Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 3

3. House

On the day of discharge, Dr. Takashina sent me off with a smile as usual. All the nurses who came to see me off were crying. Fear came first, rather than being happy because there were dozens of people seeing me off.

…..Most people said they had never talked to a man properly, and that me, the only man they ever talked to is gone, so, maybe they feel something in their heart.

However, when they cried all at once, my face was twitching when seeing that sight.

I got in my mother’s car and reached home in about 15 minutes.

“Well, we’re arrived, I’ll unlock it, so wait a minute.”


While waiting for my mother, I take a look at the house. Hmm, actually, I didn’t come back home only for four days, but somehow I feel nostalgic.

However, the house is big… it a three-story house with garden. It’s a mansion. By the way, my mother said she was a staff of a company… I didn’t have any memory about it, maybe because I wasn’t interested on it at all before.

“Thanks for waiting, I’ve unlocked it.”

There is a sound of the door getting unlocked, then my mother opens the door and goes inside. I also go inside and arrive at the living room.

“You’re hungry, right? Should I take out something? Or I know we just reached home, but are you prefer to eat outside?”

“Well, if it’s a simple meal, I could make it, though?”


I just made a suggestion, but my mother made a great voice and looked at me.

“Well, I can make a simple fried rice, and I’m quite confident in the taste…”

I go to the kitchen saying so. Perhaps She’s worried about my cooking, because I had never cooked before, I always eating outside all the time … but now that I have memories of my previous life, I can do a bit of cooking. That’s why I proposed the idea…

“No, no! I mean, well, there’s almost no material in the refrigerator… so why not we just ask for food delivery for today? Okay!?”

Just as I tried to open the fridge, I heard a voice that seems to be in hurry.

I see, we don’t have many ingredients left, huh, but maybe it’s better to check once, who knows? maybe with the leftover ingredients, I could make a stir-fry.

“Well, maybe I can make something with the leftover, so I’ll take a look first.”

With that said, I open the big refrigerator door.


I heard my mother’s impatient voice. And what’s in the fridge comes into my eyes.

What came into my eyes was a large amount of beer in the refrigerator and the snacks that were served together with it. And when I open the freezer,

This is another cup of frozen bean.

Then I slowly turning my face toward my mother, there was a woman with teary eyes, shaking her head. But her eyes is drowning in alcohol.

“No, this is.. this is just by chance. So, it happened to be full of alcohol only today. I don’t really like alcohol that much, it went in there without me knowing it. No, I’m not an alcoholic.”

Is there such a reason! She’s desperately making excuses…. Perhaps, she can’t do housework at all?…

By the way, it’s the the housekeeper who usually did all the housework …

In this world, if a woman couldn’t do the housework, usually man wouldn’t want to marry that woman… How did she get my father?

Unintentionally, my eyes seeing her like seeing an office lady in her forties who was drunk on the road. It’s a pitiful gaze. And my mother is half crying because of the gaze.

“It can’t be helped, so let’s ask for delivery.”

When She heard the words, my mother left the room with a half-crying face, saying that she would smile in an instant and bring me a menu.

Apparently, She was happy that she wasn’t hated.

After a while, She came back with the menus of various shops in her hand.

“Noodles, pizza, sushi, Chinese food, etc., but which one do you want to eat? Even if you want all, it’s fine.”

“No, I can’t eat that much.”

“Right, my recommendation is this soba noodles restaurant. The noodles is delicious, but the donburi is also delicious.”
[TN; Donburi is some meat put on top of the rice in bowl.]

“Then, let’s order from there. I will have this set of tendon and warm soba noodles.”
[TN: Tendon is, Tenpura Donburi, so the meat on top of the rice is a tenpura, something like meat, veggie ore even boiled egg, that they deep fried.]

“And me, I’m going to order a set of seasonal cooked meat with rice and soba, then I’ll call them.”

That said, my mother places the order over the phone.

“Then I’m going back to my room.”

I said that to my mother and headed to my room.

My room was in the back of the third floor.

When I opened the door and look inside, yeah, it was my familiar room.

…….Still, I think it’s a big room. I think it’s about 14 or 15 tatami mats.
[TN: 1 tatami is about 1.5 m2, so it’s about 21.5m2 or 23m2]

I entered the room, went to the closet and opened it.

I saw various clothes inside, and when I saw my junior high school uniform, I sighed a lot of times.

Mostly, the bottom of the school uniform in this world were skirt, regardless of gender.

Now that I remembered my past-life memory, I can’t helped but to feel discomfort wearing it. However, it’ll be strange to complain now about what I have been wearing without any resistance, and also this uniform was the culture of this world. Then, there was no choice even if I feel uncomfortable. There was a saying that, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

……if you think about it, there are some good points of this world like, no matter how much you dress like a woman, no one will see you with strange eyes.

But…. I don’t have a hobby of dressing up like a woman!


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