Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 32

32. Invitation


“Yeah…. Could you please accept my request?”

After that, I followed Shino-san and arrived at the courtyard. The request that Shino-san spoke while sitting on the bench installed there was an invitation to the party. When I heard the story, she said she need to bring a man as a partner.

Shino-san looked at me as if she prays with her hands around her chest.

“Please. I will do whatever, anything I can to repay this!”

….Anything? It was a really attractive word….. No, no, I should not react to that, right now I should answer her request first.

“Shino-san, please don’t say something like that.”

With that said, I put my hands on Shino-san’s shoulders and stared at her.

“If Shino-san is in trouble, I’ll gladly help you.”

I stopped the words there for a moment, then turned my serious expression into a smile, and smiled at Shino-san.

“Because Shino-san is my important friend.”

Shino-san, who heard the words, was surprised and her face turned red.

And she thanked me with a stunned expression.

“Tha, Thank you-“

It was like she had a nice dream while her eyes still opened. Her eyes were out of focus.

…..Are you alright?

“Shino-san? Shino-san?”


Shino-san’ face became normal, perhaps because she finally regained her consciousness in response to my call.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t expect to get such a reply.”

“No, as I said, Shino-san is my important friend, so if you’re in trouble, it’s normal if I want to help, right?”

“Um, thank you”

With tears in her big eyes, she thanked me.

“But I don’t have any clothes to wear to the party….”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. I’ll prepare everything for you.”


“Of course, I was me who asked you to come to the party. So, I’ll prepare everything from clothes to accessories.”

Shino-san said that to me with a smile.

“Well, I want you refrain from choosing something that is too flashy …”

“It’s okay! Don’t worry! I’ll carefully select the ones that suit you, Kohaku-kun.”

“Really, I think a suit is more than good enough.”

“It’s okay! Don’t worry!”

With a smile like the sun, she kept telling me ‘It’s okay! Don’t worry!’.

It was strange because when I heard that word, I felt that it was not okay and it made me worried.

……..No, Shino-san must have understood what I want! Yeah, Let’s think it like that. After all, that’s better for my mental health.

Anyway, I’ve decided to go, so I’ll do my best to be her partner without caring so much about the outfit!

“Then, I’ll pick you up on the day, so stay home!”

“Hmm? You’re going to pick me up?”

“Yeah, the party will be held at the hotel, so let’s go a little early. I’ll give your clothes, so change your clothes at the hotel.”

Mm? What! You just said that I’ll not know what will I wear until the day! I’m really worried…

“Aaa~, I’m really glad, if Kohaku-kun refused, I don’t know who I’ll ask.”

“What about the boys in other classes?”


Shino-san made a weird face.

“… Hmm, I haven’t know them yet.”

Well, it hasn’t been so long since we entered school.

I gave a word of comfort to Shino-san who looked a little depressed.

“After a little more time, everyone will get used to the school life and get to know each other.”

“Really? The other boys, they seemed to be difficult to approach and…”

Shino-san also said something in a very low voice.

“As long as Kohaku-kun is near me, that’s…”

Her voice was so small that I can’t hear anything she just said…

“Sorry, I couldn’t heard it Shino-san.”

“Ah! I’m sorry! It’s nothing.”


Well, whatever?

However, Shino-san’s face, who just said it was nothing, suddenly turned red.

She might have said something embarrassing……. if only I listened to it better, I could have responded! I regretted it a little, but it can’t be helped.

Maybe she regained her composure, the redness has come off from Shino-san’s face, so I’d asked her what was in my mind.

“A party… how it looked like? I don’t know much about etiquette…..”

Shino-san thought a little about my question and then returned the answer.

“Because it’s a standing party, you don’t have to worry about etiquette, but there are many older people, so you should be careful about how you speak.”

Shino-san continued her explanation.

“Well, I don’t think Kohaku-kun need to talks much, so it’s gonna be okay. but you can’t just follow anyone when you got invited! Do you understand!?”

Oi, Am I a kid!?…. And Shino-san continued.

“Kohaku-kun, I’m worried that you’ll be deceived and ‘eaten’ by some older girl somewhere because you’re so kind.”

Perhaps she thought of the scene, her expression darken…. even though she was the one who said it.

“That’s right! I’ll give you a knife for self-defense, so in case of emergency, stab her and run away!”

…Why do you come to that conclusion!

“No, I’ll refrain from something like knife…”

“Hmm? It’s okay you know, because men are allowed to carry it for self-defense.”

…I know! I’m taught about that by my maid at home! But I don’t want to!

Looking at the clock, it was almost time for the class to start.

“It’s about time, let’s go back to the classroom.”


She replied as if she hesitated a little.

When I asked what happened, Shino-san shook her head and said, ‘Nothing.’

And she connected the words with… ‘it’s just that…’

“I wanted to stay alone with you a little longer…”

…… Yeah, she was a person who sometime said something cute.


Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 31

31. Body Touch

On my way to school in the morning, I was thinking about something.

It was something about the girl from my previous life.

There were various types of girls who were popular with men in my previous life.

Good-looking girls, charming girls, cheerful girls, sexy girls, these types of girls were popular. But there were girls who were more popular than these girls. And they had a skill in common.

…… That was, ‘Body Touch’.

They used that skill to took down the man! A man who has been touched was made aware of the woman who has touched him, and by being touched, he lost his sense of caution and raised his affection toward the woman. And at that time the man’ mood became better and he might started to think like this.

‘She cares about me’….. or something like that.

It was one of a woman’s charm techniques.

But sadly, women also used this technique to the men that she didn’t even like. And the man who was took the hit from that technique also thought that she was interested in him, yeah, like what I said before. And, the man gathered his courage to confess to the woman.

And the woman said….. ‘I’m sorry, but I don’t have any feeling toward you’…..

No, that was not from my experience!

……Well, it was such a terrifying technique, but you see, I didn’t use that kind of technique in this world.

Actually, I’d always wanted to do it, but every time I tried, in the end I hesitated.

The reason was based on the memory of my past life. This ‘Body Touch’ was okay if it was from a woman to a man, but on the contrary, when it came from a man to a woman, it immediately labeled as sexual harassment.

……..That’s horrible, right!?

Sure if I did that, it might be not treated as sexual harassment in this world, but the word ‘sexual harassment’ came to my mind every time I tried to do that, and I became embarrassed, so that’s why I didn’t use it until now… No, I couldn’t use it!…..But it was a waste not to use it even though I knew it’s effective, right!?

When I was walking while thinking about that, I was just near the bakery “Wheat Village”.

There was a clerk cleaning in front of the shop. I always passed the shop on the way to the station because I went to school by train, but I always saw that clerk. Well, I was not a stranger anymore, so I always said hello in the morning, but…. let me try to do that on her.

When I thought so, the clerk noticed me.

“Ah, good morning. Today, it’s nice weather too!”

She greeted me with a familiar voice.

“Good morning, Today too, I see that you are cleaning from the morning.”

“Ah, this is because I want to see Hatano-kun.”

Yeah, As what I expected. But now, I’ve been waiting for that word.

“Ahaha, well, well, I see that you’re good at flattery.”

I said so and gently touched the clerk’s shoulder area.

Then, the clerk kept staring at the area that I touched as she stiffened for a moment.

“Hmmmm, what’s wrong?”

I talked to the clerk while thinking that I might have failed.

“Is this …… means, you want me to lick your legs?”

“What happened? And why did those words come out?”

The clerk said something strange with a serious face, so I forgot to speak politely.

Then, perhaps she noticed her own strange remark, she made a surprised face.

“I’m sorry! It was my first time to be touched by a man, so I was a little excited.”

But still, that remark was strange just because you were excited, you know….

“But now I know! That you might became dizzy after being touched by men.”

“Dizzy…… Was it unpleasant?”

“No way! It was not unpleasant at all! If I can make a request, I want you to take your time slowly when doing that!”

Somehow, her remarks sounded a bit suspicious….. Anyway, the body touch was accepted favorably.

As expected, this kind of act was acceptable in this world, and she was kind of pleased with it….. Maybe I should use it little by little from now on.

“Well then, I need to go now…”

“Yes, see you again!”

The clerk waved her hand to me. But, seriously, what kind of things did the clerk were thinking to came to the conclusion of licking my legs?… It was a mystery ……

After that, I arrived at the classroom without anything weird happened other than being seen by Seimei High’s students with disdain…… Well, that kind of eyes were now part of my everyday life. I was not happy because I was not a ‘M’. But if you need to took this kind of gaze every day… it was no wonder that the boys of Kenran High were always in a bad mood. Well, there was nothing more annoying than that in the morning.

As soon as I arrived at the classroom, opened the door, and the moment I went inside, a morning greeting came to me.

“Good morn..…”

“Good morning!”

It was Shino-san who greeted me, and I felt like I heard someone’s voice before her, but maybe it was just my imagination?

“Good morning Shino-san”

“Hmmm, Kohaku-kun, you see, actually, I have a request I would like to ask you.”

When I returned the greeting, Shino-san said that with a serious face, and it seemed it was something difficult to say.

“A request? Well, okay, let me hear it.”

“Really!? Then, Let’s talk somewhere else.”

Shino-san went out of the classroom. I also went out after her. The scene of the classroom that I saw when I left was that the chairman, no, the former chairman was comforted by Saegusa-san.

………What happened?


Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 30

So this ch is about… you know who she is…..
There is an Illustration of her in the LN that the scene of that Illustration will never happened in the WN, but maybe you guys need that picture to imagine her better
(( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)), and I love the Illustration of her, so here it is…

Shino Toukain

And this ch is from a third person POV of her.

30. Shino Toukain

Shino Toukain thought about the people who were with her in the car.

One of them is Yuzuka Seikagu, who grew up with her since she was little, and still a good friend until now. Of course, she was a girl who always rode in the same car, went to school and went back home from school together with her.

However, today there was not only that Yuzuka, but also another person.

When Shino remember that person, her face naturally made a smile.

The person who she sent home earlier, the boy….. Yes, it was a boy.

Shino never thought that she would went home with a boy.

Shino rarely talked with boys, but when it came to the boys that Shino knew, they were basically always arrogant. Sure when She talked to them, they would replied, but their face looked like someone very annoyed.

Perhaps it wasn’t that they interested in Shino Toukain herself, but because the fact that she was came from Toukain household.

Of course, Shino was glad that they would reply to her no matter what the attitude they shown. She was just grateful that they would replied her.

However, the boy she met in high school recently, Kohaku Hatano, was completely different from the boy that Shino had ever met.

He greeted her back, while not being arrogant or look unpleasant. He treated her normally like an ordinary girl, and above all, he smiled.

Shino have only had met him for not that long yet, but even with that little time, the impression of boy that she had held up until now changed.

Shino naturally thought that she wanted to talk with him more, and she also wanted him to smile more at her.

Shino turned her gaze to the place where Kohaku was sitting and remembered how he behaved while inside the car.

He was surprised at the softness of the seat and impressed that he hardly felt the vibration of the car, and he showed various expressions. But the happiness that Shino felt was just temporary.

When she was thinking about that, the car stopped and the door opened. Apparently she has arrived.

The driver opened the door and Shino got out from the car.

“Thank you.”

“No problem, then I’ll put the car inside the garage.”


After Shino thanked the driver, she entered the mansion.

Passed through the entrance and entered the hall, a servant who was working greeted her, and Shino replied. Then she headed to her room.

Arrived in her room, she immediately jumped into the bed. The soft bed gently accepted Shino’s body.

Shino who jumped in as it was, began to roll around on the bed.

“Fu~… I’m glad I got into the Kenran High, I never thought that I would meet such a kind boy. It’s like a dream~”

Shino used to think that the kind boys that appear in movies, dramas, and novels were exist only in fiction, and if they really exist in real world, she kept thinking that she would like to have them for herself….

However, in reality, she never met such a boy. Well-known boys were carefully raised at home, so basically they were selfish. The boys who Shino had met were also selfish and unfriendly.

“Can I talk a lot with him tomorrow?”

Shino just returned, but she was already thinking about tomorrow. She never have been so excited about school.

“Miss, may I enter?”

While Shino was thinking that, the door was knocked and the maid’s voice came from outside.

“Yeah, it’s okay.”

When the maid heard Shino’s voice, she came in.

“You haven’t changed your clothes yet.”

“Ah, right.”

As expected, Shino couldn’t say that she was rolling on bed while still wearing the uniform…

“Well… So, what is it?”

Shino changed the topic so that maid did not pursued that matter anymore.

“Master is calling you.”

When Shino heard that word, She got nervous in instant.

Master… that was Shino’s grandfather, a fine man in the long history of Toukain who took over the house. He was also a person who has steadily increased the company’s business performance. He has passed the torch to Shino’s mother, but still he was the most powerful person.

“… Did he said something about what he want to say to me?”

“No, I just told to call you, Miss.”

“I see, I understand. I’ll go soon. So I just need to go to my grandfather’s room right?”


And The maid also added, ‘Please’.

With a sigh, Shino changed clothes and headed to her grandfather’s room.

Actually, Shino’s grandfather told her one difficult problem before she entered high school, so maybe…..

Shino walked in the corridor with a little hesitation.

When Shino arrived at her grandfather’s room, there was a heavy wooden door in front of her. And when she saw the wooden door, Shino became more nervous.

‘Alright!’, after Shino comforted herself with that word, she knocked the door. She heard a voice from inside, so she got permission to enter the room.


“Excuse me”

When Shino opened the door and looked inside the room, her grandfather was reading a book by himself.

“Grandfather, are you calling me?”

“Yeah, but don’t worry, it’s not about something difficult, it’ll over soon.”

“… Is this about what I heard the other day?”

“It’s different from that, and that matter have a deadline, so I won’t talk about it until that deadline.”

When Shino heard that, she couldn’t figure out what her grandfather will said, so she asked what was it with a confused face.

“Then, what kind matter do you want to talk about?”

“Well, soon, there will be a party for the Toukain company, you know about it right? Join the party as well.”

“The next one? I understand.”

Shino thought that it wasn’t the first time she had attended a party, so it was not a matter that her grandfather need to called her and talked to her personally. But then, she surprised at her grandfather’s words.

“And, bring a partner to the party.”

“……What? A Partner?”

“Yeah, that’s all.”

“Wait! That partner must be a man, isn’t it?”

“Obviously, I heard that there are many men in Kenran High School. You just need to bring one person.”


“Isn’t this matter easier than the another one?”

While still being dumbfounded by those words, Shino went out of the room when she heard that it was okay to return to her room.

Then, after Shino went out of the room and thought about who she was going to invite, only one person came to her mind…


Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 15

This ch is from Laila POV

15. Chapter 15

[Laila POV]

When I saw a boy called Kaito Arihara, who was one year younger than me…… Honestly, it seemed strange.

It was not because I disgusted by him, it just that I had the feeling….. that he came from a different place than where we are.

In fact, he probably came from a distant place.

He was not familiar with the letter used in here, neither about adventurers nor guilds. 

He was more rural than me, who came from the countryside, but I think he was a normal child, except the fact that he has a talking shape shifter and a slime that incorporates Mithril as his familiars.

And when I felt that my situation when I first came here almost the same as Kaito-kun’s situation, I wanted to help him.

Like the people in the guild who helped me at that time, this time I wanted to help those who need a guide.

“Laila? did you hear what I just said?”

“What? Ah, yeah, what was it again?”

Huft, please listen to the story properly.”

Fran said so while being amazed at me.

We were now watching the exams taking place today to select new adventurers from the audience seats that were built around the training ground.

“This time the examiner is Rick? Laila, maybe… it might be tough for Kaito.”

“Rick-san huh. Well, that person is strict.”

Currently, the examiner Rick was fighting against the third person already, this time was a young spearman.

『”Hah! Take this!”』


Rick-san didn’t even use his wooden sword against the attack of a young man wielding a spear with all his might.

The young man’s facial expression gradually turned pale because Rick-san could read all of his attack and stopped his attack easily using his bare hand.

Rank gold.

In the four stage of the adventurer rank, it was the second from the top rank.

The Rank Gold adventurers will be able to take on important missions and high-risk subjugation missions. So their abilities were not average.

Even if Rik-san was not serious, it was still a tough test that can never be passed by just using your sheer strength.

“…….enough. You can stop.”

When he said so to the young man who was out of breath and kneeling, he shifted his gaze to the next candidate.

So far, three out of five test takers couldn’t even hit Rick-san.

Even if the attack couldn’t hit Rick-san, it might be a different story if they had enough “Qualities” to at least made Rick-san fluster… but unfortunately they must be dropped at the first test.

“So, only the one wearing hood and Kaito left?”

Kaito-kun, who was probably told by Schiff to keep an eye on him, and a mysterious person who was observing Rick’s battle next to him.

From the line of the body, that person might be a girl who was not so old like me, but she has a strange atmosphere surrounding her.

Even the one who belong to the guild, did not know the information of the participants, so no one really knew who that person was.

“Oh, it seems that the kid wearing hood will go.”

After Fran said so, I looked toward the training ground, and I saw the mysterious person with a knife walked in front of Rick-san.

As expected the person still wearing the black cloak, so it seemed that she will fight without taking it off.

She made a low stance and one of her hand was on the ground. In the next moment, she went to Rick-san while trying to slash him.


“That person is not average.”

The knife was flowing smoothly and pointed exactly at Rick-san’s vital spot.

Rick-san responded to all of them, but his expression was more serious than before.

『”The speed and accuracy are perfect. What a talent.』

『”…! Damn!!”』

The dull sound of a wooden sword pairing the iron knife echoed in the training ground.

The fight of the two were already faster, even more, each attack of that person was heavier than the previous test takers.


“Wow, what a loud shout.”

“And that person, the way she fight is like a wild beast.”

A roar that seemed to be came out from the instinct and a beast-like movement.

It were definitely a fight that like when a beast lost its composure, but still… she was strong.


Perhaps the mysterious person realized that it wasn’t possible to just slash normally, she jumped far back and put her hand in her pocket, then she took out three knives and threw them at Rick-san.

At that time, her eyes that were hidden behind the hood glowed red.

Then, as soon as she landed….. she disappeared as if she jumped into the shadow of her own feet.

“She disappeared….?”

Fran, who was next to me, muttered so in shock.

And I was surprised and unable to speak, the shadow of Rick-san’s feet shimmered, and she appeared there in an instant.

Short-range movement using the Shadow.

She tried to slash Rick-san’s unprotected back using knife.

But, the moment the tip of the knife hits directly…..

『”Not that fast”』


The knife slashed the air as Rick-san lowered his body.

She tried to chase after him while revealing her upset, but before that Rick-san tripped her leg and she lost her posture.

And the tip of a wooden sword pointed to her who was about to get up immediately.

Although she looked at Rick-san with a regrettable look, on the other hand, Rick-san has a satisfied face.

『”Enough. No. 4, I understand your power. You seems to be accustomed to the actual battle, but you leaves it to your anger too much.”』


『”I don’t know if it’s because of your nature or not, but it’s definitely a drawback to you.”』


She stood up without grasping Rick-san’s hand and returned to Kaito-kun without saying anything.

Kaito-kun was listening to Schiff, who was in a black cat state, while tilting his head.

“So she passed”

“That’s right. Huft, it seems that a talented child is likely to come in.”

That knife’ slash and throw.

I wonder whether she was an assassin or something like that? In the first place, it was definitely not a movement that normal human can do.

I was also wondering why she hid her face, but when she became an adventurer, someday I’ll know.

“That Magic just now, was it a Magic to move to the shadow in your sight?”

“Although the range is limited, it seems to be easy to use. And….. maybe she still hide something else.”

I agreed with Fran’s words.

At least she wouldn’t showed all her cards.

“The way she fight is like the real beast.”

She have technique.

She have experience.

However, she clearly lost her composure in the crucial battle.

In fact, even after the battle with Rick was over, she went to Kaito-kun side while she was still breathing roughly……

“Hmmm? What?”

When she returned to Kaito-kun side, she regained her composure in instant.

She should have been still lost on her emotions, but she has returned to her sanity as if nothing had happened. Even she herself surprised by that.

Then her gaze was directed at Kaito-kun, who was nervously talking to Schiff next to him.

『”It’s the last. No.5, are you ready? “』


And, it was finally the test time for Kaito-kun.

Well, if I thought about it again, it might be difficult to pass Rick’s exam.

When I saw him calming down with a small deep breath before heading to Rick-san, somehow I felt nervous too.

“Does Laila know the way Kaito fight? Will he be okay?”

“Ah, hmmm, that’s…”


I diverted my gaze awkwardly at Fran’s words.

Well, I helped with his training.

Sure, I helped him, but I didn’t really know how powerful he is.

“I knew only a little about how Kaito-kun fight because I was asked to help with his training a few times….. Well, I found some free time and went to see him. But every time I went to see him, either he was stuck with muscle pain in his whole body or he was running around the city.”

“Muscle pain on whole body……”

“You see, I also forced Nito-chan, who can use healing magic, and bring her to his place? But the timing always bad.”

The most shocking thing was when I saw Kaito-kun, who was cursed by Schiff and was crying and went crazy in the city.

The sight of Kaito-kun was getting his face wet with tears as Schiff that didn’t look cute like usual, swearing and taunting him was not that strange for the past few days.

“Anyway, all I know is that Kaito-kun is a tamer who fights together with his familiars and has been working hard for the last two weeks.”

“If so, we have to see his fight.”

I nodded to Fran and saw Kaito-kun.

After Schiff confirmed that he had calmed down, Schiff jumped off the ground and turned into a hat.

Kaito-kun, who grabbed the spinning hat, reached for the Mithril slime, Lime, on his shoulder when he touched it, he shook his arm as if pulling something out.

Then, the body of the silver slime, Lime, stretched and contracted, turning into a club about two meters long.

“….. Hey. You just said that Kite fights together with familiars….. But, hmmm, in my eyes, it looks like Kaito himself is the one who will fights.”

“Well, hmmm…”

Aside from the Schiff…. Lime has become like a weapon!?

Wait, maybe because it was Mithril slime, so its body must be as strong as or stronger than Mithril, so it was a perfect weapon!? But still, Kaito-kun, you were going to wield it yourself!?

I stood up on the spot, raised my voice to Kaito-kun, and said words of support in order to ran from Fran’s gaze.

“Ka, Kaito-kun! Good luck!!”

When I cheered on him, he laughed happily as if my voice had reached him and then he returned my cheers by waving his hand.

It was a genuine support from me. Rick-san was glaring at me, but I didn’t care about that.

The fact that he was waving his hand to me, somehow it made me happy, but….


『”….… !?”』

The mysterious person grabbed Kaito’s shoulders from behind, and his expression stiffened.

MC, Leafa, and Laila

Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 14

Another one or two more, tomorrow

14. Chapter 14

I’ve done a lot for this day, for the exam.

As a tamer, I learned how to handle Schiff and Lime, and my body forcibly adapted the physical strengthening by Support Magic.

Aldo I can write a few letters of this world now, but I managed to at least have the minimum knowledge of this world and this exam.

So, it should be fine. My preparation should be enough.

I sit at the table in a room that looked like a waiting room in the guild, and waited earnestly, while staring at the hands that I have folded to relieve my nervousness.

On the table I was on, Schiff (Black cat) and Lime, were looking into my expression.

“Examinee number 5, huh…”

I looked at the emblem that was given to me when I was guided to this room.

It seemed to be a symbol to identify the person who is taking the exam, but this reminded me my original world.

“Kaito. To me, you seems like you’re not used to this kind of thing.”

“Well, I’m still too young to get used to this…”

“Is that so? Hmmm, it’s something that I don’t understand because I’m still new to human culture …”


Even though Schiff has a human-like personality, he was in fact a monster.

He seemed to have been taught words and letters by someone who became his friend, but he was not as accustomed to the culture and customs of this world as I am.

Well, all we have to do was to help each other.

“But even though it’s an exam, the examinee number is surprisingly few.”

“Well, it seems that they do it once a month.”

The people in the room were the one who will take the exam.

It seemed that the test was conducted quite often, once a month, so the participants were few. There were only about four people in the room.

Maybe because it was before the test, everyone was nervous.

Therefore, I also have a quiet conversation with Schiff, who is in a black cat state.


“Are you cheering me up? Thank you.”

Lime tapped my hand, while moving up and down.

When I was relieved by the cool feeling, the door of the room behind was opened.

The eyes of the four people in the room, including myself, were directed at the person who came in.

I was wondering if he was an examiner, but the one who came in was a dubious person in a black robe.

“Kaito, that person is …”


That person was the one who suddenly asked for my name when I first came to the guild.

And if I didn’t mishear what that person said, that person was a mysterious person who knew my name. I told Schiff about this too.

Anyway, now Schiff and Lime began to watch out for the mysterious person.


Was that person looking for a place to sit?

The mysterious person who looked around me wandered around, and when that person found me, for some reason after saying ‘Ah!’, that person approached me.

I was getting more nervous, but despite that, the mysterious person approached me and stopped near me.

“Can I sit in front of you?”

“Well, please…”

….Schiff, please scold me later for not refusing here.

A mysterious person sitting face-to-face…… The girl in the hood looked a little surprised when she sees her own hand.


“…..What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I was just surprised that I’m calm.”

…..What do you mean?

While being confused by a little incomprehensible word that she said, she opened her mouth after a few seconds of silence.

“…..Jacob. Did you come for the exam?”


“……It’s your name, right? Isn’t it?”

…….Shit, I’ve done it.

By the way, I gave this person a sparkling pseudonym called ‘Jacob Rising’!

When I asked Schiff for help, he shook his little body and endured his laughter.

Apparently, I got stuck in my pseudonym.

If I weren’t the one involved, I would have been laughing, but now I can’t laugh at all.

“Ah, yeah, that’s right. What’s your name?”

“Oh right, I didn’t introduce myself before. I’m sorry.”

Realizing that she wasn’t introduced herself before, she bowed a little.

“My name is Leafa. By the way, my number is number four.”

Although she introduced herself, she didn’t remove the hood that completely covers her head.

I decided to ask why she was here, while wondering if it was also a reason that she hide her face.

“If you’re here…. do you also applied to the exam to become an adventurer?”

“I don’t really want to be, but I think adventurers are more convenient when looking for friends and companions, so I applied.”

“Are you looking for a companion?”

“Yeah, more over someone I can trust.”

…… I have a lot of questions in my mind, but I don’t want to accidentally touch the topic that I shouldn’t and makes her angry.

For me, she was still someone I need to be careful to.

“Are you a tamer? It looks like you’re carrying a monster.”

“Ah, Yeah, that’s right.”

“Are you good being a support? What can your familiars do? It seemed like you were talking with them before.”

…She asked a lot.

When I saw Schiff and Lime, they got confused as she asked questions so quick.

I also have a lot I wanted to ask.

Like… Why did you know my name? Sure, I may need to reveal my name when I asked her that, but the girl in front of me can be an important source of information for me.


“Everyone taking the exam! Now that the preparation are finished, please gather at the training ground behind the guild!!”

The moment I tried to ask, the door of the room was opened, and a woman who seemed to be a guild employee uttered a voice leading us to the training ground behind the guild.

“It’s time. Let’s go. Jacob.”


Aside from calling Jacob, for some reason I ended up going to the training ground with her in a natural way.

…… No, no, I should concentrate on the exam first.

The first test was the practical skill.

It was time to show the results of these two weeks.

We headed to the training ground behind the guild to take the first exam.

In front of the five test takers, including me and Leafa, was a blonde man with an impressive sharp eye.

The belt on the waist of the man was equipped with a sword in a scabbard, and it can be seen at a glance that he was an adventurer of the guild.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Rick, who is in charge of overseeing this exam. I’ll be rigorously judging this time.”

A man who stared at us lining in a row….. Rick-san, squints to observe each of us.

The people who took the exam who heard his name have a surprised expression.

“Rick? That ‘Rick Casing’?”

“Isn’t he a gold-ranked adventurer …!”

“Rumor said that the screening standards become strict is…..”

Rick moved his eyebrows to the words of three people other than me and Leafa.

The three people, who were upset, turned pale and shut up as Rick-san was clearly in a bad mood.

“… First of all, I don’t treat anyone here specially. Whether it’s a guild chief’s recommendation, a minister’s connection, or a well-known warrior, the results of this exam alone will determine your abilities. Rather, today, the compliments and achievements you have received to date will be meaningless in front of me. “

I can see some people who seemed to be confused by Rick’s words.

I was confused too, but when I think about it again, it was a good situation for me, who has no achievements in this world.

“The most important thing in a guild is, “Trust”. A single big mistake can affect the entire guild….. no, the place you belong to. So, to prevent that from happening, I need to carefully select new members of the guild.”

He made such a statement and picked up the wooden sword prepared in advance at the training ground.

He shook the sword while making a noise, ‘SWOOSH’, and turned his gaze again to stare at us.

“This test method this time is a mock combat with me. Use all means to prove that you could be an adventurer.”

Everyone other than me and Leafa who heard that it was a mock combat, made a rustle.

Seeing them, Rick continued to say something like putting a nail in the coffin.

“Of course, I’ll hold myself and I won’t attack back … but if you think you can’t do it, you should prepare for the next opportunity, because it’ll be just a waste of time.”

” ” “…….” ” “

“Well, we will start the mock battle in the order of application, but before that…… is there anyone who has a question?”


Then, Leafa raised her hand high that can’t be imagined it came from a suspicious person.

Rick, who had a surprisingly rounded eye, allowed her to speak.

“What is it, No. 4”

“What should I do to prove my ability?”

“You just have to show your ability as an adventurer, or show your future potential. Well, it’s just my way.”

“Hmm …”

Have an appropriate ability and future potential, huh?

…… Should I ask for confirmation too?

While thinking that, at the end of Leafa’s question, I also raise my hand,

“Next is, No.5 huh, What is it?”

“Yes. But does the fight with familiars also counted as a way to fight?”

“Of course. I’m not a demon that I force a Tamer to fight without familiars.”

Seeing Schiff at my feet and Lime on my shoulders, Rick said so.

The line of sight seemed to look all over me, but I didn’t feel anything malicious.

“… No more questions? Well, now, I’ll give time for you to prepare before I start the mock combat. Think a strategy, or prepare your weapons, or whatever. I’ll take the challenge from the first person that ready.”

An exam to became an adventurer.

It seemed simpler than I expected, but there were many things you can do to prove yourself, and also the screening standards were high.

I was sure it wouldn’t be so straightforward and easy as I thought, so I tried to talk with Schiff again and devised a strategy.


Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 13

Next ch soon

13. Chapter 13

I had to train and study to take the exam to become an adventurer.

At that time, Schiff suggested me to keep a diary so that I could look back on what happened on the day.

Anyway, Schiff said that his friend had a habit of saying, “The records of what I experienced every day will encourage me to be better”.

So I said, “I can’t write the letters of this world” but Schiff smiled at me and said, “For now, it’s okay to write with the letters of your world. That diary is just for you.”.

Hmmm, that’s true.

I was convinced by him, so I bought a cheap notebook and pen at a place like a general store near the guild, and since that day I decided to write down what I learned and experienced on that day in my diary…

Day 1

Today, I went to the guild to applied for an exam to become an adventurer.
Before that, it turned out that my Mana has a high purity, it’s high enough to be called Pure Mana, but for now, I don’t need to talk about it deeply.
Well, in the first place, I don’t know much about the Pure Mana.

For the application, I had Laila write for me. Then, they said that I was able to take the exam two weeks later, so I first asked Laila and her companions, Kiel-san and Fran-san, about what the adventurer’s exam would look like

First, the adventurer’s exam was divided into two stages, the first will be a practical exam and the second will be an interview to examine the personality aspect.
To became an adventurer, I wondered why do you need to be interviewed… but Laila says that the guild was an organization built on the trust of the people of the kingdom who was the client. It seems that the adventurer who carries out the request must be a credible person or you will not be able to receive it.

Somehow, it reminded me of an interview practice for college entrance exams …
Maybe I was a little surprised to got this kind feeling in a different world.

Tomorrow, Laila will tell me and Schiff more about mana.

Day 2

Tofay, I was, taught about magic, but, my body, hurts so much, so I’ll, write more, tomorrow

Day 3

My muscle pain has gone a little, so I could write a diary.
First of all, one thing I can say was that the physical strengthening by the Support Magic that strengthened by my Pure Mana was too amazing.
The whole body wasn’t as tattered as when I ran away from Orochi, but the moment released my physical strengthening after moving around for an hour, my body suffered an unprecedented pain.

Schiff who saw me thrown head over heels and struck by muscle pain. He fiercely said, “You have to get used to it! You’ll keep doing it until it doesn’t make you feel pain!”.
My familiar, he was Sparta.
Although he praises me a lot, he was very strict.
However, I’m so sad with myself for getting happy just by that and trying to live up his expectations… Really I’m just an easy guy…..

Today I was learning how to write the letters of this world. And also Laila showed me her magic.
Laila seemed to be able use Wind Magic, and it seemed that she carried the unconscious me using that.
But, it was a secret that I was really envious of the her Mana that seemed to be much easier to use than my Pure Mana.

Day 4

Muscle pain

But, need to keep doing it

Day 5

I, don’t have, strength, to write

Day 6

Healing magic was great!!
Today Laila brought someone who can use a Healing Magic from the guild!!
Her name is Nito-san, and she healed me who was suffering from muscle pain due to physical strengthening, in an instant!!
Healing magic was an amazing Magic that can heal any wound.
This will make you feel tireless, so there is no doubt that if it exist in my world, it will cause a lot of trouble!!

With her around, I’m not afraid of muscle pain anymore!!
Today, I was able to move a lot with physical strengthening without feeling fear of muscle pain.
Maybe, I should have try a professional wrestling technique!

Day 7

I was, scolded by Schiff, for getting carried away

Day 8

I understood it now.
I was lacking muscle.
That was why I got muscle pain and collapsed quickly.

Then, I just need to train it more, right?

Alright, let’s ask Schiff to stop praising me.
From now on, I’ll ask Schiff to say something harsh and ask him to discipline me.

Day 9

It was hard

Day 10

No more

Day 11

Day 12

Today, Schiff suddenly stopped the training.
He said that humans will be mentally destroyed if the extreme conditions continue.
Schiff said that my eyes were seriously dead.
What did he mean? So scary…

I’m relieved that I don’t have to be cursed by Schiff anymore, but to tell the truth, I felt like just a bit more and I could’ve awaken something within me.
Well, For the time being, I feel like I’m need to improve my basic physical strength by completing the morning training.

Day 13

After completing all the training today, I decided to study.
Laila was out on request, so for some reason I decided to ask Mai-san to teach me various things in the guild today.

First, about the guild and adventurer profession.
A guild was an organization that receives requests from the kingdom and the people who live in its territory.
And adventurers were those who belong to the guild and carry out the requests.
There were many different requests. From a simple request like helping the people to the dangerous requests such as demon extermination.

Since Laila and her companions were talented adventurers, it seemed that they were mainly undertaking the extermination of highly rewarded monsters.
It seemed that adventurers also have a hierarchy… or rather, a standard for receiving requests, but I was told that I don’t have to worry about it now because this was something I should remember after becoming an adventurer.

So, for now, I was taught the basic knowledge of this kingdom.
And Mai-san was really in trouble because she didn’t know much about it… I’m sorry…

Day 14

Today, I also have a study session with Mai-san.
Rather, this time she set up a room to taught me.
But, when I think about it now, am I not just being isolated…!?

Today, I was taught about the ritual of the Hero Summoning, which each kingdom did.
As I heard from Schiff at the ruins, there seemed to be an annoying guy called the Demon King now, and it seemed that multiple kingdoms did a Hero Summoning ritual to summon those from their own country who have the quality of a Hero, to confront the demon king .
Maybe… Shishihara-san and me were involved in it by accident.
Worst of all, perhaps the country that accidentally summoned us would have thought that the Hero would be chosen from someone live within its own territory.
We could just blame them, but what happened to us was just an unfortunate accident.
It seemed that the Hendil Kingdom and Philgen Kingdom have succeeded in the Hero Summoning ritual, but the names of the hero chosen for both kingdoms have not been revealed.

Shishihara-san would have been summoned safely, but … is she, who is just an ordinary high school girl, will be okay?
I’m worried because she seemed like a careless girl …

Day 15

Today, instead of strengthening the body, I will practice with two more Support Magics that Schiff has, Flame Enchant and Lightning Enchant.
Laila was out on request, so I inevitably decided to do it only with me, Schiff and Lime.

It seemed that the Support Magic that gives attributes was basically not possible to cast on living flesh.
Well, it’s normal to think that if you catch fire or get an electric shock, you’ll get seriously injured, so when dealing with this Magic, you’ll have to apply it to you weapons and limes.
When I asked Lime, who was deformed into a stick and was burning, “Are you okay?”. Lime did not seem to feel any pain.
Mithril seemed to be a metal that has both hardness and resistance to Magic, so it was no exaggeration to say that Lime that eats it was a living Mithril…

Even now, I noticed that Lime was changed its appearance by sucking my Mana, but it seemed that Lime was able to transform at high speed by sucking my Mana.
…… Still, wouldn’t Lime transform into other weapons too?

Day 16

It was a little late, but today I paid Meruku, the rent? money, three bronze coins.
I thought over and over again but it was really cheap.
I felt bad to say this, but it was cheap enough to think it was a haunted place.
What’s more, when I though that I only got breakfast and dinner…..She even gave me lunch. it was really impossible to understand where she get the profit.
Maybe I’m the one who was favored the most.
That’s why I definitely have to be an adventurer and reward this favor.

For the time being, for the past few days, I used Lime that transformed into a club.
I felt like the main character of a kung-fu movie.
I wanted to swing around a three-section staff and a nunchaku, but I’m sure that it will just embarrass myself, so I didn’t do that.

Day 17

By the way, I haven’t done any actual battles…
So isn’t it impossible to pass the exam?
You see, it’s like having a car license test without ever getting in the car.

When I consulted with Schiff, he said, “You can do it! Believe me!”
And I really though that I could do it because he was cute when saying it.
Yeah, I can do it.

Day 18

The day before the exam.
Tomorrow is the exam day to become an adventurer.
It seems that it will be revealed what kind of format the practical test will be held on the day….. So what I can do now is to believe in myself.
Rather, Laila nonchalantly said, “If you fail, you should wait for the next exam!!”
Eh? I was surprised at the fact that you were allowed to take it again and over again.
If I knew this, I should have take it easy without rushing, but because I applied already, it can’t be helped.
I have no choice but to take the exam tomorrow.

Author’s Note : The diary format like this is convenient because the training part can be shortened.


Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 29

29. Chatting

Saegusa-san with a smile was reflected in my eyes….. She was smiling, but I didn’t know why, I thought that she was not really laughing, and…..

“Kohaku-san? it’s Minori, okay?”

Did she realized that I didn’t call her by name in my mind!? No, that’s impossible, right?… and before I knew it, I was called by name too……

“What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing…”

For some reason, I replied her politely.

“Hmm? Did you guys know each other?”

“Yes, we were in the same junior high school, and we got along well too.”

Saegusa-san, who turns her face to ask for consent, while saying, ‘That’s true, right?’…

“Yeah, that’s right …”

I honestly agreed, even though the only memory I can think of was when we having lunch together…



“It’s Mi-no-ri, okay?”

….Why can she hear the voice of my heart?

I touched my face with my hands, wondering if my thoughts could be seen on my face.

“Hmmm, I see. I envy you…… A gentle boy like Kohaku-kun is an endangered species.”

“That’s right, there was a time when we had lunch together too.”

“Wow, I’m jealous.”

In my past-life, when three girls in the same place got exited, there was a saying, “Three women will be noisy” , but maybe it was also valid in this world.
[TN: so that proverb came from the kanji of woman which is ‘女’, when you put that same kanji three times like this, ‘姦’, it became another kanji which is used ford word ‘姦しい’, which mean noisy]

“Well, hmmm, Sae…. Minori-san, so you’ve decided on which club activities you want to join?”

For some reason, I changed the topic by interrupting the three people who were keep talking about my story in junior high school.

……or rather, we were talking about this at first, right? Why did you guys suddenly talk about me?

At junior high school, I shouldn’t have been so close to any girls, so I’m surprised that she could keep talking about me uninterrupted…

I mean, why did she know about me so much….. Maybe, it was a matter of course for junior high school classmates to know information about the boys in their class?

“Ah, yes. I’ve decided.”

“Which club is it?”

Yuzuka-san seemed to be interested in it too, so she asked.

Then Minori-san answered with a smile.

“I decided to join the Super Arts Club”

“Wow, as expected that club is popular!”

“Well, I’m learning martial arts too, so it interest me the most.”

“Hmm, you’re learning martial arts?”

“Yes, I’ve been learning it since I was little. And Super Arts use a weapons, so it was just right.”


I knew that Minori-san was doing martial arts, but I’ve never heard of her doing martial arts using weapons.

“Yes, I’m doing swordsmanship, so my weapon is a sword.”

And she added, ‘Even though I looked like this, I’m pretty strong’.

Yes, I can tell from the atmosphere that surrounding her.

When we were talking about that, the time has passed quite a while, so I decided to go home soon.

“Then, I’ll go home soon.”

“Oh, my car is coming soon, so I’ll send you back.”

Shino-san suggested that to me as I was about to go back home……. As expected, she is an aristocrat.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll going back by train …”

When she heard the answer, Shino-san dropped her shoulders.

“I see. Well, I thought we could go home together, what a shame….”

“Don’t say something that’s impossible, Shino.”

When I saw her figure, I said while making a sorry face.

“Ah, I didn’t expect you to be so depressed, I’m sorry. Anyway after I think it again…. As expected, could I asked you to send me back home?”

Of course all of this was just an acting. You see, rather go with her flow from the beginning, wasn’t it better give her the impression that I’m not cheap man by refusing once, right? And on top of that, I showed her that I was a kind man who could understand the feelings of a depressed person.

…….. Well, I don’t know if my acting was successful or not.

“Really!? I’m so happy! It’s my first time to go home together with a boy!”

“I’m happy too. I’m glad that Kohaku-kun is a kind boy.”

Apparently both of them were pleased. But if they were so pleased like this, it just made me feel like I just did something bad to them.

“Minori-san, do you want to join too?”

Shino-san also asks Minori-san, and the more she calls her by name, the better they gets along.

“I’d like to go home together with you guys, but I’m thinking of joining the trial period of the club activities….. So, I’m sorry.”

“I see… that’s too bad.”

Yuzuka-san said with a disappointed face.

…..By the way, has the chairman went back home already? Wait, she is no longer the chairman.

“Minori-san, has ‘The Chairman’ went back home?”

I thought that Minori-san might know it, so I asked.

But, Minori-san has a face that seems troubled to answer my question.

“Hey, who do you mean by ‘The Chairman’?”

Maybe because she didn’t know who I mean, Shino-san asked that. Next to her, Yuzuka-san also had a wondering look on her face.

“Ah, I’m sorry. it’s girl called Yuri Mishima. And we were in the same junior high school.”

“Oh, I see, so that girl was the class president in your class in junior high school, right?”

“Yeah, that’s why her nickname was ‘The Chairman’.”

“Hmmm? That Mishima-san, is she a girl with a ponytail?”

“Do you know her, Shino-san?”

“No, I mean…. I saw her dropped her shoulders and went out of the classroom. So I was a bit curious with that girl.”

“Dropped her shoulders, huh…”

When I glances at Minori, she spoke quietly.

“Sure, she’s a loser today…. but she’ll definitely get up and make a come back…”

Suddenly She said some phrase that usually came out in a Shounen Manga….. But, well, She’ll need to come back here because there will be classes tomorrow…..
{TN: Shounen Manga is,… well, a manga targeted for boys, so yeah, you know what I mean}


Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 28

28. Club Activities Introduction

After the lunch break, next will be an introduction to club activities in the large hall where all first graders will be gathered.

Kenran High School has a lot of club activities, so the club activities will be introduced later will be a lot, and I’m sure there are many clubs that won’t be introduced later because the time limits.

Well, I would like to join if there are club activities that look interesting.

By the way, it was said that the one with the most member was the sport club of that most popular sport, ‘Super Arts’.

It seemed that Kenran High has facilities for Super Arts, and they said that every year, there were many people who wanted to join the club.

When I entered the hall and sat in the designated seat, Maizumi-san, who was suspected of faking her personality, was already sitting on the seat next to mine.

 ”Well, well! For the prince to sit next to me, what a great honor!”

Apparently, my job changed from an angel to a prince…

Then I stared at Maizumi …

Golden hair and the classic curly hair of a young lady. It looked very flashy……But it seemed she has a plebian atmosphere surrounding her, I mean she seemed friendly.

As I watched for a while, Maizumi’ face gradually turned red.

“If… If you stared at me that much, it’ll makes me embarrassed…”

She shook her face with, ‘No, no, Stop it’, while pinching her own cheeks with her hands.

……I mean, if she really faking her personality, shouldn’t she do her best to keep it? Right?

However, I don’t know if Maizumi-san is really a ‘nouveau riche’ or not, but she is still the company president’s daughter.

…..Hmmm? I’m not wrong, right?

Sure, She haven’t told me her background, but I will be really surprised if it was different from what I’d thought.

  “I’m sorry, you had beautiful hair that makes me want to keep seeing it.”

I said so, then took a bunch of Maisumi’s hair and gently stroked it.

……It’s a bit of a cheeky act, but I wonder what kind of reaction will I get?

……..Hmmm? Why there’s no response?

I wondered so, and


I called her, but there was no response. When I looked closely at her face,

Her face was so red that you might see a smoke coming out from her face.

…… Did I overdo it?

MC Grabbing Maizumi’ hair

“Oo-i, Maizumi-san.”

I called her again while tapping her cheek.

Maybe because of that call, Maizumi-san regained her senses.


Oi, I’m not your darling! What kind of delusion you just had!?

The person who said that word was also embarrassed and her red face became even redder, perhaps because she realized what she just said.

After a while, she finally got back to normal. Then she cleared her throat and talked to me.

“Kenran High School has a lot of club activities, right? I’m excited to know.”

A sudden change of topic. Apparently the exchange until a while ago….

She just want me to forget it.

“What was that ‘Darling’ just now…”

“I’m excited to know!”

“What’s that…”

“I’m exci~ted to know!”

Apparently she don’t want to talk about it anymore……

Her eyes became teary, so I stopped pursuing it.

However, despite being aggressive, she get embarrassed about this…… Wait, maybe all of this also just a part of the fake personality?

“Sorry, forget what I just said.”

Maizumi-san feel relieved at my words.

“But sure there’re a lot of clubs, so I’m also excited to know.”


“Maizumi-san, has you decided what club activities to join?”

“No, I haven’t decided yet. I’m thinking of doing a short-period try at various clubs first.”

While I was talking Maizumi-san, it was time to introduce club activities.

Representatives of each club appeared on the stage, and gave some demonstration, then they introduced their club activities and the appeal points of their club.

Every club activity seemed to be fun. Even Maizumi-san, who was next to me, she also responding honestly, such as ‘wow’ and ‘amazing’. In addition to that, there were still many clubs, so it will be difficult to know every clubs of this school.

The Super Arts club, which was particularly popular, seemed to be playing ranking battles within the club because there have many members. It seemed that the one who who could be in the top of the ranking battle, will be allowed to use the machine. Somehow, It reminded me a fighting manga.

However, when I watched the game using the machine, I could heard cheers rise from the hall. I can see how popular it was…. I’m sure some people from our class will join that.

Finally, after all the club activities were introduced, I came back to the classroom, and all I had to do was to go home.

“I’m pretty tired even though I’m not studying yet…”

Someone said that from behind me, and I didn’t know whether she was speaking herself or not.

“That’s true, I’m tired too.”

“Oh, it’s Shino-san and Yuzuka-san….”

“Did Kohaku-kun have decided to join to any club activities?”

“I guess, not yet? After all there were so many….. How about both of you?”

“We haven’t decided yet too, but I’m glad we had a lot of club activities that seems fun.”

And then, another voice butt in our conversation.

“For me, I have already decided.”

“I’m sure you are Saegusa-san, right?”

“Yes, Nice to meet you. Toukain-san and Seikagu-san.”

“Nice to meet you too! You can call me Shino.”

“Nice to meet you too. And, Please call me by name.”

The two answer with a smile. As if to answer that smile, Saegusa-san also answers with a smile.

“Okay. Then please call me Minori.”

And both of them said, ‘Okay!’,

……After a short pause, Saegusa-san turned to me,

“Hatano-kun too, please call me Minori.”

She said that with a smile.


Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 27

The ch before this, the name ‘Miwa’ Yachigusa —> ‘Miu’ Yachigusa from now on.
the reason is because in the LN her name spelled as ‘Miu’…
So yeah, I’ll go with ‘Miu’

27. School Cafeteria

After that shocking self-introductions, all of us visited the school facilities, and now was the lunch time. It was part of the orientation, so it was a little early for lunch time but in the cafeteria, there were only the students our class. Perhaps every classes will come at different times.

The cafeteria here was using a ticket system. There were several shops on the vast floor, and a ticket vending machine is placed near them, where you can buy meal tickets, get the food from the shop, and eat at the available seat. It was like a food court in a huge shopping mall.

However, there were so many shops that you would never thought it was a school cafeteria. It have a wide range of menu, from ordinary dishes to high-class dishes.

The prices were set relatively low, maybe because of the high tuition fees so they didn’t extort too much money in these places.

So far as I have visited the school facilities, I have one thought.

It was about Maizumi-san. I was observing her a little because she was rather unique….

But, isn’t that person making a fake personality?….

……was what I realized.

I mean, every time she saw the school facility, I heard that she was muttering in a low voice such as ‘wow’ or ‘awesome’.

Come to think of it, the company her dad runs has grown exponentially in the last few years, but until then no one had even heard of her name. I’ve seen the president in a magazine or something like that, but from what I remember, it was written that he was living a normal life just until recently.

It’s bad to say it like this, but their family was a ‘nouveau riche’. It was hard to believe that the child of such a house was such a young lady since born, so it was more appropriate to say that she was making a fake personality.

And when I looked at her, she was opening her mouth while seeing a food sample of a beef fillet steak set meal.

Maizumi seeing food sample

When I thought that she will looking at the sample for a while, suddenly I was surprised by her voice.

“Well, apparently, there are some foods that seem to fit my taste. OH-HOHO….. “

She said so to herself. Then, she bought a meal ticket at the ticket vending machine, and went to the counter of the shop to ask for the food.

……Her movements were very smooth.

By the way, today’s lunch was free because it was part of the orientation.

After that, when she received the food, she went to the empty table with a happy face.

The real aristocrats, Shino-san and Yuzuka-san didn’t seem to know what a meal ticket was, so they were told by the people around them. After that, they were warned because they went to the table before receiving the food.

See, This much difference!

“What’s wrong?”

When I was watching their contrasting behavior, I was called out.

When turned to the voice, there was that small girl.


She used her small back to look up at me……. Really, She’s kind of aggressive.

……But! I do not hate it!

I mean, she’s very cute…..

“Hmm, hey~”

Maybe she was worried about me who might not reply her, she said with a slightly quivering voice.

“Oh, Sorry. I was wondering what to eat.”

As soon as I replied, she smile.

“Miu thought that Miu said something that annoyed you, but thank god…”
[TN: You see, she’s type who said her own name instead of ‘I’]

……Really, she’s being aggressive. However, her behavior maybe good for me too, I need to study it.

This kind of behavior might be well received by women in this world.

“Hmm~, If it’s okay with you, why don’t you eat together with Miu?”

“Oh, that’s a good idea. Let’s eat together then.”

“Is… is that really okay!? Yay!”

Yachigusa-san used her small body to express her joy to the fullest.

My other classmates who noticed the situation, all of them said, ‘had lunch together!’, with a loud voice and surprised face.

“I didn’t expect to have lunch together with you!”

Yachigusa-san then hugged my arm.

At that moment, my classmates who see it, screamed in a loud voice.

I gently let go of it and said to her, ‘Let’s go get some food…. And! Touching is strictly prohibited, okay!?’.

She looked a little disappointed, but soon she smiled and replied.

“What should we eat? They’ve a lot of varieties that it might confused you, right?”

“Right. Hmm, I’ll get a beef fillet steak set meal.”

Actually, when I saw Maisumi-san’s meal, I wanted to eat it too.

“Then, Miu will do the same.”

“I see, then let’s go get it.”

“Yes, let’s go!”

Both of us get the meal ticket and get the food.

“It looks delicious~”

Yachigusa-san looked at the food she received and let out her voice.

The roasted meat, which looked really delicious, smelled good. It really could stimulated your appetite.

Then we sit in an empty seat and started eating.

“This, this is very tender and delicious~”

Yachigusa-san, who ate quickly, said so. But, she suddenly picked a piece of meat with chopsticks, and offered it to me.


“No, it’s okay…”

“Boo, you’re not fun~”

You see, we eat the same thing! And my, ‘Aaaa~’, isn’t that cheap!

“But Miu is happy that we could have lunch together.”

Yachigusa-san said so with a smile. When I saw that smile of Yachigusa-san, involuntarily, I reached out and stroked her head.

Well, you see, she was really cute…..

At that time, from near me, SNAP! , I could heard that kind of sound.

Looking at the person who made the noise, I saw Saegusa-san folding her chopsticks.

When I looked at her face, she was the usual neat and clean Saegusa-san, but her body was leaking a trembling sign.

In fact, other than her, the other people nearby me were also quivering.

I don’t know if Yachigusa-san noticed it or not, but she kept eating the meal deliciously.

Despite the small uproar that happened, lunch time was over.


Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 26

26. Self-Introduction



bing-bong bang-bong (Bell sound)


Oi, Get to your seat already!

When everyone in the class start to thought so, she finally started moving. But, when I though that she was going to her seat, for some reason she was heading to my seat. Then, she stopped and talked to me with a smile.

“Good morning, my angel.”

No, the angel is sitting over there, not here.

“May I ask you for your name?”

“Hmm? Oh, okay. I’m Kohaku Hatano. Nice to meet you.”

“Aaaaa, it sounds good. And it suits the beautiful you.”


“Please take this as a sign of our relationship”

Saying that, She then handed over the rose flower that was in her hand before I knew it.


“See you later.”

She said so and left gracefully.

……Oi, at least introduce yourself too, before you leave! Then, when I see the rose flower that was handed over, I wonder what to do with the flower …

After the bell sounds for a while, a teacher who seems to be my homeroom teacher enters the classroom.

“Good morning everyone. My name is Kiyohiko Sumita and I will be in charge of this class.”

When the homeroom teacher introduced himself, the class became noisy, but when Sumita-sensei warned them the class became silent in instant.

Surely, everyone would have been surprised to say that the homeroom teacher was a man, but I was also surprised! The fact that there is a man who is working properly!

Sumita-sensei was a man with a normal face, but with a neat and refreshing impression.

This….. I bet that he will be very popular among the girl…

At the platform, Sumita-sensei was talking about today’s schedule.

“Today’s first period will be a home room. Everyone will introduce themselves. I will give five minutes from now to decide what to talk about. From the second period, will be an introduction of the facility. Then, the club activities will be introduced in the large hall. After that, return to the classroom and hear the precaution of this school. That’s it, it will be the end of today. Also, I think everyone got contacted beforehand, today you will get to give a try the school cafeteria for lunch. There are various shops, but they are still school cafeterias, so please learn how to use them well. “

Then, he said, ‘Do you all understand?’, before he finally gives us time to prepare for introducing ourselves.

….Well, I’ll introduce myself normally.

Looking around the class again, this class has a large number of boys.

After I counted it, there were ten people. As expected of the top class!…. I wonder what about other classes…

Then, as time goes by, the time for self-introduction begins.

……Oh! Everyone were doing it normally! It was Yuzu’s turn, so she stood up while shaking her pale cherry-colored hair.

Her gesture was elegant, and other girls are looking at it with a peaceful face.

…… As expected of the true angel.

“Good morning everyone. My name is Yuzuka Seikagu. I think it was fate that I was in same class as you, so I’d be happy if I could make friends with you.”

She said that with an elegant angel smile.

When I think that the boys were also fascinated by this…..

……Hmmm? Why are you guys make a tired face?

Even that elegant smile could not make the boys move… How fearsome!

“I’m Shino Toukain! Nice to meet you all!”

Ah, it was Shino-san’s turn, she said in short but energetic way with a bright smile like the sun.

The voice was pleasant to the ear. Yeah, she left a good impression! 

When I heard Shino-san’s cheerful voice, I feel like my mood getting better, maybe this was also a kind of charisma.

Self-introductions were over one after another, but basically boys did self-introductions in short and cold tone…… Basically, they only said their names.

And finally, it was my turn.

“I’m Kohaku Hatano. As Seikagu-san said earlier, I think that we could be a classmate like this was a fate. So, I’d be happy if I could make friends with you too.”

I said that and sit back on my seat.

Was it sound a little stiff? Looking at everyone’s reaction….. For some reason, they were silent.

Somehow the atmosphere… It was like I’ve done it wrong!

Perhaps because Sumita-sensei couldn’t handle the atmosphere, he gave some remark to my introduction.

“It was a good introduction. I hope you can make friend with evryone. Then, next person.”

He said that with a smile.

…… Wait a minute, what’s that remarks! Oi, doesn’t it sound like I’m a lonely guy, huh!? 

I’m sure that I didn’t said something weird, but! It makes me feeling down…

When I was being depressed, I heard a familiar voice in my ears.

“I’m Serina Maizumi, Nice to meet you all.”

Oh, I’m surprised. The ‘OH-HOHO’ girl in the morning was introducing herself properly.

……No, it’s not that part where I was surprised. Sure I was surprised by that, but what was even more surprising was her name being Maizumi, which was the name of the founder of a company that has recently expanded in scale, centered on business hotels.

She has the same surname, and the way she said ‘OH-HOHO’ sound like she was indeed a rich girl. Maybe she’s really the daughter?

Anyway, now was the last one.

The last girl was short and cute.

The girl began to introduce herself with her curled hands in front of her chin.

“It’s Miu Yachigusa! Nice to meet you all! Kyaha!”
[TN : ‘Kyaha’ is mostly used when a person smile while winking, usually it’s a girl who use it, it’s like they tried to be cute…]

She said that and she smiled cutely.

But, Kyaha?

…… Kyaha!