Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 1

1. Chapter 1

Kaito… No matter how much you love animals, I think animals hate you.

That’s the words that hit me so hard when I was in charge of animal-keeper in elementary school.

The one who said that words was a girl who I couldn’t even remember her name, but the words are still deeply engraved in my heart.

I, Kaito Arihara, not liked by animals.

From childhood to the age of seventeen, I have never touched or approached animals in my life.

I’m hated by the animals to the point that I think, I might be cursed.

When I tried to get near to a dog, the dog barked at me.

When I tried to get near to a cat, the cat escaped.

And the crows always cawing at me.

At the zoo, the capybara who saw my face, disappeared from my view with a full dash.

I don’t know the reason.

At least it wasn’t my body odor or anything like that, I just had something that make animal wary of me.

However, not being liked by animals is not so painful to live.

At least in my 17 years of life, I didn’t have any big problems from that. Today, the school is over without any problems, and I am walking with an umbrella on the way back from the rain.

It ’s good to think positively.

The fact that, I’m hated by animals!! or I’ve never touched a cat or a dog!!, could be used as a material to torment my own mental. Still, If I think that I don’t need to be wary of being attacked by bear or wild boar, I feel that having this trait is not that bad.

“It’s raining so heavy.”

I wasn’t liked by animals for 17 years, and now I’m in the second year of high school. Today, after I finished my classes, I was walking with my umbrella on my way home because it’s raining.


I look up at the rainy sky and feel depressed, suddenly I find a cat sheltering from the rain bellow the roadside trees.

Brown and white cat.

At first glance, I muttered “Oh, cute”, but when the cat noticed that I was standing still, it immediately made all it’s hair stand.


Seeing the cat run through the rain as if scared, I was sad as usual.

Wait, don’t I already getting used to being hated by cats?

Rather, even a lion in the zoo avoid me, right?


While sighing heavily, I continue walking back home.

Then, this time, I noticed not a cat, but a girl student walking a little ahead.

A girl looking down and reading a book while holding an umbrella.

When I sees her shoulder-length, slightly brownish black hair and slowly walking as she reads the book, I recognizes that she is my classmate.


She is from my class, Chisato Shishihara.

She is just a classmate who I often meets, and not particularly close, so she can’t be called friend.

I feel like we’ve been in the same class many times, but it’s a just relationship where we say hello when we meet face to face.

So, with a feeling like “Ah, we’re classmates? Hmm.”, Anyway, I keep walking on the rainy road without thinking about anything.

Her speed of walking while reading with an umbrella is slow, and I’m about to pass her.

When I tries to pass her without thinking about anything, suddenly she stops without warning.

“…Just now… What is it?”


I hear she mutter like that.

Was it the text in the book she were reading that interested her?

It has nothing to do with me then.

When I tried to go ahead, suddenly a strong light was emitted from my feet.

“What, What is it!?”

Looking at my feet, patterns with strange characters were lined up in a circle. it appeared with Shishihara as the center.

What is this? Some kind of special effects? Is it for TV?

No, more than that, Shishihara is…

“This kind of development is… What’s wrong with the the main character? Why he just do nothing? In time like that, he supposed to go and hit the enemies, right?”

In the first place, she doesn’t even notice the magic circle at her feet, huh!?

Oh, yeah, she was a person who do everything with her own pace in the class, right!?


“Hmm? Oh, Arihara. Yoo-hoo.”

“Oh, yoo-hoo…. Oi, it’s not the time for that! Get a grasp of the current situation!”

“… Hmm? Eh? What is this? Ma-Magic circle?”

Magic circle? …….Magic circle!?

I was surprised at Shishihara’s muttering, which was too relax, but for a moment, the Magic circle that floated at my feet gradually began to rotate.

Anyway, I have to run from here as soon as…!


“Shishihara! Run…”

“…Will it bring me to a different world? I guess so. Well, what kind of different world do you think is it, Arihara?”

“Don’t escape from reality already!? Isn’t it too early to give up!?”

After looking at her own feet, she suddenly make a straight face with her hollow eyes.

As the magic circle emits more light, so did our bodies.

“It’s so bright…”

It’s so bright until I can’t open my eyes.

When the whole field of vision was completely white, my body was blown away as if it were being hit by something.



My consciousness is fading.

And finally, Shishihara made a panicked voice.

With such a voice, my vision changed from white to black, and my consciousness fell into the darkness.


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