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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 34 Part 1

34-1. In the meantime, I feel smaller (Part 1)

Oooh, I feel so fresh! It’s been a long time since I feel like this!

My hands reach for the blue sky. I do some stretching, while yawning.

Forget about the book and demons, it’s been a while for me to have a nice walk alone like this.

Illias is doing her job as a knight, and Wolfe is training in the castle. Oh, right, Wolfe is completely familiar with this city. They even issued a pass permit that allows her to enter and exit the castle.

Lord Ragdo took the trouble to prepare it because she is liked by the members of Lord Ragdo corps, and the training would be lively if she’s there.

But, as expected, the pass that Wolfe get is lower than the pass certificate that I have, but it is still a preferential treatment that can be said to be unusual among ordinary people, moreover among the Black Wolves.

It is said that she is worth to be taught from the perspective of the grandpas who are refining their skills. Eventually, they may start using various weapons…. So scary.

However, I’m sure Wolfe could suppress and control her own power. She’s different from Illias.

“But really, the weather today is nice …”


I sit in the chair available in the square and bath in the sunlight. I reminiscing that there was a battle with the member of the dark part of Mejis here, but now there are no traces of that.

The part that should have been destroyed has been repaired. Really, The power of Magic is amazing.

Right, Magic, it’s Magic. Since I came to this world, it is said that my mana is desperately low, and that’s why I can’t use Magic. Moreover, the Magic that has been casted to me, where its need my mana to be activated, seems impossible too. Still, I wonder if somehow there’s a way that let me use Magic.

You see, I don’t mind even if my first Magic just something like a small match flame.

Mana is the same as physical strength, it seems that the more you continue to use it, the more the mana will be recovered and it’s value will increase. Then, depending on the special training, it may grow even more, right?

And if you have enough amount of mana, you may be able to use large-scale magic with the assistance of magic circles as the catalyst.

However, who I could ask to guide me? Illias is out of the question. Maya seems to be busy soon. Preparations for the festival have begun.

It seems that there are people who specialize in Magic in the castle, so it may be good idea to make a new connection.

“Aaah, it’s really a nice weather …”


By the way, even though I came to this world, I haven’t been able to communicate with people.

The person with the highest position I know is the king, and the lowest is the person in the tavern in the city, Hmmm… How to put it, huh? Maybe the gap is too much?

Still, Just asking for contact information and no more interaction, or to just increase the relationship by sitting the the seat in the drinking party…. I don’t want something like that.

I don’t want to feel that cramped in this world. I know, I can just need to not feel about it.

But, in the end, I miss something normal like other people. I wonder if there are some girls who I can hang around with.

“Today is a good weather, really, it’s a good weather …”




“Well, now, what I should eat for my lunch?”

“Are you really gonna completely ignored me!?”

My legs is literary grabbed by Lacra so firmly. The weight of one person is added to my foot.

Lacra grabbing MC

“Lacra, Release your hand, today is a good day for me, I’m in a good mood.”

“If so, don’t leave me that’s in trouble right now, Shosho-sama!?”

Lacra is crying since I saw her. Of course I wanted to ignore her, but it’s a hassle to escape now. It’s not like I hove zero responsibilities for this.

In the case of the book, she was deceived and used by me. So, I plan to apologized to her later with Marito, but maybe I should help her a little now.

By the way, since I was officially promoted to be the Candidate by Marito, still the way she called me has not changed.

“Actually, I was kicked out from Maya’s church…..”

“Don’t talk, I haven’t asked you why, you know. But, I see, Did you get excommunicated by Yugura Religion? I’m sorry to hear that.”

“It’s not until like that!?”

“Well, I guess you were told that it’s okay just to wait until Pope Euparo arrives, but you was taken care of by Maya’s church, and they were busy preparing for the harvest festival recently, so as a thanks, you tried to help, but because you caused a lot of trouble and eventually just be in the way, you were told to get out, right?”

“Did you just say all of that in a breath!? And, how did you know!?”

“How I can’t know something that simple, huh?”

Maya’s church is now crowded with peoples from Yugura Religion. The harvest festival is near, and many people are coming and going.

Except for the combat, Lacra is just….. In the case when searching the book, I thought because she could prepare and set up a barrier like that, she could somehow do some work properly. but when I ask Maya after that, She told me that an ordinary priest can set it up in one tenth of the time she used. I’m embarrassed of myself, because I thought it’s something that would take a lot of time.

Anyway, If such Lacra wants to help, she will just make it longer to be done. Even when I sent Wolfe to the church the other day, I heard a scream from the back.

“Shosho-sama, Please help meee….”

“What you want me to do, huh? You see, I’m not good enough to fix your airhead.”

“That’s thing is okay! No, wait, it’s not okay!”

“By the way, I can’t help you with lodging.”

“Whyyy!? The relationship between me and Shosho-sama is good, right!?”

“I’m living in Illias’s house, how can I increase the resident living there without her permission!?”

“What!? Woow!?”

Lacra shows a surprised and embarrassing face. And her words after this can be predicted.

“A man and a woman are alone under one roof!”

“There is also Wolfe.”

“Wow, So wild! So fierce!”

“You were not casting Charm Magic to yourself, right?”

“Ahem, that shouldn’t be the case! The two of them are together with someone like Shosho-sama, so who knows if some mistake happened!”

“The only mistakes that can be made are murders caused by mistakes in controlling strength. If I try to do something to them, murder will happen.”

“…..Well, maybe that’s the case. But! Still, They’re less than twenty you know!”

“But, they’re strong.”

“No, I have to inspect this place properly! I will protect them from the ulterior motives that Shosho-sama have!”

“Oi, the one who has the ulterior motive is you, not me. Please just obediently stay somewhere outside.”

“It’s lonely to sleeping under the night sky alone you know!? Also I’m scared!?”

“I know how it feel. I’ve slept in the mountains before. I’m sure it’ll be a good memory for you.”

“I don’t want to sleep under the chair in the square anymore!”

So I wondered how did she suddenly by my side before I knew it. If you look closely, you can see a mat under the chair…. Wasn’t she a priest? I know that Maya is an archbishop, but would it be a good idea to drive the priest out of the church?

“Even if I told you, you doesn’t seem to listen to me, so I’d like Illias to decline your request directly …”

It is unavoidable. As long as Lacra is very familiar with us, a half-hearted persuasion will only have an opposite effect.

Well, Lets have Illias, whose Lacra is a little scared of, to reject her request.



“Are you fucking kidding me!”

“Why are you angry!?”

I met Illias who was having lunch at a stall in the market. The result was an immediate answer of OK.

“Try to imagine a priest sleeping in the plaza. The treatment from Yugura Religion may be a problem. And as a knight, how can I let a woman be left in the cold sky alone?”

“Well, think it calmly. There are only three bedrooms, right?”

“That’s right.”

“First of all, considering the psychological situation of the residents, you can’t let the landlord to share a room, right?”

“Well, I’m the one who made a request to Illias, so I can’t let her to do so much…”

“Even though I don’t mind, I certainly don’t want the other person to be daunted by me.”

“Next, you can’t let a men and a women in the same room. right?”

“That’s right. Even though you won’t be able to try something funny to others, but it’s not good to go against public order and morals.”

“In other words, two rooms are inevitably a big no.”

“Isn’t it okay to let Wolfe share a room with her?”

“If it’s Wolfe-chan, I don’t mind!”

“Don’t be stupid, what if Wolfe become an airhead like her!”

“Aren’t you being mean to me!?”



As expected, Illias is also at a level where she is worried with a straight face. Well, most of her brain muscles are being used right now.

“Then, what if you sleep in the attic?”

“Alright, Thank you for taking care of me until now. I’ll take Wolfe with me.”

“Wait, that’s just a joke. Wouldn’t the room be vacant if you just organize the room that is the storage room?”

“I can’t help much, because there are many heavy things there.”

“Hmmm, Are you going to make the landlord work hard despite the fact that you are just a resident?”


“I’m sure Wolfe will help you without complaining.”


“Fufufu, the situation is reversed now.”

Lacra is proud of her victory. If nothing is done, my position will drop further in the hierarchy ranking of my home. Should I really consider changing my place to live? No way, it’ll make me like I just want to escape from Lacra.

“It’s just somehow I really want to give Lacra a feeling of despair and regret.”

“Are you really saying that?”

Illias will continue to work as a knight. So I’ll bring Lacra to my house…. No, I can’t just do that.

In addition to the large chest of drawers, the storeroom on the second floor stores items used by Illias’ parents during their lifetime. In addition, the storeroom on the first floor kept miscellaneous goods and the stuff left by her parent.

Among the item stored in the second floor, there’re weapons such as swords, spears, and armor. I need to carry them to the first floor and organize them.

I heard that she just brought in what she could carry when she moved away from her previous house, but she didn’t even organize it, so she said this could be the chance for her to sort it out.

Naturally I’m a hard working person. I know I can use Lacra, but she will definitely mess it up. I need someone strong to carry the stuff. That’s why I need to go to pick up Wolfe now.

“Ah, Shisho.”

“I’m sorry to disturb your training, Wolfe.”

“It’s okay, I just finished!”

“Well, I know it’s sudden but there’s sad news.”


“Lacra will coming to our place.”

“Where is the sad news of it!?”

It’s a sad news. After all, the ratio of men and women will even gone further. It could make me feel smaller in home.

I’d be happy if it was my harem, but I don’t have anyone that in that kind of relationship with me. No, even if it’s a harem, if there’s no power balance in it, even a man will look small in it.

“If Lacra is coming… are you sad?”

“That’s not the case, Wolfe-chan! It’s just that Shosho-sama personalities is not good!”

“If you say it that way, Maya, who kicked you out, will also have a bad personality, you know.”

“….Maya-sama is also a little bad.”

“Wolfe likes Lacra, so it’s okay.”

“What a nice child!”

“Lacra, it’s hard to breathe.”

Shit, Wolfe’s tolerance is too much. Is it difficult to get rid of Lacra by majority vote?

There seems to be no choice but to give up then. We will go home together while talking about organizing the storeroom to Wolfe.

“I’m homeー”

“I’m home.”

“I’m home!”

Wow, there’s someone who have no shame here. Even though Wolfe was a little reluctant on the first day. Anyway, it’ll not end if I keep commenting on every single thing she did. Let’s try to finish the work as fast as possible.

“Then Wolfe should carry things in the order I instructed to the living room on the first floor. Illias’ important things are mixed there, so carry them carefully, okay?”


“What should I do?”

“Don’t do anything.”

“So mean!”

“I’m not joking here. Weapons and armor are too heavy except for Wolfe, and it’s dangerous to carry them downstairs. Two people needed to carry them, but I don’t want to do it with you.”

“To convinced me that fast! You’re so cruel!”

I simulated it several times in my head, but now matter how, there will be someone injured. So, I’m sorry for Wolfe, but I’ll need to leave it to her.

“But doing nothing …”

“Then take a bath. You were sleeping outside right?”

“…You won’t peep right?”

“Trust me. I could endure the temptation and throw bugs to you.”

“Please don’t do that!?”

And, I succeeded in confining the dangerous Lacra in the bathroom. Now it’s time to work.


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