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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 32 Part 2

Next ch, will be split into 2 part again.

32-2. In the meantime, Are you ready? (Part 2)

◇ [Change POV] ◇

“There is no way such an attack will hit.”

I avoid without any effort while thinking that I should not evaluate her sense of attacking an enemy that can’t be seen.

Although the girl’s attack is a bit sloppy, the total amount of mana contained in the girl’s fist, it’s exceeds the total amount of mana that I have. If the attack hit me directly, I’m sure that I won’t be safe.

However, it’s too bad that she lack of experience and skill. Even if she have some luck on her side, her attack won’t hit me.

Still, I’m also having a hard time attacking her. It can be said that each of us will be defeated immediately if the attack hit.

However, the mental stress will be different between me and her. I can see her movement, but she can’t see my movement. In fact, the sweating speaks to the degree of fatigue.

I don’t have to rush. Carefully hunt her down. In the meantime, my wound will recover. As the time pass, I’ll have more advantage.

“Ugh, it doesn’t hit… this is bad.”

“Just give up already, and I’ll end you fast.”

“Yeah, I give up.”

“Hoho, aren’t you a kind wolf?”

“No, I mean, usually the attack hit, but now, the current Wolfe can’t hit. That’s why I give up.”

While wondering what the hell does she mean, I notice some changes in the girl’s appearance.

Her white hair that shines in the dark of the night, it’s emitting light. That light is due to the mana. Perhaps it’s elaborating a huge amount of mana.

Then, will she use a big move or will she use magic? But it doesn’t look like that. Anyway, if I feel the construction of magic, I can just take a distance.

It seems that she want to stop the small attack. If she’s going to rely on big move, it’s a checkmate if I can take the opportunity.

“Alright, this is better.”

The girl’s method was to accumulate more mana in her fists.

I can’t feel any magical construction. She just desperately put more mana into her fists. I can understand just by seeing it. Her fists is glowing strangely.

I’m just amazed at how much talent she have. If only I had that much mana, I wouldn’t have been under ‘Hade’. [TN: I’m sure this is someone name.]

“Do you really plan to rely on a big move? What a foolish idea.”

“I’ll show you the move that I learn from Shisho!”

The girl again plunges into this side, which is in the dark night. The reason I’m heading here now is probably because the words have spilled.

Of course she can’t see me. The light from that mana does not break my Magic.

The girl’s right fist extends exactly to my position. However, if I turn a little to the left, the attack won’t hit.

Well, well, what do you do next? Her left shoulder moves, means, next is attack with the left fist.

I put some of my strength to my hand that holding the knife. If I can make a gap, I’ll use the knife for the kill.

I look at the girl’s left hand, and her hand is open. Does she plan to attack using her palm or will she launch that mana to here? My choice right now is either to carefully see the attack and avoid it, or to counterattack it.

Then, her left hand is pushed forward. Just in case, I should avoid putting my body in the direction where she sticking out that hand.

So, I turn further to the left of the girl. It’s seems that she plan to make a big swing, and if I can aim for the moment she make the swing, I can put an end to this.


But in an instant, I caught the girl’s left hand moving in the direction of nobody.

However, what I saw beyond that was her right hand, which was still sticking out….. Shit, from the start her aim is her own right hand!?

The girl’s left hand and her extended right hand collide.

Both hands have a lot of mana put on it, and it collide with each other.

Wolfe Attack

A dazzling light and shock struck my body.

◇ [Change POV] ◇

It’s not the technique that Wolfe used, to be honest, it can be called a technique.

It’s just a hand clap. However, it is a hand clap with an enormous amount of mana.

Wolfe’s mana is not just enormous. It is very clear and has the property of easily penetrating the other party.

It all started when I was receiving a lecture on releasing mana at Maya’s church.

Having learned how to collect mana in both hands, Wolfe try to put a ridiculous amount of mana in both hands.

She tried to release it slowly because it would be bad to release such things all at once. But a tragedy happened. A mosquito was flying in front of Wolfe.

Wolfe defeated the mosquito with both hands. As a result, this technique was born.

It’s like having a water balloon on the verge of bursting in both hands and slamming it to each other.

Naturally, the mana that was retained explodes and spreads to the surroundings. Wolfe had a huge amount of mana inherent in her body, so it had no major effect on her.

But the third party who was by her side is different. Yes, I’m was her victim. The result is as you can see now.

“Ah, agrh…”

The magic to erase one’s presence has been canceled. And, that is not all. Suddenly, a huge impact of mana struck the whole body.

Every organ in the body has reacted. There is no real harm, still the whole body is surprised by the impact.

It is a shock that even someone with the same amount of mana as Illias can’t move for a moment. If it’s just the enemy in front of Wolfe right now, he won’t be able to move for a while like her victim before.

Wolfe’s eyes see the guy. Her left foot goes forward. One rotation around the left foot, and her right foot is raised to the sky.

A huge amount of mana is already put in the legs. Oh, I feel bad for that guy. But, the merciless heel of Wolfe was swung down on the head of the guy.

“It’s Wolfe’ victory!”

Looking down at the guy that was fall down to the ground and does not move, Wolfe raised the battle cry.

◇ [Change POV] ◇

A flash of light that enters the field of view. Then, I was shown the defeat of my companion and without thinking clicking my tongue.

“Really? You lose to such a small fry?”

I could understand the mechanism of that unrefined technique. There’s no need to be afraid of it. In the first place, if he decided to join us and use it, I can have a chance with knight in front of me.

One of us just need to make a distance and throws a knife, and that’s it. Everything will over. The two people who are left now have that much wisdom and technique.

“Do you just call Wolfe, a small fry? It’s true that the child is still inexperienced, but she learned how to fight just for a month.”

“If that’s true, She’ll be scary in the future. You hear me? In the future!”

While saying that, I throw a knife. Naturally it can be blocked. Should I say, As expected?

She’s getting used to fighting three people who aren’t visible. This woman is the only one who is troublesome.

If the movement of the black wolf woman was blocked, I could expect she will have a mental stress, but…..

“I’m getting bored with this. I’m going to finish this.”


Suddenly my line of sight meets the woman. Right, my eyes that should be still invisible, just met with her eyes. The survival instinct chooses to take the distance with all its might. At the same time, the one who was attacking her, his magic to hiding one’ presence was canceled.

And a body without a head falls to the ground. The reason why the magic is canceled is simple. If you die, you can’t maintain the magic.

But she completely could know where we, who weren’t visible, are standing right now. She didn’t use some sort of Detection Magic too. Did she read our position just by the air or the presence that she felt?

Tsk, So, you wasn’t really serious until now, huh?”

“Because I was distracted by Wolfe and Lacra, And I was wary of other companion of yours.”

This is bad. It’s not a simple matter where you can compete for superiority or inferiority. From now on, every time she slash, there will be dead people.

If I look closely, the one that got his head blown off, he defended himself from her attack with his knife. So, that means…. Oi, oi, Did she cut through it!?

“Shit, I’m not confident for my victory.”

“I’ve already measured your ability. It’s lower than Dokora.”

“That’s right. He was particularly good. But, since he betrayed the country, he’s just a trash.”

But really, this is bad. I had no intention of defeating Illias Ratzell from the beginning. It would have been enough if the man, then Lacra, and then the black wolf girl could be killed …

Neither the man nor Lacra can be aimed at because of the barrier that’s like an iron wall made by Lacra. The black wolf girl who was aimed has failed to be killed.

it can’t be helped. From now on, will we aim for the Black Wolf girl with just the two of us? The knight would have been hard to move if the girl was taken hostage. I send a sign. And prepare for it.

“Then, Prepare yourself and go!”

Throwing a knife, of course, is played. However, the favorite is a hidden knife. The blade is made from magic stone, not iron.

Give it a little shock….. BOOOMM!

An explosion occurs. I usually win with this, but I’m sure it doesn’t work for her.

Have my other companion aim at the Black Wolf girl. And I will aim for the book. Fortunately they haven’t picked up the book yet.

The knight can read my presence, but the others can’t.

Good, I pick up the book. Then I see my companion. He is trying to slash the Black Wolf girl.

She hasn’t responded yet due to the blast.

With this, the situation will be revers….


I feel severe pain in one of my arm. And my companion suddenly split in two.

◇ [Change POV] ◇

The magic of hiding one’ presence is released in front of me. Apparently he picked up the book.

And the other one is attacking Wolfe. I think she was going to be held hostage.

“Was I too greedy?”

“… Is it your deposit?”

The guy in front of me is holding a book while holding his shoulders. His arm has blown away, I’m sure it’s hurt.

In the ground his arm is pierced by a familiar spear.

A spear with a Magic Sealing Stone, a spear that our Grandpa Kara use.

If you look at the roof outside this square, you can see Grandpa Kara waving his hand.

And next to Wolfe is Lord Ragdo with a sword.

“Salvet Ragdo … You prepare even the strongest knight of Tiez, huh?”

“It’s effective as a surprise attack, right?”

“If you put him out first, I won’t challenge you in the first place.”

“That’s why I put him out later. So that your options to fight is still valid.”

Grandpa Kara and Lord Ragdo had previously hide at some distance from the square.

This is because if they are hiding near here, they might get spotted by the enemies.

Here’s how to do it. After a certain period of time after Lacra heads to the square, let Grandpa Kara throw stones.

The aim was a little behind the statue in the square, and the target of the plaza would have been too wide and just a piece of cake for Grandpa Kara, who is a ‘Spear God’.

After that, make the guy from the dark part of Mejis to come out, and makes Wolfe and Illias fight them.

I asked Illias to struggle over time while avoiding fatal injuries.

Meanwhile, Grandpa Kara moved to a point where he could snipe. I also entrusted him to search and check for the enemies other companions, whether there’s still someone that’s hiding or not. Lord Ragdo will approach the entrance to the square quietly and wait there.

The key to this time is Wolfe. Based on Dokora, which was from the dark part of Mejis, it was Wolfe that the guy from the dark parts were not wary of, despite their strength.

If there is no Wolfe, Illias will be fighting alone. However, Illias, who defeated Dokora, would be their opponent, So it’s hard to think that they plan to kill Illias. Then, most probably they will just collect the book and withdrew.

But the existence of Wolfe left them with a fighting option. They can beat Wolfe. If they could block her movement, they can use her as a threatening tool. That way, they can do something with Illias.

As a result, they took the option of aiming for Wolfe while restraining Illias. One of the factors that motivated them is that the actual person with battle experience called Lacra got stuck in order to protect the man.

“The miscalculation is that the one who fought Wolfe lost.”

“Didn’t you think about your companion get defeated by us? And, it’s not always end as a hostage, what would you do if I killed her?”

“You won’t kill her. Even if you decided to kill her, you will do it after using her. You challenged Illias who you can’t defeat without running away because there was a way to live. Don’t you struck by ‘That kind of thinking’?”

Well, I was always have the strongest insurance, Lord Ragdo.

The guy that should not be seen was caught in short time and killed. The timing was right, just that it wasn’t look like a human’ work. It doesn’t seem to be a lie to say that he is stronger than Illias.

Grandpa Kara was aiming for the book. If the book moves, throw a spear there. Compared to Illias and Lord Ragdo, Grandpa Kara’s performance may be inferior. However, as a person living in modern Japan, this high-precision sniper ability is easier to incorporate into the plan.

“Hmmm, you seem to want to kill all of us?”

“You killed one of the citizen. I just returned what you did.”

“Seriously? Just because of that?”

“Yeah, and just because of that you’ll be killed. By the way, when did you killed that guy?”

“The one who killed that guy was the one who got killed first. Do you feel good now?”

“I see, then you’re the one that did something to the corpse, huh.”

“… Stop seeing me with that scary eyes. Why is there something like you on their side?”

“Don’t lump me together with you. I’ve never killed a person. Never.”

“You makes them kill all of us, isn’t it worse?”

I wonder since when Illias, who is holding her sword, was by my side. The others also gather around here.

“Tell me. Who ordered you to aim for my life…..”

“Oi, I can’t say that, stupid woman. Don’t make light of us.”

“That’s right. Even if I threaten you with Necromancy, you won’t speak.”

“And I can’t just leisurely talk like this!”

The man bounces, becomes invisible again and disappears in the dark night.

“I’m not going to let you!”

Illias’ sword cuts the sky. At the same time, blood splatters.

“Was it too shallow!?”

“It were deep, stupid! But the body remains intact, maybe because one arm lighter, so he could escape from death!”

The guy withdraws as it is. An invisible man. It’s difficult to cut without knowing the timing.

“Detection magic…..Nothing found. Magic Sealing Stones are scattered around the square.”

“Hmm, did you escape?”

Lord Ragdo sighs and returns the sword to its scabbard. At the same time, Lacra shouts.

“Oh, he got the book!? He took it with him!”

“That’s right, We’re in trouble.”

“……It’s a lie, isn’t it?”

“Amazing. You really can see through the lie.”

“Sho,Shosho-sama, You have a really bad face right now, you know?”

◇ [Change POV] ◇

I succeeded in escaping. No, I just need to escape from this Kingdom. That’s why I came to the wall.

There is a high possibility that the gate will be blocked. The bleeding has stopped, but it is still a heavy burden to move with a weakened body. I want to avoid any more battles.

“It’s painful to have one hand, did that Dokora run away while feeling like this?”

I recovered the book, but I couldn’t kill either the man or Lacra. But it’s not over yet.

There are still many ways to kill them. I just have to poison their food. I can manipulate the people around him to make them stick their blades instead.

Even if the order to kill on the spot cannot be achieved, there are many ways to kill them. For that reason, it is necessary to regain my condition first.

“First of all, it’s the Black Wolf girl. If I kill her, that man will make a good face. Next, I’ll kill the people around him. And when the defense becomes weaker, it’s his turn, I’ll remember this…! “

When I get close to the wall to some extent, I can feel the magical waves.

I know this reaction. It occurs when a specific mana is detected in the barrier.

Yes, this book. Looking for this book, Lacra set up a barrier around here.

I know that it was stretched around the wall, but there is no problem even if it gets caught.

Detected by Lacra, the knights will soon come, but before they reached here, I’m confident that I will be able to successfully climb.

And by the time they get to this place, I’m already outside the castle. Alright, Let’s hurry up.

Tsk, Just let me rest a little….. But, with Illias Ratzell’s legs… I don’t really have a lot of time. I have to hurry.”

I can climb at a good speed even with one arm. In this case…..Ah?

◇ [Change POV] ◇

A corpse of that guy was found on the outside of the wall. That’s right. If you get caught up in such a blow, it will be like this.

Immediately after carrying out the operation, I sent Illias to Maya.

This is to let her learn about, ‘The wavelength of the mana wave generated when the book is detected by the barrier’, and how to detect it.

Maya knows that Tiez will cooperate in this search. So she will help, still, It was a ‘Difficult Job’ for Illias, but it great that she managed to learn it.

I’m sure that the guys from the dark part knew that the wall around Tiez is filled with barrier. But I’m also sure that he’ll chose the wall that avoids the gate to escape, which is why I chose the square in the center of the city to be the meeting place.

This is because the distance is the same everywhere from here. Illias can detect that there is a book in the barrier from the magical wave emitted from the barrier. In other words, you can see where that guy is.

I threw it down. In Grandpa Kara case, although his throw is precise, it has strict of the distance. So I appointed Illias, who was speaking a loud when the magical wave was detected.

Of course, the throwing accuracy of Illias is far inferior to Grandpa Kara. So I asked her to throw with all of her strength.

“As expected, She’s a muscle-brain Gorilla.”

As a result, there was a huge hole in the wall where the guy was climbing. It is not a precision shooting blow like a thread that goes through the hole of a needle. It is a blow that bombs the place, where the guy was found to be there, without a trace.

Well, Marito who allows such an operation is really tolerant…. Well, I’ll leave the post-processing to him.

Wolfe and the book were decoys as well. And he was aimed by Grandpa Kara, and even if the book was taken away, I was prepared the plan for that too.

The book is … right, it’s safe. Just in case, I asked Lord Ragdo to cast the Hardening Magic to it, still I’m glad that it was safe.

The book is just a bad news so I hope that the Magic somehow got canceled… but, it was okay. Oh, but the cover is a little torn.

When I searched for the stuff that the guy dropped with the book, I found a crystal. It is an item that can be used to contact from a long distance with the Special Art of Yugura Religion. The assassin guy, that escort Marito, taught me about this.

It was safe because the other party seemed to cast Protection Magic.

After that, Grandpa Kara and Lord Rakudo are summoned and sent to the post-treatment of the walls. I’m sorry, everyone, even though it’s late at night, you need to…

So I’m heading to the castle with the crystal and the book, because the finishing touches are still left.

“Oh, Shosho-sama … Why are you sitting staring at the crystal?”

“Well, if you wait, you’ll understand.”

It’s like staring contest to the crystal in a room with Illias, Marito, Lord Ragdo, and Lacra. By the way, Wolfe is sleeping in the next room due to fatigue.

No matter what he prioritized, that guy prioritized his escape, so he wouldn’t have contacted the guy over this crystal yet.

But I think it’s a good time now, and I’m sure that side is impatient to get the report.

After a while, the crystal begins to shine. And the voice echoes.

“Hade, report…”

“Hade? is that the name of that guy from the dark part?”

“…..Who are you?”

“The man that you asked to be killed. Nice to meet you, ‘Mr. Black Curtain’.”


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