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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 2

2. Bad condition

The first class was over without any incident.

I can understand the meaning of learning modern Japanese, but I can’t understand the meaning of learning the words of Old Japanese or Sino-Japanese. [TN: Sino-Japanese is a portion of the Japanese vocabulary that is of Chinese origin ]

Why do I need to study it when I’ll never use the words, that have already been lost, in my daily life?

If they want to teach the moral lessons that can be learned from Chinese or Japanese classical literature, am I the only one who wants the teacher to teach us after translating them into modern Japanese from the very beginning?


That said, I really haven’t had time to take a breather since this morning, huh?

While thinking that, I went outside to the corridors as I wanted to go to the bathroom, but Aika was walking one step ahead in front of me.

Then, right when my eyes met hers, she suddenly made a surprised face.

“Hey! Don’t follow me!”

“Ah, no, I just want to go to the toilet.”

“Eh…… Eeh!?”

Aika froze on the spot.

And I could feel an awkward atmosphere.

Perhaps she realized that she had just misunderstood me, her face turned red, only for a short time. Then, she regretfully glared at me and yelled at me.

“Then say so sooner!”

“O, okay…”

My behavior right now might seem a bit different from the usual pattern, but, after all, if a man suddenly declared “I’m going to the toilet” to a woman…. She would be troubled about how to react, right?

While imagining such a surreal scene in my mind, I passed Aika who hadn’t moved from the spot.

And, when I reached the entrance of the toilet, I was dragged in by Yamazaki and several others from the same class.

“───Oi, oi, what happened between you two?”

“Between you two… ah, are you talking about me and Aika?”

“Right, I wonder if you had a quarrel or something.”

Yamazaki asked while grinning. His eye looked like someone who had found something interesting.

If I could, I want to ask more about it myself!

“Quarrel, huh? It’s the same as usual, isn’t it?”

“Hm? Well… Now that you mention it, that’s true.”

Yamazaki was convinced when I calmly answered so. But the other one didn’t seem to be convinced yet. Another guy approached me as if he wanted to investigate further. He looked over me with a look of an explorer who wanted to dig a little deeper into the matter.

Hey, calm your breathing down, it’s too much…!

“Wait, normally, when Natsukawa-san got angry at you as always, you would still try to get involved with her without paying attention to what she said, right?”

“Come to think of it… yeah, that’s right.”

“Yeah, that’s right? That’s all? You…..”

Now that you mention it, that’s right. Even when I saw Aika’s disgusted reaction, I never thought, “Let’s give up.” or something like that. Even if she got angry, I was probably happy that she directed her emotions to me straightforwardly. That much is how much I like Aika───Hmm…? …Like?

“Hey, do I look like someone who likes Aika?”

“Huh? What are you talking about? Aren’t you deeply in love with her?”

“Right, I like her. So much, that I want to do missionary work, spreading this feeling.”

“Oi, oi, at this timing? You want to curse… I mean spread it!?? “

As he said, I do like Aika Natsukawa. Her dignified behavior, her strong-willed personality, and even that side of her where she sometimes acts like a busybody. All of it. That’s why I’ve been desperately making an appeal to have her look at me.

But, what’s this feeling? I’m sure I like her. It’s not wrong. But, I don’t feel like rushing to her side as soon as possible. It’s different from usual. Sure, I want to be by her side, but I feel like the burning sensation in my heart has gone.

Wait, if so, that means, my feelings for Aika have disappeared? Then, what is this feeling…?

“I don’t think they had a quarrel.”

“Right. It seems so.”

“Yeah, even myself think so too.”

“You, what the hell are you saying?”

The conversation finished in a strange atmosphere.

…Oh, the break time is about to end.

Then, in a hurry, we went back to the classroom.

Inside, I felt a strange glance from Aika, and it left a deep impression on me.

…Those glances, more, come on!

Lunch break arrived. It felt like 10 hours had passed. In any case, my stomach had been asking for a meal since the 4th period. Right now, it was more than ready for digesting any food.

I decided. Let’s ask Aika───… ask Aika?

Ask Aika, for what…? My lunch box is hung inside the plastic next to the desk, so it can be taken out immediately. I don’t need to ask Aika anything,

Hmm, what do I always do at noon?

『“────Alright, let’s eat together, Aika!”』

Ah, right.

I would always ask Aika for having lunch together.

When I looked to the left, my eyes happened to meet Aika’s eyes. She looked at me with a tense face.

…Should I invite her as usual?

After hesitating for a while, I decided to ask her, but for some reason, my voice wouldn’t come out. Moreover, I didn’t know why, but I felt embarrassed and my head felt dizzy.

“W-what?… if you have something to say, say it.”

“Ah, no… I… well…”

Hm? Why the atmosphere became so awkward? Didn’t I usually just go straight sticking my desk to her desk, then eating while looking at Aika’s face and enjoying that beautiful scenery like a desert?

Shit, am I too embarrassed to do that now? No, more than that, isn’t the usual me seriously disgusting…?

“……..No, nothing.”


Seriously, something is wrong with me today. First of all, I somehow feel that all the scenery I see is different from usual. Honestly, this panicking me. Right, it’s not a good time to bother with Aika… I’ve never been like this before.

….A-anyway, let’s get away from here now!

Perhaps, anyone would find me strange, so it’s better not to go to a place with a lot of people. For the time being, let’s go somewhere where there’s no one.

“Eh……!? H-hey!?”

I’ve my lunch box with me. Drinks? I can buy it at the vending machine on the way later.

I feel like Aika said something to me, but it’s not the time to care about that. Even though usually I’m the one who always cares so much about her. Really, what am I talking about, huh? I’m such an idiot….

The inside of my head was still spinning. But my vision had already become clear. While still in a confused state, I bought green tea, only to have a cola in my hand. Well, at this point, anything was fine.

When I was walking around searching some a place to rest, I found a bench in the middle of the walkway with a roof, surrounding the courtyard.

Seems no one is using it. For now, let’s sit there.


About 30 seconds passed, and before I realized it, I had opened my lunch box on my lap.

Well, I’m hungry.

With chopsticks, I took the rolled omelet, which looked like something that could be found in everyone’s lunch box, and carried it to my mouth.

“… So good.”

The sweetness of the superb dish was permeating in my mouth. Buying it at a convenience store, probably would cost about 210 Yen for 5 pieces. Still, the taste was so gentle that it could purify your heart. [TN: about 2$]

Is this what they called the taste of mom’s cook?

As I continued to eat, my head was refreshed.

Just a moment ago, my mind feels like a broken TV screen, but now I don’t feel anything in particular…. Maybe I just simply lack nutrition?

“That was dangerous.”

Finally, my mind was back to normal.

I should’ve gone to the infirmary first before having my meal. I wonder if my mind that went insane just blunted my decent judgment

… But well, in the end, it healed, so it’s alright, I guess? Rather, I should be glad that I didn’t cause a ruckus and make it into a big problem.

The fifth period… it’s modern literacy. Yes, the time to let my brain cells rest has finally come. I mean, for those like me, who like to read online novels or something like that, they don’t need to learn this kind of thing in class. Also, I don’t want to use extra energy right now, so… maybe I should just space off in the class for a whole period…?

When I returned to the classroom thinking about such things, Aika who was sitting next to me might have noticed the sound of me pulling a chair, she turned her body over here. Looked at my chest and then looked at me.

Did she just see my nameplate…? Why it looks as if she just unlocked a double-security lock?

“Just maybe, were you worried about me?”

“H-Huh!? Why would I have to be worried about you!?”

“I-I see.”

I had no choice but to nod to her angry way of denial.

Strange, I’ve never thought that I’ll get hurt with just this much… Somehow, it makes me want to cry. Seems like, I should keep quiet until Aika’s mood has improved.

…Aika-san, let me massage your shoulders. No, calm down, calm down. Don’t lose to your own desire.

“I see? You, you…”

“Eh? What is it?”

“It’s nothing! You idiot!”

Okay. Just now is good. If it’s just her swearing… it’s like a reward for me!

That said, it’s unusual for Aika to falter, usually, she always refused clearly.

No, it’s not like I want it. Please, don’t do that if you can.

After that, Aika didn’t exchange any words with me, which was probably a saving grace to me, because I needed to use my head quite a bit just by talking to others, not just Aika.

And after I kept spacing off for a while, somehow, I was able to regain myself.


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