Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 30

30. In the meantime, I give up

The next day, in early morning, Lacra came to my place.

From what I heard, she got a sudden contact from Mejis. They ask her to explain the situation to King of Tiez and then ask him to cooperate in the search for the book.

At first, I was inclined to the sudden change in the movement of Yugura Religion, but after listening to the detailed circumstances from Lacra, the reason became clear.

She was foolishly reporting all she did here to his boss in Mejis that she had requested cooperation from someone who was a candidate for official of Tiez.

I know that she said she asked me to shut my mouth, but I’m not going to do that. And When her boss know about what kind of relationship we have, of course her boss need to make some reasonable decision.

By the way, according to the story I heard from Lacra, there is a gap of about a day between the report and the instruction. So, it can guessed that a person other than the person giving instructions to Lacra was the one who instructed this decision.

Currently, the archbishop called Ukka is giving instructions to Lakra, and the person who can give instructions to that Ukka is the Pope, Euparo.

With this, I can see the standing positions of those who are instructing Yugura Religion, strictly speaking, Lacra. They understand the book only as much as a book with Necromancy information. I can say, ‘as expected’.

However, now, there are some problems. The book now exists at Tiez Castle.

And the plan is to make the book discovered by barrier that Lacra set up, and the book will be returned with something to trade. In the meantime, it’s a troublesome, that something like this happen when the book still being decoded.

Since they were asking for direct cooperation, we have to choose between revealing the existence of the book and returning it immediately or hiding the existence of the book. It’s possible to hide it, but if we do that, it will be difficult to return it.

It also mean we need to deceives Mejis who has approached negotiations honestly. Tiez doesn’t want to have a bad relationship with Mejis. We just want to confirm the danger of books.

And even at this stage, it could be said that the books is quite dangerous. Or it’s already passing that level.

Well, there is no point in worrying alone. The one who has the final say is Marito. He must make a responsible choice. As the situation was already became like this, I immediately headed to the castle alone.

“From the moment she approached you, a Candidate for Department of State Affair, I thought that her boss will also requested for official cooperation with Tiez.”

“When I think about it again, that might be right.”

“How long does it take to decode the book?”

“Hmmm, I want at least two more days to read aloud all of it.”

“That’s true even just seeing the remaining amount, you might need that long. If it’s just to decode it roughly, is one day enough for you?”

“Well, I think I can do that.”

“I don’t want to completely understand the method of Necromancy. I just want to know what kind of thing is written.”

And Marito decided to receive the request for cooperation from Lacra. Then, at a later date, I will make it look like that I found the book stored in the treasure chest, and return it to her. For now, that’s the plan.

Since Lacra could sees through lie, I will use someone who does not know the circumstances to tell that fact to her. Sometimes Lacra asks a lot of questions in dangerous way, it even make me scared that I might make fault when answering it. But, since it become like this, it kind of saved me.

“But, I have something in my mind.”

“Let me guess… it’s about the other parties right?”

“Yeah, I asked Lacra, but she said she didn’t know anything about it. Well, I’m sure the one who sent Lacra here know that if he explained it to her, is a bad idea.”

“Still, there is no information about them at all. Is it just her that don’t know about them? Or, because their existence are not known in public, they’re ordered to stay low for now?”

“I think it’s the later. If the one they sent is someone who usually work behind the scene, the possibility that it’s their kingdom’ assassin group, is high. And if it’s really them that they sent to here, another kingdom, even if they announced it publicly to us, it’ll just create a friction between both kingdoms.”

“To be honest, I want to declare to them that they definitely sent someone like that to here. But, as long as the book still in our hand, I can’t pressure them about that too much.”

“Anyway, I’m sure that right now they must prioritized how to find the book and maintain the good relationship with Tiez, rather than keeping their eyes on Maya. If only the book can disappeared by itself, we’ll not troubled like this.”

For now, one case is resolved. Decoding the book and return it to Mejis. But, that part, we’ll think about it next time.

Still, if I knew that it’ll be like this, there’s no need to ask Gazen to restrain himself from walking around at night.

I’m sure he has his own life too… I need to withdrawn that request immediately. That’s why I part with Marito and go to the back alley.

“Gazen, are you here?”

“What? If it’s about the money, I haven’t finished it yet.”

Gazen was reading a book while sipping the alcohol I gave him yesterday. He drink it slowly like he want to savor the taste longer. It recommend by Gozz himself, so I kind of understand what he feel right now.

The book that Gazen reading now is…… From the title… is it some agricultural books, huh?

“You see, it’s about what I talked to you yesterday. It might be just my needless fear.”

“I see. But, even if you ask me now to give your money back…. I already used some of it, you know.”

“Is it that book? Anyway, it’s me who asked you in the first place, so I’m not going to asked you to give that money back.”

“Thanks for your generosity, then.”

“Still, that book, huh… Do you plan to grow some crops?”

“I’m just wondering if I can just bring some soil from outside that I put into box, and make it into a small field.”

A vegetable garden using planter huh? I guess it’s not a bad idea since you could grow your own food. Maybe I should recommend it to Wolfe too, since it might be good for her education.

“Don’t forget to make a hole in the bottom of the box and put some pumice stone before the soil. It’s a good drainage system, so it’ll make the plant harder to rot.”

“Really? Do you well-known about that kind of thing?”

“In the past, I’ve an acquaintance that have hobby to growing plants. At that time, I just heard a bit from that person.”

“You know, plants can’t complain and they don’t avoid people. It’s just perfect for someone like me.”

“Sure they can’t complain, but of you’re not keeping an eye on it and taking care it well, it’s gonna rot quietly too.”

“Right. I need to at least do that much. Alright, maybe, I’ll go picking up the stone that you just mentioned.”

Then Gazen stands up slowly and walk away steadily. Sitll, planters in back alley, huh? If he just planting for making food, he might got complain later.

It may be better to give some advice considering the scenery, etc., so that Gazen does not create trouble with the surroundings.

“You used my money. So if you get a good harvest, don’t forget to give me a little too, okay?”

“If it’s just a little, hehe.”

After splitting with Gazen, I had my lunch and join Lacra. It seems that Marito acted fast. While I was making a detour, his messenger had already met Lacra to informed her about the cooperation.

Now that they’ve asked the kingdom to cooperate for searching the book, it’s okay to explain about it to Illias.

“…. And that’s the story. So, Lacra came here to find the book that Dokora stole.”

“I see. So that’s the reason for you to guided her around the city wall, and for us to climbed the mountain too, huh.”

“The reason why I didn’t tell Illias until now is because Lacra told me to keep it a secret. Sure it’s really a top secret matter.”

“I’m really sorry. But, I also have my own circumstances…”

“No, no, just by hearing the reason, it’s enough for me. Certainly, for Yugura Religion, the fact that he kept a book about Necromancy must be keep as a secret.”

“By the way, as for the reason why I knew it first, is when we went around visiting the village…”

“Aagh!? Aaaagh!? Aaaaaaagh!?”

“Shut up!”

I will explain to Illias about my relationship with Lacra. Oh, about the Charm Magic that she tried to cast on me too.

But, I’ll not tell her the fact that the book is with Marito right now. Because, this information must be keep from Yugura Religion too. I’ll only tell her the information that Lacra told me.

“Shosho-sama, you promised to keep it a secret, so why…”

“If I can just pay with your image becoming bad , it’s rather a cheap price than me keeping it a secret and make my relationship with Illias worsen.”


“I, I see. But don’t worry, I’m not going to tell it to anyone.”

“Illias, what a good person!…. and compared to her….”

“Who is the one that is so stupid enough to honestly told her boos and make the situation be like this, huh?”

“Ugh, Report, Communicate, Discuss, are important, right!?”
[TN: so, she said, Ho-Ren-So, which is from Houkoku (Report), Renraku (Comunicate), Sodan (Discuss), which is in Japan thats a good bussiness maners.]

After listening to the story, Illias start to think. It probably reminds her when she fight Dokora. Then, of course, she will bring out that topic.

“I’m sure that Dokora said that he left a farewell gift for you. Didn’t you said that you wanted to search it in his base?”

There it is. She is a muscle-brain, but she’s not dumb. She is a prodigy type who could learn all magic if she want. And also the type who will speak out loud the thing she noticed.

It’s not like she’s not flexible enough to help me if I talked to her in advance.

But, For Illias, Lying and hiding things will make her feel uncomfortable.

“Yeah. The next two days after that, the knights went to each base and collected all of the stolen goods and valuable things they found. So if the book was in one of the base, the possibility of it being inside the castle now is high.”

“Even if you know all that, you still asked me to stretch the barrier all the way from the wall, huh….”

“Well, in the end the kingdom will flow the stolen things back to the market. Still, just because I know that it might be there, you hope that I’ll straight invited you to go into the castle?”

“That’s…. Hmmm…”

“If that happens, I’ll stop you.”


“They will finish checking the treasure house tomorrow, so today just prepare the tool to set up the barrier.”

And it’ll be just a waste of time… No, I can’t say that. It’s bad to drop her motivation, let’s hope that after that it will not make her lose all her motivation.

“…Well it can’t be helped then. By the way, why Dokora wanted to give farewell gift to Shosho-sama?”

“That’s because He cornered Dokora. And Dokora acknowledge him.”


Why she need to say unnecessary thing… Even though I tried to hide it because it could be something troublesome.

“I was lucky enough to read his destination, just that. The one who blown away the undead that he summoned together with the nearby trees, and defeated Dokora is Illias.”

“That’s true, but…”

“Still, even thought that’s the case, please tell me about it too.”

This is bad. How should I make my excuse… but I need to answer without lying. Oh, I just need to put it this way, maybe like this?

“I don’t like to stand out. I have a cooperative relationship with Lacra, but I didn’t want Mejis to know what I was doing. But, even though I was hiding the fact that I was involved in subduing Dokora, I still wanted to cooperate with you. I’m sorry.”

“I see… No, no, don’t worry. It’s just that I need to answer what my boss asked to me without hiding anything, so if you think like that, it can’t be helped.”

“Please do that. Thanks.”

Lacra returns to Maya’s church and prepares tools to create a barrier. By the way, I also asked her to keep an eye to Wolfe for me.

As Illias needs to return to her work, I heads to the castle together to continue decoding the book. Of course, I only told her that I was called by Marito.

“Oh, right. I need to apologize to you.”

“To me?”

“Yeah. I mean, I live under your protection. So, I should’ve talked about it to you too.”

“But, Lacra asked you to keep it a secret, right? To be honest, I feel a bit sad, but It’s better than you broke the promise that you made.”

“You feel sad, huh.”

“No, no, how do I put it, hmm… I mean, I know that you two have a secret that only both of you shared, It’s just that I feel like being left alone because I’m not included….”

“So, you feel sad, right?”

“Yeah, yeah! So annoying! And it’s not just me, but Wolfe also concerned about it.”

Wolfe? Not bad, she is indeed quite sharp. However, I think she was concerned about Illias. It makes her uneasy to see someone close to her being worried about something. Wolfe is such a child.

After that, I continue decoding the book with Marito. The plan changed, now I just need to explain roughly what’s written. Then, as I proceeded, only the part pointed out by Marito and Lord Ragdo that I need to explain in detail.

As expected, it still took time. The sun went down, and I had to stay overnight at the castle. I ask Illias to pick up Wolfe when she go back, and then I have dinner at the castle.

“By the way, having dinner in this way is a first time for me. Working all night like this is kind of fresh!”

“When I’m still not of age, sure I have more physical strength than now. Still, working all night is hard even for me at that time….”

“You, you look like someone who lacks physical strength from the beginning though.”

“Not only physical strength, but my mental too. I can’t maintain my concentration all night, you know.”

Still, it’s just a matter of reading though, as for understanding it….

It is Marito and Lord Ragdo who actually understand and remember the content. Oh yeah, that assassin too.

Then Lord Ragdo make a supper. It’s look a valuable item if Gozz and Saira here, they will put it on their forehead as decoration. Anyway, the works continue all night.

“Hmmmm♪, Foo♪ Foo♪ Foo♪”

Walk around the city at night with a humming. The man feels good today. It’s only natural that you’ll be in a good mood when what you tried to do, went well.

“Ah, the alcohol… Well, It last for two days, so it’s good enough, I guess.”

He clench the empty leather bag. he thought It was a delicious alcohol and wonder if that kid would bring it again.

He could just buy another alcohol with the money he has now, but the one he got from that kid is exceptional.

Anyway, there were some people who are whimsical, huh. He’s a weirdo. Even though he always has an attitude and eyes that seem to dislike me, he still…

He give me alcohol, money, and talk to me as a partner. Even though just by giving me money, he could get information from my mouth…. But, is not feels bad to be a spoiled homeless guy.

“When my corps grow to be delicious vegetables… Maybe, I’ll give him more as my thanks.”

While closing his eyes, the man enjoy the aftertaste of the alcohol that is barely left, and continue walking.

The back alley is like his garden, so he can walk with his eyes closed. What he hear now is the words of people who can be heard faintly even at night.

Oh, again? The couple over there is so boring… Oi, stop quarrelling. What is it for today? it’s about how to cut vegetables correctly? Just bite it then.

Is the old lady in the other house mumbling alone again? Your grandson will come to see you in a few days. Just go to bed already.

And, what I could hear other than that is…. What is it? Don’t make an unfamiliar voice!

The man opens his eyes and looks at the house where he can hear that voice. He though that the old man here must have died half a year ago. So, it’s strange that there are people inside.

Then the man remember the words that kid said to him. He was asking about whether an unfamiliar guy from the outside was lingering around here lately or not. Is it them?

The man think, ‘Even though I restrain myself to not use a vacant house… What a joke!’.

There is a window in front of his line of sight. He move his legs and look inside…. Who the fuck are them?

Multiple men with black robes talking about something. It’s a kind of thing that no one should be involved. The man keep away from the windows and slowly distance himself from the vacant house.

While wondering what are they doing, The man thinks, if he told this to that kid will he get more money or not?

Well, he’ll surely pay for it. That way, the plan to grow vegetables will go well.

Hmm? What happened? My vision suddenly….

“Oi, oi, did you just killed him?”

“He was looking inside the house. Anyway, from his appearance, you can tell he’s just a smelly homeless scum.”

“Yeah, yeah. Anyway, you cut his neck too cleanly. When someone see this, they will know that he got murdered.”

“Look at what this guy is holding. It’s alcohol.”

“Yeah, yeah. Then, do like this, make him stand again, and…. Do like this!”

“Do you need to make so much noise!?”

“My bad, my bad. But with this, it will looks like he got an accident, doesn’t it? Anyway, let’s go.”

It’s morning. Finally, I decoded it to the extent that it is okay to return it. So, I was allowed to go home.

If I had not told Illias that I’m planning stay at the castle, she would have misunderstood it by now. Lately, Illias’s line of sight is harsh when I’ve been absent for the night. I’m worried that Wolfe won’t imitate her soon.

When I was rumoring about her, somehow I saw Illias. There seems to be someone by her side.

The body is sticking out from the back alley, and it looks familiar, was it that guard? I think he was a knight apprentice who was instructed by Lord Ragdo’ corps.

…. Illias looks different for her usual. Did something happened?

“Illias, you make a disgusted face, did something happened?”

“Oh, it’s you, huh. No, nothing, just that I saw some unpleasant sight from the morning…”

“Actually, what happened?”

Two guard emerge from the back alley. What is held in both hands is a stretcher that covered with cloth.

Unnatural swell could be seen, maybe someone is on board. I wonder if someone died, but I don’t want to see corpse in the morning.

The corpse on the stretcher is entirely covered with cloth, and its appearance cannot be seen.

Well, i don’t want to see it too. However, when I turned my eyes away, I found something that had fallen in the back alley and lost my words.

It’s a leather bag for alcohol, which I’ve seen recently. I rushes to the stretcher, ignores the one who try to restraint me, and lifts the cloth.

“Oi, What the…”

There was Gazen’s corpse, who lived until yesterday and was laughing ironically.

“….Gazen, that can’t be right…”

“….You know him?”

“….Yea, he is a homeless guy who live around this back alley.”

My relationship with him was not that near. He’s not a close friend. However, he is also not a complete stranger.

I know his taste for alcohol. I also know what he was trying to do. Even so…

… it’s just so sudden. Just that what I feel right about this.

“It seems that he feel down because he drank too much alcohol. At that time, he hit his head against the wall hard….”

“I see…”

He was drinking alcohol even at noon. So strange… No, wait. I’m sure I give it to him two days ago.

I pick up the leather bag. It’s inside is empty. And the smell… without a doubt, it’s the alcohol I gave him two days ago.

That is the alcohol prepared by Gozz, it’s rare in Tiez. So it’s unlikely that he brought more.

This is the only alcohol that Gazen drank between evening of two days ago and yesterday’ night. And I know that this alcohol is not that strong.

I try to remember how Gazen was yesterday… Sure, he was drinking alcohol, but the way he walk…

I go back to the back alley where Gazen would have fallen and find the wall where he might hit his head.

There are blood stains. The blood that flow out from him might be a lot. There was no doubt that Gazen died here… But… I look around and notice something strange.

“Illias, where will you plan to bring Gazen?”

“There’s a lot of people outside already. I don’t want it to be seen by people. So, for now, we will carried it to Maya’ church.”

“I see. He was not a complete stranger to me. Is it okay if I tag along?”

“Y, yeah.”

Gazen’s body is taken to Maya’s church.

…..If it’s now, it’s okay I guess? Then, I whisper in Illias’ ear.

“Could you investigate about his death? There’s somthing supicious about it.”

“What do you mean?”

“This guy, he might be killed.’

“What the!?”

“First, the alcohol that the man was drinking was the one he had since the day before yesterday. He drank it for more than a day, and he don’t seem to have drank any other alcohol. He was drinking it yesterday too, but the way he walk is normal. Second, the place he fell down, when I look around, I couldn’t find anything that would make him stumble. It’s not a place where you can fall unless you make a mistake when walking.”

“That’s… I’m sure it makes you bothered. But he might fall accidentally, right?”

“Yeah, but not to the point until It hits his head to death. There are so many traces of blood on the wall. When falling down with such momentum, he don’t seem like he tried to hold his own body with his hand. If he was conscious, I’m sure he will at least tried to protect himself with his hands.”

“… I see. Let me investigate it further.”

With that said, Illias goes to the place where Gazen’s corpse is stored and begins to examine the corpse. Look at it from behind. Eventually Illias speaks with a grim face.

“His neck is broken…. This can’t be just by hitting his head hard. Perhaps, it was done to him directly.”

“… I see, Thanks.”

My guess was stop on. Then I have to act quickly.

I turn my body and leave the room. Seeing that, Illias also follows.

“Wait a minute. Where do you plan to go?”

“The castle. I have something to discuss with Marito.”

“… Don’t you want to discuss it with me too?”

I stop and look back at Illias. A straight line of sight is directed to me.

I think silently for a moment. The things I need face from now on, is an existence and a position called Illias.

The way I told her doesn’t suit her. So, she can’t be included.

But I can’t do that vaguely. I must do it seriously.

“It’ll be an unpleasant things to hear. I don’t want the knight Illias to be involved with this.”

“I was involved already.”

“….I don’t want Illias to bear the burden of hiding from others.”

“If you ask me to keep quiet while seeing you bearing that burden alone, I refuse. Let’s carry it together.”

“…. If you get involved, you’ll definitely regret later.”

“If you ask me to let you regret it alone, I refuse. Let’s regret it together.”

Damn! Why she sounds so cool. Anyway, don’t answer too fast without a break!

If this continue… I can’t make her to back down.

“Do you really think it’s worth it? I’m not saying it clearly yet.”

“The value is for me to decide. Don’t decide it on your own.”

I scratch my head. This is not good. I need a lot of resolution to make her stop. But the resolution to never have anything with Illias from now on….

Can I do that?…. No…

“If you really want to get involved, I’d like to say, just try to give in, but… I might get killed in instant, so…. No, wait, don’t pull out your sword! I’m just saying a metaphor, so wait until I finished my talk!”

“So, sorry. Anyway, could you just give up already?”

“It’s me who should be saying that to you…. Never mind, it can’t be helped. I’m not going to take responsibility.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll definitely force you to take it.”

“Could you not get involved in this then!?”

This is my fault that I showed myself moving with my emotions. It’s my bad.

I’ve done it and I can’t take it back. At least I can’t do anything to it already.

If Marito, who knows the situation, tells her, she may back down. So, I have no choice but to take her too.

“Let’s go! We need to reach there before He sent a messenger to Lacra.”

“Y, yeah.”

After seeing the death of a man named Gazen, his appearance changed.

This is very similar to his looks at the time when he hunted down Dokora, which Illias still remember.

But it was darker and thicker than what she had felt from him before.

He switched completely when she examined the corpse as he was told and told him that a man named Gazen was likely killed.

He changed… No, it’s different. It’s just the side that he had hidden from others until now.

By being with Illias and Wolfe lately, Illias misunderstood that his standing position was approaching her side.

But, no, He is on both. He is on both sides.

Illias think that, when the bandits were subdued, it was not difficult to hold his reins because she was in the position of the one that is protecting him.

But now, it ’s His Majesty who holds his reins. Illias don’t know how His Majesty will lead him. His Majesty is a king, not a knight. So, She don’t know which side that he prioritize.

Illias think that she can’t leave him alone. It’s a knightly intuition that she feel after in contact with him many times.

That’s why, the words come out from her mouth in hurry.

“… Don’t you want to discuss it with me too?”

He looks back and looks at Illias. And Illias think, ‘Yeah, that eye. That eye is bad, I hate it. Don’t look at the world with that kind of eye!’.

“It’ll be an unpleasant things to hear. I don’t want the knight Illias to be involved with this.”

He throw words to keep Illias away.

“I was involved already.”

Iliias think that, she can’t back down. She is sure that if she get away from him here, she will never be able to approach him again. So, Illias immediately put what come in mind into words.

Illias see him getting frustrated. Perhaps she has already gone beyond the territory that he allowed.

“….I don’t want Illias to bear the burden of hiding from others.”

“If you ask me to keep quiet while seeing you bearing that burden alone, I refuse. Let’s carry it together.”

Illias worried that her relationship with him will end.

“…. If you get involved, you’ll definitely regret later.”

“If you ask me to let you regret it alone, I refuse. Let’s regret it together.”

Illias afraid that he will give up on her. If the words of refusal are repeated any more, she might really give up.

…..But suddenly his words, the way he spoke changed.

“Do you really think it’s worth it? I’m not saying it clearly yet.”

The way he said it is like he was trying to pull himself away from his own weakness. Also, He is shaking. So, Illias think, she need to use her position in his eyes well, and She back down now. Just need to hit him with more words.

“The value is for me to decide. Don’t decide it on your own.”

Illias feel the poison coming out of him. Oh, it was good. he’s back to his usual. Illias can feel that her figure is reflected in his heart.

But then, He told her to give in, so she quickly pulled out her sword. But then, he said, it was just a metaphor.

He seems to have given up on pushing her away. Then, Illias think, ‘Good, I beat him….’, But, since when did she think it was a competition? Hmmm…


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