san, you’re in a bad mood, right? Well, I understand that you will be dissatisfied with job of guarding VIPs, I know it’s not so knight-like job, but isn’t it too explicit? I’m not going to say about professionalism at work to her, but I should do it later.

And, we arrived at the training ground of Lord Ragdo Corps. Wolfe is also in training here.

“Oh, it’s you, kid. You did well the other day.”

Grandpa Kara calls out to me. In the other day case, he was called by Lord Ragdo under the pretext of subduing a thief aiming for a book. Among the few people that know the situation, other than Illias, he also know.

Of course, I was sorry for the fact that I told him the title of the book and ask him to kept it secret, but he finally got involved too.

Still, it is encouraging that he can laugh and join us. According to him, ‘Isn’t there another upheaval gonna happen before I die? My knight’s soul keep telling me that.’.

“I just thought about the idea. The result than happen is because the result of the technique and abilities cultivated by Grandpa Kara.”

“Fahaha! If you know that, it’s more than enough for me. Did you come to training today?”

“No, actually Illias…”

“Well, I haven’t had any proper spar with you lately. Grandpa Kara, do you mind to have a match with me?”

“…I don’t mind, but… Kid, come here for a moment.”

I was forcibly pulled away by Grandpa Kara and takes some distance from Illias. And he whisper me in a very low voice.

“Did something happened? That Illias, she suddenly thirst for blood, you know?”

“No, actually, Mari… His Majesty ordered her to guard VIPs. Well, actually….”

Illias has begun to make a preparatory exercise. and even from that swing, you cant tell how bad her mood is.

“Hmm. The fact that you can read that book is certainly a good reason to be guarded. But, I don’t think that would be the case… What else did you talk about?”

“Not that important… I said that Illias is the right person.”

“Then she supposed to be happy, but she’s angry now.”

“Right. Oh, but when I was asked if there was anyone else who I want to be my guard, I said that if it’s about personality match, Grandpa Kara would be the best for me.”


Oh, I think it’s that. Grandpa Kara make a shocked face. After that, He sighs and continues.

“That’s it… Escort is a prestigious job for a knight. Even though I’m the right person, I’ll be dissatisfied if someone say that other knight would be better.”


I simply talked about personality compatibility, but did she think so? Ah, but when I think it again, I was talking about who is better as a partner rather than an escort.

“Good grief, sure it’s terrible… I’ll make her give up somehow, but I’ll ask you to drink alcohol with me next time.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll leave it you, Please do something.”

“Well, leave it to me. The achievements I got were not just for show. You can see my real ability!”

Yeah, as I thought, Grandpa Kara is really reliable. And that’s how the match between Grandpa Kara and Illias was decided. The people around us also stopped training and came to watch over the situation.

Illias was said to have the second highest ability in Lord Ragdo corps that full of powerful knights. However, I heard that the difference between 2nd and 3rd place is wide and it is not possible to train together properly.

However, I am familiar with Grandpa Kara’ strength. He was active in subduing bandits, performing in the village of the Black Wolf, and subduing one member of the dark part from Mejis. Still, Illias is not normal too, her outstanding strength should be comparable with him.

In fact, the fast-growing Wolfe has yet to land a hit to Grandpa Kara.

While thinking so, the battle begins.


Grandpa Kara kicks the ground. He caught Illias within the range of his spear at a tremendous speed. Then, an unstoppable flash is released. However, Illias does not any defense stance, and with her sword scabbard, she prevents the blow without any difficulty.

The speed of Grandpa Kara just now is no different from the one at the performance seen in the Black Wolf tribe’ Village. If it’s just the movement sharpness, it’s more than that time.


A ferocious dance that is unfolded with a roar. All of them are heading for Illias exactly. However, Illias doesn’t move a step. She handle the spear with just the movement of her hand.

I have no idea what kind of dynamic vision needed to prevent the barrage of that invisible attack.

“Do your best, Illias! Finnish that Grandpa Kara!”

Wolfe, where did you learn that kind of wording? No, it may be unavoidable if she’s with these grandpas, I need to tell her later.

In addition, Wolfe doesn’t like Grandpa Kara so much, and she is seriously attacking during training with him. I thought that I’ve solved the misunderstanding already….

The surroundings are supporting both of them. Which one should I support?

…… Well, there’s no need to be confused, Of course I’ll support Grandpa Kara, who bravely challenges the monster in my stead!

“Do your best, Grandpa Kara! You won’t lose at speed!”


Suddenly both movements stopped. No, it was stopped.

Illias is holding the spear with her free hand, not with the hand holding the scabbard. What’s more, she only use her thumb and her index finger. It’s called, stopping blade with one hand.

What is that expression? Illias, right now, doesn’t you look like a Demon Lord?

Grandpa Kara tries to move the spear, but it doesn’t seem to be moving. Rather than that, he is floating. She lifts a huge spear and an old man with just the power of her fingers.

“…Oh, my god.”

Only using a little strength and Illias throws Grandpa Kara in the air. As soon as she let him go, just a few seconds needed to prevent the free fall. However, in the meantime, she slammed the scabbard on the other side from the upper of the spear.


If he doesn’t put his feet on the ground already, all the impact will be transmitted to his whole body. Damage can be prevented with the hardness of the spear and the defense technique of Grandpa Kara, but the impact cannot be stopped completely.

As a result, Grandpa Kara blown away far behind. I remember the misery of one member from the dark part that was kicked off by her before.

The point of view of the surrounding is turned toward Grandpa Kara. Although he is spin several times already, He still passive. But, eventually, he thrust his spear into the ground and its momentum is completely killed.

“What the hell… That monstrous power, even Bol is just look like a baby compared to her.”

Grandpa Kara raises his face. There is Illias, who has already swung down the scabbard…. But in no time. It must have been about fifty meters. Her running figure is not visible. Did her sense of rivalry just got fire up?

I shout that Grandpa Kara would not defeated at speed, so maybe I’ve lit that fire in her heart.


Grandpa Kara quickly pulls out his spear and receives the sword. A crack bursts in the ground with a roaring sound.

“Gra-Grandpa Kara!?”

The surroundings cannot be seen well due to dirt smoke. Is Grandpa Kara safe? I keep an eye and wait for the smoke to disappear.

A silhouette emerges from the smoke, and soon both of them could be seen.

Grandpa Kara withstood such a shock that had Illias make from attacking him, and he could endure it. But the situation is strange, neither is moving. There is no sign of pursuing or counterattacking.

“Thank you for the spar.”

With that said, Illias releases her fighting posture and returns the scabbard to her waist.

Grandpa Kara does not move from the defensive posture. Don’t say that… then, I rushed to him.

“Grandpa Kara, are you okay?”

“…Ugh, my waist is dead.”

In front of me, There was a figure of an old man whose his already old waist was fulfilling it’s natural life due to a blow of a sword. The appearance of old soldiers scattered is something that touches my heart.

“Gran-Grandpa Karaaa!”

After that, Grandpa Kara was carried to the treatment facility on a stretcher. It is said that it can be cured by using Healing Magic, but the maximum physical strength value of the waist has decreased further.

Grandpa Kara, I’m sorry, I’m sure gonna treat you to drink as much as you like…


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