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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 29

29. In the meantime, It’s hard to live

It was just past dusk when I came back from the expedition. I bring Illias and others to ‘Dog’s Bone’ and then I head to Marito’ place alone.

In my hand, I have an alcohol put in a leather bag that I got from ‘Dog’s Bone’. I take it to a place before heading to the castle. Proceed along the back alley at the boundary between the ordinary and the wealthy. There was a person I wanted to met.

“Yo, Gazen.”

“Oh, it’s just you.”

Gazen, He is a homeless who does not have a house in Tiez.

He’s about 40 years old, but because he don’t care about his appearance, he looks way older than his age.

He usually wanders in the back alleys, collecting trash for living. At the same time, he also collect garbage thrown improperly and receive a small wage from the kingdom.

If Illias didn’t take care of me, I might have started my life here from the same life as this Gazen. And if that happened, I think that I might have done a lot of thing together with him, when I think like that, somehow it make me feel deeply moved.

Gazen, as he usually wanders around the city, is familiar with the situation in the city. At first I tried to treat him alcohol, then He tell me a lot of useful stories. And from then, sometimes I buy information from him this way.

Gazen is a man with principle, who follow give and take rule. That’s why I hand over alcohol as a payment in advance.

“Has you seen some unfamiliar people within this city lately?”

“The only new one is that Sister, who is hanging with you lately. Other that her, nope.”

“Do you know about Lacra? Well, I don’t care about her. Because, Her identity is clear. Other than that is there any changes that you noticed?”

“Nah, It’s the same Tiez as usual. Oh, and you, who sometimes treat me alcohol is really a big deal for me.”

Gazen laughs while drinking the alcohol given to him. A temperament man who keeps a distance from other homeless people, but if you didn’t makes a mistake in dealing with him, he’s actually not a bad guy.

However, sometimes he is difficult to handle, because he is not someone that can be used as I like.

“Gazen, a dangerous person may be lurking in this city these days.”

“I can’t see it though.”

“But the city at night might become more dangerous. Could you restrain yourself on wandering at night for a while?”

“Huh!? Who the fuck do you think you are?”

“Don’t say like that. Gazen give me useful information. So, I just don’t want you to encounter any danger in the dark.”

“I need to keep walking around this city in search of things even at night. Without doing it, I will starve and die.”

I throw a piece of gold coin to Gazen.

“What do you want, huh?”

“It’s okay even just for a while. Please restrain yourself at night.”

“Tch… what an odd kid.”

Gazen curses and puts the gold coin in his pocket.

“I’ll do it until this money runs out.”

“Sorry that it makes you feel constrained. I’ll bring you alcohol again next time.”

That said, I parted from Gazen. To me, Gazen is like an air in this city.

No one needs him, he also don’t want to be needed. That is why he is accumulating information that he see with his own eyes.

If Gazen says he hasn’t seen it, it’s probably the same for others.

But does Yugura Religion really think that just by sending Lacra is enough? Definitely not. I’m sure Lacra is a decoy, if not their mistake in selecting person is too terrible. I need to get a little more information from Lacra.

At night, I going with Marito to a special room in the castle. Needless to say, the purpose is to decipher the book.

According to information from Lacra, the book contains mana. Should that mana adhere my body, the barriers that are unfolding in the city will react to it. So, just in case, this special room has been given some protective measures.

By the way, I changed my clothes and even put on custom gloves. I feels like a forensic officer.

Marito and Lord Ragdo are in the room.

“Well, now don’t get so nervous, me. You won’t be cursed by reading this, right?”

“I couldn’t read the letters, but I look what’s inside it. And rather, I’m more energetic these days.”

“Right, I feel like you getting more active day by day.”

“I’m sure he thing that everyday is fun.”

“Do you have problem with that?”

Well, I can’t help being scared. Anyway, Let’s look inside this book now.

I reread the cover of, Sample No. 4 ‘Green Demon Lord’ Investigation Records.

The content of this book can be guessed to some extent from the title alone. Can we get more information?

“By the way, should I read it aloud?”

“Yeah. It’s not that I don’t trust you, but I can’t say that you could be scared of the content and abandon your cooperation.”

“Thanks, with this I’m ready. Anyway, don’t complain later, okay?”

And then I open the book, it’s definitely written in Japanese. However, the writing style is a little old.

“It’s look hard to read…. From the letter, it’s looked from Taisho Era.” [TN: Taisho era is, three different era before reiwa (Present era), it’s around an era from 1912 – 1926]


“I mean the letter, It’s from somewhere about 100 years ago. When the Demon Lord appeared here?”

“About 50 years ago.”

Hmmm, the credibility of this book suddenly declined. However, there may be a difference in the way time flows between this world and the Earth.

But, from the moment I got transported to another world, my common sense is died. I need to be more flexible.

Anyway, let’s read the content for now and compare that fact with history.

“It’s not that I can’t read it. But, Well, I’ll read as much as I can.”

Then, the most dangerous reading session in my life begin.

“Lacra said that she talked about the book to Tiez’ Candidate of Department of State Affairs…”

After receiving Ukka’s report, The Pope inadvertently hold his head.

“It, it’s okay! According to Lacra’s report, she has a very close relationship with him as to keep his mouth shut…”

“She should explain the situation to that kingdom itself rather than asking the officials of another kingdom for cooperation! Do she want to develop it into a diplomatic problem!?”

The fact that the book about Necromancy is sealed in Mejis should be hidden. If information about Forbidden Magic is spread, there also must be a person who wants it.

However, a person named Dokora, who is worked in the dark part of Mejis, stole one of the books and escaped abroad. More than anything it’s better if she can collect it in secret. However, as long as she made a mistake, it is natural that the Pope and the Religion should be prepared to suffer a certain amount of damage.

Announce the identity of the book to Tiez and request the cooperation of the investigation. But, it’s a fact that Mejis kept secret until now. So, It is inevitable that it will be criticized by other kingdom.

In the first place, there is no doubt that other kingdom have might have considered the possibility that Yugura Religion conceals its knowledge of Forbidden Magics as a countermeasure against them.

The question now is whether to expose it by oneself or by the hands of others. It goes without saying which one will worsen relations with other kingdom in diplomacy more.

“Never mind. If it became like this, it’s might be too late already, but.. Contact King of Tiez!”

“B, But!”

“This is no longer just a matter of clearing suspicions about Maya. As the person responsible for sending Lacra, you’ll report it openly to Tiez. Understand?”

“Y, Yes!”

“If things get complicated, please contact me immediately. At that time, I head for Tiez myself.”

“But! There’s no need for Pope-sama to go personally…”

“If you think like that, do it right!”

Ukka jumps out in a hurry. The Pope think, ‘If you really think about me, please do your job better’.

Tiez has just changed their king into a young and wise king, their generation has changed. The Pope also heard the goodness of that new king governance.

If the Pope face him in sincerity, he sure that he will be able to maintain a good relationship.

But their new king is young. If he make him vigilance to this side, that king may start sharpening his nails.

“Apart from this case, I wonder if it’s necessary to visit Tiez once…”

The Pope have heard that Tiez has many herbs and dishes that rich in fragrant. So, He wonder that there might be a need to think about a travel plan as well.

Ukka run until he get out of breath, and prepare to contact with Tiez in a hurry.

He was too overwhelmed by the idea of outsmarting Maya, and endangering the position of Yugura Religion… No, the position of the Pope.

“First, let Lacra explain the situation to King of Tiez, and then ask for cooperation… Oh, right, the assassin was already sent to Tiez!”

Ukka think he need to hurry up and get in touch with him…..

“Hey, who were you sent to Tiez?”

“Ukka-sama, what happened?”

“Y-You! Actually, the situation becoming bad.”

Ukka explain the situation.

“I see. you should contact Lacra immediately then.”

“Right? And, the assassin too…”

“Wait a moment. Lacra don’t know anything about the assassin. So, there’s no need to tell them about it too.”

“But, but…”

“Lacra is a Yugura priest, who has the responsibility of hiding her purpose, but given her position, that should be no problem. But when it comes to the Assassin, the story is different. Even if you tell them about it, it’ll be just a problem.”

“That’s… true.”

“Don’t worry, Those assassin are still hiding. I will contact them. So, Ukka-sama, please concentrate on the instructions to Lacra.”

“I, I see. Then I’ll leave it to you!”

Ukka think, ‘with this, there will be no problem’. Oh yeah, he almost forgot one more important thing.

“By the way, who were you sent…”

Ukka looked back, but no one was there.

“…. Well, what was that, hmm? Wait, this not the time to think about it! I need to contact Lacra now!”

I’m having trouble in decoding the book. First, It’s hard to read. But more than that, It’s because Marito and Lord Ragdo stops me a lot on while I’m reading the book.

Sure, the content of this book is full of problems. In fact, everyone in the room right now is holding their heads.

“Do you think Mejis know what’s written in there?”

“No, It’s more likely that they only know it as a book about Necromancy. If the content of this book is true and they know about it, Yugura Religion would come to recapture this book with all their might.”

That’s right, If they knew it, they will not sent someone useless like Lacra. I’m sure they will sent someone with the same skill or better than Maya.

Even just by the fact that this book reveal the concealed Forbidden Magic like Necromancy, this book is worth to be recovered as soon as possible.

“As I continue decoding this, Marito should think about the future.”

“Even if you’re not saying it, I know. To be honest, this, I think it’s gonna be okay if we just return this with a face like we don’t know anything.”

“Oh, what a coincidence. I was thinking that too.”

“Both of you, that’s not good you know….”

All of us, sigh. I don’t want to read this book anymore, it’s really painful to read because it’s full of information that no one else suppose to know. And, it still have so many pages.

“Oh, and, just keep in mind how much more information wou will know that can endanger your life….”

I flip the rest of the pages. A lot of letters flows into the field of view. This.. all of this will be in my head in the future.

And a bitter sigh leaks. Then I reached the last page…. What is this?

What was written there was like a simple postscript. It’s not something complicated, it’s just a simple information that doesn’t need to be considered deeply.

However, the problem was the sentences that could be understandable at a glance.

“Marito, Don’t you think the chances that they don’t know what’s written is high? No, definitely they don’t know.”

“What’s wrong? Did you find something?”

“Yeah, If they know about this, this book, I’m sure they’d already burn it.”

I share what I found to them. Both of them stiffen.

“Wait a moment. I don’t want to hear that information!”

“Me too, I don’t want to know! What should I do, huh!?”

“Both of you, calm down…”

“Lord Ragdo, isn’t he trembling like a newborn foal!? Since I was born, it’s my first time seeing him like this, you know!?”

The incredible facts made the strongest knight, the wise king, and the another-worlder flutter in a hurry. [TN: Wait, is another-worlder even a word? Never mind, I’m just gonna translate it like this.]

After that, I closed the book temporarily and returned to Marito’s office.

“Your Majesty, this book, I don’t want to keep it in my pocket…”

“Bear with it. Even the fact that Lord Ragdo, who stand by my side, keeping that book, make me uncomfortable.”

“Your Majesty, that is harsh.”

“However, for the world, isn’t it better for us to return this with a ‘I don’t know’ kind of face?”

“Hnm, That might be true, but… if we do that, the thing about the Demon Lord… Oh, Right! Why don’t we just told them that it’s only you who decoded the book?”

“Huh!? You ask me to go die by myself!?”

“I have a duty to carry the future of the people….”

“Your Majesty, what a splendid idea.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to drag you guys with me!”

The tension is about to rise again, so I drank tea and took a break.

“But this, it’s not a problem that be left alone isn’t it?”

“If the contents of the book are all true, it would be very bad.”

“Alright, let’s put off that problems for the time being… First, I need to finish decoding it.’

“That’s right.”

Maybe, there will be something like ‘The content of this book is fiction. It has nothing to do with real people or groups.’, written somewhere in the book. If no, then it just mean than we will have more dangerous knowledge, right?

Well, we just can escape from reality, but even if we can escape from the matter about how important the thing written in the book, other issues still remained.

“Marito, does Tiez have something like assassin group?”

“There is. Those who are searching for the book too, are someone like them. But, for your safety, I can’t give you the detail of the member.”

“Please do that. Or else I’m confident that I can spill everything if I got tortured.”

“Well, since the moment you know the contents of the book, there’s nothing I can do.”

“I wonder if there’s Magic to make you forget something. If there’s I want someone to cast it on me.”

“Oh there’s that way too, huh… Lord Ragdo!”

“It’s a problem that we can’t just left alone. Please give up and accept it, Your Majesty. I’m sure he will go die with us together.”

“And that’s what he said, so let’s die together, my fried.”

“Can I cut any ties I have with you?”

After all, when it comes to the topic of this book, our calmness is gone. Anyway, let’s get back to the main subject for now.

“What I want to know is about the assassin group. How it was formed, How they work, I want to know something like that.”

“I understand why you want to know. But, I think it’s okay to just leave that kind of matter to Tiez, though….”

“My mental is not strong enough to trust the guy who just said ‘let’s die together’.”

“Hmm, is it bad to prepare for the worst from now? But, I understand, I’ll introduce one member of the assassin group.”

“Thanks. when I can met that person?”

“That person is behind you, you know.”

Suddenly, a hand placed on my shoulder from behind.


An voice that can’t be called a voice leaks. A gloved hand is placed on my shoulder.

When I try to look back in a hurry, Marito stops it.

“Oh, don’t look back. It’s better to not know his identity as much as possible.”

“I, I see. But, at least let me prepare my heart first. I thought that I was gonna die.”

“Please forgive me.”

I can’t tell if the voice I hear from my back is high or low pitch, man or woman. But since Marito said ‘his’, maybe it’s a man…

“Sorry for my late introduction. I’m guarding Your Majesty…. Yeah, something like that.”

“From the way you introduce yourself, somehow you seems friendly.”

“Thank you very much. If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them.”

“It’s a bit weird to call this a question before the real question, but, do you usually guarding Marito?”

“Yes. Usually, I’m guarding Your Majesty while casting Magic to erase my presence.”

“It’s no exaggeration to say that he is the most capable in Tiez. When he is nearby, you can feel relieved.”

“Yes, it’s no exaggeration to say like that, Your Majesty. After all, he is the strongest”

“They seems very confident in your ability huh. But, you join the assassin group and your name can’t even be spread…. In the past after you judged as someone promising, you are okay to be promoted as someone work behind the scene even though you may die in duty, is it right?”

“As expected of best friend who will live together with Your Majesty, you’re so wise.”

“I won’t do that, though? Really, I won’t!”

“I’ve been observing by you ever since you first talked to Your Majesty. You’re a person who can be trusted. When you tried to surprise Your Majesty, I was in dilemma about whether to cut you or not, but I’m glad I could restrain myself.”

“Stop saying scary thing, please?”

I don’t know at all whether this guy is saying it seriously or jokingly.

“Is the Magic that you used to erase your presence affected by the Magic Sealing Stone? As I know, there’s a lot of it in this castle.”

“Yes, the Magic Sealing Stone will cancel this Magic. However, I can perceive the mana of the Magic Sealing Stone, so I can basically avoid it.”

“I see. As long as you not get caught it in, huh. have you never get caught?”

“If I could be seen, it’s also hard on me, because I have to kill everyone who is there.”

“Good luck then. Oh, and don’t ever show your face in front of me.”

“I have pride in my face, though? even man can be captivated by it.”

“I just don’t want to die yet…. Wait, by any chance, when I decoding the book, was you there too?”

“Yes, I couldn’t accept the shocking facts and almost swung my sword several times to slash you.”

“I praise you for enduring it, but can’t you not killing people just because you want to escape from reality, please?”

With this, it’s time for the real question. Then, He explains the knowledge of the dark part and what can be done in there. Hmmm, I learn a lot.

The nostalgic feeling that I forgot because I’ve been hanging out with straight and honest people like Illias, Wolfe, and Lacra recently comes back.

…. Ah, The same way of thought as when I hunting down Dokora is start to come up.

“You, it’s not good to just go back like that, you know?”

While I was thinking about what to do from now on, Marito talk to me with serious face.

“Hm? Did I make a strange face?”

“Yeah, especially your eyes, it’s look so cloudy. If Lady Ratzel see it, she will worried you know?”

“That bad?”

“That bad.”

“Do you want to see in the mirror?”

“Yeah, thanks…. Hey, it’s dangerous!?”

That guy, who was behind me, just for a moment I almost could see his face through the mirror. What’s more, he said ‘Oh, shit.’ in low voice, you know!?

“Ah, I was careless, sorry.”

“Yeah, and you could just die carelessly too! Anyway, go away from me!”

“Don’t say like that, you make me want to cry hearing that.”

“Just use your Magic and disappear from my sight!”

I look in the mirror again. I don’t think my expression will change, but …. Alright.

“Well, I’ll have a light chat for a while and then go home.”

“I think that’s better. Would you like to hear my joke?”

“Please do it next time.”

“The joke level is where you can laugh and die by it, you know?”

“Do you want to kill so much, huh!?”

That assassin guy who is teasing me, I know that he is a honest guy. He’s straightforward, more than Illias.

It’s feel strange, to get to know the strongest Tiez in this way.

However, I don’t want to deal with living land mines every time. So, Let’s have a clear relationship with this guy.

“But at this time, I still didn’t think that I would’ve an inseparable relationship with this guy.”

“You could read someone mind!?”

“It’s written all over your face, your face was easy to read.”

“And you think it will just end by me saying ‘I see’, huh? Don’t ever stand in front of me without using Magic!”


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