Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 1

1. After the stardust

Now that I’m a high school student, do I have any dreams in this world?

I’m sure I was expecting and dreaming of high school life more than anyone else at this time. And that feeling keep growing, until I don’t know since when, but I forgot to face reality. It’s very scary, because while it’s happening, I don’t care about the evaluations of the people around me, and I end up increasing my own dark history without realizing it.

And what’s even more scary is that I can easily regain my sanity back. And what happen to me after that, it’s just…

In the morning sunlight, Many high school students are walking along the street full of tree quietly. Meanwhile, the two noisy people stood out.

“Oi, Aika, Wait!”

“No, Stay away from me!”

A red-brown-haired schoolgirl walking fast while a brown-haired boy chasing her. Seen from the side, it looks like a quarreling couple, but in reality the two are never in that relationship.

A girl with hair that looks red in the sun. She is a beautiful girl who is usually recognized by everyone, but now she plan to sneak in between other students with a gloomy face. Despite her delicate look, she is strong-willed. No matter how many times the brown-haired boy grabs her arm, she shakes it off with all her strength.

On the other hand, the boy desperately trying to catch her. His name is Wataru Sajou. He is a man who put effort in his fashion, and also same as the other boys, he like cute girls.

The beautiful girl… Aika Natsukawa, He was in love with her since junior high school. That’s why he confessed early and pressed her for dating with him, but He got rejected, still that alone did not make him give up. He rushed to her on a daily basis and continued his enthusiastic approach.

Aika Natsukawa is a perfect girl. That’s why she accepted into a high-level private high school, and Wataru, who knew it, studied desperately while continuing to approach her, and in the end successfully entered the same high school as her. Awesome, right? As expected, it’s the power of love.

“Hahaha, That two people, they’re doing it again.”

“Right? why don’t they just be a couple already.”

From the perspective of other schoolgirls, it’s like a charming sight. If Aika is just popular, she’ll just be a target of other girl jealousy, but the two who stand out like that, since they enrolled into the school, they just look like a couple to others. Even the other boys, they admits that Wataru is the boyfriend of Aika Natsukawa, definitely he is the man for her.

Today too, Wataru chases her without giving up.

“Oi, When will you become my girlfriend?”

“Do you think I will? Idiot! Please just stop it already!”


“Why are you surprised about it now!?”

Well… As you can see, have all of you hear the words ‘The moment when hundred years of love cools down’? It mean, After seeing and hearing the bad side of the person you fell in love with, it makes your feeling toward her cold at once.

But this time it’s a little different. The boy, who was fascinated by the perfect girl, kept dreaming and was trapped in that ideal, and don’t know since when, he forgot to see the reality. What happen if he regain his sanity? Let’s take a look.

“Hey, could you walk more slowly….!?”

Suddenly a reverberant sound like an explosion of gunpowder could be heard. Passing in front of Wataru, the fast-paced soccer ball that hit the wall made a loud noise and bounced off, and just like that the ball returned to the soccer club. Similarly, Wataru come back to the reality, which he left behind many years ago.

Wataru is not injured. But at this very moment, he regain his sanity.

“H-Hey, are you okay!?”

Aika, who was surprised, approaches Wataru. When she looked from his feet to the tip of his head and confirmed that there were no injuries, she sighed and complained as if she was amazed.

“Hear this, No matter how much you want to get my attention, I’m not going to make an exaggerated reaction!”

“Y, yeah…”

“Good grief….For just a moment, you makes me feel worried! Anyway, Don’t chase after me anymore!”


Aika goes ahead after glaring at him. Wataru stood there in a daze and kept looking at her back as she left. After the distance is beyond the reach of his voice, he finally opens his mouth.

Aika and Wataru Illustration

“Y-yeah…. my bad….”

But when he said that, he can’t even see Aika’s back anymore. And, Wataru did not start walking, he just stood there in a daze.

My sanity is back. It can’t be helped if someone suddenly say, ‘What’s wrong with you?’, but I think this is the perfect word to describe my current situation.

I really didn’t know what happened. I was struck by the sound of a loud noise like an explosive, and when I saw the it rolling, I finally realized that it was a soccer ball. It should have been a normal echo sound, but my head stopped working there as if I was numb by an electric shock.

(Huh? Huuuh? What’s happened?)

It’s not really a strange feeling. I just felt like I was reborn. Wait a minute, this is a big deal, isn’t it?

I wondered if suddenly I remembered the memory of my previous life, but that’s not the case. Even what I speak and what I did until now, I can remember why I thought like that, and why I did that. I wasn’t possessed by anything. Is it because I read too much light novel? No, the last time I read it was when I was in junior high school.

I wonder what it is… Just the scene in front of me right now looks very realistic. Until now, somehow, it’s more like….. fluffy thing or sparkling thing like a stardust, is what filled my vision. What am I saying? I also have no idea what am I saying.

The sound of a bell echoes from the back of the school building.

“Ah… I need to hurry.”

My every day life, everything is just a matter of course. It should always feel the same… But, I feel that everything I view now is different from usual. While running, I keep hitting my cheeks as if to keep myself. Otherwise, I felt that I couldn’t even reach the classroom.

When I arrived at the floor where the classroom was located, it was just right before the morning assembly. That’s strange… I think I arrived at school quite early to match Aika, but…

“Hey, You’re 1 second late.”

“Ugh, I didn’t make it in time?”

I managed to jump into the classroom, but my homeroom teacher was just entering the classroom right before me. And, apparently I wasn’t in time. It’s the first time I’ve been late since I enrolled to this school, somehow it makes me sad.

“It’s because you keep chasing Natsukawa’ ass… hm? Natsukawa is sitting in her seat already. How rare, did something happened?”

“Hmm? there’s nothing happened. I just simply late.”

“Really? Don’t be late then!”

The binder hitting my head, and the whole class was laughed at me. Aika sits in the middle of the class and glares at me. While glancing at her, I felt a sense of discomfort and tilted my head.

“Anyway, just go to your seat.”

“Yes, I’m sorry for being late.”


My seat is next to another famous beautiful girl. While I walk to my seat, the other students teasing me and poking me. When I casually looked at Aika, she grumpily turned away. If I talk to her now, it’s just gonna stir up more trouble for myself. So, without saying anything, I sit and listened to the teacher speaking over the table.

“Hey, You, after all you didn’t get hurt?”

“As I said, I’m okay…. Maybe.”


After the morning assembly, Aika came in front of me. She asked me to stand up and she’s gonna giving me some money…. Of course no. She looked around from bottom to top to see whether I was injured or not. Why she so suddenly kind… Hmm!? Maybe, just maybe, does she like me…. That’s impossible. Speaking of which, She desperately rejected me every time.

“Then, in return, I’ll….”

“Sit down.”

In return, I jokingly trying to confirm Aika too, She suddenly pressed my chest, I fall down, and I took an emergency seat. I could only see Aika’s toes, but, Hm… Hmm? Again, suddenly my eyes flickering…. this was not something dangerous, right? Well, I guess it will eventually healed by itself.

While looking at Aika’s back who is leaving, her voice, ‘You makes me feel worried!’, echoing in my head, and somehow I could see her charming aura keep spilling out from her. It seems that the stardust-filled vision was waiting for my return.


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