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D-Genesis, 3 Years after Dungeon Appeared ch 1

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1. Inscriptions, Currently Nevada on a certain day of September

During the daytime in Nevada at the end of September, it is still above 25 degrees Celsius, a hot and dry wind is blowing.

At a government research institute, director Aaron Ainsworth screamed.
[TN: In source, his name written アーロン=エインズワース, I’m wondering whether it’s Auron or Aaron, But I guess Aaron is better.]

“What did you say?! ‘The Dungeon Passage’ theory has been proved?”

“No, you can’t call it a proof.”

The liaison officer who brought the information to the swordsman gave a relaxed explanation.

Just about a month ago, a special skill orb was found in a dungeon between Surgut and Nizhnevartovsk in the Ob River basin in Russia.

The name of the skill sealed in the orb was “Different World’ Language Understanding”.

The orb was about to be sent to a laboratory in Moscow, but bad luck, suddenly bad weather prevented the plane from taking off, and the orb, which is at the last minute of it’s time, was used to a D-card holder who happened to be nearby.

“So, is the name of the skill acquirer published? It’s for science purpose, so the name can’t be hidden, right?”

“Yes. According to the published paper, that person called Ignat Severny.”

As far as Aaron knows, no Russian dungeon researcher had such a name.

“This is the content of the announcement, ‘a partial translation of the inscriptions found in dungeons around the world’.”

I inserted the memory card given by liaison into the slot on my tablet, entered my passcode, and immediately opened the file.

The content written there was shocking.

According to it, the dungeon is a passage to another world and a terraforming tool.

The Dungeon that pierced that place like a needle works as a tool to conveniently transform the connected world.

A group of demons overflowing from the inside is used as a means to create a substance called “Demon” that may not exist in the connected world.

Exactly, it can be called terraforming.

And the dungeon that exceeds 128 layers seems to be a “Passage” that leads to the connected world.

“If it ’s true, it’s really a shocking news.”


But, For now Ignat Severny is the only one who is supposed to understand their word.

Even if he could really read the inscription, no one could verify what he claimed to have translated.

At this point, only the god in heaven can prove that he has not reproduced his delusions on paper.

“The only way to verify the content is to get another same skill orb and have another person read it.”

“Is the monster that dropped it confirmed in Japan?”

“Drop monsters have not been announced. However, the discovered dungeon is a dungeon called Kirias Cliegan Dungeon, where Rika Cliegan is dungeon connected to the Ob River, and the monsters in the captured range are open to the public based on the International Dungeon Treaty. So, you just need to use that keyword to look it up further.”

“It’s too roundabout, but I guess it’s unavoidable.”

Aaron gazed at the fading landscape of Nevada from the window.

At the end of September, The sun set in Nevada comes with a sharp drop in temperature.

Is it because of the cold air that made me tremble involuntarily? If that’s not the case, it may have been due to some force that came from 120 meters below the foot.

Then the night came.


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