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Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 4

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4. Chapter 4

“First, there are some things to do before escaping this site.”

Schiff, who signed a familiar contract, spoke to me, who was sitting with the altar on my back.

“So, what should I do?”

“To have you fight using me, and to gather at least one more familiar.”

“One more familiar? hmm, anyway, fight using you… What can you do, though?”

When asked, Schiff jumps on my shoulder.

I am surprised that the weight is lighter than I expected.

“Ordinary shape shifters can transform into any living thing or object, but I’m like a so-called mutant species. I can only transform into objects and small creatures like cat.”

“Hmm… Then, you can’t fight?”

“Listen to the end first.”

Schiff, who said that, taps my cheek with his tail, stretches his back.

“Don’t be surprised okay? I’m good at three types of support magic.”

“Is that… Something amazing?”

“Of course.”

Schiff then shook his tail in a good mood.


“Support magic is, as the word says, a magic that supports others. It’s a hard to learn magic that only humans can learn, but a human friend of me taught that to me.”

“That person… As expected, is this…”


A skeletal corpse that look exhausted while leaning on the altar.

This person was Schiff’ friend…

“She was a good friend. She get lost in this ruin and was trapped here, She helped me whimsically and taught me words, also magic…. and She give me an important name too.”


“I wanted to save her, but I didn’t have the power to do so. I still regret until now that I couldn’t do anything for her.”

Schiff said so sadly.

When I turn to the body again, I put my hands together and close my eyes.

“… Sorry. My talk was off the topic. So, There are three types of support magic that I can handle: Physical Strengthening, Enchant Lightning, and Enchant Fire. Until now, I couldn’t expect much effect from it. But now that I have made a contract with Lord, it’s different. “

“What’s the difference?”

“Being a familiar has made it possible to receive mana through the connection with you. High-purity, high-concentration magical power gives us power.”

If so, it means that a contract with me was indispensable for him to be useful in fight?

Besides, if Schiff can use that support magic, I can understand the reason for gathering one more companion.

“Then, the reason to gather more companion is to make use of your support magic?”

“Yep. Good, good, you could swallowing the information fast. That’s right.”

Nods happily and his compliment makes me embarrassed.

“As it is now, there is no choice but to strengthen you. However, that is not the way Tamer fights. Tamer is usually give instructions to the familiar, so good judgement is needed.”

It’s sound cool, but it looks difficult to do.

Judging the situation in instant is likely to be fatal if I made a mistake, and above all, I need to take care of the life of the monster that fight in my stead.

“I, Can I do it…”

“I’m already your familiar. As long as you ask me for help, I’ll help you as much as I can. That’s also my job.”

So… so reliable!

Now, even if it’s still a desperate situation for me, but it’s encouraging beacuse of Schiff’ presence.

“First, let’s get out of this place. Do you know the gap I used to enter here?”

“Yeah, from there, right?”

The door blocked by rubble, and there’s a small gap there.

I was worried that the rubble might collapse,

But, when I looked at it closely, I confirmed the hole, a person could easily pass through it.

“It’s small, but … I think I can pass through…”

“You should be careful about your head. Do you plan to bring that luggage?”

“…Hmm, is there no choice but to leave it?”

I don’t think I can go through this hole with my luggage, and above all, I can’t say for sure whether I will use it in the future.

On the contrary, it is too reckless to move around the ruins infested with monsters with a bag.

So I throw away my bag and umbrella on the spot and enter the gap in the door while leaded by Schiff.


“The monsters that become your companions, you could guess their presence. By the way, there’s a dog-headed monster called Kobold, it’s has a light body but powerful. I’m sure it’ll be a help to you.”

Schiff walks ahead while shaking his tail in a good mood, and I manages to crawl through the gap with a bitter smile.

At the end of the door, an old passage spread out, and rubble was everywhere here as well.

“Well, I already know the location of the Kobold. Let me guide you.”

“I’ll count on you”

I check the surroundings while following Schiff.

Is this underground… but it doesn’t seem to be that deep as the sunlight pass through the cracks on the ceiling.

Rather than the expanse further below, it seem that this place expanse to the side?

It’s dark and hazy, but there are stone pillars in the visible range.

“This is the place where used to be the Demon King’ castle.”

“…There is Demon King in this world?”

“Now, another person is calling himself that. Perhaps the reason why Lord and that chosen girl were summoned is also due to the Demon King.”

This is another fantasy cliche… but I can’t laugh when the one who involved is an acquaintance of mine.

Shishihara, are you okay?

I don’t know where she was summoned, but I hope she’s not in danger.

“One thing to note. Other than me, there are only a few monsters that you can make a contract to as a familiar.”

“Is that so?”

“Because you have just awakened as a tamer, currently only two monsters can be contracted as familiars. That’s why you have to choose the next monster carefully.”

That’s why he recommend me Kobold, because I can use it as a vanguard.

Convinced by Schiff’s words, I continue walks down the aisle, but he suddenly stops without warning.

“Mmm, Kaito, stop.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Look ahead”

As he told me, I squint at the space beyond the darkness.

Then, something small is bouncing near the wall of the passage.

What is that?



“Kyu, Kyuuu…”

……Wait, seriously what is it?

Something, something light blue like a balloon, is bouncing and hitting another silver balloon of different colors.

“That’s Slime.”

“Slime? That thing?”

“It can be dangerous if attacked by them in groups, but as an individual, it’s not that strong, and now they seem crazy about oppressing their own relatives.”

Speaking of the same family, is that silver color, just different in color?

It sounds like it’s being bullied, it’s kind of pitiful.

“In the middle is called Mithril Slime. A unique species that is born when slime eats a special mineral called Mithril.”

“… If it’s unique, isn’t it stronger than ordinary slime?”

“Although it’s quite rare, the mithril that the Slime eat, slows down it’s movement and make it loses the original strength of a slime, so that one can’t even beat regular slime.”


Judged from the metallic sound that came out every time it’s hit, probably that Slime is unhurt by the attack. So, it’s clear that the reason for the sorrowful screaming isn’t pain.

When I was looking at the scene in front of me with an indescribable face, Schiff who saw my face jumped on my shoulder.


“Hmm, If it’s just a slime, I think it’s okay? Let’s apply my support magic to you and get rid of that slime.”

“Schiff… I understand. Let’s do it.”

…Did he consider my feeling just now?

Anyway, I need to switch my mind and concentrate.

Applying support magic to me means I need to fight it myself.

It’s scary, but it’s better to get used to it with slime rather than fighting in a real battle.

“By the way, Kaito. Do you have any experience in martial arts or swordsmanship?”

“I used to learn karate when I was in elementary school, and every Friday I watched a professional wrestling show that my dad was watching.”

“Karate? Wrestling? I never heard it, but it sound strong. I can expect good from you.”

In the first place, I cant really count on karate because because I haven’t done it for so long, so I just vaguely remember it.

When I regret having raised the hurdle myself, I feel the mana flowing from my body to Schiff’ body.

“The first actual battle. The opponent is slime, it’s enough to just drive them away.”

“Okay, I’ll start by getting used to the support magic.”

“Alright, then I’ll cast on you.”

Schiff’ body on my shoulder is wrapped in a faint light, which moves into my body.

As I leave myself to an unprecedented mysterious sensation of strength that I’ve never felt in my body, my mind switched to that of battle.


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