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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 28 Part 2

28-2. In the meantime, I feel sorry (Part 2)

“Meanie! Shosho-sama is a bad person!”

In the barracks, Lacra sits in a chair and complains while being dried by Illias’ Magic.

“I pointed out the shortcomings of the barrier that you’re so proud of, why’re you saying like that, huh.”

“Still, that kind of way is a bit…”

“Shisho, mean, not good.”

“Maybe it’s a bit mean, but Lacra is far superior in terms of ability. So I just showed her, what will happen if she face someone using their brain.”

“The real problem is after that! When I was in trouble, you didn’t even in a slighest care about me at all! Right!?”

“Because I feel satisfied by doing so. Hm-hm, it feels good.”

“I wanted to spent more time with the gentle Shosho-sama that I met on the first day….”

“Oh, what a coincidence. I also miss the adult and charming Lacra.”

“What a sad story…. Anyway, I’m done drying you, Lacra.”

“Illias, Thank you very much!”

By the way, aren’t these two people getting closer? There may be something that attracted each other.

Since Muscle-Brain and Airhead are kind of similar, but not the same. And if I can’t differentiate it, a disaster will come to me… especially that Illias.

“Well, well, why don’t we go to ‘Dog’s Bone’ for dinner? Lacra, What about you?”

“Erm… I have to meet some….”

“Don’t worry, it’s on me. More than that, is it okay for priest to eat meat?”

“Well, yeah, is there a reason for us to not?”

Oops, my bad. I forgot there nothing like Hindu that consider cow to be sacred or Muslim that detest pig.

“I had a prejudice that people with faith were reluctant to kill and eat animal.”

“Certainly every life is precious. That is why I always grateful for my life so far.”

Is that there is no religious meaning when they pray before eat? is it just simply gratitude for the food? So, it’s really like the ‘Itadakimasu’ culture of Japan.

“Then there is no problem, right? If you come to Tiez, that place will be one of the shops you should stop by at least once. Let’s go!”

Lacra tilting her head, but I take her hand and half-forcefully take her to ‘Dog’s Bone.’.

Tiez which is surrounded by nature, and the neighbouring Kingdom, Garne, which is mostly plain, even more Mejis, which is located beside Garne and mostly wasteland…. All of them have no access to the sea.

However, it seems Majis have some neighbouring Kingdom which in contact with the sea. So, the price of salt there a lot cheaper than in here.

But the fact that it’s a luxury and rare item is the same as here.

Lacra is looking forward dishes that take advantage of the characteristics of salt. Of course not only the salt, compared to other Kingdom, Tiez which is surrounded by mountain and forest have a wide variety of herbs and spices, so the food here has a wide variety of flavors.

And recently, a rare forest with a lot of mana has been discovered in where the Black Wolf tribe lives. If the rare herbs circulating on the market, the food culture here will be further improved.

Therefore, I bring Lacra to enjoy the food in Tiez, which the culinary is still developing. It’s good that she enjoyed it.

But she didn’t really drink the alcohol, it’s not that Lacra is weak to alcohol, she just forgot to control herself.

Delicious food, delicious alcohol… These people who’s now enjoy it a lot, forget that it’s not using their own money and keep ordering more.

As a result, I was forced to carry a drunken priest on my back and take a detour route via Maya’s church when going back home.

Only her body that’s more mature than Illias or Wolfe, but her inside is still like a child.

“She’s dead drunk.”

“How ever I seen it, it doesn’t look like her first time go drinking. When I took my eyes from her for a while, she’s already dead drunk.”

“From how she look like, it doesn’t seems that she drink too much, just the way she went drunk. I guess she’s the type that goes high until middle and when the line crossed, she’ll starting to get sleepy.”

Certainly, She sleep in good way rather than bad way because of drunk. In other words, if I wake her up, she might have open her eyes…. Oi, return my suffering.

“It’s okay to bring her back to your place, though.”

“There’s no more place for her.”

“Why not just let her sleep in your room, Boy. Hm?”

“I’m not a hungry beast that will even do with a girl who is dead drunk. Especially, considering the future relationship with her. That’s why, don’t stare at me with that kind of eyes, Illias.”

“Without a doubt you’re a man. So, It’s okay to have a deep relationship with a woman, but I don’t think I can sleep well when your room is next to my room.”

I know. Me too, I don’t have some weird hobby of letting my neighbour hear it.

“It’s been a while since we started living under one roof, and I didn’t cause any problems until now. So, can’t you trust me a bit more in that matter, huh….”

I always being careful in a lot of thing, you know. After all, I lives with two girls around my age.

I always knocking before entering the toilet, bathroom, or others room. Also, every time I use it, I always careful not to cause any trouble to others.

If I try to get some ‘lucky’ events, I’m sure it’ll be a dead end by Illias full power punch.

“Well, That’s… True.”

“I don’t bother the landlord as I rent the room. So if I want to do it, I’ll spending the night somewhere else.”

“I’ll keep that in mind…. By the way, I’m sure you ever spending the night somewhere else… is it just that I remember it incorrectly?”

“Then, Wolfe, let’s go back.”

“Yes, Shisho!”

“Hey, Why you suddenly end the conversation? Oi, Wait me!”

I’m not a child, so please refrain from snooping on my private time.

Somewhere in Tiez, In a vacant house. After the death of the old man who was the old owner, there will be some time until a new resident live there. But, now there is someone there.

The man slips through the closed door without even touching the door

The man walks without footprints on the dust on the floor.

The man, whose whole body is covered with a black cloth, go into the vacant house like a ghost.

The place he go is a place that used to be a bedroom. However, there are no traces of people sleeping on the bed, and only one crystal is roughly placed.

It’s the same as the secret art used in Yugura Religion, which Maya and Lacra use to contact headquarters in Mejis.

The man’s hand touches the crystal, and the crystal gives off a faint glow.

“Let’s hear the report.”

A voice echoes from the crystal, which is the voice of the person who spoke to Ukka after Lacra’s report.

“Today, Lacra with her collaborator set up the detection barrier on the city gate and wall.”

“I see, it takes time but it’s a good method. It seems true that she met a decent collaborator.”

“Tomorrow, she will search for the site of the base based on the map left by Dokora.”

“She didn’t immediately spread the barrier? Is the preparation of the tools not catching up, or is she planning to expand the range while watching the situation?”

“Do you have any additional instruction?”

“It’s okay to wait and see Lacra for a while. No need to focus on finding the book until you know exactly where it is. I also sent your companion there. So, meet them and make preparation first”

“Thank you for that. Then, I’ll stay in the shadows for a while.”

“Don’t forget to check the wavelength of the mana wave that created by the barrier set by Lacra.”

“I’ve already done it.”

“Oh, I just said something unneccesary then. Do you have anything else to report?”

“The appearance of her collaborators is a little unusual. Black hair and black eyes. I hardly feel his mana, but I do not feel any sign of him hiding it.”

“Hmmm, by your description, that looks like the appearance of a Demon. Hmmm, maybe, it’s just rare case.”

“Also, it seems that a white girl from Black Wolf tribe is escorting him. Her skill is not worth mentioning, but the inherent mana she has is immeasurable.”

“I hear that Tiez recently started interacting with the Black Wolf tribe. Is it a place where you could hired a talented person as an escort?”

“And, it seems he has some connection with Illias Ratzel.”

“I think that’s what you should be most vigilant. Because she is a female knight who won Tiez’ swordsmanship tournament.”

“Right. She is the one who killed Dokora, even if I’m with my companions I don’t want to face head on with her. That’s all for the report.”

“I understand. Contact me if something happen.”


The communication was cut. The man threw a cloth over a crystal that left a faint glow.

By the time the cloth completely covered the crystal, the man had already blended into the darkness.

Currently, I’m hiking in the mountains.

Today we are aiming for the cave that was the base of the bandits who first captured with Illias.

It was a bandit gang where a giant man named Gidou leading them.

Since it’s the nearest base, it seems that we can arrive in the afternoon if we go in the morning.

The one participating in this mission are Illias, Wolfe, and Lacra.

Weeds are swept away by Illias, who in the lead, which makes us proceed smoother.

Previously, because it’s a surprise attack, I had to proceed quietly, but this time I am proceeding while making a road.

“However, I can’t remember anything what happened last night from the middle…..”

“Try to imagine the one who carried you all the way back, you’re heavy, it’s hard you know.”

“I, I’m not heavy!”

“Sleeping adult women are heavy enough, regardless of whether they are thin or fat!”


In the first place, I would ask Illias to carry me.

However, when I tried to do so, Grandpa Kara’s wife said, 『 It’s a man’s job to carry a girl! 』, yeah, I was scolded and ended up to be burdened with responsibility.

At first it seemed to be fine, but after walking a few hundred meters, I couldn’t do it anymore!

When climbing a mountain while chatting, we arrived in no time. Illias scattered most of the obstructive plants along the way.

Right. The way she silently getting rid the obstructive plants while making roaring sound is like a heavy machinery.

“Alright, Illias, please rest for a while. I’m going to take a look inside.”

“…. Yeah, if something happen, call me.”

When I go inside, it’s a familiar sight. It seems that Dokora collect the corpses because he want to make them undead, so there are no corpses left, but it still smells a little. Hmmm, is the stain on the ground a blood stain?

“The air is a little dirty, should I purify it?”

“Oh, you can do that?”

“Of course!”

When Lacra uses magic, it feels like the surrounding air is flowing. She stop it after a while.

I see, how convenient. Not only the odor, but the quality of the air in the surrounding is changing.

I should have been in a cave, but I feel as if I was in a clean, sterile room.

“The air, feel fresh!”

“In places where people died, the mana in the atmosphere also becomes muddy, so by adjusting it in this way, it is possible to return it to the original environment.”

“By the way, I heard there was a place that left poisoned by the Demon Lord in Mejis.”

“Yes, it’s hard to purify that area, but the range is without a doubt gradually narrowing.”

A Magic for improving environment, huh… It’s one type of magic that I also want to be available in The Earth.

I would like to spread it mainly to the countries that have a lot of factories.

Anyway, she set up the barrier and of course the book not detected here. Since, she finished her job, now it’s my turn.

I look around the cave and take notes of the ore that come up from the wall. As expected, since it used as a base, I can’t find anything valuable left here. It can’t be helped then.

There was no new resource discovery, but I found some of the bandits’ equipment left behind.

It seems that most of the used miscellaneous goods are not collected. Only those that are likely could be turn into money were collected. I also found a wooden box full of Magic Sealing Stones.

It might costs some money to buy all this much, but many of them are small and have poor quality.

So, for this to work, you’ll need to throw the Magic Sealing Stone directly into the Magic range.

Even if it’s this small, it’s enough for escape that just need to interferes with Detection Magic, but it seems difficult to use it for other purposes.

For example, the Magic Sealing Stone used in the knight’s armor is neatly cut or polished into a spherical shape.

The one that’s big enough to be processed is…. nope. I wonder if there is any way to use it at once… Maybe I’ll take a little bit just in case, right?

I throw a few into my pocket and join Lacra. Let’s put it in the container for treasure when I get home.

There are few personal belongings that I have since I came here. My partner, this wooden stick, then clothes, and a small wooden box that I uses as a container for treasure that I keep secretly at home.

When you see some small but rare in another world, it would make you to want to pick it up and keep it, right? So, that small container is for that, to satisfy my childish side.

For now, it contains large acorns and beautiful stones that I picked up during my walk.

In the future, I want to prepare a large box to collect memento of my adventures in this world. That’s not a bad idea, right?

After that, we headed to investigate a small cave that is put as a landmark in the map. It’s not large enough for people to live in, but there was a place where groundwater was springing up as we proceeded inside.

Let’s put it into a bottle and take it back to check the component of it.

“In the end, no result…. It’s just a vain effort…”

“It’s because, Today’s place was originally a bandit’ base that different from the Dokora’ gang.”

I speak in a low voice with Lacra on the way home. Illias still don’t know about the book.

Lacra said it was okay to tell her, but it’ll troubled me a little.

Anyway, Illias is listening to a conversation I had with Dokora and knows that Dokora left a farewell gift for me.

She don’t know the story of me going to get a book with Grandpa Kara after that, but if she listen to the story of the book, there is a high possibility that she think I’m related to it in some way. In that case, various information might be exposed.

As long as Illias is a knight, she is obliged to report to her upper rank, and even if I just simply explains the situation, she will be forced to report it. That’s why, I explained to Lacra to kept the information hidden from Illias.

The thing that Illias know is that this expedition is for searching a new resource. I’d like to tell her about it someday, but I’m not gonna tell her about the whereabouts of the book, because I want to hide it from Maya too.

Furthermore, the story of deciphering the content with Marito is something that Illias might not happy to hear.

She doesn’t like for me going on the wrong path. Perhaps it’s her feeling as a friend rather than a knight.

However, it is difficult for Illias to complain as long as it has decided by Marito. In that case, she would said that Maya, who is close to her, only her she can consult with.

Maya is tolerant but not about Forbidden Magic such as Necromancy. She also have to fulfill her position as Archbishop of Yugura Religion.

Having a secret is troublesome. If it is exposed before me explaining it first, our relationship may worsen.

Those who want to live safely should not have big secrets. Still, I can understand and sympathize with Marito’s position right now.

Is Mejis simply sealing and managing these books, or are they studying them in secret?

The fact of managing books was confirmed by the existence of Lacra, but even now he still don’t know what kind threat lying ahead.

While walking, Illias sometime seeing him on the way home. He is talking with Lacra in small voice.

She can’t hear what they’re saying. But, she hesitate to forcibly listen them. She think, they must have a secret that only both of them know.

Lacra is a good person. She is straightforward and has the ability as a priest. She is a cute and very attractive woman.

At first they have some distance, but now they have a similar relationship like what Illias had with him.

He changes the way he deal with other like a mirror. Illias relationship with him is now good enough to have a small talk.

Sometimes she get angry, but it’s not bad if she think she can be frank with him.

His relationship with Lacra may have changed in a similar way.

The number of people he can talk to has increased. It’s a good thing, but….

“Illias, tired?”

Wolfe looks into her face and asks her. Maybe because Lacra and him talking in low voice, she came to her side. She thought that Wolfe have a good judgement. No, it’s to good.

Given the history of Wolfe, it is no wonder that she lives more honestly. She must be desperate not to lose the present life she has.

She fear the past so much. In fact, Wolfe, when she sneaks into the futon, was shaking occasionally.

“That’s right. I want to go home early and relax.”

“Illias don’t want to talk with Shisho?”

“Talk? What to talk with him?”

“Shisho, he is thinking a lot of things and trying his best. Like when he bring Wolfe out from that village.”

Hmmm… Illias try to think. She know that he always thinking about various things.

As long as it is not physical labor that he’s bad at, that is probably his way of life.

But judging from Wolfe’ words, is it okay to think that he is planning something?

“Is he thinking together with Lacra?”

“No, Lacra is not thinking anything.”

Illias thought, It’s a terrible words to hear. Anyway, is the plan must include Lacra? If that’s the case, right now he keep contact with Lacra is also…. No, no, they might just on good terms.


Illias is a bit uneasy, but she know that he tends to dislike excessive meddling. Even so, she is aware that being relied on by him, And the thing that might breaks that relationship is….

She have maintained a close relationship with her mother’s friend, Maya, but she have never had a friend with someone she met herself, like him.

She can’t figure out how far she should go in meddling with his matter. But if it’s okay for her can step on it, she want to step on it too…

She is confident in her swordsmanship, but amateur in this kind of thing.

“If I can get along well just by slashing him, I’ll cut him in an instant.”

“Illias, That’s scary.”

And… Wolfe was scared. At least, just at least, Illias don’t want Wolfe to be scared of her. She was frightened of her after having a bout once, so it could be said that she has quite strong will to endure that past.

Anyway, Illias think that she have to be careful from now on.


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