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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 33 Part 2

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33-1. In the meantime, I can take a breathe (Part 2)

◇ [Change POV] ◇

Archbishop Ukka jumped into the room. There are several priests around.

“How dare a mouse like you conspired against me!”

“well, well, Ukka-sama, it seems that hypnosis has been lifted.”

I try to smile and hypnosis him again, but there is no effect. Has he used magic to increase the mental resistance in advance? Even if he is stupid, sure, even he can take such simple measures, huh.

There are two escape routes. The windows and the passages that Ukka and his friends blocked. However, a barrier placed on the window already. It can be destroyed, but there is no point if I got attacked while I’m breaking the barrier.

Although he is an archbishop, He is a man who is said to be the weakest archbishop, maybe it’s okay to just break through the front? Since when it comes to actual battles, I have an advantage.

“There’s no way for you to escape. Just surrender already!”

“You could say it like that, but there’s still a way, you know?”

That’s to use Magic. Magic that creates crystals of mana and penetrates the opponent. Set as a point where the magic will activate, and the crystal will raised from that point. It’s a magic that can be used in one move and has perfect power.

“That kind of attack is futile!”

Ukka looks ahead and avoids crystals that suddenly occur in narrow spaces. Other priests avoid it as well. It’s a good move, but it’s a bad choice in this kind of timing.

Then I immediately release the crystal that was generated and jump into the road that gave it to me.

“Thank you very much, goodbye.”

“Not so fast!”

Suddenly I feel a shock on my whole body. Then I saw the ceiling… I see, a magic circle is drawn on the ceiling, huh.

“Gravity magic…. To set it right above yourself…”

The pressure is hundreds times of your own weight hits the body. I cast a Defensive Magic to suppress the damage to the body, but the pressure that is applied still there. My whole body sinks while creating cracks in the ground.

“Even though you’re being called as the weakest archbishop, not bad.”

“I’m certainly weak. My ability and achievements are insignificant compared to other archbishops.”

Ukka’s eyes are different from usual. This is…. His real eye.

“…But I’m still an archbishop.”

Ukka throws something. That is… Magic Sealing Stone. It’s bad, if I touch it, the Defense Magic I casted will be released. If that happens, I will receive the damage from this Gravity Magic.

Gravity Magic creates high gravity magical power starting from the magic circle. So, the effect will not be lost unless the Magic Sealing Stone approaches the magic circle.

“It’s over.”

“Not really.”

Crystals rise from the ceiling. This magic can be easily activated if you can specify a point with your eyes or your fingertips. The raised crystal destroys the ceiling, and the magic circle loses its construction.

I get up and catch the Magic Sealing Stone. And because of the stone, The crystal on the ceiling is scattered.

“Well, well, it was a close call.”

“No, no, like I said before, it’s over.”

Suddenly my field of vision fluctuates and the freedom of my body is deprived. A sweet scent that stimulates the nasal passages, is this a hypnotic incense?

The surrounding priests put up their own barriers. I have to throw this stone away as soon as possible and develop a barrier for myself.

I throw the stones. With this I can open up a barrier to protect me against the hypnotic incense.

“What a fool! I said it’s over already, don’t make me repeat that again and again.”

A barrier that surrounds me appears. The Magic Sealing Stone is blocked by the barrier and bounces back here.

Originally, a barrier is generated around the caster. However, Ukka set the base point of the barrier to himself, and creates a cubic barrier around me that’s in front of him.

The smell of hypnotic incense begins to deprive the freedom of my body. If I don’t destroy the barrier and escape now…. But, due to the Magic Sealing Stone beside me, my Magic can’t…

“I see… so it’s a checkmate, huh?”

I take out a small knife from my pocket.

“You think you can destroy the barrier with such a thing!?”

“Well, I can destroy it. You just need to do it like this.”

Put a knife on my neck and take a breath, I’m ready.

“Well then, goodbye.”

After admitting defeat and smiling at the winner, I slid my arm to the side at once.

◇ [Change POV] ◇

After that, according to a contact from Mejis, Larheit decided that he could not escape and committed suicide.

And considering the possibility of the body collected by a third party, the body is said to be tightly sealed now.

It was surprising for me that Archbishop Ukka was the one who hunted him down, but that was not the case for Lacra.

I heard that he was the one who teach Lacra of actual battle. Does it mean that Lacra is his disciple?

His talent is said to be low among the archbishops, but he’s the type that supplements it with effort and skill … What, somehow it makes me feel intimate to him.

However, the strategy is as you might expect. And, he is in a position to be held responsible for this time incident.

Archbishop Ukka was hypnotized by Larheit and was used conveniently.

Larheit’s possession of the member of the dark side of Mejis was also due to the permit of Archbishop Ukka.

Still, Archbishop Ukka, who was hypnotized, He really did a lot of thing this time. However, there was no criticism from Tiez which got a lot of damage, because he was able to repay his miss by hunting down Larheit.

Because of this incident, He will be overviewed by other archbishops for a while, but, that’s all.

But, as someone who is a money-making professional, he would not be punished badly because it would be visibly adversely affected the Yugura Religion’s finances.

Marito explains 90% of the secret of the book to Maya, who has cleared her name in Yugura Religion. And have her report it to Pope Euparo. As a result, Pope Euparo has left Mejis and is now heading for Tiez.

This is to deliver a direct apology to Tiez for this matter and to have the book returned to the one in the highest position.

During that time, Lacra is given a waiting order. She will be able to return to Mejis at the same time as Pope Euparo.

“With this, everything is finally calmed down, right?”

“No yet, if your hypothesis is correct, there is a Demon Lord or his relative who sent Larheit to Mejis, right?”

Marito’ words make my face look bitter. That’s right, after all, the real root of the problem has not been solved. Are they still preparing for the resurrection of the Demon Lord? or is the Demon Lord already resurrected and moving quietly in shadow? The threat in this world still remains.

“Marito, please discuss it well with Pope Euparo, because the last thing, ‘That thing’, is a very delicate issue.”

“Hmm? But I want it to be your role to tell Pope Euparo about ‘That thing’.”

Yes, the biggest problem with the book remains. I haven’t talked about this to Maya, Lacra, or Illias yet.

After talking it to Pope Euparo, Marito told me to decide whether to tell others about it too or not.

Yeah, I need to think about that too. This secret could overturns the history of this world. I even think it’s better to bury it in the deepest dark.

“Anyway, As the king, you should be the one to tell it right? You see, the load is too heavy for me.”

“Ugh, it’s okay you know? I’ve no problem with handing it over to you.”

“Well then, I’ll go. Thanks for all this time.”

I’ve finished talking about the post-processing. And with this, it’s okay even if I’m be here for a while now. Despite my anxieties for the future, I think I can have peaceful days for a while.

“No, no, I’ll still have you come here from tomorrow, you know?”


“Well, sure, the request to decode the book is over, but I still haven’t finished hearing the story of another world, right?”

“Isn’t that just a premise for decoding the book?”

“What are you talking about? You’ve actually incorporated it into this kingdom policies. Of course, the contract will continue.”

“…..All right then.”

The thing that I find inconvenient in this world is not just a little. In order to reproduce the civilization that I’m accustomed to on the earth, I need both financial power and authority.

Working under Marito is the shortest way to meet those desires.

“But don’t suddenly giving me a dangerous story, okay!?”

“Hahaha, aren’t we partner in crime?”

“Just don’t bring it to me, Okay!?”

After that, I go to Maya’s place. I have to apologize for the fact that Marito has me kept a lot of distance from her, even though she always taken care of me.

When I reached the church, She was teaching Wolfe.

“Ah, Shisho!”

“Oh, always enthusiastic huh, you’re so amazing as usual.”

“Wolfe is studying hard. Compared to that, the little boy is often intrigue with His Majesty.”

“This time I came to apologize for that, so don’t take it too far.”

“That Illias, she tried to cover the story from me, you know? I don’t want my best friend’s daughter to have a bad influence.”

“I agree with you…”

“Well, I understand the situation, and if I consider your position, boy, the fact that you came to apologize is already a passing mark. And, It doesn’t seem to be only a bad influence on Illias too.”

“Really? She seems like usual, though?”

“Yeah, that girl’s heart is getting firmer these days. You see, She has been chasing only the shadow of her father until now, so I think it’s a good change.”

“Is that so…”

“Stiillll! Illias is the daughter of my best friend. I want to watch her grow up properly. Please understand that, okay?”

“I’ll keep it in mind.”

“All right. Then please wait a moment, I’ll go make a tea.”

Maya laughed and disappeared into the back. After that…

“I’ll sit next to you”

“Yes, Please!”

I sit next to Wolfe. Wolfe is silently studying letters. If she is already good at writing in this world, she will just becoming better than me. Both ways of literary and fighting, even her manner are growing up, she’s slowly going to be a good child.

“Wolfe, it’s okay to keep studying, just listen what I have to say.”


“First of all, I want to apologize to you, I’m sorry.”

“…Shisho, did you do something wrong to Wolfe?”

“Yeah, I used you as a decoy that night.”

In order to lead the dark parts to engage in the battle, I used a weak Wolfe as the decoy.

『It’s okay to lose, just try to fight with all your might. There’s a reason for you to fight. And I’ll Use it.』

Wolfe heard that explanation and agreed without any hesitation. Even though I decided to give this child who has lived a terrible past a good future, I got her involved in this.

“There must have been another way, but I decided that it was the most effective idea and used you. This is no different from the Black Wolf in that village.”

“Shisho is different. Shisho was angry, right?”

“I was angry?… Yeah, that might be right.”

I had a short relationship with Gazen, but I think I was angry because the one I knew was killed.

That’s why Illias, who saw such a change, was worried and stepped in there. Even Wolfe, I used her without any hesitation.

My mental is too weak, and the thing I did, it’s just cunning. Right. I’m not a good guy, huh.

“Shisho was angry for Wolfe, it’s became one of the moment that Wolfe’s treasure. If Shisho is angry for someone, then Wolfe want to be with Shisho.”

“…I see.”

Then, I’m stroking Wolfe’s head unconsciously. This kid was grew to be a good girl already.

At least it’s not as weak as someone else, who is easy to be manipulated by his emotion.

“But if Shisho want to apologize, then Wolfe will forgive Shisho.”

When I’m with Wolfe, my emotions are stirred easily, and it’s almost make me cry.

“Really? Thank you. And well done, it’s amazing that you win from one member of the dark part.”


“Oh right, I’m going to grow small plants at home next time, I’m going to grow vegetables. Don’t Wolfe want to grow it together with me?”

“Yes, I’ll try it!”

“Good reply.”

“But, that… isn’t it vegetables? The thing that I hate…”

“If you grow something you don’t like, you may become attached to it and you may like it. Well, if you grow something you like, you may like it even more.”

“Then, I’ll do my best!”

“That’s the spirit.”

I need to find the same book that Gazen had. Maybe I might know what kind of vegetables he intended to grow. I’ll offer it to his grave next time. But if I do that, I’m likely to be told to bring another sake, right?


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