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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 34 Part 2

Next ch will be another 2 part.

Btw, this is the end of LN vol 2.

34-2. In the meantime, I feel smaller (Part 2)

The stuff left by Illias’ parents are mainly could be divided into clothes, armors, tools for priests, and daily necessities. It seems that they were put randomly, so let’s sort them out first.

“Wolfe, first collect the weapons and armor around here near the right edge of the living room. The clothes rack is on the far left, and the daily necessities in the center….. Well, this one, I’ll carry it myself.”


Now, let’s do it quickly and thoroughly. I roll up my sleeves and carry the tools to the entrance so that Wolfe can easily carry them.

I used to do it alone, but it’s nice to have someone’ help. Especially with Wolfe’ strength, who learned how to strengthen herself using mana, even the heaviest furniture is light for her.

Honestly it make me jealous, even though I always fighting with muscle pain here and there every time.

“Kyaaaa! B-bugs!? How dare you, Shosho-sama!?”
[TN: ‘kyaa’ is how usually japanese girl scream, so I’ll leave it like that]

I heard a scream in the bathroom. Moreover, it seems that I has been falsely accused. It is obvious that even if I go there, it will not end well.

“Wolfe, go and check there. Oh, and explain to her that I haven’t done anything.”

“Okay! Shisho have an absolute alibi, so don’t worry!”

Where did she remember that word? Moreover, it seems that I’m a criminal if she said it in that way.

I wish she could come back safely, but…. As I thought, Wolfe who came back here was wet because she was hugged by someone who was wet.

“Even if you locked it in the bathroom, I’m afraid it’ll just stay there….”

It seems that I better to hurry the cleaning here. It could be a terrible thing if Lacra suddenly join and help. Alright, it’s been a while but I need to do this seriously.

“….Alright, finally it’s over.”

“It’s over!”

Carrying out the tools is safely done. Next is cleaning. However, since I had done rough cleaning before, it doesn’t require much effort.

Lacra who got out of the bath boasted that she could do if it’s only cleaning, so I decided to leave it to her.

Anyway, I’m sure she will flip something upside down, and by the end she’ll be dirty again. I ignore the screams heard on the second floor and quickly remove the dirt on me in the bathroom.

After that, I ask Wolfe to use the bathroom, and while ignoring the crying heard on the second floor, I brews tea.

“I’m done taking shower, Shisho!”

“Oh, . I’ve brewed tea so drink it.”

“Thank you!”

“Are you done cleaning…”

“Yeah, Wolfe left water in the bathtub, so go and clean your boy once more.”

She should have taken the bath once, but Lacra is even more dirty than before, so I pushed her into the bathroom again.

“Don’t throw bugs again okay!?”

“I’m not even the one who throw the bug before.”

There’s no more bed left for Lacra, so let’s make her give up on it for today. I can buy it at Mr. Ban’ place tomorrow. And anyway, I need various everyday items too.

Then, I don’t need to care about Lacra anymore. What’s left is how to handle the things lined up in this living room.

Wolfe is also looking at daily necessities with interest. Many of them are used by the aristocrat, and they are rare item for Wolfe, who started her life from a commoner.

When Illias was small, she lived in a large house. But now, she live like a monk. If you see her only by how she train, she could be said a hermit, I guess?

Still, it piqued my curiosity, so I pick up the smallest sword. But, the heavy weight still makes me feel that it’s extraordinary.

I tried to pull it out of the scabbard, but it got stuck and I couldn’t pull it out. After tried for almost a minute, I was finally able to see the blade.

“…It’s a good sword.”

Even an amateur can see it. There is no rust on the blade. Is it a sword that is for ritual and rarely used in actual battles? Although simple, the sword are beautifully decorated, and the polished blades reflect my figure like a mirror.

“How nostalgic, it’s the sword my father get from the previous king.”

I was surprised by the voice of Illias that I suddenly heard from behind, and it almost makes me dropped the sword. However, thanks to the weight of the sword, it did not slip from my hand.

“Don’t suddenly speak from behind, it’s dangerous, you know.”

“I tried to call you, though.”

“Did you see it? Welcome back Illias.”

“Yeah… I’m home. But when I look at it like this, there are quite a few stuff, huh.”

Illias sighs at the many things lined up in the living room. At least if it’s just left like this, we can’t have dinner satisfactorily.

“You may have a feeling for disposing a few of this. So, what are you going to do?”

“It’s annoying, but I have to sort it out to some extent. My mother’s clothes, I might worn it in the future. So, I just need to cast Bugs Repellent Magic and store it… My father’s clothes… do you want it?”

“Well, it’s size is perfect for me. I also like the fact that it’s not flashy.”

“My dad was a strict knight. I hope if you wear his clothes, it could influence you a little.”

“If it has such an effect, mean that things are cursed.”

Imagine, just by wearing them and the one who wears that clothes, their personality changed…. But if I think it again, a salaryman’s suit can also be said have a personality switch effect. Right, hmmm.

“Oh, and if you want to use some of the armor, you can choose whichever you like, you know.”

“I don’t have the strength to wear armor. I don’t have the strength to swing weapons too. This thing is enough.”

Equipped on my waist is my partner, the wood which I was previously picked up in the forest. I even remodeled it into a wooden sword.

“Then you won’t be able to train using it. It’ll break in one go.”

“It’s okay. You see, if you hang a sword on your waist, your opponent will cowered.”

In Japan, just carrying a wooden sword, could get you questioned by police, you know! And passersby also will get away with scared eyes!

“Wit, maybe it can be used if you put mana in it? Hmm, But I guess in the end, it still will be crushed in one go?”

“Listen to me, I will never lend you my partner.”

“Why don’t you choose something a little better if you want it to be your life companion… It’s like a child’s toy, you know?”

As Illias says, in this world, if you carry a wooden sword, you may be treated as a child, but I don’t care.

“This is to make me remember my original intentions when I came to this world. It’s a weapon to fight my own pride.”

“…Well, then it can’t be helped then.”

This is the only weapon I can wield here, and no matter how strong my allies are, I am just worth this much.

And I should never forget it. I can’t rely too much on my allies too. Because I am just a weak person in this world.

“Honestly, I really wanted to carry the first generation of my partner…”

“I think the ashes of it remained, do you get it from the barracks?”

“It could be used as a fertilizer for vegetables.”

Eat vegetables grown from the ashes of your partner. I’m sure if I talk that to other people, they will take some distance from me.

Anyway, the handling of clothing is over. Armor used for ceremonies will be stored. The other unused armor will be donated to the knights of Lord Ragdo Corps. Her mother’s tools used for work will be donated to Maya. I decided to have the daily necessities that looks okay and exchange it at Mr. Ban’ place. However, some items, especially those usually used by her parents, will be stored in Illias’ room.

“If you have something you want, you can just take it. I’m sure even things would be happy if it’s used by someone.”

“Clothes are enough. If I have more luggage, it will be bulky when I leave here.”

Moving place is hard, so I’m going to be a minimalist in this world. The treasure chest, which stores memorable items I found here, might become quite bulky, but I don’t care about it.

“…Are you going to leave?”

“It’s not right away, but if one of us gets married and has a family, they won’t be able to live together here right? Illias just became an adult, but I’m already in a good year to think about it.”

I’m wondering if an adult man lives together with Illias, while she is married and has a family herself… Even if it’s the other way, it’s also a bit…

“That, That’s right.”

“And if I don’t have any more business in this Kingdom, I think it’s also a good idea to go to other Kingdom.”

“Are you dissatisfied with this Kingdom?”

“No. The people I know here mostly are good guys, even the king is good person too. Such a good environment is unlikely to be found in other kingdom.”

To be honest, the one who gives me a convenient accommodation, the shop that offers my favorite meal, the merchant who understands me, and the king who takes me, all of them are too good.

I don’t think this will continue like this forever. Is it just me being too cautious? or is it that I’m worrying too much?… Maybe both? In modern Japan, the scenery of one place will change completely in after 10 years passed.

“Then, why do you say something like leaving the Kingdom….”

“I want to find a way to return to my original world.”

I didn’t give up on my original world yet, even though I thought it was okay to live in this world. I decoded the book, but there was no information about the way to get back to my original world.

However, the earthling created the Forbidden Magic in this world called Resuscitation Magic. So it can’t be said for sure yet that there is no way at all to return to my original world.

Still, at least there is no more information hidden in Tiez. Eventually some information may flow here, but that can be said for sure.

“… Do you have friends or family left in ‘Earth’?”

“Hmmm…. If it’s just about human relationships, the one I have here might be better.”

“And you still want to find a way to return to your original world?”

“I’m enjoying this life now. I want to take care of Wolfe and pay back Illias’ kindness. But If I thing about the future, I don’t know what will happen. I may just miss the convenience that I have there. Or I may just lose the energy to live in this world. “

In fact, this world doesn’t suit me. Even if I come to the fantasy world, I’m still a realist.

Those around me are full of superhuman, just on a whim and I might get injured in a life-threatening manner.

In modern Japan, such dangers need only be considered in something like an accident. There are crimes such as fraud and robbery, but the judicial legislative branch is doing their job in its own way.

Obviously, the techniques I’ve learned to protect myself could be easily use in the latter.

“I’m not like Illias, who already decided to live in one way, but one day I might be like that. So as the preparation for that, I think it’s better to have more options. You see, this is just the habit of my world.”

Those who are straightforward, full of dreams and ambitions are good. But I’m not like everyone else who already choose to walk that way. That’s why I need to prepare from now. So, when I find the way that I decided to walk, I will have a little advantage at that time.

“Well, I’m not someone who forget to pay back someone’ kindness or throw things out irresponsibly and go home. To live with a bad aftertaste, it’s not a way to life safely.”

“I’m not worried about that, just…”


“…I’m sure Wolfe would be lonely if you were gone.”

“Maybe. I’ll probably be lonely too. I want her to have better encounters and experiences by then.”

Wolfe is clinging to me. She might say that she will follow me when I choose to go back to my original world.

That’s why I need her to be become a full-fledged person and create her own reason to remain in this world. I take that much responsibility.

“…What are you gonna do if Wolfe said she wants you?”

“At that time, it just means that I haven’t fully taught her about the world yet. Don’t worry, I’ll teach her patiently. Oh, and of course, I’ll never give Wolfe to a good-for-nothing guy.”

Maybe, I’m probably the best in Wolfe’ mind right now. But Illias is around the same age as her. I’m sure they will get to know each other even more in the not too distant future.

If she get used to interaction with other, she may remember not only about friendship but also about love from other. Then I’m sure she will find a better man at that time.

Illias talking with M while drinking tea

“Hmm … you really have a father-like character.”

“That’s because I’m older. I decided to take care of her.”

“At least I want my father’s clothes to look good on someone.”

“It’s difficult. If only I could meet him in my lifetime, I could have imitated him.”

After that, after separating the remaining things and disposing of them at a later date, the work will finally be completed. And Lacra, who wanted a bed for sleep, she would sleep together in Wolfe’s room for now.


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    1. You could call it a bit dense, though his denseness is more that he is focused on everything he is doing, as opposed to the standard dense MC who can’t see anything around him. This world is decidedly lethal, and as smart as he is, he knows he has to survive in it right now. “Romance? Maybe once I’m not a prospective corpse.” Like he said, looking at ALL options. Besides, would you go for the girl that you describe as a “damned muscle-brained gorilla”? He has not adapted to the world well enough yet to find such a personality attractive, or possibly on equal level to him, as you know he as already imagined that a single slap from her would kill him. (Serious turn off, for a lot of people.)

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