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D Genesis, 3 Years after Dungeon Appeared ch 3

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3. Miharu Naruse, JDA Headquarters

“I’m sorry … what should I report about this?”

Miharu Naruse is in trouble.

Here, the monitoring section of the Dungeon Management Division of JDA (Japan Dungeon Association) mainly deals with the generation of new Dungeons and the capture situation of Dungeon in Japan.

New Dungeons, even though it’s not generated often, are said to be born about once a year in each area.

However, since there are few countries like Japan where high-precision seismographs are installed on a nationwide scale, it was estimated that there are many dungeons that have not yet been found.

And, there was a reaction earlier, but…

“You just have to report as the way it happened.”

“Fu, Furai-san!”

When I looked up, Miharu’s boss was there. Kakeru Furai, 29 years old. The chief of the surveillance section.

He was a sensitive man whose forehead was about receding to at a young age.

“Especially if you’re confused how to explained it. if you included your own speculation, it might be more confusing later, you know?”


That’s true, but the result is…

Miharu was hesitant about the content that would make her look crazy if she reported it as it was.

“Hmm? Don’t put so serious face. What the hell actually happened?”

“No, that… Then I will report as what’ve been measured!”

“As I said from the beginning, just do it like that.”

I don’t care already. Let’s push the rest to our boss. Miharu decided so and began to talk fluently.

“At 14:32, it caught a tremor that seems to have generated a dungeon near the New National Stadium.”

“Is it right next to Yoyogi!?”

The Yoyogi Dungeon is a Dungeon that was generated three years ago between the NHK Broadcasting Center and the second gymnastic at Yoyogi Stadium.

“Is it about 1 km in a straight line from it?”

“That close? How big is it?”

“Ah, uhm… it’s deep-depth.”


“If the measurement is correct, the depth is over 1400m.”


The Dungeon depth of Yoyogi Dungeon is only 280m. So, it’s roughly five times of that. There is no doubt that it is one of the deepest Dungeon in the world.

“Well, then the train track, the Oedo Line, is going to be messed up… Immediately contact the relevant parties!”

The dungeons that occur in the center of the city destroy the underground infrastructure. Three years ago, when the Yoyogi Dungeon was born, the train track, the Chiyoda Line, between Yoyogi Park and Harajuku was cut suddenly off, and a major accident was about to occur because of it.

It’s early afternoon on weekdays, and if the subway tracks suddenly disappear at that time, it would be catastrophic. However…

“Oh no, it’s near the Aoyama Gate, so it’s probably safe.”

As a result of research, it has been clarified that the space that actually occupied by the dungeon has a cylinder shape with a diameter of several meters to at most a dozen meters.

It is known that the dungeon quake is the impact when the needle of the measurement machine is driven in, and the extinction quake is the impact when the needle is pulled out.

From Aoyama Gate, the route of the Oedo Line is less than 200m away. If the measurement is correct, there should be no damage to it.

“But still, we need to report. We have to block the entrance, and the impact on the stadium that’s still under construction is inevitable. Contact the Olympic Committee too…”

“Please wait.”


He replied without hiding the frustration of this busy situation.

“That’s, it… it’s gone.”


“The, the dungeon.”

The boss looked dumbfounded. While Miharu was ready for the next storm, she wondering if her face looked like this when she saw the data.

“The deep-depth Dungeon that appeared in Tokyo…”

The boss glanced at his watch.

“It disappeared in an hour, you say? Is that a joke?”

Miharu dropped her shoulders as she looked at her boss, who said that with a faint laugh with while thinking to not forgive her if it was a joke.

“That’s why I wasn’t sure what and how to report. Anyway, the deep-depth Dungeon that occurred near the Aoyama Gate of the New National Stadium at 14:32 has already disappeared as of 15:20. There is also an extinction earthquake very similar like this in Denver. Recorded. Only minutes after the outbreak. “

Even in Denver, after defeating the last monster, all of the people inside the dungeon returned to the ground and a short time later, an extinction earthquake was recorded, and it was reported that only traces of collapsed holes were left there.

A similar phenomenon has been reported in the shallow dungeon that has been captured.

“Do you want to say that someone appears in a deep-depth Dungeon and captures it in minutes?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know, but the peace of the people of Tokyo and the schedule for the Olympics were able to be kept. That’s good, right?”

To his stunned boss, Miharu made up a line like that and bowed down because she couldn’t give more explanation than that.

The boss who heard the report asked Miharu with a serious look.

“So how should I report this to the section chief?”


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