Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 32 Part 1

So, I tried to keep using first point of view even if the POV change, And I’m gonna keep like this from now on, But I’ll try to write it first before the POV change.

32-1. In the meantime, Are you ready? (Part 1)

The time will soon be midnight, and I’ll will be in a square in the city. There is no peoples walking around anymore, and the people living in the area are in their dreams.

The Luminescent Stones that have been shining since dusk are slowly used up the mana put into it during the day. Even so, the faint light is useful enough to illuminate the surrounding and let me see the shape of the square even in the dark.

Still, when I tried to look around, I can’t really tell if anyone is lurking around or not…

In front of The statue of predecessor King of Tiez which is built in the center of the square, there are 3 peoples standing there. Illias, Wolfe, and the person who planned everything this time.

It would be nice if I could know from where the other person will appear completely, but the light are not enough to let me see what’s in my front clearly. But, sure It’s doesn’t seems like a sweet world, though.

However, since there was no movement until this point, I could narrowed down the options. The rest is how Lacra will comes out…

“She’s here.”

I responds to Illias voice and looks beyond the line of sight.

There is a figure of Lacra coming alone with something like a lantern with a luminescent stone inside as a light. She’s on time, what a diligent girl.

Then I take out the book from the pocket before Lacra says something.

“This is the book, can you see the cover?”


Then I open the page that where I put in a bookmark. This page contains illustrations about magic construction that leads to the basics of Necromancy. And I show it to Lacra.

“It’s this book, right? I’ll be troubled if you said that it was different later.”

“… I think so.”

“Then, let’s hear the answer.”

“The response from Ukka-sama was no. He refused your proposal and asked you to return the book …”

“Well, then it can’t be helped. I’ll return the book.”

“…! … Why?”

Lacra’s expression is grim. It’s not like her usual.

“I don’t understand the meaning of your question…”

“I understand that Shosho-sama’s proposal and your intention of returning the book are not a lie. I have this question since you showed the danger of the book to me… Why can you decide to return the book without so much hesitation?”

Lacra occasionally asked a troublesome question. It’s not that she can’t read the situation, but it’s because she could read the situation that she made a statement like that.

Even if She’s usually an airhead, her intuition that has been cultivated by the real battle may be excellent. She has the ability to sense the essential part aside from the truth of the lie. That is the priest who stand in front of me.

However, it’s probably because of her kindness heart that I can’t say that I’ve already decoded the book.

“Because if Tiez keep holding into it, it’ll just worsen the relationship Tiez have with Mejis, and eventually with Yugura Religion too. And Tiez doesn’t want that to happen.”


Something can be heard in the distance. And Illias was the first to react to it.

“I heard a noise now, I’ll go and see for a while.”

“Yeah, I’ll leave it to you.”

Illias goes in the direction of the sound. And I walks up to Lacra while bringing the book.

“Lacra, hear me… I’m also thinking about a lot of things you know, but not everything will go as what I want.”

“That’s right …”

“Don’t worry too much. Isn’t your priority now to achieve what you’ve been commanded to do?”

Said that, I try to give the book to Lacra. But the book slides off my hand and falls to the ground.

“Oops, I’m sorry.”

“It, it’s okay.”

In response, Lacra bent over to pick up the book.

And, it start.

◇ [Change POV] ◇

We were lurking before they gathered in the square. There are four other who move as pawns with me.

“(Well, killing is good, but his escort is troublesome)”

Some are unforgiving, such as acting on their own and killing the people other than the target, but at least they still follow the instructions. With a single signal, we will go attack in a good cooperation.

However, the man’s escort is too troublesome. Illias Ratzell, a knight who is one of the top five in Tiez.

More than anything, She is the woman who defeated that Dokora, so we has no choice but to be vigilant.

Even though Dokora lost one of his arm, I don’t think he is inferior to most guys. To be honest, I would like to refrain from attacking her straight from the front.

The other Black Wolf girl it’s not a problem. I saw her movement once, she’s just an amateur with only high mana.

As a Demi-Human, she moves fast, but anyone in here can deal with it.

Even if it’s a one-on-one fight, we will not lose, and if we attack together, it will be possible to finish her in an instant. As a wolf she most likely have a good nose. But we don’t care about that, the equipment we use can deceive even the five senses of the beast.

And the Man … he’s just an ordinary person. If one of us can pass him, he will be killed in instant.

“(Should we start by hitting the knight first and then aim at the man and Lacra at the same time?)”

But if we do that, sure the man can be killed, but it’s can’t be said same with Lacra.

Lacra Salf… Well, she’s rumored as an airhead woman. However, that’s not the case in actual battles. Her skill is a real deal.

There is a track record of her win in an overwhelming victory in a battle with a Demon, which is more dangerous than monster, all by herself.

In rare cases, if you works in the dark part, you will need to fight monsters. There was also a time when I fight a Demon.

At that time, the majority of the troops died. So, I’ve no choice but to be wary of anyone else who can subdue the higher-ranking species alone.

If Illias Ratzell and Lacra Salf are cooperating, We will have to consider whether to withdraw or not.

“(Then, Should we aim Lacra first?)”

Then I gently raise my hand and send multiple signs with my fingers.

We are trained to accurately identify our companions even in the dark. And we trained our night vision ability too.

『After the signal, Number one and two are going to attack Illias, and the rest, go to kill Lacra.』

This should be fine. While doing so, Lacra appears.

I’m grateful that one of her hand holding a lantern, and after she take the book, both of her hands will be occupied.

Th man and Lacra start a conversation. I could see the book. Aim for the timing where she gonna receive the book. I give the sign that all of them can see it.

However, I hear a strange sound. The source of the sound is somewhat behind us, It’s not from one of us. It’s just the sound of something falling and bouncing.

I searched for the true nature of the sound, but I couldn’t find anything suspicious in The Square. No, there was movement.

Illias Ratzell also noticed the sound. I’m looking in her direction. And I saw that she left the place. This is an opportunity.

Then I change the sign, 『After the signal, Number one attack Illias, and the rest attack Lacra.』

If her distance with them is widened, she can’t respond to the surprise attack. Even if she is cautious and reacts quickly, she could only protect the man.

Aim for the chance when the man handed over the book. Well, well, give it to her now!

A man give the book to Lacra. But then the book slips out of the man’s hand.

“(What the fuck are you doing …!)”

Lacra leaned over to pick up the dropped book.

Her line of sight turned to the ground. Her consciousness is also completely directed to the book. This is a perfect chance.

Then I give the last change of the sign, “Everyone, kill Lacra after the signal.”.

And Lacra’s finger touches the book.


After the signal of the attack, Five shadows pop out from the dark of the night. Two people throw hidden weapons from a medium distance, and the rest including me are going to slash with the sword.

Instantly close the distance to Lacra. The one who can react is… only the Black Lolf girl! Lacra haven’t aware of us yet. Yes!

We close to the gap between the hidden weapons and us, then swing our weapon. But, the woman in front of me…. is not Lacra!?

What I see is not Lacra, but Illias Ratzell, who has already pulled out her sword and is wielding her sword.

◇ [Change POV] ◇

To be honest, I couldn’t keep track of what happened.


Wolfe was the first to raise her voice, but by that time it was over.

Something blown away with a thunderous roar. Then, a shock and a whirlwind shake the surroundings.

Next, Lacra hurriedly checks the surroundings. And me too.

When I was able to grasp the current situation, we are already surrounded. There are about four knives lying on the ground. It’s the same as the one used by Dokora.

There were a total of five people, and three people jumped in. One is evading Illias’ attack and keeping a distance.

However, one person was cut half by Illias’ sword. One of them go his weapon destroyed and was blown off about 100 meters by the impact of Illias’ attack, and slammed into a wall.

Maybe, that one is dead. Oi, oi, seriously, she did it without mercy.

“What is this !?”

Lacra makes a panicked voice. But, of course, if you raise your face, and you suddenly see a corpse in front of you, and suspicious people are around you, you’ll react like that. Then, I embrace Lacra before giving her explanation.

“Sho, Shosho-sama!?”

“Lacra, make a barrier, fast!”

“O, Okay!”

She quickly set up a barrier to cover both of us. At the same time, the barrier repelling something… oh it’s the another hidden blade.

It seems that the one who was distanced himself continued to throw at Lacra. Shit, it’s dangerous! However, with this, I was able to secure the safety of someone who was about to die.

“Oi, oi, seriously?… Seriously? I can’t believe it!”

The man who avoided the attack begins to laugh. Of course, everyone here is alert.

“Is it possible to prevent a surprise attack by five people from that distance? Such a monster.”

“If it’s truly a surprise attack, maybe not. But if the target know when you’re gonna attack and what you’re aiming for, then it’s no problem.”

Even so, each of the knife they thrown comes with a set of hidden knives.

Four came out, one got blown off, and one got cut into half. It’ll look like that I imitates that guy’ words, but sure, such a monster.

Illias leaves the scene and Lacra turns her face to the book. If they were to steal a book and kill me, there would be no better chance than that timing.

It’s possible that they’ll attack at a later date, but they’re probably considering the possibility that Lacra would be persuaded to accept the proposal. If that happens, this is the only best time to attack.

If they didn’t come, I probably persuaded Lacra and robbed ‘Mr. Black Curtain’ of his place.

“All of that was just an act? And you only tried your best to protect only Lacra. Don’t you feel like protecting your other friends, huh?”

“It’s a man who can be killed at any time, and Lacra who takes time to be protected. If I want to make sure it’s gonna be okay, it’s the best decision after knowing that everyone was aiming for Lacra.”

I’m not you who said that. So you don’t have to look so upset.

“Now, why don’t we, the remaining three people, finish this?”

“Three people? No, no, that’s stupid.”

The man who was slammed against the wall begins to move slowly. Seriously? Can he really move again after what happened?

“It was a great technique, but if it’s just a physical impact, I can deal with it.”

“It’s not a technique. I just kicked you because you was in the way.”

Oi, for that reason, it doesn’t mean it’s okay to kick people a hundred meters.

“This one … As expected he’s dead, I guess? I also want to learn Necromancy like Dokora.”

The name of Dokora comes out. There seems to be no mistake in terms of appearance and weapons used.

“After all, it seem to be right that these guys works in the dark part of Mejis.”

“Wa, Wait a minute! Why is the dark part of Mejis attacking me….”

“That’s probably because they were instructed to do that. It’s instruction from someone who is trying to collect the book.”

“Ukka-sama… Such a thing…”

“It’s not from Archbishop Ukka. It’s another guy.”


After confirming his footsteps, the man who got blown out, approaches us in a weird movement.

“Can you move?”

“My ribs broke, but no problem.”

Oi, of course it’s a problem, idiot.

“Was it too shallow?”

Oi, It’s a kick, it’s neither shallow nor deep, Gorilla.

“Well, just in case, you take care that Demi-Human. The others are the knight.”

The leader man points his blade at Lacra.

“Keep that barrier with your best. Or, if it break, the man will die immediately.”

From his murder intent, even an amateur like me can tell that it is not a lie. Lacra, who lacks physical strength, even if she can protect herself, she can’t protect me.

The battle situation now is 4 to 2, and the difference in the number of people is disadvantageous. And ordering the injured person against Wolfe is probably because the leader decided that he could still deal with Wolfe. In other words, in term of skill and strength, everyone here is at least same with Wolfe or better.

“Do you think that only three people can stop me?”

“It wouldn’t be possible if we attack from the front, but it’s night now.”

The shadows of the dark crawl up on their bodies. It swallows them and hides them in the darkness.

And the voice echoes out of nowhere.

“I wanted to avoid using Magic as much as possible, but it can’t be help. Engrave on the invisible blade and die.”

Illias suddenly takes a defensive stance. At the same time, sparks struck from Illias’ sword.

No enemy attacks are visible. Rather than disappearing in the shadow, this is …

“It’s a Magic to hide your body presence!”

“I intended to eliminate the murder intent, but you’re doing a good job in blocking it, but the number of blades will increase by three times, though?”

The battle begins. Illias wields a sword, but she doesn’t look like someone who gonna attack now. And soon after a slight break, an invisible attack attacks Illias.

Only the scattered sparks make Illias stand out from the dark night.

The battle has already begun for Wolfe. Wolfe can’t counterattack any of the attack. Shaking her fist in the dark clouds will only give the enemy a chance.

Suddenly Wolfe bounces as if reacting to something. And a faint wind noise echoes in the place where I used to be.

It seems that avoidance is barely possible if she concentrate with all her might. I’m relieved for the time being. But I can’t rest assured.

Look at the falling knife. The tip of the blade is wet and painted with some liquid.

It can be seen as that it’s a fast-acting poison, But rather than a lethal poison, most probably it’s a paralytic poison.

There is no doubt that if you receive even one blow, the defeat will be confirmed from there.

“Shosho-sama, if it stay like this!”

“… No, it’s okay as it is now.”

“But! Isn’t they just keep defending!?”

“It’s okay, don’t worry.”

“Why? Why could you seriously said that with such a face!?”

Oh, that’s why Lacra was wary of our situation. Is it a habit to have a bad face when my thought circuit is a bit twisted?

What a drawback. But, I can’t do anything about it.

I take a deep breath and calm my mind for the time being. Then, I face Lacra and speak.

“Lacra, it’s about to end. Believe in ‘Me’.”

I don’t know how effective this word is. However, Lacra who can see through lies should know. That I said this word seriously.

Illias and Wolfe begin to lose the balance in their respective battles. Wolfe was the earliest.

Wolfe, who was devoted to avoidance up till now, albeit a small one, started a counterattack.


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