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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 1

I’ll Re-edit the ch in the future, for now I’m sorry if the earlier ch, the quality is so bad {Mostly I just Tl-ed it without much editing or no editing, so when you read it, it’s might sound like a machine, too formal, and soo unnatural, and there is a lot of grammar mistake}… I’m sure the recent ch is a lot better…. (20/06/2022)


1. Day of determination

That day, the summer sun was constantly shining in the sky and the temperature projected on the large screen was 39 degrees Celsius, which also the hottest day of the year. It was quite hard to do business outside on such a day.

Moreover, I did all-nighter for 3 days straight, so I was completely worn-out and sleepy.

Well, it was my own fault for joining a company like that treated me like that.

I had a normal life like others, played a lot while in university, and then joined a black corporation. Sure, it was just a common thing in Japan those days.

My parents passed away and I had no relatives to rely on.

…Therefore, I couldn’t just quit my job as my salary was low and no savings in my bank. And that was also the reason I had no time to search for another jobs.

“….Traffic jam?”

I tried to assess what I saw vaguely with my sleepless mind. And maybe that was also why I was unaware of the screams around me.

And when I noticed…. Something felt unusual…. Yeah, my body was ‘messed up’.


The front of the truck was right in front of my face, and I could see the driver inside… he was not moving.

I finally realized that I was crushed in between the walls of a building and a truck, but I didn’t feel any pain anymore.

“Well… It can’t… be helped…”

I closed my eyes slowly.

“Let’s… Sleep… A lot…”

Then, I fell asleep, and my life was ended.

….Suddenly, I remembered something like that happened.

“How do I put it… It was a life without anything worth to mention.”

Nothing special happened in my previous life. I couldn’t even comment properly about it.


Somehow my head was hurt.

Still, I tried to look around.

It was a place that I didn’t know…. but to some extent I knew where I was… Yeah, I was inside a hospital.

I slept in a hospital bed until now.

Why was I in such a place?

It was because I slipped and fell down the stairs at school.

Yeah, just because I remembered my previous life, it didn’t mean that I lost the memory I had in ‘This World’.

……From what I could remember, I fell down the stairs, hit my head, and my memory from my previous life came back, or something like that… but, there was nothing special about my previous life. Maybe all of this happened because of ‘that’?… because I didn’t study much?…. or because I didn’t make enough effort?

Well, compared to that, now… Nope, I was not making any effort in here too.

But, I think, it was because of ‘This World’.

‘This World’, the number of men in here was too low, so men were given preferential treatment, which was unthinkable in my previous life. Well, if I were to say how low the number of men in here….. compared to women, men were about one-twentieth of woman… the me from ‘This World’ never thought about this before, but I was amazed that humanity in here did a good job to not perished yet.

Based on the history of this world, the number of women seemed to increase a lot more than the men.

As the result, men had long been protected, well-paid, and be able to live without work in ‘This World’. There was even such a word like, ‘If you born as a man, you’re the winner.’

Therefore, the men in here, they grew up being spoiled and looked down much on women.

Actually, the personality of the me from ‘This World’ was also bad.

Since I just got my memory of my previous life, I understand how bad it was. The me from ‘This World’ never called mother, “Mom”, it was always, “Hey” or “Oi”.

“No, Not in a chance..”

I couldn’t help but to let the words out from my mouth.

…Let’s change it.

After all, it was really not something that I, who had the sense of values ​​of my previous life, could approve.

My parents in my previous life were died before I graduated from college, so I couldn’t do filial piety properly…

… At least now since I got a second chance to do that, I would definitely do that ‘here’.

Also, I had to study hard. After all, I wanted to go to a first-class university instead of a third-class university. That way, there might be a good chance I would get into a good company.

No matter how much money I might got from the country, I didn’t like to be unemployed…

Most of men in ‘This World’ didn’t work. That was because the support from the country and from women.

If I didn’t remember my past life, I was sure the me from ‘This World’ would plan to never work too. But now, I was really scared of being unemployed…Also, I should make plans about how I would like to form a relationship with the woman in here…

‘This World’ had a mysteriously similar part compared to the one in my previous life. There were personal computers and smartphones, and the meals were mostly same. To put it simply, it might be closer to say that I was reborn in a parallel world rather than a completely different world. But, of course, the names of the countries that had been established were completely different, but…

…The big differences were the sex ratio, the hair color, and the woman facial deviation!

The hair of the people in ‘This World’ was colorful, there were blonde and black, as well as pink and green, and even rainbow-colored hair.

The average facial features value of women was abnormally high. I didn’t care about it until now, but now that I have memories of my previous life, and that was why I could say it now…

…’This world’ was full of beautiful women!

Of course, there were various kinds of girl, such as cute girl and beautiful girl, but they were generally had good features. Perhaps, since ancient times, only beautiful people had been selected by the men in here. And in a competition for survival in ‘This World’, only the girl with good looks was selected and could continue their lineage.

….If the girl in here is beautiful, that mean, the man in here should look good too, right? But, to be honest… There aren’t a lot of men who look good here. Why though?…. No, wait, I should be thankful instead. Because my face has a fairly high facial features value. Even compared to the good-looking girl in here, my face still looked pretty good.

Well, because of that, Regardless the gender I were looking down at everything around me.

By the way, Now I remembered what I said in the self-introduction when I was in junior high school in ‘here’… it was…

“All of you is ugly, I’m sure if you apply even a little bit of horse dung, your face might become a little bit better.”

Can you believe it? I said that. I think the me from ‘This world’ was just a narcissist…..

Above all, I didn’t introduce myself at all in my self-introduction, I just cursed everyone around me.

Seriously, I’m really shocked me until I want to say ‘Respect’ for my past-self stupidity in here!

However, even a guy with a mental illness like the me from ‘This world’, in ‘here’, it was guaranteed that you would be cherished just by saying that ‘I’m a man’.

To be honest, ‘This World’ was an easy mode if you were born as a man. You could get money without doing anything, and woman would come to pamper you.

But, that was why! I had to make efforts to get a better life and a good woman!

I understood what I need to do to strive for a better life in ‘This World’.

I just need to study hard and either join a good company or start my own… But what should I do to get a good woman? Do I need to do skin care? or should I do more research on fashion? Or should I improve my housework skill like cooking?

……Hmm…Well, probably all of them are correct, but there’s something more important than that.

That is… How I behave! Yeah, right… For example, I need to be able to make a suggestive attitude to them and lead them. That kind of skill is what I need.

Oh right, that kind of person also exist in my previous life!

A woman who liked to lead the man and moved him at will with her suggestive attitude!

And she got herself a rich and handsome man.

The woman was called:

“Devilish Woman” [TN: It’s basically, Femme Fatale]

Then, I should have aim for something like it too, that’s to be a

“Devilish Man..” [TN: something like Lady killer, I guess.]

MC Illustration

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