Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 3

Author Note : ‘Wouldn’t it be like this if a romantic comedy-like development happened in reality?’, I will write this ch with that in mind.

3. Think realistically

The class ended without problem, and it was time to leave school.

Somehow I feel that the day is really long today. Since this morning incident, my conditions became strange, I thought that after I had my lunch, my conditions had become better but… Somehow, I still feel something is wrong…

And, Is it just my imagination? But, I feel that the atmosphere of the class is somewhat calmer than usual. I think it was more noisy until yesterday …

yawn… So sleepy…”

“What’s wrong, Yamazaki? Lack of sleep?”

“Hmm, no, that’s not the case …”

Yamazaki, who was sitting on my right side, He threw his upper body at the desk and didn’t move at all as if he’s dead, so when I suddenly speak to him, he gave me a strange reaction.

What’s wrong with him, huh? Isn’t he usually going home straight after the class end? Oh, right, I forgot that this guy is in the basketball club.

When I turned my eyes to Aika, who was sitting on my left side, the opposite side of Yamazaki, she was still sitting without preparing to go home….. Should I try to talk to her? Like usual?

“Aika, let’s go home?”

“Huh?… Why do I need to go home with you!”

“Ah, hmm… I see. Okay, see you tomorrow then.”

“Eh… eeh?”

She always rejected my offer anyway. I can’t bother my loved one more than this.

After school, in the corridor, it was so noisy with students returning home and students heading for club activities.

Let’s stop somewhere on the way home. Oh, right, there was a manga that I read when I was in junior high school I used to bought and collected, but I wonder if it’s still going on…

Anyway, let’s go to the toilet before leaving school… I’ve been holding it since I stood up from the chair…


On the right side of the men’s restroom, there was a big mirror. And I was surprised to see what’s reflected in it.

“…What was I doing?”

What was reflected in the mirror was a boy student who trimmed his long brown hair. Of course it was me, but that wasn’t what surprised me.

For the hairstyles that I specially prepared for my high school debut, it sure doesn’t match my normal face. I’m not tall either. Furthermore, I’m not good at sport, and I’m also not good at studying.

A dull guy… I don’t mean to be so demeaning to myself, but was I such a normal guy? Is there anyone else who doesn’t have something worth mentioning like me?

The question that I had in the daytime. I wonder why I felt as if the fire had cooled down even though my feelings for Aika haven’t change… and I think, I know the reason.

Right, Aika Natsukawa is out of my reach.

Some people fall in love with celebrities who are cute or have a good style. But, there is no reckless idiot who seriously tried to get near them. That’s right, for me now, ‘Aika Natsukawa’ is like a popular idol that sway over my mind, and I’m just look like a fan who falls in love with his idol.

You see, what if you suddenly see a member of idol that you like, shooting a TV program in front of you? The answer is to keep a certain distance and cheer from there so as not to bother her. This is what a good fan will do.

Maybe that’s why I suddenly felt like I was back to my old self. If I think it over again, Aika is a hard-working and talented woman, and if she stands with someone like me on her side, it’ll look like something out of balance…. Why didn’t I notice it until now!

“Please go out with me, huh… Seriously?”

There was no one but me in a men’s toilet. And I was muttering to myself in front of mirror. I felt that blood started heating up my face.

Perhaps, from the surroundings, I just looked like a clown who kept trying recklessly.

Think, Think realistically… For a girl, if a man who she doesn’t like, endlessly pestering her, she will feels terribly uncomfortable, doesn’t she?

“….. I guess, I’m just stupid?………”

My face that started to cool down reflected in the mirror. I started to think.

…… A long time full of fluffy and sparkling scenery… blinded by it, too much time had been wasted. Not other’s, but mine. What’s more, I didn’t even think and care about what she felt about me. This… Isn’t this pretty dangerous …?


Weirdly, I started sweating. Then I opened the toilet window, I could feel the cold wind blowing, and I wiped my sweat with the hand towel that I happened to bring.

And strangely no one else came to the bathroom until I stopped sweating.

I wonder why the live-action film is like a sin to the original. When I was in junior high school, there was a series of manga that I refrained from following because at that time it was near the exam day, but I never thought that I would know the continuation of that manga from the live-action version. Above all, when I was watching it, I kept thinking, ‘No, not like this, it’s different. This is a big mistake.’

And after that, I had to overwrite my memory with the original..…

When I was thinking about that, the sound of the intercom rang. Unfortunately, I happened to be the only one at home now. When I opened the door toward the entrance, there was a real person standing there.

“…Aika? Why she came to my home? Even more, at this time? What happened?”

The time now is 19:30. And our idol, Aika Natsukawa, is here. Her red-brown hair looks moist, I guess she just took a bath. And the sexiness that overflows from the white skin of her arms makes my heart beating fast. Well, I’m always flustered around her in the first place.

“I, I’m sorry for visiting at this kind of time..…”

“It’s okay, but why…”

“The, the guy who remained in the club activities told me your address!”

It’s too dangerous for such a beautiful girl to walk alone at night. I love her too much until I want to scold her. Anyway, at this point, it’s me who might do something dangerous to her.

Why did she look up my address though?… It’s easy to imagine what Aika thinks of me. At least it’s not to the point that she wants to get closer to me like this. Perhaps, her favorability of me is unexpectedly high?…. That’s impossible. If I were Aika, I would push out a guy like me far away with my hands.

“Wh.. What? You wanna say something to me?”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s right.”


……I see.

Perhaps, ‘it’ would finally come. Maybe she would say, “you’re disgusting, so please don’t come near me ever again.” Or, “I have someone that I really like, so please don’t involve yourself with me anymore.”, but this time she’ll say something like that with serious tone. Yeah, right, Aika came all the way here to say something like that. Otherwise, it doesn’t makes sense that she spends her time and effort to come here.

“… Wanna go in? Right now, no one is here.”

“N-no one is there!?”

“Oh, let me add one more thing, I don’t know when they’ll come back.”

It would be dangerous if my family came home when I’m doing something after I brought her in, right? Nah, in the first place, I’ve no intention or courage to do such a thing.

I let Aika, who decided to come in timidly, to sit at the dining table.

She might feel more at ease if it’s near the living room, right?

Right now it’s not yet early summer. If you walk after taking a bath on such a night, you’ll catch a cold. I understand that she wants to give priority to her clothes rather than the cold wind, but isn’t wearing one piece just too much? Why does she need to look so sexy just to meet me…. Doesn’t she hate me?

I placed the instant pack of onion soup, that stocked a lot by my mom, in front of Aika and gave her the blanket that was hung on the chair. Unusually, she didn’t complain and put it on. You see, Physical condition management of my idol is the first priority for me.

When I felt the awkward atmosphere, Aika is the one who break it first.

“Hey, you… What happened to you?”

“What do you mean?…Was something wrong with me?”

“It’s strange… No, it wasn’t weird! But, That’s why it’s strange!”

“Calm, calm down.”

Somehow, I understand what she wanted to say. I’m always the one who speaks and acts strangely to Aika. So, as expected, Aika noticed that I was strange today. But, Aika came here just to question it? Should I say to her about that strange awareness that I felt when I was in that toilet? No, it’s too embarrassing to say, I can’t say that.

“You, aren’t you usually don’t just go away even if I hit you? Rather, you coming to me even harder, so I thought You’re a ‘М’….. A, Anyway, usually you’re disgusting.”

“I agree.”

“So, so why’re you so obedient today!? What are you planning this time? Answer me!”


I’m usually just a man who likes to stick to her and doesn’t listen to what she says. Well, even if I look back on myself, I think that’s true. So, It can’t be helped if she think I plan something this time too, because I’ve been approaching her with various means, always. That’s why if she says that she hates me even though I just approaching her normally… it’ll shock me a little… No, It’s not a little at all… Then, what should I do?

“Hmm… Aika…”


Then… If that’s the case, instead of saying it, I just need to prove it with the result. The fact that the strange awareness that I felt today, and the relationship that I decided between Aika and me right now, are not wrong.

And for that….

“I like you. Please go out with me.”

No more, I’m no longer afraid of changing this relationship.


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