Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 2

2. Encounter with mother

When I check the clock, It’s around 9 o’clock.

After I woke up, now a female doctor in a white coat stand in front of me, and she was examining me.

“… There are no abnormalities so far. There were no abnormalities in X-rays or CT, but just in case, let’s watch the situation for a few days and then you can leave the hospital.”

“Ah, yes.”

“I’ve contacted your parents about you waking up, so I think they’ll come soon.”

A female doctor….. After receiving a self-introduction, she is a professional named Minami Takashina, and she smiles gently.

“She was very happy and said that she would come soon.”

“That… is that so?”

I’m a little sorry for what my mother’s feels, considering my attitude to her so far…

However, this hospital room is large. The TV is equipped with a personal computer, and in addition, it is equipped with a kitchen and a shower room. I wonder how much does it cost…

With that in mind, the door of the room opened with a loud sound.

When I turned my eyes to it, a beautiful woman with light brown hair and almond eyes stood there with out of breath.
The woman shed tears in her eyes when she saw me and hugged me, who is sitting in bed.

“I’m glad! I’m so glad! I thought….. Maybe, you won’t wake up! I was so worried!”

I, Kohaku Hatano, see the woman who is crying, hugging and crying, she looks like in her twenties on the sidelines, and is my mother, Yoko Hatano.

A few minutes later, I call out to my mother, who has finally stopped crying, to apologize for making her worried.

“I’m sorry to worry you. Mom.”

Upon hearing the words, my mother stopped moving as if time had stopped. She doesn’t move and just stand like a beautiful sculpture.

I honestly apologize to her, and she respond like this… Maybe she’s thinking the terrible attitude I’ve had done so far… and If my memory is correct, it’s the first time I call her, ‘Mother’.

“Just now, you said Mom…”

“Yeah, I’m sorry for the terrible attitude I’ve had so far, and when I saw my mother who was so worried, I reflected on myself.”

…. As expected, will she suspected me? Was it a little deliberate? Doesn’t it seem strange? I’m worried about what she think because I said something like that I never said, so I could only say that I had changed suddenly. When I was worried about that, my mother reacted energetically to the words.

“No, no, it’s okay, and you’ve always been a good kid, so doesn’t it mean that you’ve just become a really good kid. You don’t have to worry about what you’ve done! It’s okay! Mom will always accept all of you!”

It was okay that it shock me little. To be honest, I thought what I said was like what an amateur will said.

Until now, my attitude is definitely not a good child … Because it’s not just once or twice that I silently pulled money out of her wallet…

Is this the standard of love in this world? …… Love, isn’t it too heavy already?

“I, I see, thank you”

“Then mom, I’ll talk about the future in a separate room, so can you come with me?”

Until now, Dr. Takashina, who had been watching the interaction between me and my mother while smiling, called out.

“Yes. Then, mom will going for a bit, so see you later.”

“Yeah, see you.”

Maybe she was happy with my words, she’s said ‘I’m going!’ cheerfully and left the room.

Seeing my mother, I take a deep breath. So, did my mother understand that I had changed?…

Now, I need to think about what I’m going to do and think about my current situation.

I’m in my third year of middle school, and now it’s late September.

At this time, the reputation I’ve in junior high school does not matter. What important is what to do with high school. The current first choice is the Seimei Boys’ School, which is in a world where there are few men, it’s hard to get in into Boys’ school, and some more that one is one of the most famous schools in this Arhenheim Country. The one who enroll in this school, boys from all over Arhenheim, will gather in that school. Therefore, the school has a very high standard.

Let’s stop here first. What I’m talking about is, if I enter a boys’ school to become a Devilish Man, what’s going to happen.

Besides, that school seems to have seniors as instructors for new students, but it is rumored that the instructor and the new students often develop into a romantic relationship.

……Do you understand? Yes, right. It’s a Boy’s Love. It seems that rose flowers are in full bloom there.

What’s wrong with that school? I definitely don’t want to go to that school…

Well, when I go to my junior high school, I will consult it with my teacher…

Thinking so, I forgot about that matter for now, then picked up a remote control nearby, turned on the TV, and turned the channel.

There are variety shows, dramas, quiz shows, news programs, and various programs, but most of the performers are women, but sometimes there are male performers, just one of them, who is very popular now, a male Idol can be seen in TV.

So, there are male idols in this world, but to be honest, they don’t look very good.

However, all male idols are very popular, probably because they are just because they are man in the world.

I look at the idol’s face, then touch my own face, and walk to the place where the built-in mirror is, to see my face.

My hair is light brown, and the back part is about to touch my shoulders, my eyes are big and my nose are smooth, overall my face is refreshingly beautiful, creating a vibe of mysterious beauty.

And if I compare my face with the idol I mentioned earlier, I think I’m a lot more cute.

On the contrary, even if you compared it with women, I think you could call it one of the top class beauty in the world.

Should I try to be an idol? That kind of idea comes to my mind.

Nope, never, I’ll never do that.


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