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D-Genesis, 3 Years after Dungeon Appeared Prologue

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The WN has different story line than the LN ver. The start may be the same, but the story progress differently.

0. Prologue – 3 Years Ago (2015)

On that day, a huge accelerator built by the United States with prestige was in operation at Groom Lake in Nevada. [TN: It’s near Area 51]

A large accelerator with a circumference of 120km that extend from Groom Lake to Mt. Bold, which was built 150m underground, was increasing its output to confirm extra dimensions.

When the collision energy far exceeded the LHC, the collision of a large number of particles was recorded in the memory through the measuring instrument, and the result was displayed on the monitor. [TN: LHC is Large Hadron Collider.]

“We’d confirmed that… Micro Black Hole is being generated!”

All of them cheers, It’s the symbolic moment when the new theory was proved.

“Dr. Tyler, you did it!”

Dr. Theodore Nanase Tyler, who was in charge of this experiment, right now all the scientists around him quickly approaching him asking for a handshake.

“Ted! We did it!”

“Stop it, that name, it sounds like that stuffed animal that seems to start talking.”

Tyler laughs and holds his hand. It was a time of glory.

The young scientist, who was looking at them with respect, suddenly turned to the monitor after sharing the excitement.

Even after the experiment was successful, the computer was doing the job it was given.

The information accumulated in femtosecond is properly processed according to the program… And an unbelievable result was displayed on the monitor. [TN: It seems, femtosecond is 10-15 of a second]

“Dr. Tyler!”

The screaming call he made was enough to get the attention of the people around him.

“What’s wrong?”

“The, The Micro Black Hole…. it’s not disappearing!”

That’s impossible. Everyone who was there thought so.

If the theory is correct, Hawking radiation should evaporate and make it disappear in an instant. The mass used to generate it is at most that mass of the proton.

“Some of the ‘MBH’ are moving at high speed in air! It’s like… It’s like some force trapped it…”


At first, it was just a quantum-level of spatial distortion.

The distortion that occurred during the momentary time was taken as a chance, one in lifetime, to fulfill ‘It’s’ wishes.

Then, when ‘It’ caught the distortion, ‘It’ carefully added energy and expanded it.


『There is a huge mass in the fixed force field… What is this?!』

From the speaker, someone scream could be heard, and at the same time, the monitor was covered with white light and dimmed, ending the video.

“That ’s all?”

A nervous man, dressed in Chester Barrie’s stunning three-piece suit, fixed his legs position and asked.

“Hmm, this is the only video recorded from the Ground Control of the accelerator experiment at Groom Lake Air Force Base.”

“In other words, is the Ground Control safe? And what about the nuclear power plants built for power supply, is it also safe?”

I’m sure in this guy head, he is thinking about that three mile trouble. But, even Nevada, certainly they don’t want it to happen for the second time. [TN: the Three mile in this is about Three Mile Island accident happened in Japan.]

“There is no big impact on the ground. The only place I couldn’t get in touch with was the basement where the accelerator was installed, I’m sure the nuclear power plant was safe.”

“What about the MBH that was generated?”

“I don’t know. But no matter what, it’s unthinkable for it to expand and swallow the Earth.”

The man heard it and nodded to reassure himself.

“What about the rescue of the basement?”

“The first time will be done by the base members.”

“But because The elevators stopped completely and did not move at all, so they used the emergency stairs at point 3 on the west side of Mt. Bold to go down…”

Then the one who supposed to reporting it, projected like a still image on the monitor.

“…… What.. is this? Is it Hollywood’ new movie or something like that?”

There was something like a humanoid with scary face and bluish skin.

“He is over 10 feet tall. That life-form is the first thing that the troops who rushed in met.”

If it was a fantasy movie, it must have been called a Troll or an Ogre.

“The first two people who fired reflexively were sacrificed. The GAU-5A ASDW is like a peashooter to it, and the M855A1 bullet seems to have had no effect.”

“Oi, oi, did they also do some kind of teleportation experiment to mars?”

The stunned man screamed at how the sight looked like the setting of the game he was crazy about when he was young, but immediately he shook his head and think what they could do now.


The organism did seem to be doing some intellectual activity.

Some part of its body, which constantly generated weak and complex electric currents, suggested various things to ‘it’.

Between the moment and eternity, when ‘It’ trembling in joy, ‘it’ released a huge energy. To fulfill its own wishes.

On this day, the first dungeon, later known as The Ring, was born 150 meters underground on Groom Lake, Nevada.

Author note

MBH (Micro Black Hole)

GAU-5A ASDW (Aircrew Self-Defense Weapon)


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