Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 4

4. Average person’s declaration

“I like you. Please go out with me.”

I confessed my feelings toward Aika with a very cool face that I could make (Intention).

When it came to confession that someone said to their loved one, usually it was that word, or something similar. But, by how many times I had said it, my words might sound like just common words in Aika’s ear now.

Anyway, while carefully observing the beautiful girl in front of me, I took a sip of the onion soup. I was so nervous that it didn’t have any taste in my mouth. It didn’t moisten my lips at all.

… Sorry Mom, I used 2 packages of your favorite instant soup powder.

“Ha, Haaah!? What are you talking about?! There’s no way I’d go out with you!”

Yeah, I knew it. As expected,

“Hey… since when did we start calling each other by our names?”

“What the hell, what’s with the sudden shot questions….. Calling by name? If I remember correctly, since we got into high school───Ah, don’t call me by that so casually! Everyone will misunderstand it you know!”

Yeah right. It must be annoying from Aika’s perspective.

Acting as if I’m her boyfriend, even though I’m not.

“…….Right, that’s right.”

This is the reality. That I have always turned away from. I’ve been always in a dream world, I kept dreaming since I was in middle school. From that dream, I couldn’t wake up until I heard the explosive sound of a soccer ball hitting a wall. And you, the mirror, you’re too cruel. R-18, that’s the rating that should be put on you.

“Well… it’s my bad, I’m sorry, Natsukawa”

“It’s too late for───eh?”

Aika, no, Natsukawa was blankly looking at me who just called her by her family name so suddenly.

Of course, she’s surprised by it. She did ask me to stop it so many times, but only now have I listened to what she said.

Natsukawa just stood on the spot without moving while pointing at me. Such a posture was so strange that it made me smile. Perhaps, it would be better to say that I grinned and failed to hide it.

Even if I ‘take a look in the mirror’, my love for Natsukawa won’t change. Even if I have to gaze at her like fans looking at their out-of-reach idol, I’ll proudly do it. Just because I start to see the reality, I won’t deny all of these feelings

That’s why, this greedy feeling that I have is unacceptable.

“Even if you hit me, I wouldn’t flinch, in fact, every hit would make me miss you more. If you think it normally, I really am a weird, crazy guy, right?”

“Eh, eeeee… S-suddenly, what are you talking about…”

“Of course, that is───”

“I’m homeー”

As I tried to continue my words, I heard a lazy voice and the living room door was opened vigorously. It was my sister, a university examinee this year, who just came back home like some delinquent. She threw her bag and took off her cardigan.

“Welcome back, Sis. But, don’t surprise me like that, please take it easy.”

Huff… I’m seriously tiーred. Wataru get me something to dri──hm?”

My older sister, Kaede, jumped onto the sofa as soon as she came back. I couldn’t hide my sigh in the ruggedness that didn’t fit the name. [TN: Kaede (Maple leaf) in Japan, symbolizes elegance, beauty, and grace, That’s why the MC said her behavior doesn’t suit the name.]

Perhaps… one of the reasons I fall in love with Natsukawa is that I grew up seeing such an older sister. As expected, modesty is important.

When I was thinking about such a thing, it seemed Sis had discovered the existence of Natsukawa.

“Wa-Wataru brought a girl with him?”

Can’t you say it in better words? And, do you need to say it that loud? I think it could be heard by our neighbors. Please, don’t spread the misunderstandings even more…

A few seconds later, my mother who picked up my older sister from the cram school heard her voice and came inside like a storm. When she saw Natsukawa and me sitting across the dining table, she hung her head down and sighed.

Don’t say that Mom thought I and Natsukawa had done something because of Sis’ words…

“Don’t say something that could easily be misunderstood, you idiot!”

“Ouch!? B-But……!”

Oh, ooooh. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Mom angry. Certainly, her shout was unusually loud.

After Mom hit Sis’ head, she corrected her messed-up fleece and began to put an awkward smile on her face.

“G-good evening. Are you Wataru’s friend?”

“That’s not the normal way to talk to a high school student, isn’t it?”

“Could you Shut Up for a moment!?”

Mom sure is unusually emotional today. Both, she and Sis corrected their posture and observed Natsukawa, staring from top to bottom.

This sister and mother of me, and even me too? We might look like a really rude family.

Oi, stop it! Your eyes are like someone evaluating a product, you know! Could you stop it, please?!

“Even so, she’s super cute, isn’t she?! Don’t say, she’s your girlfriend!?”

“Of course, that’s not the case, oh my stupid daughter! Look at them! Somehow… they don’t look like ‘that’, right!?”

See at Aika Illustration

“Right! No matter how, she’s just too good for Wataru!”

It’s good that their judgment is correct, so I can explain it faster, but really, both of them just keep talking whatever they want huh? Are you two really my family members? It’s not like I’m a relative’s son and they hide that fact from me, right? No, now that I think about it, they’re always like that. And I’m not angry about it at all. Seriously, I sure have a mind of steel.

But well, I’m sure now she knows what I wanted to say.

“───Or so they say. Natsukawa. It seems I didn’t notice such a simple thing until now. Even though I should be able to understand immediately after thinking about it a little.”


“The more you say it, the more I realize it. If you dislike it so much, I won’t get closer to you anymore. Human relationships usually work that way, right?”

I’m sure, somewhere in me always feel off about all of this. Sure, I like Aika Natsukawa. However, I can’t imagine myself and her dating. Why is that?

No matter how much I try to imagine, it doesn’t seem like we are in balance. With how much our gap in appearances… I can’t keep humiliating myself by imagining a cruel scene.

At least now, I can accept the idea that there’s a natural disparity in the world like the face and the nerve of someone since born. That’s why, now I’m finally aware of my own appeal───I’ve finally woken up from a long dream, and am able to face back the reality that I have left behind.

“That’s why, I’m going to try to do what’s ‘natural’ to do, and try to read the situation and the mood. I’ll try to calm down my usual self, so please take care of me from now on too.”

“T-Take care of me, huh?….. Y-You…..”

That said, some mob characters are in their youth too. Even if they aren’t beautiful girls like the heroine of a drama, like Natsukawa. But I should be able to enjoy my school life as long as I can get someone who’s on the same level as me.

So, there’s one thing I can do now, and that’s to ask Natsukawa, who has a power level of about 50… no, 60 times more than me, to help me.

“───So, Natsukawa, isn’t there one girl among your friend who suits me?”

“What…!? 〜〜mmmh!!”

“Hm? huh…?”

Natsukawa was shaking her shoulders. No matter how I looked at it, it looked like she was angry. I was just a normal citizen, so, I didn’t dare to move when being glared at by a beautiful girl.

Anyway, I thought her gaze would be colder than this, but…

“───You’re the worst!!!”


I thought she would hit me, so I hurriedly prepare myself for it. However, Natsukawa didn’t hit me. Instead, she stretched herself from the dining table with both hands and quickly headed toward the entrance. I tried to chase after her in a hurry, but her steps were so quick.

“O, Oi! Natsukawa!”

“Shut up! Idiot!”

Even though I finally reached her, Natsukawa shook my hand and went ahead as usual. The last thing I saw was her figure turning around the corner and running away with all her might.


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Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 4

4. Chapter 4

“First, there are some things to do before escaping this site.”

Schiff, who signed a familiar contract, spoke to me, who was sitting with the altar on my back.

“So, what should I do?”

“To have you fight using me, and to gather at least one more familiar.”

“One more familiar? hmm, anyway, fight using you… What can you do, though?”

When asked, Schiff jumps on my shoulder.

I am surprised that the weight is lighter than I expected.

“Ordinary shape shifters can transform into any living thing or object, but I’m like a so-called mutant species. I can only transform into objects and small creatures like cat.”

“Hmm… Then, you can’t fight?”

“Listen to the end first.”

Schiff, who said that, taps my cheek with his tail, stretches his back.

“Don’t be surprised okay? I’m good at three types of support magic.”

“Is that… Something amazing?”

“Of course.”

Schiff then shook his tail in a good mood.


“Support magic is, as the word says, a magic that supports others. It’s a hard to learn magic that only humans can learn, but a human friend of me taught that to me.”

“That person… As expected, is this…”


A skeletal corpse that look exhausted while leaning on the altar.

This person was Schiff’ friend…

“She was a good friend. She get lost in this ruin and was trapped here, She helped me whimsically and taught me words, also magic…. and She give me an important name too.”


“I wanted to save her, but I didn’t have the power to do so. I still regret until now that I couldn’t do anything for her.”

Schiff said so sadly.

When I turn to the body again, I put my hands together and close my eyes.

“… Sorry. My talk was off the topic. So, There are three types of support magic that I can handle: Physical Strengthening, Enchant Lightning, and Enchant Fire. Until now, I couldn’t expect much effect from it. But now that I have made a contract with Lord, it’s different. “

“What’s the difference?”

“Being a familiar has made it possible to receive mana through the connection with you. High-purity, high-concentration magical power gives us power.”

If so, it means that a contract with me was indispensable for him to be useful in fight?

Besides, if Schiff can use that support magic, I can understand the reason for gathering one more companion.

“Then, the reason to gather more companion is to make use of your support magic?”

“Yep. Good, good, you could swallowing the information fast. That’s right.”

Nods happily and his compliment makes me embarrassed.

“As it is now, there is no choice but to strengthen you. However, that is not the way Tamer fights. Tamer is usually give instructions to the familiar, so good judgement is needed.”

It’s sound cool, but it looks difficult to do.

Judging the situation in instant is likely to be fatal if I made a mistake, and above all, I need to take care of the life of the monster that fight in my stead.

“I, Can I do it…”

“I’m already your familiar. As long as you ask me for help, I’ll help you as much as I can. That’s also my job.”

So… so reliable!

Now, even if it’s still a desperate situation for me, but it’s encouraging beacuse of Schiff’ presence.

“First, let’s get out of this place. Do you know the gap I used to enter here?”

“Yeah, from there, right?”

The door blocked by rubble, and there’s a small gap there.

I was worried that the rubble might collapse,

But, when I looked at it closely, I confirmed the hole, a person could easily pass through it.

“It’s small, but … I think I can pass through…”

“You should be careful about your head. Do you plan to bring that luggage?”

“…Hmm, is there no choice but to leave it?”

I don’t think I can go through this hole with my luggage, and above all, I can’t say for sure whether I will use it in the future.

On the contrary, it is too reckless to move around the ruins infested with monsters with a bag.

So I throw away my bag and umbrella on the spot and enter the gap in the door while leaded by Schiff.


“The monsters that become your companions, you could guess their presence. By the way, there’s a dog-headed monster called Kobold, it’s has a light body but powerful. I’m sure it’ll be a help to you.”

Schiff walks ahead while shaking his tail in a good mood, and I manages to crawl through the gap with a bitter smile.

At the end of the door, an old passage spread out, and rubble was everywhere here as well.

“Well, I already know the location of the Kobold. Let me guide you.”

“I’ll count on you”

I check the surroundings while following Schiff.

Is this underground… but it doesn’t seem to be that deep as the sunlight pass through the cracks on the ceiling.

Rather than the expanse further below, it seem that this place expanse to the side?

It’s dark and hazy, but there are stone pillars in the visible range.

“This is the place where used to be the Demon King’ castle.”

“…There is Demon King in this world?”

“Now, another person is calling himself that. Perhaps the reason why Lord and that chosen girl were summoned is also due to the Demon King.”

This is another fantasy cliche… but I can’t laugh when the one who involved is an acquaintance of mine.

Shishihara, are you okay?

I don’t know where she was summoned, but I hope she’s not in danger.

“One thing to note. Other than me, there are only a few monsters that you can make a contract to as a familiar.”

“Is that so?”

“Because you have just awakened as a tamer, currently only two monsters can be contracted as familiars. That’s why you have to choose the next monster carefully.”

That’s why he recommend me Kobold, because I can use it as a vanguard.

Convinced by Schiff’s words, I continue walks down the aisle, but he suddenly stops without warning.

“Mmm, Kaito, stop.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Look ahead”

As he told me, I squint at the space beyond the darkness.

Then, something small is bouncing near the wall of the passage.

What is that?



“Kyu, Kyuuu…”

……Wait, seriously what is it?

Something, something light blue like a balloon, is bouncing and hitting another silver balloon of different colors.

“That’s Slime.”

“Slime? That thing?”

“It can be dangerous if attacked by them in groups, but as an individual, it’s not that strong, and now they seem crazy about oppressing their own relatives.”

Speaking of the same family, is that silver color, just different in color?

It sounds like it’s being bullied, it’s kind of pitiful.

“In the middle is called Mithril Slime. A unique species that is born when slime eats a special mineral called Mithril.”

“… If it’s unique, isn’t it stronger than ordinary slime?”

“Although it’s quite rare, the mithril that the Slime eat, slows down it’s movement and make it loses the original strength of a slime, so that one can’t even beat regular slime.”


Judged from the metallic sound that came out every time it’s hit, probably that Slime is unhurt by the attack. So, it’s clear that the reason for the sorrowful screaming isn’t pain.

When I was looking at the scene in front of me with an indescribable face, Schiff who saw my face jumped on my shoulder.


“Hmm, If it’s just a slime, I think it’s okay? Let’s apply my support magic to you and get rid of that slime.”

“Schiff… I understand. Let’s do it.”

…Did he consider my feeling just now?

Anyway, I need to switch my mind and concentrate.

Applying support magic to me means I need to fight it myself.

It’s scary, but it’s better to get used to it with slime rather than fighting in a real battle.

“By the way, Kaito. Do you have any experience in martial arts or swordsmanship?”

“I used to learn karate when I was in elementary school, and every Friday I watched a professional wrestling show that my dad was watching.”

“Karate? Wrestling? I never heard it, but it sound strong. I can expect good from you.”

In the first place, I cant really count on karate because because I haven’t done it for so long, so I just vaguely remember it.

When I regret having raised the hurdle myself, I feel the mana flowing from my body to Schiff’ body.

“The first actual battle. The opponent is slime, it’s enough to just drive them away.”

“Okay, I’ll start by getting used to the support magic.”

“Alright, then I’ll cast on you.”

Schiff’ body on my shoulder is wrapped in a faint light, which moves into my body.

As I leave myself to an unprecedented mysterious sensation of strength that I’ve never felt in my body, my mind switched to that of battle.


D Genesis, 3 Years after Dungeon Appeared ch 3

3. Miharu Naruse, JDA Headquarters

“I’m sorry … what should I report about this?”

Miharu Naruse is in trouble.

Here, the monitoring section of the Dungeon Management Division of JDA (Japan Dungeon Association) mainly deals with the generation of new Dungeons and the capture situation of Dungeon in Japan.

New Dungeons, even though it’s not generated often, are said to be born about once a year in each area.

However, since there are few countries like Japan where high-precision seismographs are installed on a nationwide scale, it was estimated that there are many dungeons that have not yet been found.

And, there was a reaction earlier, but…

“You just have to report as the way it happened.”

“Fu, Furai-san!”

When I looked up, Miharu’s boss was there. Kakeru Furai, 29 years old. The chief of the surveillance section.

He was a sensitive man whose forehead was about receding to at a young age.

“Especially if you’re confused how to explained it. if you included your own speculation, it might be more confusing later, you know?”


That’s true, but the result is…

Miharu was hesitant about the content that would make her look crazy if she reported it as it was.

“Hmm? Don’t put so serious face. What the hell actually happened?”

“No, that… Then I will report as what’ve been measured!”

“As I said from the beginning, just do it like that.”

I don’t care already. Let’s push the rest to our boss. Miharu decided so and began to talk fluently.

“At 14:32, it caught a tremor that seems to have generated a dungeon near the New National Stadium.”

“Is it right next to Yoyogi!?”

The Yoyogi Dungeon is a Dungeon that was generated three years ago between the NHK Broadcasting Center and the second gymnastic at Yoyogi Stadium.

“Is it about 1 km in a straight line from it?”

“That close? How big is it?”

“Ah, uhm… it’s deep-depth.”


“If the measurement is correct, the depth is over 1400m.”


The Dungeon depth of Yoyogi Dungeon is only 280m. So, it’s roughly five times of that. There is no doubt that it is one of the deepest Dungeon in the world.

“Well, then the train track, the Oedo Line, is going to be messed up… Immediately contact the relevant parties!”

The dungeons that occur in the center of the city destroy the underground infrastructure. Three years ago, when the Yoyogi Dungeon was born, the train track, the Chiyoda Line, between Yoyogi Park and Harajuku was cut suddenly off, and a major accident was about to occur because of it.

It’s early afternoon on weekdays, and if the subway tracks suddenly disappear at that time, it would be catastrophic. However…

“Oh no, it’s near the Aoyama Gate, so it’s probably safe.”

As a result of research, it has been clarified that the space that actually occupied by the dungeon has a cylinder shape with a diameter of several meters to at most a dozen meters.

It is known that the dungeon quake is the impact when the needle of the measurement machine is driven in, and the extinction quake is the impact when the needle is pulled out.

From Aoyama Gate, the route of the Oedo Line is less than 200m away. If the measurement is correct, there should be no damage to it.

“But still, we need to report. We have to block the entrance, and the impact on the stadium that’s still under construction is inevitable. Contact the Olympic Committee too…”

“Please wait.”


He replied without hiding the frustration of this busy situation.

“That’s, it… it’s gone.”


“The, the dungeon.”

The boss looked dumbfounded. While Miharu was ready for the next storm, she wondering if her face looked like this when she saw the data.

“The deep-depth Dungeon that appeared in Tokyo…”

The boss glanced at his watch.

“It disappeared in an hour, you say? Is that a joke?”

Miharu dropped her shoulders as she looked at her boss, who said that with a faint laugh with while thinking to not forgive her if it was a joke.

“That’s why I wasn’t sure what and how to report. Anyway, the deep-depth Dungeon that occurred near the Aoyama Gate of the New National Stadium at 14:32 has already disappeared as of 15:20. There is also an extinction earthquake very similar like this in Denver. Recorded. Only minutes after the outbreak. “

Even in Denver, after defeating the last monster, all of the people inside the dungeon returned to the ground and a short time later, an extinction earthquake was recorded, and it was reported that only traces of collapsed holes were left there.

A similar phenomenon has been reported in the shallow dungeon that has been captured.

“Do you want to say that someone appears in a deep-depth Dungeon and captures it in minutes?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know, but the peace of the people of Tokyo and the schedule for the Olympics were able to be kept. That’s good, right?”

To his stunned boss, Miharu made up a line like that and bowed down because she couldn’t give more explanation than that.

The boss who heard the report asked Miharu with a serious look.

“So how should I report this to the section chief?”


Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 4

4. Meal

After checking the clothes, then when I look at the bookshelf, I find an interesting book. The title of the book is

 「”Learn ancient history with picture”」

I can’t remember since when it was there, I don’t remember reading it too. I think I got it when I was little and put it on the bookshelf without reading it.

Then I pick up the book, sit on the sofa in the room and open the book, the book comically deformed historical figure.

As I read it, it seems that because of the rarity of man and the fact that many women have children from one man, ancient men were worshiped as messengers of God, or the God itself. As the times progressed, men began to act like a shrine maiden who served God, and seems to have been involved in festivals and fortune-telling.

In the warring period, the Queen of big country invaded a country to get a man, the invasion is going smoothly, but just before the Queen get the man. The man go to the subordinates of the queen and said

 「”Kill this person.”」

He ordered that while his finger point toward the queen, there was an episode in which all the subordinates around the Queen pointed their swords at her and killed her.

…Probably an episode of ancient man’s authority, but it’s amazing to see the lack of loyalty of the the vassals are to rebel against their Queen at the command of a stranger man!

But I also sought to be a man who could play a woman like this.

The goal I have here is to have a good life, so it’s important to make those women who have a good face, good personality, and rich enough to finance me, also to make sure that they really fall in love with me, this is really important. In addition to that, Just in case! Just in case! the money that woman give to me must be with a good intention….

I think of that in my head.



………….. Isn’t it too nasty?

No! To be such a man, I, need to be a person that I can be proud of. A rare man who is kind to women in this tough world for women. Women should be happy because they can associate with such rare man.

That’s it! It must be a win-win relationship. Maybe… Perhaps… I hope it will be like that.

When I think about that, I hear my mother’s voice from below. Apparently the soba that we ordered has arrived.

I get up from the sofa and turn off the lights in the room.

The ordered dishes are lined up on the table in the living room, it has a nice smell.

“Ah, you’re here, then let’s eat it now.”

“Yeah, it looks delicious.”

“Yes, it has a good reputation for being delicious. It seems that in the ‘Gurumera’ this shop has a high point.”

‘Gurumera’ is a site a site where people who go to eat at the restaurant give their points to the restaurant.

“I see, then, Itadakimasu!”
[TN: Itadakimasu is Japanese way of giving respect to the food.]


First of all, attach chopsticks to the bowl, there are several kinds of vegetables on the bowl, Japanese whiting (fish), shrimp, squid, conger eel and the usual spice they usually use in rice bowl, and fried egg are on it, making it like a colorful bowl… When I put the shrimp in my mouth, I hear a crispy sound from the coating, and I could see a plump shrimp inside. When I break the egg with chopsticks, the thick yolk flows, and when I put it in my mouth with rice, it tastes indescribable.

Oh, this shop, not bad! While thinking such things, I use the chopsticks to get the soba. The soba noodles is easily pass my throat and the soup is also delicious.


As I was enjoying the meal, my mother who is sitting in front of me, laughing at me.

“Hmm, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m happy to be able to eat together like this. Before this, you always hated to have meal together…”

By the way, I didn’t really talk to her before, and I didn’t even want to meet her… Well, that’s the type of guy who after become an adult will says that he make a lot of mistake when he’s young.

…… Let’s reflect on it while I can.

“Sorry, mom. From now on, let’s eat together as much as possible.”

“Really, I’m really happy. Mom will finish her work early and come back as fast as possible.”

“Then, I hope that you’ll studying cooking. I’ll wait for you to cook delicious meal for me.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

That said, my mother smiled. However, the following words I gonna say will make her face stiff.

“For that, I have to dispose of that large amount of beer to make some space in the refrigerator.”

“Ugh! No, I don’t think that’s need to be done, if anything, I can just buy another refrigerator …”

I laugh at the words and say it just a joke.

“Right! With only that much, it will be gone in three days!”

“…I want my mom to be healthy and live longer, so with that in mind, limit yourself three bottles of beer a day.”

“What’re… you… saying…”

Hearing my words, she make a desperate face.

“But alcohol is like the chief of a hundred medicines, so it’s okay to drink it!”

“Still don’t drink too much”

“Ugh! But if I don’t drink, my hands will tremble…”

isn’t she an alcohol addict! This Women!!

“Anyway, be careful not to drink too much.”

“Ugh… I understand.”

She look down in despair while saying that.

“Oh, by the way, the housekeeper will change from next week.”

“Hmmm, I see.”

I’m sure the housekeeper used to be an old person.

“Kohaku, I’ll say it just in case, if you get ‘attacked’, you have to resist and fight back properly.”

“Oh, Okay.”

“I’m worried, Kohaku is so cute… sometimes someone might do something without thinking.”

“It’s okay, that person was sent to this house knowing that there’s a male member here, so it’s someone who passed the examination, right?”

In this world, the government make a law that in order for a woman to enter a man’s private space at her workplace, the company that send her must did some test to the woman strictly and would never send her to the job unless she meets the standards.

“That’s right, but still…”

Mother sighs anxiously while saying that.

With such anxiety, I had the first meal with my mother after regaining back my past-life memory.


Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 34 Part 2

Next ch will be another 2 part.

Btw, this is the end of LN vol 2.

34-2. In the meantime, I feel smaller (Part 2)

The stuff left by Illias’ parents are mainly could be divided into clothes, armors, tools for priests, and daily necessities. It seems that they were put randomly, so let’s sort them out first.

“Wolfe, first collect the weapons and armor around here near the right edge of the living room. The clothes rack is on the far left, and the daily necessities in the center….. Well, this one, I’ll carry it myself.”


Now, let’s do it quickly and thoroughly. I roll up my sleeves and carry the tools to the entrance so that Wolfe can easily carry them.

I used to do it alone, but it’s nice to have someone’ help. Especially with Wolfe’ strength, who learned how to strengthen herself using mana, even the heaviest furniture is light for her.

Honestly it make me jealous, even though I always fighting with muscle pain here and there every time.

“Kyaaaa! B-bugs!? How dare you, Shosho-sama!?”
[TN: ‘kyaa’ is how usually japanese girl scream, so I’ll leave it like that]

I heard a scream in the bathroom. Moreover, it seems that I has been falsely accused. It is obvious that even if I go there, it will not end well.

“Wolfe, go and check there. Oh, and explain to her that I haven’t done anything.”

“Okay! Shisho have an absolute alibi, so don’t worry!”

Where did she remember that word? Moreover, it seems that I’m a criminal if she said it in that way.

I wish she could come back safely, but…. As I thought, Wolfe who came back here was wet because she was hugged by someone who was wet.

“Even if you locked it in the bathroom, I’m afraid it’ll just stay there….”

It seems that I better to hurry the cleaning here. It could be a terrible thing if Lacra suddenly join and help. Alright, it’s been a while but I need to do this seriously.

“….Alright, finally it’s over.”

“It’s over!”

Carrying out the tools is safely done. Next is cleaning. However, since I had done rough cleaning before, it doesn’t require much effort.

Lacra who got out of the bath boasted that she could do if it’s only cleaning, so I decided to leave it to her.

Anyway, I’m sure she will flip something upside down, and by the end she’ll be dirty again. I ignore the screams heard on the second floor and quickly remove the dirt on me in the bathroom.

After that, I ask Wolfe to use the bathroom, and while ignoring the crying heard on the second floor, I brews tea.

“I’m done taking shower, Shisho!”

“Oh, . I’ve brewed tea so drink it.”

“Thank you!”

“Are you done cleaning…”

“Yeah, Wolfe left water in the bathtub, so go and clean your boy once more.”

She should have taken the bath once, but Lacra is even more dirty than before, so I pushed her into the bathroom again.

“Don’t throw bugs again okay!?”

“I’m not even the one who throw the bug before.”

There’s no more bed left for Lacra, so let’s make her give up on it for today. I can buy it at Mr. Ban’ place tomorrow. And anyway, I need various everyday items too.

Then, I don’t need to care about Lacra anymore. What’s left is how to handle the things lined up in this living room.

Wolfe is also looking at daily necessities with interest. Many of them are used by the aristocrat, and they are rare item for Wolfe, who started her life from a commoner.

When Illias was small, she lived in a large house. But now, she live like a monk. If you see her only by how she train, she could be said a hermit, I guess?

Still, it piqued my curiosity, so I pick up the smallest sword. But, the heavy weight still makes me feel that it’s extraordinary.

I tried to pull it out of the scabbard, but it got stuck and I couldn’t pull it out. After tried for almost a minute, I was finally able to see the blade.

“…It’s a good sword.”

Even an amateur can see it. There is no rust on the blade. Is it a sword that is for ritual and rarely used in actual battles? Although simple, the sword are beautifully decorated, and the polished blades reflect my figure like a mirror.

“How nostalgic, it’s the sword my father get from the previous king.”

I was surprised by the voice of Illias that I suddenly heard from behind, and it almost makes me dropped the sword. However, thanks to the weight of the sword, it did not slip from my hand.

“Don’t suddenly speak from behind, it’s dangerous, you know.”

“I tried to call you, though.”

“Did you see it? Welcome back Illias.”

“Yeah… I’m home. But when I look at it like this, there are quite a few stuff, huh.”

Illias sighs at the many things lined up in the living room. At least if it’s just left like this, we can’t have dinner satisfactorily.

“You may have a feeling for disposing a few of this. So, what are you going to do?”

“It’s annoying, but I have to sort it out to some extent. My mother’s clothes, I might worn it in the future. So, I just need to cast Bugs Repellent Magic and store it… My father’s clothes… do you want it?”

“Well, it’s size is perfect for me. I also like the fact that it’s not flashy.”

“My dad was a strict knight. I hope if you wear his clothes, it could influence you a little.”

“If it has such an effect, mean that things are cursed.”

Imagine, just by wearing them and the one who wears that clothes, their personality changed…. But if I think it again, a salaryman’s suit can also be said have a personality switch effect. Right, hmmm.

“Oh, and if you want to use some of the armor, you can choose whichever you like, you know.”

“I don’t have the strength to wear armor. I don’t have the strength to swing weapons too. This thing is enough.”

Equipped on my waist is my partner, the wood which I was previously picked up in the forest. I even remodeled it into a wooden sword.

“Then you won’t be able to train using it. It’ll break in one go.”

“It’s okay. You see, if you hang a sword on your waist, your opponent will cowered.”

In Japan, just carrying a wooden sword, could get you questioned by police, you know! And passersby also will get away with scared eyes!

“Wit, maybe it can be used if you put mana in it? Hmm, But I guess in the end, it still will be crushed in one go?”

“Listen to me, I will never lend you my partner.”

“Why don’t you choose something a little better if you want it to be your life companion… It’s like a child’s toy, you know?”

As Illias says, in this world, if you carry a wooden sword, you may be treated as a child, but I don’t care.

“This is to make me remember my original intentions when I came to this world. It’s a weapon to fight my own pride.”

“…Well, then it can’t be helped then.”

This is the only weapon I can wield here, and no matter how strong my allies are, I am just worth this much.

And I should never forget it. I can’t rely too much on my allies too. Because I am just a weak person in this world.

“Honestly, I really wanted to carry the first generation of my partner…”

“I think the ashes of it remained, do you get it from the barracks?”

“It could be used as a fertilizer for vegetables.”

Eat vegetables grown from the ashes of your partner. I’m sure if I talk that to other people, they will take some distance from me.

Anyway, the handling of clothing is over. Armor used for ceremonies will be stored. The other unused armor will be donated to the knights of Lord Ragdo Corps. Her mother’s tools used for work will be donated to Maya. I decided to have the daily necessities that looks okay and exchange it at Mr. Ban’ place. However, some items, especially those usually used by her parents, will be stored in Illias’ room.

“If you have something you want, you can just take it. I’m sure even things would be happy if it’s used by someone.”

“Clothes are enough. If I have more luggage, it will be bulky when I leave here.”

Moving place is hard, so I’m going to be a minimalist in this world. The treasure chest, which stores memorable items I found here, might become quite bulky, but I don’t care about it.

“…Are you going to leave?”

“It’s not right away, but if one of us gets married and has a family, they won’t be able to live together here right? Illias just became an adult, but I’m already in a good year to think about it.”

I’m wondering if an adult man lives together with Illias, while she is married and has a family herself… Even if it’s the other way, it’s also a bit…

“That, That’s right.”

“And if I don’t have any more business in this Kingdom, I think it’s also a good idea to go to other Kingdom.”

“Are you dissatisfied with this Kingdom?”

“No. The people I know here mostly are good guys, even the king is good person too. Such a good environment is unlikely to be found in other kingdom.”

To be honest, the one who gives me a convenient accommodation, the shop that offers my favorite meal, the merchant who understands me, and the king who takes me, all of them are too good.

I don’t think this will continue like this forever. Is it just me being too cautious? or is it that I’m worrying too much?… Maybe both? In modern Japan, the scenery of one place will change completely in after 10 years passed.

“Then, why do you say something like leaving the Kingdom….”

“I want to find a way to return to my original world.”

I didn’t give up on my original world yet, even though I thought it was okay to live in this world. I decoded the book, but there was no information about the way to get back to my original world.

However, the earthling created the Forbidden Magic in this world called Resuscitation Magic. So it can’t be said for sure yet that there is no way at all to return to my original world.

Still, at least there is no more information hidden in Tiez. Eventually some information may flow here, but that can be said for sure.

“… Do you have friends or family left in ‘Earth’?”

“Hmmm…. If it’s just about human relationships, the one I have here might be better.”

“And you still want to find a way to return to your original world?”

“I’m enjoying this life now. I want to take care of Wolfe and pay back Illias’ kindness. But If I thing about the future, I don’t know what will happen. I may just miss the convenience that I have there. Or I may just lose the energy to live in this world. “

In fact, this world doesn’t suit me. Even if I come to the fantasy world, I’m still a realist.

Those around me are full of superhuman, just on a whim and I might get injured in a life-threatening manner.

In modern Japan, such dangers need only be considered in something like an accident. There are crimes such as fraud and robbery, but the judicial legislative branch is doing their job in its own way.

Obviously, the techniques I’ve learned to protect myself could be easily use in the latter.

“I’m not like Illias, who already decided to live in one way, but one day I might be like that. So as the preparation for that, I think it’s better to have more options. You see, this is just the habit of my world.”

Those who are straightforward, full of dreams and ambitions are good. But I’m not like everyone else who already choose to walk that way. That’s why I need to prepare from now. So, when I find the way that I decided to walk, I will have a little advantage at that time.

“Well, I’m not someone who forget to pay back someone’ kindness or throw things out irresponsibly and go home. To live with a bad aftertaste, it’s not a way to life safely.”

“I’m not worried about that, just…”


“…I’m sure Wolfe would be lonely if you were gone.”

“Maybe. I’ll probably be lonely too. I want her to have better encounters and experiences by then.”

Wolfe is clinging to me. She might say that she will follow me when I choose to go back to my original world.

That’s why I need her to be become a full-fledged person and create her own reason to remain in this world. I take that much responsibility.

“…What are you gonna do if Wolfe said she wants you?”

“At that time, it just means that I haven’t fully taught her about the world yet. Don’t worry, I’ll teach her patiently. Oh, and of course, I’ll never give Wolfe to a good-for-nothing guy.”

Maybe, I’m probably the best in Wolfe’ mind right now. But Illias is around the same age as her. I’m sure they will get to know each other even more in the not too distant future.

If she get used to interaction with other, she may remember not only about friendship but also about love from other. Then I’m sure she will find a better man at that time.

Illias talking with M while drinking tea

“Hmm … you really have a father-like character.”

“That’s because I’m older. I decided to take care of her.”

“At least I want my father’s clothes to look good on someone.”

“It’s difficult. If only I could meet him in my lifetime, I could have imitated him.”

After that, after separating the remaining things and disposing of them at a later date, the work will finally be completed. And Lacra, who wanted a bed for sleep, she would sleep together in Wolfe’s room for now.


Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 34 Part 1

34-1. In the meantime, I feel smaller (Part 1)

Oooh, I feel so fresh! It’s been a long time since I feel like this!

My hands reach for the blue sky. I do some stretching, while yawning.

Forget about the book and demons, it’s been a while for me to have a nice walk alone like this.

Illias is doing her job as a knight, and Wolfe is training in the castle. Oh, right, Wolfe is completely familiar with this city. They even issued a pass permit that allows her to enter and exit the castle.

Lord Ragdo took the trouble to prepare it because she is liked by the members of Lord Ragdo corps, and the training would be lively if she’s there.

But, as expected, the pass that Wolfe get is lower than the pass certificate that I have, but it is still a preferential treatment that can be said to be unusual among ordinary people, moreover among the Black Wolves.

It is said that she is worth to be taught from the perspective of the grandpas who are refining their skills. Eventually, they may start using various weapons…. So scary.

However, I’m sure Wolfe could suppress and control her own power. She’s different from Illias.

“But really, the weather today is nice …”


I sit in the chair available in the square and bath in the sunlight. I reminiscing that there was a battle with the member of the dark part of Mejis here, but now there are no traces of that.

The part that should have been destroyed has been repaired. Really, The power of Magic is amazing.

Right, Magic, it’s Magic. Since I came to this world, it is said that my mana is desperately low, and that’s why I can’t use Magic. Moreover, the Magic that has been casted to me, where its need my mana to be activated, seems impossible too. Still, I wonder if somehow there’s a way that let me use Magic.

You see, I don’t mind even if my first Magic just something like a small match flame.

Mana is the same as physical strength, it seems that the more you continue to use it, the more the mana will be recovered and it’s value will increase. Then, depending on the special training, it may grow even more, right?

And if you have enough amount of mana, you may be able to use large-scale magic with the assistance of magic circles as the catalyst.

However, who I could ask to guide me? Illias is out of the question. Maya seems to be busy soon. Preparations for the festival have begun.

It seems that there are people who specialize in Magic in the castle, so it may be good idea to make a new connection.

“Aaah, it’s really a nice weather …”


By the way, even though I came to this world, I haven’t been able to communicate with people.

The person with the highest position I know is the king, and the lowest is the person in the tavern in the city, Hmmm… How to put it, huh? Maybe the gap is too much?

Still, Just asking for contact information and no more interaction, or to just increase the relationship by sitting the the seat in the drinking party…. I don’t want something like that.

I don’t want to feel that cramped in this world. I know, I can just need to not feel about it.

But, in the end, I miss something normal like other people. I wonder if there are some girls who I can hang around with.

“Today is a good weather, really, it’s a good weather …”




“Well, now, what I should eat for my lunch?”

“Are you really gonna completely ignored me!?”

My legs is literary grabbed by Lacra so firmly. The weight of one person is added to my foot.

Lacra grabbing MC

“Lacra, Release your hand, today is a good day for me, I’m in a good mood.”

“If so, don’t leave me that’s in trouble right now, Shosho-sama!?”

Lacra is crying since I saw her. Of course I wanted to ignore her, but it’s a hassle to escape now. It’s not like I hove zero responsibilities for this.

In the case of the book, she was deceived and used by me. So, I plan to apologized to her later with Marito, but maybe I should help her a little now.

By the way, since I was officially promoted to be the Candidate by Marito, still the way she called me has not changed.

“Actually, I was kicked out from Maya’s church…..”

“Don’t talk, I haven’t asked you why, you know. But, I see, Did you get excommunicated by Yugura Religion? I’m sorry to hear that.”

“It’s not until like that!?”

“Well, I guess you were told that it’s okay just to wait until Pope Euparo arrives, but you was taken care of by Maya’s church, and they were busy preparing for the harvest festival recently, so as a thanks, you tried to help, but because you caused a lot of trouble and eventually just be in the way, you were told to get out, right?”

“Did you just say all of that in a breath!? And, how did you know!?”

“How I can’t know something that simple, huh?”

Maya’s church is now crowded with peoples from Yugura Religion. The harvest festival is near, and many people are coming and going.

Except for the combat, Lacra is just….. In the case when searching the book, I thought because she could prepare and set up a barrier like that, she could somehow do some work properly. but when I ask Maya after that, She told me that an ordinary priest can set it up in one tenth of the time she used. I’m embarrassed of myself, because I thought it’s something that would take a lot of time.

Anyway, If such Lacra wants to help, she will just make it longer to be done. Even when I sent Wolfe to the church the other day, I heard a scream from the back.

“Shosho-sama, Please help meee….”

“What you want me to do, huh? You see, I’m not good enough to fix your airhead.”

“That’s thing is okay! No, wait, it’s not okay!”

“By the way, I can’t help you with lodging.”

“Whyyy!? The relationship between me and Shosho-sama is good, right!?”

“I’m living in Illias’s house, how can I increase the resident living there without her permission!?”

“What!? Woow!?”

Lacra shows a surprised and embarrassing face. And her words after this can be predicted.

“A man and a woman are alone under one roof!”

“There is also Wolfe.”

“Wow, So wild! So fierce!”

“You were not casting Charm Magic to yourself, right?”

“Ahem, that shouldn’t be the case! The two of them are together with someone like Shosho-sama, so who knows if some mistake happened!”

“The only mistakes that can be made are murders caused by mistakes in controlling strength. If I try to do something to them, murder will happen.”

“…..Well, maybe that’s the case. But! Still, They’re less than twenty you know!”

“But, they’re strong.”

“No, I have to inspect this place properly! I will protect them from the ulterior motives that Shosho-sama have!”

“Oi, the one who has the ulterior motive is you, not me. Please just obediently stay somewhere outside.”

“It’s lonely to sleeping under the night sky alone you know!? Also I’m scared!?”

“I know how it feel. I’ve slept in the mountains before. I’m sure it’ll be a good memory for you.”

“I don’t want to sleep under the chair in the square anymore!”

So I wondered how did she suddenly by my side before I knew it. If you look closely, you can see a mat under the chair…. Wasn’t she a priest? I know that Maya is an archbishop, but would it be a good idea to drive the priest out of the church?

“Even if I told you, you doesn’t seem to listen to me, so I’d like Illias to decline your request directly …”

It is unavoidable. As long as Lacra is very familiar with us, a half-hearted persuasion will only have an opposite effect.

Well, Lets have Illias, whose Lacra is a little scared of, to reject her request.



“Are you fucking kidding me!”

“Why are you angry!?”

I met Illias who was having lunch at a stall in the market. The result was an immediate answer of OK.

“Try to imagine a priest sleeping in the plaza. The treatment from Yugura Religion may be a problem. And as a knight, how can I let a woman be left in the cold sky alone?”

“Well, think it calmly. There are only three bedrooms, right?”

“That’s right.”

“First of all, considering the psychological situation of the residents, you can’t let the landlord to share a room, right?”

“Well, I’m the one who made a request to Illias, so I can’t let her to do so much…”

“Even though I don’t mind, I certainly don’t want the other person to be daunted by me.”

“Next, you can’t let a men and a women in the same room. right?”

“That’s right. Even though you won’t be able to try something funny to others, but it’s not good to go against public order and morals.”

“In other words, two rooms are inevitably a big no.”

“Isn’t it okay to let Wolfe share a room with her?”

“If it’s Wolfe-chan, I don’t mind!”

“Don’t be stupid, what if Wolfe become an airhead like her!”

“Aren’t you being mean to me!?”



As expected, Illias is also at a level where she is worried with a straight face. Well, most of her brain muscles are being used right now.

“Then, what if you sleep in the attic?”

“Alright, Thank you for taking care of me until now. I’ll take Wolfe with me.”

“Wait, that’s just a joke. Wouldn’t the room be vacant if you just organize the room that is the storage room?”

“I can’t help much, because there are many heavy things there.”

“Hmmm, Are you going to make the landlord work hard despite the fact that you are just a resident?”


“I’m sure Wolfe will help you without complaining.”


“Fufufu, the situation is reversed now.”

Lacra is proud of her victory. If nothing is done, my position will drop further in the hierarchy ranking of my home. Should I really consider changing my place to live? No way, it’ll make me like I just want to escape from Lacra.

“It’s just somehow I really want to give Lacra a feeling of despair and regret.”

“Are you really saying that?”

Illias will continue to work as a knight. So I’ll bring Lacra to my house…. No, I can’t just do that.

In addition to the large chest of drawers, the storeroom on the second floor stores items used by Illias’ parents during their lifetime. In addition, the storeroom on the first floor kept miscellaneous goods and the stuff left by her parent.

Among the item stored in the second floor, there’re weapons such as swords, spears, and armor. I need to carry them to the first floor and organize them.

I heard that she just brought in what she could carry when she moved away from her previous house, but she didn’t even organize it, so she said this could be the chance for her to sort it out.

Naturally I’m a hard working person. I know I can use Lacra, but she will definitely mess it up. I need someone strong to carry the stuff. That’s why I need to go to pick up Wolfe now.

“Ah, Shisho.”

“I’m sorry to disturb your training, Wolfe.”

“It’s okay, I just finished!”

“Well, I know it’s sudden but there’s sad news.”


“Lacra will coming to our place.”

“Where is the sad news of it!?”

It’s a sad news. After all, the ratio of men and women will even gone further. It could make me feel smaller in home.

I’d be happy if it was my harem, but I don’t have anyone that in that kind of relationship with me. No, even if it’s a harem, if there’s no power balance in it, even a man will look small in it.

“If Lacra is coming… are you sad?”

“That’s not the case, Wolfe-chan! It’s just that Shosho-sama personalities is not good!”

“If you say it that way, Maya, who kicked you out, will also have a bad personality, you know.”

“….Maya-sama is also a little bad.”

“Wolfe likes Lacra, so it’s okay.”

“What a nice child!”

“Lacra, it’s hard to breathe.”

Shit, Wolfe’s tolerance is too much. Is it difficult to get rid of Lacra by majority vote?

There seems to be no choice but to give up then. We will go home together while talking about organizing the storeroom to Wolfe.

“I’m homeー”

“I’m home.”

“I’m home!”

Wow, there’s someone who have no shame here. Even though Wolfe was a little reluctant on the first day. Anyway, it’ll not end if I keep commenting on every single thing she did. Let’s try to finish the work as fast as possible.

“Then Wolfe should carry things in the order I instructed to the living room on the first floor. Illias’ important things are mixed there, so carry them carefully, okay?”


“What should I do?”

“Don’t do anything.”

“So mean!”

“I’m not joking here. Weapons and armor are too heavy except for Wolfe, and it’s dangerous to carry them downstairs. Two people needed to carry them, but I don’t want to do it with you.”

“To convinced me that fast! You’re so cruel!”

I simulated it several times in my head, but now matter how, there will be someone injured. So, I’m sorry for Wolfe, but I’ll need to leave it to her.

“But doing nothing …”

“Then take a bath. You were sleeping outside right?”

“…You won’t peep right?”

“Trust me. I could endure the temptation and throw bugs to you.”

“Please don’t do that!?”

And, I succeeded in confining the dangerous Lacra in the bathroom. Now it’s time to work.


Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 33 Part 2

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33-1. In the meantime, I can take a breathe (Part 2)

◇ [Change POV] ◇

Archbishop Ukka jumped into the room. There are several priests around.

“How dare a mouse like you conspired against me!”

“well, well, Ukka-sama, it seems that hypnosis has been lifted.”

I try to smile and hypnosis him again, but there is no effect. Has he used magic to increase the mental resistance in advance? Even if he is stupid, sure, even he can take such simple measures, huh.

There are two escape routes. The windows and the passages that Ukka and his friends blocked. However, a barrier placed on the window already. It can be destroyed, but there is no point if I got attacked while I’m breaking the barrier.

Although he is an archbishop, He is a man who is said to be the weakest archbishop, maybe it’s okay to just break through the front? Since when it comes to actual battles, I have an advantage.

“There’s no way for you to escape. Just surrender already!”

“You could say it like that, but there’s still a way, you know?”

That’s to use Magic. Magic that creates crystals of mana and penetrates the opponent. Set as a point where the magic will activate, and the crystal will raised from that point. It’s a magic that can be used in one move and has perfect power.

“That kind of attack is futile!”

Ukka looks ahead and avoids crystals that suddenly occur in narrow spaces. Other priests avoid it as well. It’s a good move, but it’s a bad choice in this kind of timing.

Then I immediately release the crystal that was generated and jump into the road that gave it to me.

“Thank you very much, goodbye.”

“Not so fast!”

Suddenly I feel a shock on my whole body. Then I saw the ceiling… I see, a magic circle is drawn on the ceiling, huh.

“Gravity magic…. To set it right above yourself…”

The pressure is hundreds times of your own weight hits the body. I cast a Defensive Magic to suppress the damage to the body, but the pressure that is applied still there. My whole body sinks while creating cracks in the ground.

“Even though you’re being called as the weakest archbishop, not bad.”

“I’m certainly weak. My ability and achievements are insignificant compared to other archbishops.”

Ukka’s eyes are different from usual. This is…. His real eye.

“…But I’m still an archbishop.”

Ukka throws something. That is… Magic Sealing Stone. It’s bad, if I touch it, the Defense Magic I casted will be released. If that happens, I will receive the damage from this Gravity Magic.

Gravity Magic creates high gravity magical power starting from the magic circle. So, the effect will not be lost unless the Magic Sealing Stone approaches the magic circle.

“It’s over.”

“Not really.”

Crystals rise from the ceiling. This magic can be easily activated if you can specify a point with your eyes or your fingertips. The raised crystal destroys the ceiling, and the magic circle loses its construction.

I get up and catch the Magic Sealing Stone. And because of the stone, The crystal on the ceiling is scattered.

“Well, well, it was a close call.”

“No, no, like I said before, it’s over.”

Suddenly my field of vision fluctuates and the freedom of my body is deprived. A sweet scent that stimulates the nasal passages, is this a hypnotic incense?

The surrounding priests put up their own barriers. I have to throw this stone away as soon as possible and develop a barrier for myself.

I throw the stones. With this I can open up a barrier to protect me against the hypnotic incense.

“What a fool! I said it’s over already, don’t make me repeat that again and again.”

A barrier that surrounds me appears. The Magic Sealing Stone is blocked by the barrier and bounces back here.

Originally, a barrier is generated around the caster. However, Ukka set the base point of the barrier to himself, and creates a cubic barrier around me that’s in front of him.

The smell of hypnotic incense begins to deprive the freedom of my body. If I don’t destroy the barrier and escape now…. But, due to the Magic Sealing Stone beside me, my Magic can’t…

“I see… so it’s a checkmate, huh?”

I take out a small knife from my pocket.

“You think you can destroy the barrier with such a thing!?”

“Well, I can destroy it. You just need to do it like this.”

Put a knife on my neck and take a breath, I’m ready.

“Well then, goodbye.”

After admitting defeat and smiling at the winner, I slid my arm to the side at once.

◇ [Change POV] ◇

After that, according to a contact from Mejis, Larheit decided that he could not escape and committed suicide.

And considering the possibility of the body collected by a third party, the body is said to be tightly sealed now.

It was surprising for me that Archbishop Ukka was the one who hunted him down, but that was not the case for Lacra.

I heard that he was the one who teach Lacra of actual battle. Does it mean that Lacra is his disciple?

His talent is said to be low among the archbishops, but he’s the type that supplements it with effort and skill … What, somehow it makes me feel intimate to him.

However, the strategy is as you might expect. And, he is in a position to be held responsible for this time incident.

Archbishop Ukka was hypnotized by Larheit and was used conveniently.

Larheit’s possession of the member of the dark side of Mejis was also due to the permit of Archbishop Ukka.

Still, Archbishop Ukka, who was hypnotized, He really did a lot of thing this time. However, there was no criticism from Tiez which got a lot of damage, because he was able to repay his miss by hunting down Larheit.

Because of this incident, He will be overviewed by other archbishops for a while, but, that’s all.

But, as someone who is a money-making professional, he would not be punished badly because it would be visibly adversely affected the Yugura Religion’s finances.

Marito explains 90% of the secret of the book to Maya, who has cleared her name in Yugura Religion. And have her report it to Pope Euparo. As a result, Pope Euparo has left Mejis and is now heading for Tiez.

This is to deliver a direct apology to Tiez for this matter and to have the book returned to the one in the highest position.

During that time, Lacra is given a waiting order. She will be able to return to Mejis at the same time as Pope Euparo.

“With this, everything is finally calmed down, right?”

“No yet, if your hypothesis is correct, there is a Demon Lord or his relative who sent Larheit to Mejis, right?”

Marito’ words make my face look bitter. That’s right, after all, the real root of the problem has not been solved. Are they still preparing for the resurrection of the Demon Lord? or is the Demon Lord already resurrected and moving quietly in shadow? The threat in this world still remains.

“Marito, please discuss it well with Pope Euparo, because the last thing, ‘That thing’, is a very delicate issue.”

“Hmm? But I want it to be your role to tell Pope Euparo about ‘That thing’.”

Yes, the biggest problem with the book remains. I haven’t talked about this to Maya, Lacra, or Illias yet.

After talking it to Pope Euparo, Marito told me to decide whether to tell others about it too or not.

Yeah, I need to think about that too. This secret could overturns the history of this world. I even think it’s better to bury it in the deepest dark.

“Anyway, As the king, you should be the one to tell it right? You see, the load is too heavy for me.”

“Ugh, it’s okay you know? I’ve no problem with handing it over to you.”

“Well then, I’ll go. Thanks for all this time.”

I’ve finished talking about the post-processing. And with this, it’s okay even if I’m be here for a while now. Despite my anxieties for the future, I think I can have peaceful days for a while.

“No, no, I’ll still have you come here from tomorrow, you know?”


“Well, sure, the request to decode the book is over, but I still haven’t finished hearing the story of another world, right?”

“Isn’t that just a premise for decoding the book?”

“What are you talking about? You’ve actually incorporated it into this kingdom policies. Of course, the contract will continue.”

“…..All right then.”

The thing that I find inconvenient in this world is not just a little. In order to reproduce the civilization that I’m accustomed to on the earth, I need both financial power and authority.

Working under Marito is the shortest way to meet those desires.

“But don’t suddenly giving me a dangerous story, okay!?”

“Hahaha, aren’t we partner in crime?”

“Just don’t bring it to me, Okay!?”

After that, I go to Maya’s place. I have to apologize for the fact that Marito has me kept a lot of distance from her, even though she always taken care of me.

When I reached the church, She was teaching Wolfe.

“Ah, Shisho!”

“Oh, always enthusiastic huh, you’re so amazing as usual.”

“Wolfe is studying hard. Compared to that, the little boy is often intrigue with His Majesty.”

“This time I came to apologize for that, so don’t take it too far.”

“That Illias, she tried to cover the story from me, you know? I don’t want my best friend’s daughter to have a bad influence.”

“I agree with you…”

“Well, I understand the situation, and if I consider your position, boy, the fact that you came to apologize is already a passing mark. And, It doesn’t seem to be only a bad influence on Illias too.”

“Really? She seems like usual, though?”

“Yeah, that girl’s heart is getting firmer these days. You see, She has been chasing only the shadow of her father until now, so I think it’s a good change.”

“Is that so…”

“Stiillll! Illias is the daughter of my best friend. I want to watch her grow up properly. Please understand that, okay?”

“I’ll keep it in mind.”

“All right. Then please wait a moment, I’ll go make a tea.”

Maya laughed and disappeared into the back. After that…

“I’ll sit next to you”

“Yes, Please!”

I sit next to Wolfe. Wolfe is silently studying letters. If she is already good at writing in this world, she will just becoming better than me. Both ways of literary and fighting, even her manner are growing up, she’s slowly going to be a good child.

“Wolfe, it’s okay to keep studying, just listen what I have to say.”


“First of all, I want to apologize to you, I’m sorry.”

“…Shisho, did you do something wrong to Wolfe?”

“Yeah, I used you as a decoy that night.”

In order to lead the dark parts to engage in the battle, I used a weak Wolfe as the decoy.

『It’s okay to lose, just try to fight with all your might. There’s a reason for you to fight. And I’ll Use it.』

Wolfe heard that explanation and agreed without any hesitation. Even though I decided to give this child who has lived a terrible past a good future, I got her involved in this.

“There must have been another way, but I decided that it was the most effective idea and used you. This is no different from the Black Wolf in that village.”

“Shisho is different. Shisho was angry, right?”

“I was angry?… Yeah, that might be right.”

I had a short relationship with Gazen, but I think I was angry because the one I knew was killed.

That’s why Illias, who saw such a change, was worried and stepped in there. Even Wolfe, I used her without any hesitation.

My mental is too weak, and the thing I did, it’s just cunning. Right. I’m not a good guy, huh.

“Shisho was angry for Wolfe, it’s became one of the moment that Wolfe’s treasure. If Shisho is angry for someone, then Wolfe want to be with Shisho.”

“…I see.”

Then, I’m stroking Wolfe’s head unconsciously. This kid was grew to be a good girl already.

At least it’s not as weak as someone else, who is easy to be manipulated by his emotion.

“But if Shisho want to apologize, then Wolfe will forgive Shisho.”

When I’m with Wolfe, my emotions are stirred easily, and it’s almost make me cry.

“Really? Thank you. And well done, it’s amazing that you win from one member of the dark part.”


“Oh right, I’m going to grow small plants at home next time, I’m going to grow vegetables. Don’t Wolfe want to grow it together with me?”

“Yes, I’ll try it!”

“Good reply.”

“But, that… isn’t it vegetables? The thing that I hate…”

“If you grow something you don’t like, you may become attached to it and you may like it. Well, if you grow something you like, you may like it even more.”

“Then, I’ll do my best!”

“That’s the spirit.”

I need to find the same book that Gazen had. Maybe I might know what kind of vegetables he intended to grow. I’ll offer it to his grave next time. But if I do that, I’m likely to be told to bring another sake, right?


Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 33 Part 1

33-1. In the meantime, I can take a breathe (Part 1)

“… I see, did Hade and the others failed?”

“Yeah, that’s right. If you just ordered them to do an assassination, it might end different. It’s a shame that you’ve specified a time and place to contact you, it’s just make them hard to escape.”

“Those who can’t do the task they’re told are incompetent.”

There is no sign of upset in the voice echoing from the crystal. Rather, it even sounds like he’s enjoying the current situation.

Lacra, who is next to me, is trying to say something, but Lord Ragdo stop her.

I look at Marito and nod. Well, let’s start the real talk.

“So, it seems that you were waiting for the communication… What do you want?”

“Right. You see, since I have the chance, I wanted to talk to you. So, if you can spare your time, I’d be happy if we could have a small conversation.”

“I don’t mind. It’s also a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to talk to you.”

“Really? You said that but you want to kill me.”

“I was telling them to bring your head back. I can retrieve information even if you are dead.”

What a scary thing he said. What did he want to do with my brain? Make a soup of it? So scary…

“If you have something to ask, just say it, I don’t mind.”

“Oh, is that okay? Doesn’t you’ve a lot of thing you want to ask too?”

“The only thing I want to ask first is your name, or even a nickname is okay. I can’t call your name unless you tell me, right?”

“Hmm, then, call me Larheit.”

Lacra shakes her head when I turns my gaze toward her. It seems that she doesn’t know him.

“Well, nice to meet you, Larheit.”

“Nice to meet you too. But, are you sure you don’t want to ask some questions to me?”

“What should I ask? The fact that you take in Archbishop Ukka position and put the dark part of Mejis behind Lacra?”

“No, no, since you set up a conversation with me like this, you might’ve guessed it. So, for example…. about my identity?”

“Is there other else than the Demon Lord’ dog?”


The words of the other party on the crystal stop. The silence also becomes heavy.

“… I would like to ask you how you came to that idea.”

“It’s easy. As you’ve guessed, I decoded this book.”

Lacra repeats a surprised face. Oh right, I’ve never told her this. If the timing isn’t like this, I might’ve enjoyed her expression, anyway let’s go back to the talk.

“Well, well… that kind of thing written in it?”

“Stop acting like a fool. It’s because you know the content of the book, so you arranged people to kill the man who declared that he could decode the book, right?”

“No, no, you might just bluffing me.”

“Is it not good if I know your relationship? Did you intend to make the Demon Lord turn you into a demon?”


“No need to be so tense. Show me your leeway like usual, Mr. Mastermind.”

I’m sure, Larheit is definitely frustrated now. His frustration even transmitted through the crystal.

“My purpose is to not to make you angry, so let me say this. The content of the book, it’s a memorandum about the Demon Lord who appeared in this world, especially the fourth one, ‘Green Demon lord’. Strictly speaking, I guess, It’s better to call it an Investigation Record after ‘Green Demon lord’ was born? “

Yes, the content of this book was exactly what written from the title, Sample No. 4 ‘Green Demon Lord’ Investigation Record.

“Roughly speaking, it is a record of a person who was originally a human being, was revived by Resuscitation Magic, and became a Demon Lord, then later he came into contact with the others Demon Lords. Moreover, he even so kind enough to writes that he is the fourth body. So, it means at least four people who became The Demon Lord was born from the interference of the same person.”

The first thing that was written was about the life before becoming a Demon Lord. Like, how were you born, how did you live, and how did you die…

And analytical data about the human’s abilities and qualities are written.

From the beginning, the person who created the Demon Lord was investigating the qualities and abilities of that human with the intention of making that human into the Demon Lord. And that person was even involved in the death of that human.

“Furthermore, that person is also supporting those who have been reborn as Demon Lords. The Necromancy described here greatly simplifies the construction of Resuscitation Magic, And the one written here is specializes only in part of drawing out the soul. It seems that ‘Green Demon Lord’ was also called as the Immortal King who controls the Undead.”

That person gave the Demon Lord his knowledge and made them collide with the world. And with that, the worst history was created.

“There was something in common among the abilities that person gave. That he also gave to the others Demon Lords as well. One is how to create the ‘Demon’s World’ that will be their own territory, which later be the land where Monsters are born.”
[TN: In source, it’s written 魔界 (makai), which basically mean place filled with demon, and could be translated as Demon World, so I’ll go with that]

The Demon Lord propagates his mana into the atmosphere and repaints the land. They would call it their ‘Demon’s World’ to prove their own position and to demonstrate their own power.

The flora and fauna that occur in the land are completely deformed, and the creatures that born there and do harm to humans are called Monster.

“And the second is how to transform Humans into Demons.”

Yes, the Demons were originally Humans, but their existence was repainted by the mana of the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lords were told this because they were originally Humans. Therefore, it may be a way to involve those who had a close relationship with the Demon Lords.

Humans cannot live long in the place that changed into the ‘Demon’s World’. It is necessary to transform into them into a Demon in order to bring the Demon Lord’ friends that they have when they still Humans.

“This book is just a record. There was a supplementary explanation about Necromancy, but any other methods was not written. Well, as you know it too.”

“… It seems the story of you being able to read it is true. Are you a person from ‘Earth’?”

“Yes. But, too bad, it’s seems you’re not.”

“Well, well, how could you affirmed it already?”

“The pronunciation of the word ‘Earth’ is too distorted. I can see that you learned that word from someone.”

“I see, it can’t be helped then.”

“Now, let me give you the reason why I called you the Demon Lord’ dog. There are many descriptions about the Demon Lord’ ecology in this book. There were some inconveniences for the Demon Lord. Rather than a weakness, maybe it’s better to call it a drawback.”

For example, the Demon Lord is less susceptible to magic from others because of the peculiarity of his magical power. There are some points that make them difficult to receive Recovery Magic.

In other words, if they got a heavy injuries, they are the only one who can heal the wound.

“I just know the contents of the book, so it’s still gray. But, from the moment you try to take it back, the content, it’s confirmed.”

“Really? But, the order to recover the book also done by Yugura Religion.”

“How could you say that even though you haven’t even told the Pope about your order.”

“Why can you say that the Pope doesn’t know?”

“If The pope knew that ‘The dead Demon Lord would be Resurrected’, it would be natural for Yugura Religions to have a different shape than it’s now.”

“… As expected, that much information is written in it, huh?”

Yes, the Demon Lord is a human who has received Resuscitation Magic. And has the power to be revived.

Yugura Religion has taken the stance that the Demon Lord may reappear, but they can’t say for sure that the Demon Lords would be Resurrected.

Even if the stance just a deceived, there is a danger that the fact will somehow transmitted to the world if they really know the contents of this book.

If the Pope knows this, he will not make a mistake like leaving the retrieval of the book to someone like Archbishop Ukka.

“Who doesn’t want to know this fact? Needless to say, of course it’s the Demon Lord. Then if you try to steal a book for a Demon Lord, it’s no wonder that I called you the Demon Lord’ dog, right?”

“But I still can’t help it. If I was working for the Demon Lord, wouldn’t there be any proof that I was somehow connected?”

“The ones who robbed one of Dokora’ arm are you guys right?”

“And that person’s name come out, huh?”

“It all started from Dokora, who was worked in the dark part of Mejis. Why did he steal a book until betraying the country, and that’s because he made your existence stand out.”

“…Let’s listen.”

“Dokora knew that it was someone from ‘Earth’ who created the Forbidden Magic, including Resuscitation Magic. But Dokora couldn’t read the book. If he could, the Necromancy he was using would be more advanced.”

If a smart person looks at the illustration drawn in the book, it’s possible to acquire Necromancy in the same way as Dokora. However, more advanced information was written there.

Like how to use the Undead better.

“Then, how did Dokora know that? As someone who worked in the dark part, He heard the information from you.”

When Dokora, was searching for an information about some troublemaker, he met Larheit and others, and obtained that information.

And Dokora knows its importance and decided to escapes. So, at that time, he stole a book that would be a weapon for negotiations.

“Maybe you was asked a lot by him when you was talking about the books. So, in the end Dokora decided to stole the books and fled from the country. Of course, When Dokora knew that you could reach out to the dark side with the help of Archbishop Ukka, He can’t stay longer in Mejis, right? Then, Mejis put a wanted on him, and Dokora who wanted to use the book as a negotiation material, he couldn’t read any of the letters. So using the illustration, he learned the Necromancy and lived as a bandit. “

The shadow of the Demon Lord was eroding the country that he believed in. The book he got after judging that it would be a weapon was not an unmanageable item.

For Dokora, the only credible existence would be the one who he could control. For the rest of his life as a bandit, an earthlings appeared in front of him, so Dokora entrusted him with the book when he died.

With the expectation that it might uncover the plot of the man on the other side of this crystal.

“It seems that Dokora was really skilled when he worked in the dark part. He realized your existence that’s hidden in Yugura Religion and succeeded in stealing the book. After that, he decided to became a villain… It makes me feel a little sympathy to him.”

“That’s right. His skill was excellent. I didn’t think he would notice me.”

“But it might also convenient for you, because Dokora took out the book that was sealed in Yugura Religion. It easier for you to reach one of your goals, Larheit.”

If the purpose is just to make sure that anyone would not know the secret of the book, you can just retrieve it and reseal it. The reason he didn’t do that was probably because Larheit himself was aiming for the book.

Although he hid in Yugura Religion, it was difficult to reach out to the book. However, Dokora did it for him. This was both a danger and an opportunity.

“As expected, it seems that many people from ‘Earth’ are intelligent.”

“Don’t say anything that isn’t from your heart. Anyway, your inner heart might just making a fool of me who keep talking fluently, right?”

“Oh, it seems you understand. You see, information is a weapon. It’s just stupid to brag about getting it.”

“I don’t want to live wisely. I just want to live safely.”

“How is it different?”

“If I want to life wisely, I can just become a guy like you, Larheit. I can carefully use people to reach a tall height and look down on others. But I’ve seen a lot of guys aiming for such a way of life. And that disgusting way of life, I’m sick of it.”

“Well, well, it’s harsh. Does your conscience hurt?”

“Of course it hurts. You see, ‘I’ am weak. Not only my body, but my mind and position are also weak. So I don’t plan to have high hopes. It’s enough if I can live in peace both physically and mentally. But someone like you suddenly appeared in the way, you’re just a nuisance.”

A roaring and angry voice echoes from the other side of the crystal. It’s not the sound that Larheit made.

“….No way”

“That’s right. I expected you to intervene in some way between Archbishop Ukka and Pope Euparo. So I use another way, I asked Archbishop Maya to directly told Pope Euparo in secret. You see, something like, ‘The one who is leniently contacting Tiez from there in this emergency situation is the mastermind!’, just that!”

And the sound of a fierce battle could be heard from the crystal. Soon after, communication from the crystal was cut off.


Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 32 Part 2

Next ch, will be split into 2 part again.

32-2. In the meantime, Are you ready? (Part 2)

◇ [Change POV] ◇

“There is no way such an attack will hit.”

I avoid without any effort while thinking that I should not evaluate her sense of attacking an enemy that can’t be seen.

Although the girl’s attack is a bit sloppy, the total amount of mana contained in the girl’s fist, it’s exceeds the total amount of mana that I have. If the attack hit me directly, I’m sure that I won’t be safe.

However, it’s too bad that she lack of experience and skill. Even if she have some luck on her side, her attack won’t hit me.

Still, I’m also having a hard time attacking her. It can be said that each of us will be defeated immediately if the attack hit.

However, the mental stress will be different between me and her. I can see her movement, but she can’t see my movement. In fact, the sweating speaks to the degree of fatigue.

I don’t have to rush. Carefully hunt her down. In the meantime, my wound will recover. As the time pass, I’ll have more advantage.

“Ugh, it doesn’t hit… this is bad.”

“Just give up already, and I’ll end you fast.”

“Yeah, I give up.”

“Hoho, aren’t you a kind wolf?”

“No, I mean, usually the attack hit, but now, the current Wolfe can’t hit. That’s why I give up.”

While wondering what the hell does she mean, I notice some changes in the girl’s appearance.

Her white hair that shines in the dark of the night, it’s emitting light. That light is due to the mana. Perhaps it’s elaborating a huge amount of mana.

Then, will she use a big move or will she use magic? But it doesn’t look like that. Anyway, if I feel the construction of magic, I can just take a distance.

It seems that she want to stop the small attack. If she’s going to rely on big move, it’s a checkmate if I can take the opportunity.

“Alright, this is better.”

The girl’s method was to accumulate more mana in her fists.

I can’t feel any magical construction. She just desperately put more mana into her fists. I can understand just by seeing it. Her fists is glowing strangely.

I’m just amazed at how much talent she have. If only I had that much mana, I wouldn’t have been under ‘Hade’. [TN: I’m sure this is someone name.]

“Do you really plan to rely on a big move? What a foolish idea.”

“I’ll show you the move that I learn from Shisho!”

The girl again plunges into this side, which is in the dark night. The reason I’m heading here now is probably because the words have spilled.

Of course she can’t see me. The light from that mana does not break my Magic.

The girl’s right fist extends exactly to my position. However, if I turn a little to the left, the attack won’t hit.

Well, well, what do you do next? Her left shoulder moves, means, next is attack with the left fist.

I put some of my strength to my hand that holding the knife. If I can make a gap, I’ll use the knife for the kill.

I look at the girl’s left hand, and her hand is open. Does she plan to attack using her palm or will she launch that mana to here? My choice right now is either to carefully see the attack and avoid it, or to counterattack it.

Then, her left hand is pushed forward. Just in case, I should avoid putting my body in the direction where she sticking out that hand.

So, I turn further to the left of the girl. It’s seems that she plan to make a big swing, and if I can aim for the moment she make the swing, I can put an end to this.


But in an instant, I caught the girl’s left hand moving in the direction of nobody.

However, what I saw beyond that was her right hand, which was still sticking out….. Shit, from the start her aim is her own right hand!?

The girl’s left hand and her extended right hand collide.

Both hands have a lot of mana put on it, and it collide with each other.

Wolfe Attack

A dazzling light and shock struck my body.

◇ [Change POV] ◇

It’s not the technique that Wolfe used, to be honest, it can be called a technique.

It’s just a hand clap. However, it is a hand clap with an enormous amount of mana.

Wolfe’s mana is not just enormous. It is very clear and has the property of easily penetrating the other party.

It all started when I was receiving a lecture on releasing mana at Maya’s church.

Having learned how to collect mana in both hands, Wolfe try to put a ridiculous amount of mana in both hands.

She tried to release it slowly because it would be bad to release such things all at once. But a tragedy happened. A mosquito was flying in front of Wolfe.

Wolfe defeated the mosquito with both hands. As a result, this technique was born.

It’s like having a water balloon on the verge of bursting in both hands and slamming it to each other.

Naturally, the mana that was retained explodes and spreads to the surroundings. Wolfe had a huge amount of mana inherent in her body, so it had no major effect on her.

But the third party who was by her side is different. Yes, I’m was her victim. The result is as you can see now.

“Ah, agrh…”

The magic to erase one’s presence has been canceled. And, that is not all. Suddenly, a huge impact of mana struck the whole body.

Every organ in the body has reacted. There is no real harm, still the whole body is surprised by the impact.

It is a shock that even someone with the same amount of mana as Illias can’t move for a moment. If it’s just the enemy in front of Wolfe right now, he won’t be able to move for a while like her victim before.

Wolfe’s eyes see the guy. Her left foot goes forward. One rotation around the left foot, and her right foot is raised to the sky.

A huge amount of mana is already put in the legs. Oh, I feel bad for that guy. But, the merciless heel of Wolfe was swung down on the head of the guy.

“It’s Wolfe’ victory!”

Looking down at the guy that was fall down to the ground and does not move, Wolfe raised the battle cry.

◇ [Change POV] ◇

A flash of light that enters the field of view. Then, I was shown the defeat of my companion and without thinking clicking my tongue.

“Really? You lose to such a small fry?”

I could understand the mechanism of that unrefined technique. There’s no need to be afraid of it. In the first place, if he decided to join us and use it, I can have a chance with knight in front of me.

One of us just need to make a distance and throws a knife, and that’s it. Everything will over. The two people who are left now have that much wisdom and technique.

“Do you just call Wolfe, a small fry? It’s true that the child is still inexperienced, but she learned how to fight just for a month.”

“If that’s true, She’ll be scary in the future. You hear me? In the future!”

While saying that, I throw a knife. Naturally it can be blocked. Should I say, As expected?

She’s getting used to fighting three people who aren’t visible. This woman is the only one who is troublesome.

If the movement of the black wolf woman was blocked, I could expect she will have a mental stress, but…..

“I’m getting bored with this. I’m going to finish this.”


Suddenly my line of sight meets the woman. Right, my eyes that should be still invisible, just met with her eyes. The survival instinct chooses to take the distance with all its might. At the same time, the one who was attacking her, his magic to hiding one’ presence was canceled.

And a body without a head falls to the ground. The reason why the magic is canceled is simple. If you die, you can’t maintain the magic.

But she completely could know where we, who weren’t visible, are standing right now. She didn’t use some sort of Detection Magic too. Did she read our position just by the air or the presence that she felt?

Tsk, So, you wasn’t really serious until now, huh?”

“Because I was distracted by Wolfe and Lacra, And I was wary of other companion of yours.”

This is bad. It’s not a simple matter where you can compete for superiority or inferiority. From now on, every time she slash, there will be dead people.

If I look closely, the one that got his head blown off, he defended himself from her attack with his knife. So, that means…. Oi, oi, Did she cut through it!?

“Shit, I’m not confident for my victory.”

“I’ve already measured your ability. It’s lower than Dokora.”

“That’s right. He was particularly good. But, since he betrayed the country, he’s just a trash.”

But really, this is bad. I had no intention of defeating Illias Ratzell from the beginning. It would have been enough if the man, then Lacra, and then the black wolf girl could be killed …

Neither the man nor Lacra can be aimed at because of the barrier that’s like an iron wall made by Lacra. The black wolf girl who was aimed has failed to be killed.

it can’t be helped. From now on, will we aim for the Black Wolf girl with just the two of us? The knight would have been hard to move if the girl was taken hostage. I send a sign. And prepare for it.

“Then, Prepare yourself and go!”

Throwing a knife, of course, is played. However, the favorite is a hidden knife. The blade is made from magic stone, not iron.

Give it a little shock….. BOOOMM!

An explosion occurs. I usually win with this, but I’m sure it doesn’t work for her.

Have my other companion aim at the Black Wolf girl. And I will aim for the book. Fortunately they haven’t picked up the book yet.

The knight can read my presence, but the others can’t.

Good, I pick up the book. Then I see my companion. He is trying to slash the Black Wolf girl.

She hasn’t responded yet due to the blast.

With this, the situation will be revers….


I feel severe pain in one of my arm. And my companion suddenly split in two.

◇ [Change POV] ◇

The magic of hiding one’ presence is released in front of me. Apparently he picked up the book.

And the other one is attacking Wolfe. I think she was going to be held hostage.

“Was I too greedy?”

“… Is it your deposit?”

The guy in front of me is holding a book while holding his shoulders. His arm has blown away, I’m sure it’s hurt.

In the ground his arm is pierced by a familiar spear.

A spear with a Magic Sealing Stone, a spear that our Grandpa Kara use.

If you look at the roof outside this square, you can see Grandpa Kara waving his hand.

And next to Wolfe is Lord Ragdo with a sword.

“Salvet Ragdo … You prepare even the strongest knight of Tiez, huh?”

“It’s effective as a surprise attack, right?”

“If you put him out first, I won’t challenge you in the first place.”

“That’s why I put him out later. So that your options to fight is still valid.”

Grandpa Kara and Lord Ragdo had previously hide at some distance from the square.

This is because if they are hiding near here, they might get spotted by the enemies.

Here’s how to do it. After a certain period of time after Lacra heads to the square, let Grandpa Kara throw stones.

The aim was a little behind the statue in the square, and the target of the plaza would have been too wide and just a piece of cake for Grandpa Kara, who is a ‘Spear God’.

After that, make the guy from the dark part of Mejis to come out, and makes Wolfe and Illias fight them.

I asked Illias to struggle over time while avoiding fatal injuries.

Meanwhile, Grandpa Kara moved to a point where he could snipe. I also entrusted him to search and check for the enemies other companions, whether there’s still someone that’s hiding or not. Lord Ragdo will approach the entrance to the square quietly and wait there.

The key to this time is Wolfe. Based on Dokora, which was from the dark part of Mejis, it was Wolfe that the guy from the dark parts were not wary of, despite their strength.

If there is no Wolfe, Illias will be fighting alone. However, Illias, who defeated Dokora, would be their opponent, So it’s hard to think that they plan to kill Illias. Then, most probably they will just collect the book and withdrew.

But the existence of Wolfe left them with a fighting option. They can beat Wolfe. If they could block her movement, they can use her as a threatening tool. That way, they can do something with Illias.

As a result, they took the option of aiming for Wolfe while restraining Illias. One of the factors that motivated them is that the actual person with battle experience called Lacra got stuck in order to protect the man.

“The miscalculation is that the one who fought Wolfe lost.”

“Didn’t you think about your companion get defeated by us? And, it’s not always end as a hostage, what would you do if I killed her?”

“You won’t kill her. Even if you decided to kill her, you will do it after using her. You challenged Illias who you can’t defeat without running away because there was a way to live. Don’t you struck by ‘That kind of thinking’?”

Well, I was always have the strongest insurance, Lord Ragdo.

The guy that should not be seen was caught in short time and killed. The timing was right, just that it wasn’t look like a human’ work. It doesn’t seem to be a lie to say that he is stronger than Illias.

Grandpa Kara was aiming for the book. If the book moves, throw a spear there. Compared to Illias and Lord Ragdo, Grandpa Kara’s performance may be inferior. However, as a person living in modern Japan, this high-precision sniper ability is easier to incorporate into the plan.

“Hmmm, you seem to want to kill all of us?”

“You killed one of the citizen. I just returned what you did.”

“Seriously? Just because of that?”

“Yeah, and just because of that you’ll be killed. By the way, when did you killed that guy?”

“The one who killed that guy was the one who got killed first. Do you feel good now?”

“I see, then you’re the one that did something to the corpse, huh.”

“… Stop seeing me with that scary eyes. Why is there something like you on their side?”

“Don’t lump me together with you. I’ve never killed a person. Never.”

“You makes them kill all of us, isn’t it worse?”

I wonder since when Illias, who is holding her sword, was by my side. The others also gather around here.

“Tell me. Who ordered you to aim for my life…..”

“Oi, I can’t say that, stupid woman. Don’t make light of us.”

“That’s right. Even if I threaten you with Necromancy, you won’t speak.”

“And I can’t just leisurely talk like this!”

The man bounces, becomes invisible again and disappears in the dark night.

“I’m not going to let you!”

Illias’ sword cuts the sky. At the same time, blood splatters.

“Was it too shallow!?”

“It were deep, stupid! But the body remains intact, maybe because one arm lighter, so he could escape from death!”

The guy withdraws as it is. An invisible man. It’s difficult to cut without knowing the timing.

“Detection magic…..Nothing found. Magic Sealing Stones are scattered around the square.”

“Hmm, did you escape?”

Lord Ragdo sighs and returns the sword to its scabbard. At the same time, Lacra shouts.

“Oh, he got the book!? He took it with him!”

“That’s right, We’re in trouble.”

“……It’s a lie, isn’t it?”

“Amazing. You really can see through the lie.”

“Sho,Shosho-sama, You have a really bad face right now, you know?”

◇ [Change POV] ◇

I succeeded in escaping. No, I just need to escape from this Kingdom. That’s why I came to the wall.

There is a high possibility that the gate will be blocked. The bleeding has stopped, but it is still a heavy burden to move with a weakened body. I want to avoid any more battles.

“It’s painful to have one hand, did that Dokora run away while feeling like this?”

I recovered the book, but I couldn’t kill either the man or Lacra. But it’s not over yet.

There are still many ways to kill them. I just have to poison their food. I can manipulate the people around him to make them stick their blades instead.

Even if the order to kill on the spot cannot be achieved, there are many ways to kill them. For that reason, it is necessary to regain my condition first.

“First of all, it’s the Black Wolf girl. If I kill her, that man will make a good face. Next, I’ll kill the people around him. And when the defense becomes weaker, it’s his turn, I’ll remember this…! “

When I get close to the wall to some extent, I can feel the magical waves.

I know this reaction. It occurs when a specific mana is detected in the barrier.

Yes, this book. Looking for this book, Lacra set up a barrier around here.

I know that it was stretched around the wall, but there is no problem even if it gets caught.

Detected by Lacra, the knights will soon come, but before they reached here, I’m confident that I will be able to successfully climb.

And by the time they get to this place, I’m already outside the castle. Alright, Let’s hurry up.

Tsk, Just let me rest a little….. But, with Illias Ratzell’s legs… I don’t really have a lot of time. I have to hurry.”

I can climb at a good speed even with one arm. In this case…..Ah?

◇ [Change POV] ◇

A corpse of that guy was found on the outside of the wall. That’s right. If you get caught up in such a blow, it will be like this.

Immediately after carrying out the operation, I sent Illias to Maya.

This is to let her learn about, ‘The wavelength of the mana wave generated when the book is detected by the barrier’, and how to detect it.

Maya knows that Tiez will cooperate in this search. So she will help, still, It was a ‘Difficult Job’ for Illias, but it great that she managed to learn it.

I’m sure that the guys from the dark part knew that the wall around Tiez is filled with barrier. But I’m also sure that he’ll chose the wall that avoids the gate to escape, which is why I chose the square in the center of the city to be the meeting place.

This is because the distance is the same everywhere from here. Illias can detect that there is a book in the barrier from the magical wave emitted from the barrier. In other words, you can see where that guy is.

I threw it down. In Grandpa Kara case, although his throw is precise, it has strict of the distance. So I appointed Illias, who was speaking a loud when the magical wave was detected.

Of course, the throwing accuracy of Illias is far inferior to Grandpa Kara. So I asked her to throw with all of her strength.

“As expected, She’s a muscle-brain Gorilla.”

As a result, there was a huge hole in the wall where the guy was climbing. It is not a precision shooting blow like a thread that goes through the hole of a needle. It is a blow that bombs the place, where the guy was found to be there, without a trace.

Well, Marito who allows such an operation is really tolerant…. Well, I’ll leave the post-processing to him.

Wolfe and the book were decoys as well. And he was aimed by Grandpa Kara, and even if the book was taken away, I was prepared the plan for that too.

The book is … right, it’s safe. Just in case, I asked Lord Ragdo to cast the Hardening Magic to it, still I’m glad that it was safe.

The book is just a bad news so I hope that the Magic somehow got canceled… but, it was okay. Oh, but the cover is a little torn.

When I searched for the stuff that the guy dropped with the book, I found a crystal. It is an item that can be used to contact from a long distance with the Special Art of Yugura Religion. The assassin guy, that escort Marito, taught me about this.

It was safe because the other party seemed to cast Protection Magic.

After that, Grandpa Kara and Lord Rakudo are summoned and sent to the post-treatment of the walls. I’m sorry, everyone, even though it’s late at night, you need to…

So I’m heading to the castle with the crystal and the book, because the finishing touches are still left.

“Oh, Shosho-sama … Why are you sitting staring at the crystal?”

“Well, if you wait, you’ll understand.”

It’s like staring contest to the crystal in a room with Illias, Marito, Lord Ragdo, and Lacra. By the way, Wolfe is sleeping in the next room due to fatigue.

No matter what he prioritized, that guy prioritized his escape, so he wouldn’t have contacted the guy over this crystal yet.

But I think it’s a good time now, and I’m sure that side is impatient to get the report.

After a while, the crystal begins to shine. And the voice echoes.

“Hade, report…”

“Hade? is that the name of that guy from the dark part?”

“…..Who are you?”

“The man that you asked to be killed. Nice to meet you, ‘Mr. Black Curtain’.”


Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 32 Part 1

So, I tried to keep using first point of view even if the POV change, And I’m gonna keep like this from now on, But I’ll try to write it first before the POV change.

32-1. In the meantime, Are you ready? (Part 1)

The time will soon be midnight, and I’ll will be in a square in the city. There is no peoples walking around anymore, and the people living in the area are in their dreams.

The Luminescent Stones that have been shining since dusk are slowly used up the mana put into it during the day. Even so, the faint light is useful enough to illuminate the surrounding and let me see the shape of the square even in the dark.

Still, when I tried to look around, I can’t really tell if anyone is lurking around or not…

In front of The statue of predecessor King of Tiez which is built in the center of the square, there are 3 peoples standing there. Illias, Wolfe, and the person who planned everything this time.

It would be nice if I could know from where the other person will appear completely, but the light are not enough to let me see what’s in my front clearly. But, sure It’s doesn’t seems like a sweet world, though.

However, since there was no movement until this point, I could narrowed down the options. The rest is how Lacra will comes out…

“She’s here.”

I responds to Illias voice and looks beyond the line of sight.

There is a figure of Lacra coming alone with something like a lantern with a luminescent stone inside as a light. She’s on time, what a diligent girl.

Then I take out the book from the pocket before Lacra says something.

“This is the book, can you see the cover?”


Then I open the page that where I put in a bookmark. This page contains illustrations about magic construction that leads to the basics of Necromancy. And I show it to Lacra.

“It’s this book, right? I’ll be troubled if you said that it was different later.”

“… I think so.”

“Then, let’s hear the answer.”

“The response from Ukka-sama was no. He refused your proposal and asked you to return the book …”

“Well, then it can’t be helped. I’ll return the book.”

“…! … Why?”

Lacra’s expression is grim. It’s not like her usual.

“I don’t understand the meaning of your question…”

“I understand that Shosho-sama’s proposal and your intention of returning the book are not a lie. I have this question since you showed the danger of the book to me… Why can you decide to return the book without so much hesitation?”

Lacra occasionally asked a troublesome question. It’s not that she can’t read the situation, but it’s because she could read the situation that she made a statement like that.

Even if She’s usually an airhead, her intuition that has been cultivated by the real battle may be excellent. She has the ability to sense the essential part aside from the truth of the lie. That is the priest who stand in front of me.

However, it’s probably because of her kindness heart that I can’t say that I’ve already decoded the book.

“Because if Tiez keep holding into it, it’ll just worsen the relationship Tiez have with Mejis, and eventually with Yugura Religion too. And Tiez doesn’t want that to happen.”


Something can be heard in the distance. And Illias was the first to react to it.

“I heard a noise now, I’ll go and see for a while.”

“Yeah, I’ll leave it to you.”

Illias goes in the direction of the sound. And I walks up to Lacra while bringing the book.

“Lacra, hear me… I’m also thinking about a lot of things you know, but not everything will go as what I want.”

“That’s right …”

“Don’t worry too much. Isn’t your priority now to achieve what you’ve been commanded to do?”

Said that, I try to give the book to Lacra. But the book slides off my hand and falls to the ground.

“Oops, I’m sorry.”

“It, it’s okay.”

In response, Lacra bent over to pick up the book.

And, it start.

◇ [Change POV] ◇

We were lurking before they gathered in the square. There are four other who move as pawns with me.

“(Well, killing is good, but his escort is troublesome)”

Some are unforgiving, such as acting on their own and killing the people other than the target, but at least they still follow the instructions. With a single signal, we will go attack in a good cooperation.

However, the man’s escort is too troublesome. Illias Ratzell, a knight who is one of the top five in Tiez.

More than anything, She is the woman who defeated that Dokora, so we has no choice but to be vigilant.

Even though Dokora lost one of his arm, I don’t think he is inferior to most guys. To be honest, I would like to refrain from attacking her straight from the front.

The other Black Wolf girl it’s not a problem. I saw her movement once, she’s just an amateur with only high mana.

As a Demi-Human, she moves fast, but anyone in here can deal with it.

Even if it’s a one-on-one fight, we will not lose, and if we attack together, it will be possible to finish her in an instant. As a wolf she most likely have a good nose. But we don’t care about that, the equipment we use can deceive even the five senses of the beast.

And the Man … he’s just an ordinary person. If one of us can pass him, he will be killed in instant.

“(Should we start by hitting the knight first and then aim at the man and Lacra at the same time?)”

But if we do that, sure the man can be killed, but it’s can’t be said same with Lacra.

Lacra Salf… Well, she’s rumored as an airhead woman. However, that’s not the case in actual battles. Her skill is a real deal.

There is a track record of her win in an overwhelming victory in a battle with a Demon, which is more dangerous than monster, all by herself.

In rare cases, if you works in the dark part, you will need to fight monsters. There was also a time when I fight a Demon.

At that time, the majority of the troops died. So, I’ve no choice but to be wary of anyone else who can subdue the higher-ranking species alone.

If Illias Ratzell and Lacra Salf are cooperating, We will have to consider whether to withdraw or not.

“(Then, Should we aim Lacra first?)”

Then I gently raise my hand and send multiple signs with my fingers.

We are trained to accurately identify our companions even in the dark. And we trained our night vision ability too.

『After the signal, Number one and two are going to attack Illias, and the rest, go to kill Lacra.』

This should be fine. While doing so, Lacra appears.

I’m grateful that one of her hand holding a lantern, and after she take the book, both of her hands will be occupied.

Th man and Lacra start a conversation. I could see the book. Aim for the timing where she gonna receive the book. I give the sign that all of them can see it.

However, I hear a strange sound. The source of the sound is somewhat behind us, It’s not from one of us. It’s just the sound of something falling and bouncing.

I searched for the true nature of the sound, but I couldn’t find anything suspicious in The Square. No, there was movement.

Illias Ratzell also noticed the sound. I’m looking in her direction. And I saw that she left the place. This is an opportunity.

Then I change the sign, 『After the signal, Number one attack Illias, and the rest attack Lacra.』

If her distance with them is widened, she can’t respond to the surprise attack. Even if she is cautious and reacts quickly, she could only protect the man.

Aim for the chance when the man handed over the book. Well, well, give it to her now!

A man give the book to Lacra. But then the book slips out of the man’s hand.

“(What the fuck are you doing …!)”

Lacra leaned over to pick up the dropped book.

Her line of sight turned to the ground. Her consciousness is also completely directed to the book. This is a perfect chance.

Then I give the last change of the sign, “Everyone, kill Lacra after the signal.”.

And Lacra’s finger touches the book.


After the signal of the attack, Five shadows pop out from the dark of the night. Two people throw hidden weapons from a medium distance, and the rest including me are going to slash with the sword.

Instantly close the distance to Lacra. The one who can react is… only the Black Lolf girl! Lacra haven’t aware of us yet. Yes!

We close to the gap between the hidden weapons and us, then swing our weapon. But, the woman in front of me…. is not Lacra!?

What I see is not Lacra, but Illias Ratzell, who has already pulled out her sword and is wielding her sword.

◇ [Change POV] ◇

To be honest, I couldn’t keep track of what happened.


Wolfe was the first to raise her voice, but by that time it was over.

Something blown away with a thunderous roar. Then, a shock and a whirlwind shake the surroundings.

Next, Lacra hurriedly checks the surroundings. And me too.

When I was able to grasp the current situation, we are already surrounded. There are about four knives lying on the ground. It’s the same as the one used by Dokora.

There were a total of five people, and three people jumped in. One is evading Illias’ attack and keeping a distance.

However, one person was cut half by Illias’ sword. One of them go his weapon destroyed and was blown off about 100 meters by the impact of Illias’ attack, and slammed into a wall.

Maybe, that one is dead. Oi, oi, seriously, she did it without mercy.

“What is this !?”

Lacra makes a panicked voice. But, of course, if you raise your face, and you suddenly see a corpse in front of you, and suspicious people are around you, you’ll react like that. Then, I embrace Lacra before giving her explanation.

“Sho, Shosho-sama!?”

“Lacra, make a barrier, fast!”

“O, Okay!”

She quickly set up a barrier to cover both of us. At the same time, the barrier repelling something… oh it’s the another hidden blade.

It seems that the one who was distanced himself continued to throw at Lacra. Shit, it’s dangerous! However, with this, I was able to secure the safety of someone who was about to die.

“Oi, oi, seriously?… Seriously? I can’t believe it!”

The man who avoided the attack begins to laugh. Of course, everyone here is alert.

“Is it possible to prevent a surprise attack by five people from that distance? Such a monster.”

“If it’s truly a surprise attack, maybe not. But if the target know when you’re gonna attack and what you’re aiming for, then it’s no problem.”

Even so, each of the knife they thrown comes with a set of hidden knives.

Four came out, one got blown off, and one got cut into half. It’ll look like that I imitates that guy’ words, but sure, such a monster.

Illias leaves the scene and Lacra turns her face to the book. If they were to steal a book and kill me, there would be no better chance than that timing.

It’s possible that they’ll attack at a later date, but they’re probably considering the possibility that Lacra would be persuaded to accept the proposal. If that happens, this is the only best time to attack.

If they didn’t come, I probably persuaded Lacra and robbed ‘Mr. Black Curtain’ of his place.

“All of that was just an act? And you only tried your best to protect only Lacra. Don’t you feel like protecting your other friends, huh?”

“It’s a man who can be killed at any time, and Lacra who takes time to be protected. If I want to make sure it’s gonna be okay, it’s the best decision after knowing that everyone was aiming for Lacra.”

I’m not you who said that. So you don’t have to look so upset.

“Now, why don’t we, the remaining three people, finish this?”

“Three people? No, no, that’s stupid.”

The man who was slammed against the wall begins to move slowly. Seriously? Can he really move again after what happened?

“It was a great technique, but if it’s just a physical impact, I can deal with it.”

“It’s not a technique. I just kicked you because you was in the way.”

Oi, for that reason, it doesn’t mean it’s okay to kick people a hundred meters.

“This one … As expected he’s dead, I guess? I also want to learn Necromancy like Dokora.”

The name of Dokora comes out. There seems to be no mistake in terms of appearance and weapons used.

“After all, it seem to be right that these guys works in the dark part of Mejis.”

“Wa, Wait a minute! Why is the dark part of Mejis attacking me….”

“That’s probably because they were instructed to do that. It’s instruction from someone who is trying to collect the book.”

“Ukka-sama… Such a thing…”

“It’s not from Archbishop Ukka. It’s another guy.”


After confirming his footsteps, the man who got blown out, approaches us in a weird movement.

“Can you move?”

“My ribs broke, but no problem.”

Oi, of course it’s a problem, idiot.

“Was it too shallow?”

Oi, It’s a kick, it’s neither shallow nor deep, Gorilla.

“Well, just in case, you take care that Demi-Human. The others are the knight.”

The leader man points his blade at Lacra.

“Keep that barrier with your best. Or, if it break, the man will die immediately.”

From his murder intent, even an amateur like me can tell that it is not a lie. Lacra, who lacks physical strength, even if she can protect herself, she can’t protect me.

The battle situation now is 4 to 2, and the difference in the number of people is disadvantageous. And ordering the injured person against Wolfe is probably because the leader decided that he could still deal with Wolfe. In other words, in term of skill and strength, everyone here is at least same with Wolfe or better.

“Do you think that only three people can stop me?”

“It wouldn’t be possible if we attack from the front, but it’s night now.”

The shadows of the dark crawl up on their bodies. It swallows them and hides them in the darkness.

And the voice echoes out of nowhere.

“I wanted to avoid using Magic as much as possible, but it can’t be help. Engrave on the invisible blade and die.”

Illias suddenly takes a defensive stance. At the same time, sparks struck from Illias’ sword.

No enemy attacks are visible. Rather than disappearing in the shadow, this is …

“It’s a Magic to hide your body presence!”

“I intended to eliminate the murder intent, but you’re doing a good job in blocking it, but the number of blades will increase by three times, though?”

The battle begins. Illias wields a sword, but she doesn’t look like someone who gonna attack now. And soon after a slight break, an invisible attack attacks Illias.

Only the scattered sparks make Illias stand out from the dark night.

The battle has already begun for Wolfe. Wolfe can’t counterattack any of the attack. Shaking her fist in the dark clouds will only give the enemy a chance.

Suddenly Wolfe bounces as if reacting to something. And a faint wind noise echoes in the place where I used to be.

It seems that avoidance is barely possible if she concentrate with all her might. I’m relieved for the time being. But I can’t rest assured.

Look at the falling knife. The tip of the blade is wet and painted with some liquid.

It can be seen as that it’s a fast-acting poison, But rather than a lethal poison, most probably it’s a paralytic poison.

There is no doubt that if you receive even one blow, the defeat will be confirmed from there.

“Shosho-sama, if it stay like this!”

“… No, it’s okay as it is now.”

“But! Isn’t they just keep defending!?”

“It’s okay, don’t worry.”

“Why? Why could you seriously said that with such a face!?”

Oh, that’s why Lacra was wary of our situation. Is it a habit to have a bad face when my thought circuit is a bit twisted?

What a drawback. But, I can’t do anything about it.

I take a deep breath and calm my mind for the time being. Then, I face Lacra and speak.

“Lacra, it’s about to end. Believe in ‘Me’.”

I don’t know how effective this word is. However, Lacra who can see through lies should know. That I said this word seriously.

Illias and Wolfe begin to lose the balance in their respective battles. Wolfe was the earliest.

Wolfe, who was devoted to avoidance up till now, albeit a small one, started a counterattack.