Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 3

3. Chapter 3

When I encountered a mysterious black cat who called itself a shape shifter, first, I decided to explain how I woke up here.

While being distracted by the black cat, which is moving its tail, the black cat nodded and opened its mouth after I finished the explanation.

“Hmm, it seems that you were involved in a Different World Summon.”

“Different World Summon?”
What is that?

Why it’s sound like a long-established brand of food?

“It’s a ritual that calls someone with heroic qualities into this world. I know only the general knowledge, but that’s probably why you’re here.”

“A person with heroic qualities…”

No way, I have such a talent?…

With that in mind, the black cat stares at me with a smirk.

“Don’t get me wrong. It’s the girl who has the qualities. You have a remarkable constitution, but you’re far from a hero.”

“Isn’t it okay to let me have a little dream!?”

“Even if you dream in a place like this, it’s just gonna be a nightmare. Well, I understand your story. Next, let’s talk about me.”


While being depressed, I nodded to the black cat who said so.

“My name is Schiff. One of the monsters that live in this ruin. A monster is a general term for creatures with powerful powers and abilities that are different from something that you call cat.”

“Speaking generically … The shape shifter, is it your race name?”

“Yeah. The shape shifter is an amorphous monster that can change its appearance. So, the appearance of the black cat just now is just another side of me.”

As soon as I say that, the black cat— transforms from his appearance to a small animal such as an owl, a crow, or a mouse.

Finally, when it transform to the black cat, it see me.

“That’s it. Do you understand?”

“Ye, Yeah …”

Somehow, it’s amazing.

I somehow understood that this is another world, but I have no other choice than to admit that fact, since it show me the proof.

“And the main subject is from here… Would you like to escape from this ruin with me?”

I open my eyes to the unexpected proposal.

“It’s more than what I hope for, but why? is it impossible for you alone?”

“Yeah. There are other monsters here besides me. The strongest of them is guarding the entrance.”

Then I look beyond the exit, which is almost blocked by rubble.

The strongest… From the flow of the story so far, maybe it is —,

“Are you asking me to fight it? That strong monster…”

“You could think it that way.”

“Can’t we just do something through discussions…?”

“It’s impossible.”

I’m pressured by the way Schiff saying it.

For me, who first learned of the existence of a Monster, Schiff which is also a Monster seemed to have a fairly rational personality.

So, I thought that there are many intelligent individuals in the existence called monsters …

“Unfortunately, there are only a few monsters that understand human language like me. I can speak to you because I learned words and techniques from a human being, most monsters do not speak words. “

“Is that so…”

But why do Schiff need me?

Even if I go along, I should only be a stumbling block.

“… Are you trying to use me as a decoy?”

“It’s reasonable for you to doubt like that, but let me say this, it’s not that, it’s different. If I plan to use you as a decoy, then it’s enough to use it to another monsters that live here.”

Schiff doesn’t sound like… lying to me.

He continues to speak as I turns my eyes on Schiff.

“The important thing for me is to escape from this site with you, a human.”

“Do you have a reason to do that?”

“There is “

Schiff, who answer without hesitation, involuntarily makes me taken aback.

…It should the first time he met me.

But I don’t know why he’s trying to help me without regarding the danger.

“I was waiting for a human like the Lord. The one who will become my Lord.”

“…And that is me?”

“Yeah, you have the talent to be a Tamer… I mean to make Monsters obey you.”

“Tamer? That’s, like someone who make monster be his familiar…?”

“Oh, so you know about that?”

I’ve played fantasy games, so I know it.

Even so, I’ve never heard something like shape shifter.

“The mana that you have, for monsters it’s… maybe I could say it, delicious? It’s a special thing that can empower us.”

“Delicious? You mean it has taste?”

“It’s just a metaphor, but you should be aware that it has the appeal to tempt Monster.”

I was surprised that I had mana, but I never thought that it was special to Monsters.

“Do you have any idea?”

“Hmm, I don’t know?”

“For example… animals avoid you?”

“Whawt!?” [TN: this is not typo]

I open my eyes wide to the facts.

“Do you know? Animals avoid you because the quality of your mana is so strong that wild animals instinctively avoid you.”

“That’s why!… All this time, it was because of my own constitution…”

But I’m glad it wasn’t because of my body odor …!

Rather, I’ve never think it was because of the mana inside me that I couldn’t get close to the animals.
Well, in the original world, I didn’t even know the existence of mana in the first place.

“That’s why I want you to be my Lord.”

“Why do you bother to be my familiar …”

“I told you right? I was waiting for someone like you.”

….Schiff glances at the skeletonized corpse, struggling to lean on the altar.

The sharp eyes of the black cat made a sad face like he missed something…. but he didn’t seem to be malicious to me.

….I guess it’s okay to believe him.

“…I see. So, what should I do?”

“Is it okay? I’m telling you, maybe I’m just trying to deceive you with my talk about your mana?”

“I believe in you. Since I come this far, you are the only one I can count on.”

“Well… Then, put out your hands.”

Reach out as he told me.

“I get a little blood. I’m sorry, but please bear with me.”

“Ye, Yeah.”

When Schiff lightly poke the back of my hand with his nails, a slight scratch is carved.

I was prepared to hurt, but I was surprised at the scratches that he had scratched.

“What, that’s all?”

“You don’t want to get hurt, right? Anyway, with your mana this much is enough.”

He put his little forefoot on my hand and looked up at me.

“Focus on your consciousness. That’s all you need to do for now.”

“… I’ll try.”

Oh, it’s a paw.

I try to concentrate while being distracted by the feel on the back of my hand.

“A monster and a man, The one to bend down and the one to look up. With a testimony of blood, the old covenant, will be signed now.”

When Schiff hums something like a spell, a faint light flows from my hand into Schiff’s body.

He closed his eyes to endure something, but when the faint light wrapped around his entire body, he lifted his forefoot from my hands.

“This completes the contract. It’s a bit old spell, but I’m glad I succeeded.”

“Then, did you become my familiar?”

“Close your eyes. You should be able to feel my presence.”

I close my eyes as he told me, and I can somehow see the presence of the Schiff in front of me.

What is this? Is that what connects me with him?

Perhaps this is mana.

“Now, let’s introduce ourselves again. I’m a Schiff. I’m a strange shape shifter who used to have human’ friend, and I’m a strange monster. I’m named by that friend of me, so I’ll continue to use that name. I want you to keep calling me that way”

…Maybe I’ll have a long relationship with him.

It’s just a while since I met him, and we’re still stranger to each other, but for some reason I had such a feeling.

That’s why I engrave his name in my heart again, take a small deep breath, and then tell my name.

“I’m Kaito Arihara. Call me Arihara or Kaito, call me as you like…. Even if it’s just with an unreliable me. Let’s have a long relationship. Schiff.”

“Yeah, Let’s do that. My lord, Kaito.”

Now, I’m still in a place where I don’t know right or left, but I’m glad to have meet a reliable companion.


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