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Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 2

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2. Chapter 2

“… Huh!?”

When I woke up, the first thing I saw in my sight was a gray ceiling.

There were cracks everywhere, and I saw the ceiling where something like the sun was shining through the cracked gaps, and tilted my head as to why I was sleeping in such a place.

“What…? Why am I in this kind of… Place…”

Certainly, I was trying to go home from school while holding an umbrella, and I encountered Shishihara, and then I was surrounded some lights and magic circle that I didn’t understand.

“Shi, Shishihara!”

I got up and looked around.

I saw debris was rolling around. It didn’t seem like a place where human live.

If I look closely at the place where I were sleeping, it seems that I were sleeping on an altar-like table. From the sidelines, it seems as if I would be sacrificed in some kind of ritual.

“What is this place … No, wait. Situation, I need to grasp the situation…”

When I returned from school, a magic circle occurred at the feet of my classmate, Shishihara, who happened to be walking ahead of me.

I was just within that magic circle range, so I was caught up in it.

“The shock at that time … Maybe I was repelled?”

I was halfway into the magic circle, but I think I was blown away from the magic circle during the transfer.

So, I fainted in a place like an archaeological site that I didn’t know where is it. So, it’s must be a different place from the place where I was supposedly to be taken.



“What does it mean!”

I slams my school bag that was transferred with me on the ground and screams.

I really don’t understand.

Why do I have to be thrown into a place where it doesn’t even look somewhere around Japan, huh!?

“No way, did ‘That’ fly me to this kind of place!? Is that even possible!?”

Rather, can I even go home!?

So far I only feel the danger for my life, though!?

For a few minutes, I cried out at an empty ruin and regained my composure for the time being, and realized that I couldn’t do anything even if I was screaming, so I decided to check my belongings first.

“Smartphones, pencil cases, umbrellas and bags … Yeah, I don’t think there’s nothing useful …”

First, my smartphone screen said is out of service.

What’s more, the battery level is 3%, just a few minutes before it becomes a completely useless.

I don’t have anything I can count on.

Then, around here… is there an exit around here? For the time being, I want to get out from this dim place where the sunlight hardly seen.

“Something, is there nothing, huh …”

Oh, There it is. Something like an exit.

However, the rubble is piled up and there is only a hole that big enough for one person to pass, and it is unknown whether there is a point beyond that.

Let’s go there after investigating this place a little more.

With that in mind, when I was looking for something around the place I woke up, I found something behind the altar.

It’s hard to see because the shadow of the altar, but it’s look like something as big as human.

No, that is more than a human size …

“A. a corpse!?”

It’s the body of a skeletonized person.

I fell behind because of surprise, and trembled with fear.

The fact that this person’s body is here means that he was brought in like me … and couldn’t leave…?

“Here, am I, am I going to…”

Bad imagination in my mind doesn’t stop.

Facing the reality in front of me, my heart is about to break.

At that time, some noise can be heard from the hole that seems to be the exit.

While my shoulders keep shaking, I looked at it, and something like a small black animal crawled out from the hole.

“C, cat …? In this kind of place …?”


It’s a black cat.

A cat whose eyes shined suspiciously without crying in a place so dim like this.

It’s line of sight was directed at me, who was sitting in front of the skeleton corpse.


It looked like a normal cat that I usually watched in videos and saw from a distance. But, for some reason it didn’t seem like a cat to me.

It’s another creature in the shape of a cat.

Intuitively, the black cat on the rubble made a strange leap on the spot and attacked me.


Being attacked by animals— For me, who lived a life without such worries, I couldn’t have been able to react to the black cat that open its front legs and try to attack me.

As it is, I was pushed down by a black cat that bitten my chest and I hits my back against a cold stone pavement.

When I opened my eyes to the pain, there was a black cat’s face with bare fangs at the tips of my eyes and nose.

“I’m sorry! I used to lie that cats aren’t cute, but actually, I loved cats very much! I watched the videos about cats so many times!! I’m hated by cats, but, in truth I always wanted to touch them at least once in my life! So please… life, spare my life!”


When humans are cornered, they say anything.

With teary eyes, I’m begging for my life in front of a cat, and the black cat who saw it, touches my chin with his small forefoot and move it left to the right as if to confirm something.

Kaito and the Cat Illustration

Ah, it’s a paw… and I thought it was okay to die now, but the black cat suddenly move away from my face.

“You are, a human?”


Did the cat just speak?

Eh, it’s a lie right? Do cat usually talk?

Maybe, because I was hated by animals, I’ve never knew that cat actually can speak?

To me who is confused, the black cat moves its tail softly.

“I was surprised. I’ve never thought there are any humans who get lost here. You look a bit insane, though … Hmm… This Mana.”

“Why, w-w-why… why cat could talk …”

“Mmm? I’m not a cat.”

A black cat make a slightly stuffy face.

That figure, what is it if it wasn’t a cat? Is that something from a cat species overseas?

“Don’t you know? I’m a shape shifter. I’m not a cat, I’m a monster.”

“Shape… shifter? Monster?”

“Hmm, don’t you know anything about me or monsters? This is… another strange human being.”

The black cat got off from me, jumps on the altar.

He stretched his back to look down at me, and spoke clearly to me with a beautiful voice.

“First, we should talk about each other.”

After being blown away to a place that I don’t even know where it is, next is a talking black cat.

And somehow its called shape..something and it’s a monster?

There are many things that I don’t understand, but at least I thought I could trust the existence in front of me who spoke reasonably.


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