Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 4

4. Meal

After checking the clothes, then when I look at the bookshelf, I find an interesting book. The title of the book is

 「”Learn ancient history with picture”」

I can’t remember since when it was there, I don’t remember reading it too. I think I got it when I was little and put it on the bookshelf without reading it.

Then I pick up the book, sit on the sofa in the room and open the book, the book comically deformed historical figure.

As I read it, it seems that because of the rarity of man and the fact that many women have children from one man, ancient men were worshiped as messengers of God, or the God itself. As the times progressed, men began to act like a shrine maiden who served God, and seems to have been involved in festivals and fortune-telling.

In the warring period, the Queen of big country invaded a country to get a man, the invasion is going smoothly, but just before the Queen get the man. The man go to the subordinates of the queen and said

 「”Kill this person.”」

He ordered that while his finger point toward the queen, there was an episode in which all the subordinates around the Queen pointed their swords at her and killed her.

…Probably an episode of ancient man’s authority, but it’s amazing to see the lack of loyalty of the the vassals are to rebel against their Queen at the command of a stranger man!

But I also sought to be a man who could play a woman like this.

The goal I have here is to have a good life, so it’s important to make those women who have a good face, good personality, and rich enough to finance me, also to make sure that they really fall in love with me, this is really important. In addition to that, Just in case! Just in case! the money that woman give to me must be with a good intention….

I think of that in my head.



………….. Isn’t it too nasty?

No! To be such a man, I, need to be a person that I can be proud of. A rare man who is kind to women in this tough world for women. Women should be happy because they can associate with such rare man.

That’s it! It must be a win-win relationship. Maybe… Perhaps… I hope it will be like that.

When I think about that, I hear my mother’s voice from below. Apparently the soba that we ordered has arrived.

I get up from the sofa and turn off the lights in the room.

The ordered dishes are lined up on the table in the living room, it has a nice smell.

“Ah, you’re here, then let’s eat it now.”

“Yeah, it looks delicious.”

“Yes, it has a good reputation for being delicious. It seems that in the ‘Gurumera’ this shop has a high point.”

‘Gurumera’ is a site a site where people who go to eat at the restaurant give their points to the restaurant.

“I see, then, Itadakimasu!”
[TN: Itadakimasu is Japanese way of giving respect to the food.]


First of all, attach chopsticks to the bowl, there are several kinds of vegetables on the bowl, Japanese whiting (fish), shrimp, squid, conger eel and the usual spice they usually use in rice bowl, and fried egg are on it, making it like a colorful bowl… When I put the shrimp in my mouth, I hear a crispy sound from the coating, and I could see a plump shrimp inside. When I break the egg with chopsticks, the thick yolk flows, and when I put it in my mouth with rice, it tastes indescribable.

Oh, this shop, not bad! While thinking such things, I use the chopsticks to get the soba. The soba noodles is easily pass my throat and the soup is also delicious.


As I was enjoying the meal, my mother who is sitting in front of me, laughing at me.

“Hmm, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m happy to be able to eat together like this. Before this, you always hated to have meal together…”

By the way, I didn’t really talk to her before, and I didn’t even want to meet her… Well, that’s the type of guy who after become an adult will says that he make a lot of mistake when he’s young.

…… Let’s reflect on it while I can.

“Sorry, mom. From now on, let’s eat together as much as possible.”

“Really, I’m really happy. Mom will finish her work early and come back as fast as possible.”

“Then, I hope that you’ll studying cooking. I’ll wait for you to cook delicious meal for me.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

That said, my mother smiled. However, the following words I gonna say will make her face stiff.

“For that, I have to dispose of that large amount of beer to make some space in the refrigerator.”

“Ugh! No, I don’t think that’s need to be done, if anything, I can just buy another refrigerator …”

I laugh at the words and say it just a joke.

“Right! With only that much, it will be gone in three days!”

“…I want my mom to be healthy and live longer, so with that in mind, limit yourself three bottles of beer a day.”

“What’re… you… saying…”

Hearing my words, she make a desperate face.

“But alcohol is like the chief of a hundred medicines, so it’s okay to drink it!”

“Still don’t drink too much”

“Ugh! But if I don’t drink, my hands will tremble…”

isn’t she an alcohol addict! This Women!!

“Anyway, be careful not to drink too much.”

“Ugh… I understand.”

She look down in despair while saying that.

“Oh, by the way, the housekeeper will change from next week.”

“Hmmm, I see.”

I’m sure the housekeeper used to be an old person.

“Kohaku, I’ll say it just in case, if you get ‘attacked’, you have to resist and fight back properly.”

“Oh, Okay.”

“I’m worried, Kohaku is so cute… sometimes someone might do something without thinking.”

“It’s okay, that person was sent to this house knowing that there’s a male member here, so it’s someone who passed the examination, right?”

In this world, the government make a law that in order for a woman to enter a man’s private space at her workplace, the company that send her must did some test to the woman strictly and would never send her to the job unless she meets the standards.

“That’s right, but still…”

Mother sighs anxiously while saying that.

With such anxiety, I had the first meal with my mother after regaining back my past-life memory.


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  1. Cheesus this world is messed up. I’d live in perpetual fear as a woman in that place. Your trusted allies would betray just because some guy said so? Seriously? That’s scary!

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