Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 33 Part 1

33-1. In the meantime, I can take a breathe (Part 1)

“… I see, did Hade and the others failed?”

“Yeah, that’s right. If you just ordered them to do an assassination, it might end different. It’s a shame that you’ve specified a time and place to contact you, it’s just make them hard to escape.”

“Those who can’t do the task they’re told are incompetent.”

There is no sign of upset in the voice echoing from the crystal. Rather, it even sounds like he’s enjoying the current situation.

Lacra, who is next to me, is trying to say something, but Lord Ragdo stop her.

I look at Marito and nod. Well, let’s start the real talk.

“So, it seems that you were waiting for the communication… What do you want?”

“Right. You see, since I have the chance, I wanted to talk to you. So, if you can spare your time, I’d be happy if we could have a small conversation.”

“I don’t mind. It’s also a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to talk to you.”

“Really? You said that but you want to kill me.”

“I was telling them to bring your head back. I can retrieve information even if you are dead.”

What a scary thing he said. What did he want to do with my brain? Make a soup of it? So scary…

“If you have something to ask, just say it, I don’t mind.”

“Oh, is that okay? Doesn’t you’ve a lot of thing you want to ask too?”

“The only thing I want to ask first is your name, or even a nickname is okay. I can’t call your name unless you tell me, right?”

“Hmm, then, call me Larheit.”

Lacra shakes her head when I turns my gaze toward her. It seems that she doesn’t know him.

“Well, nice to meet you, Larheit.”

“Nice to meet you too. But, are you sure you don’t want to ask some questions to me?”

“What should I ask? The fact that you take in Archbishop Ukka position and put the dark part of Mejis behind Lacra?”

“No, no, since you set up a conversation with me like this, you might’ve guessed it. So, for example…. about my identity?”

“Is there other else than the Demon Lord’ dog?”


The words of the other party on the crystal stop. The silence also becomes heavy.

“… I would like to ask you how you came to that idea.”

“It’s easy. As you’ve guessed, I decoded this book.”

Lacra repeats a surprised face. Oh right, I’ve never told her this. If the timing isn’t like this, I might’ve enjoyed her expression, anyway let’s go back to the talk.

“Well, well… that kind of thing written in it?”

“Stop acting like a fool. It’s because you know the content of the book, so you arranged people to kill the man who declared that he could decode the book, right?”

“No, no, you might just bluffing me.”

“Is it not good if I know your relationship? Did you intend to make the Demon Lord turn you into a demon?”


“No need to be so tense. Show me your leeway like usual, Mr. Mastermind.”

I’m sure, Larheit is definitely frustrated now. His frustration even transmitted through the crystal.

“My purpose is to not to make you angry, so let me say this. The content of the book, it’s a memorandum about the Demon Lord who appeared in this world, especially the fourth one, ‘Green Demon lord’. Strictly speaking, I guess, It’s better to call it an Investigation Record after ‘Green Demon lord’ was born? “

Yes, the content of this book was exactly what written from the title, Sample No. 4 ‘Green Demon Lord’ Investigation Record.

“Roughly speaking, it is a record of a person who was originally a human being, was revived by Resuscitation Magic, and became a Demon Lord, then later he came into contact with the others Demon Lords. Moreover, he even so kind enough to writes that he is the fourth body. So, it means at least four people who became The Demon Lord was born from the interference of the same person.”

The first thing that was written was about the life before becoming a Demon Lord. Like, how were you born, how did you live, and how did you die…

And analytical data about the human’s abilities and qualities are written.

From the beginning, the person who created the Demon Lord was investigating the qualities and abilities of that human with the intention of making that human into the Demon Lord. And that person was even involved in the death of that human.

“Furthermore, that person is also supporting those who have been reborn as Demon Lords. The Necromancy described here greatly simplifies the construction of Resuscitation Magic, And the one written here is specializes only in part of drawing out the soul. It seems that ‘Green Demon Lord’ was also called as the Immortal King who controls the Undead.”

That person gave the Demon Lord his knowledge and made them collide with the world. And with that, the worst history was created.

“There was something in common among the abilities that person gave. That he also gave to the others Demon Lords as well. One is how to create the ‘Demon’s World’ that will be their own territory, which later be the land where Monsters are born.”
[TN: In source, it’s written 魔界 (makai), which basically mean place filled with demon, and could be translated as Demon World, so I’ll go with that]

The Demon Lord propagates his mana into the atmosphere and repaints the land. They would call it their ‘Demon’s World’ to prove their own position and to demonstrate their own power.

The flora and fauna that occur in the land are completely deformed, and the creatures that born there and do harm to humans are called Monster.

“And the second is how to transform Humans into Demons.”

Yes, the Demons were originally Humans, but their existence was repainted by the mana of the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lords were told this because they were originally Humans. Therefore, it may be a way to involve those who had a close relationship with the Demon Lords.

Humans cannot live long in the place that changed into the ‘Demon’s World’. It is necessary to transform into them into a Demon in order to bring the Demon Lord’ friends that they have when they still Humans.

“This book is just a record. There was a supplementary explanation about Necromancy, but any other methods was not written. Well, as you know it too.”

“… It seems the story of you being able to read it is true. Are you a person from ‘Earth’?”

“Yes. But, too bad, it’s seems you’re not.”

“Well, well, how could you affirmed it already?”

“The pronunciation of the word ‘Earth’ is too distorted. I can see that you learned that word from someone.”

“I see, it can’t be helped then.”

“Now, let me give you the reason why I called you the Demon Lord’ dog. There are many descriptions about the Demon Lord’ ecology in this book. There were some inconveniences for the Demon Lord. Rather than a weakness, maybe it’s better to call it a drawback.”

For example, the Demon Lord is less susceptible to magic from others because of the peculiarity of his magical power. There are some points that make them difficult to receive Recovery Magic.

In other words, if they got a heavy injuries, they are the only one who can heal the wound.

“I just know the contents of the book, so it’s still gray. But, from the moment you try to take it back, the content, it’s confirmed.”

“Really? But, the order to recover the book also done by Yugura Religion.”

“How could you say that even though you haven’t even told the Pope about your order.”

“Why can you say that the Pope doesn’t know?”

“If The pope knew that ‘The dead Demon Lord would be Resurrected’, it would be natural for Yugura Religions to have a different shape than it’s now.”

“… As expected, that much information is written in it, huh?”

Yes, the Demon Lord is a human who has received Resuscitation Magic. And has the power to be revived.

Yugura Religion has taken the stance that the Demon Lord may reappear, but they can’t say for sure that the Demon Lords would be Resurrected.

Even if the stance just a deceived, there is a danger that the fact will somehow transmitted to the world if they really know the contents of this book.

If the Pope knows this, he will not make a mistake like leaving the retrieval of the book to someone like Archbishop Ukka.

“Who doesn’t want to know this fact? Needless to say, of course it’s the Demon Lord. Then if you try to steal a book for a Demon Lord, it’s no wonder that I called you the Demon Lord’ dog, right?”

“But I still can’t help it. If I was working for the Demon Lord, wouldn’t there be any proof that I was somehow connected?”

“The ones who robbed one of Dokora’ arm are you guys right?”

“And that person’s name come out, huh?”

“It all started from Dokora, who was worked in the dark part of Mejis. Why did he steal a book until betraying the country, and that’s because he made your existence stand out.”

“…Let’s listen.”

“Dokora knew that it was someone from ‘Earth’ who created the Forbidden Magic, including Resuscitation Magic. But Dokora couldn’t read the book. If he could, the Necromancy he was using would be more advanced.”

If a smart person looks at the illustration drawn in the book, it’s possible to acquire Necromancy in the same way as Dokora. However, more advanced information was written there.

Like how to use the Undead better.

“Then, how did Dokora know that? As someone who worked in the dark part, He heard the information from you.”

When Dokora, was searching for an information about some troublemaker, he met Larheit and others, and obtained that information.

And Dokora knows its importance and decided to escapes. So, at that time, he stole a book that would be a weapon for negotiations.

“Maybe you was asked a lot by him when you was talking about the books. So, in the end Dokora decided to stole the books and fled from the country. Of course, When Dokora knew that you could reach out to the dark side with the help of Archbishop Ukka, He can’t stay longer in Mejis, right? Then, Mejis put a wanted on him, and Dokora who wanted to use the book as a negotiation material, he couldn’t read any of the letters. So using the illustration, he learned the Necromancy and lived as a bandit. “

The shadow of the Demon Lord was eroding the country that he believed in. The book he got after judging that it would be a weapon was not an unmanageable item.

For Dokora, the only credible existence would be the one who he could control. For the rest of his life as a bandit, an earthlings appeared in front of him, so Dokora entrusted him with the book when he died.

With the expectation that it might uncover the plot of the man on the other side of this crystal.

“It seems that Dokora was really skilled when he worked in the dark part. He realized your existence that’s hidden in Yugura Religion and succeeded in stealing the book. After that, he decided to became a villain… It makes me feel a little sympathy to him.”

“That’s right. His skill was excellent. I didn’t think he would notice me.”

“But it might also convenient for you, because Dokora took out the book that was sealed in Yugura Religion. It easier for you to reach one of your goals, Larheit.”

If the purpose is just to make sure that anyone would not know the secret of the book, you can just retrieve it and reseal it. The reason he didn’t do that was probably because Larheit himself was aiming for the book.

Although he hid in Yugura Religion, it was difficult to reach out to the book. However, Dokora did it for him. This was both a danger and an opportunity.

“As expected, it seems that many people from ‘Earth’ are intelligent.”

“Don’t say anything that isn’t from your heart. Anyway, your inner heart might just making a fool of me who keep talking fluently, right?”

“Oh, it seems you understand. You see, information is a weapon. It’s just stupid to brag about getting it.”

“I don’t want to live wisely. I just want to live safely.”

“How is it different?”

“If I want to life wisely, I can just become a guy like you, Larheit. I can carefully use people to reach a tall height and look down on others. But I’ve seen a lot of guys aiming for such a way of life. And that disgusting way of life, I’m sick of it.”

“Well, well, it’s harsh. Does your conscience hurt?”

“Of course it hurts. You see, ‘I’ am weak. Not only my body, but my mind and position are also weak. So I don’t plan to have high hopes. It’s enough if I can live in peace both physically and mentally. But someone like you suddenly appeared in the way, you’re just a nuisance.”

A roaring and angry voice echoes from the other side of the crystal. It’s not the sound that Larheit made.

“….No way”

“That’s right. I expected you to intervene in some way between Archbishop Ukka and Pope Euparo. So I use another way, I asked Archbishop Maya to directly told Pope Euparo in secret. You see, something like, ‘The one who is leniently contacting Tiez from there in this emergency situation is the mastermind!’, just that!”

And the sound of a fierce battle could be heard from the crystal. Soon after, communication from the crystal was cut off.


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