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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 28 Part 1

28-1. In the meantime, I feel sorry (Part 1)

The next day, I bring Wolfe, and decided to help with the search. But, How can I help her to find it so that she can’t find it?

“Okay, so, first of all, when I consulted with Your Majesty about the installation of the barrier, I got permission to install it in the city only for a certain period of time.”


“However, the castle already has some other barriers installed, so I can’t get the permission to install there.”

“I see…”

After consulting with Marito, we need to avoid having a barrier in the castle.

But, if we leave them alone, who knows if they tries to install the barrier forcibly in the future. So, it’s better to handle it from now.

“In addition, if an abnormality occurs, it will be removed immediately. And just in case, he want you to avoid set it up for the whole city from the beginning. In public eyes, the reason for the barrier is to get the healing effect it has.”

“But, if it’s not the whole city, it’s gonna be hard to check….”

“You just need to expand it slowly as the day passed by. Lacra, do you know where to install it at first?”

“… Hm? Hm, Hmm?”

“Do you think if you make a cute gesture, I’ll just gonna forgive you, huh?”

Normally I might have forgiven her, but…

sniff, Please tell me where.”

“Search on the premise that the book is somewhere here. In the process of widening the barrier and searching, it would be a problem if the book was taken out. First, set the gate of the castle wall into the range of the barrier, and then slowly cover the city from there.”

“I see, I see.”

“However, before spreading it inside, first is to cover the castle wall. If you need to bring the book outside, you need to cross the wall, right? Do you have enough tools?”

“Circling around the city huh…. It barely enough, but if I do that, I don’t have enough tools to cover the inside….”

“Anyway, you’re not allowed to install all of it at one time. So, you just need install it as soon as you are ready.”

“I understand. So today, I’ll install it around the gate and walls!”

“If the tools for installing the barrier are prepared earlier, install them on the route from here to Garne too. Do it at the same time as installing the inner part of the city.”

“I need to move around the Mountain and forest too?!…. It sounds troublesome.”

“But in order to clear their suspicions to Maya, it is necessary to confirm the range she searched before. I’ll give you this, so make a copy of it.”

That said, I handed over Dokora’ map borrowed from Marito.

“This is?”

“This is the map of Tiez used by Dokora. It has marks for his bases, such as used bases, unused bases, and potential caves for bases. I could borrowed this, because the knight have already investigated all site.”

“Well, if we have this, we could make progress in searching the book, right!?”

“But, as this map has been borrowed by Mr. Ban, one of the the merchant in here, we could use the pretext that we’re gonna do cave investigation for searching resource like him. But if we do that, we need to check the cave too. There’s a lot of bases and cave that we need to check, so it might take times.”

“That’s right. But, there’s also a high possibility that the book might have hidden inside some cave, so I think it’s good to check the cave too.”

“If it’s the place where base built or a cave, there will be no problem if you temporarily create a barrier, just that you need to afford the tools.”

For the time being, these we got some time, to make Lacra’ search slower.

First, create a barrier around the city and make her take a long time to cover the city.

At the same time, she will head to the bandits bases and caves, All of this is to delay her investigation of the castle.

After that, in my spare time, I’ll decoding the book and try to finished it. The plan is, it would be okay to return the book to Mejis, once it had been deciphered.

Although it takes time for Lacra, on the premise that the book is indeed within the territory of Tiez, but it is necessary to carry out the search with less risk of it being taken out of the kingdom.

Also, although the true aim of Mejis is still uncertain, all known until this point is, it’s to prevent the spread of Necromancy.

And another issue we have is the identity of another searcher, who may be working behind the scenes. There is no choice but to try to make them reveal them self.

“Fuuu, I finished setting it up!”

She set up a barrier in front of the city gate, then we go outside. While riding the horse circling the wall, she set up the barrier without leaving any gap.

We started in the morning and now it almost dusk… Of course I’m tired.

Two horses were borrowed from the barracks. One is for Lacra and the other is for me and Wolfe.

I learned horseback riding at the same time as Wolfe. But only her is able to ride first, and somebody can’t ride it alone yet.

But seriously, I’m scared of this horse. It’s one size larger than the horses I normally see at the racetrack, and even tough like that the speed is still fast, you know?

It is impossible for an amateur to ride it alone. It’s like being told to drive 80 kilometers on a electric scooter and drive it on the highway. Yep, Definitely impossible.

When we returned the horse to the barracks, I saw Illias.

“Illias? You usually patrolling the city. It’s rare to see you here. “

“The barracks outside the walls are under the jurisdiction of Lord Ragdo’ Corps. Although I leave it to the keeper, I occasionally come to see the situation. And what’re doing?”

“I just borrowed the horse to circling the city wall with Lacra. She want to know the different between Mejis and Tiez.”

“I see.. So, how was it?”

“in Mejis there’s no wall circling the city. The cathedral in the sanctuary also does not have walls, it’s to make the believers to see it easier.”

“Even though, Monster appeared often there, you’re being careless, huh.”

“Not really. Instead, the city has multiple barriers that prevent Monsters from approaching it unless it’s a big one.”

I see. There is a lot type of barrier, huh. How convenient. And the huge benefit is that you can cherish the scenery.

“Speaking of which, I’m thinking of cave exploration tomorrow, but can Lacra fight against beasts normally?”

“Yeah, it’s okay. I’m strong after all.”

Even if she said that now, it hard to trust her. My thought come out in my face.

“Ah! Why you make face like you can’t trust it!”

“Considering all what happened up until now, that’s of course.”

“Hmmmph! Let me prove it then!”

Lacra instantly creates a barrier around her.

In almost no time, cubic barrier that stretches around Lacra. It’s like a thick translucent glass.

“This is the Defense Magic that I proud of! Most attacks won’t be a big deal!”

“Then, Wolfe, Try to attack it will your full strength.”

“Okay, Shisho!”

Then Wolfe spin her arm, and stand in front of Lacra. Then she take a deep breath and kick the ground.

It’s a simple rush attack that combined with mana release, but just by the appearance of it, you can tell that the power is strong.


The roar and impact of the fist reaching the barrier are transmitted into the air. But the fist never went beyond the barrier.


“Shisho, my hands, it hurts.”

“Of course.”

I patting and comforting Wolfe, who has a teary eyes. Lacra make a proud face.

“How is it!? This hardness with almost no time!”

“Certainly it amazing. Illias, what do you think?”

“Yeah, it’s splendid. Since the construction of magic is centered on the person himself, it is troublesome if it is allowed to be deployed. I guess, it will be difficult to neutralize it with a small Magic Sealing Stone.”

“The barrier could be neutralized, only if it’s using a bigger Stone, huh.”

“Well yeah. but if it’s the size they normally use for military purpose, as expected it’ll be a little bit difficult…. But, Beasts and Monsters does not use Magic Sealing Stone!”

“Lacra, could try it too?”

Illias seems to be interested in it strength.

“Yes, I don’t mind.”

“But just in case, I’ll do it without pulling the sword from the scabbard, okay?”

Illias raises her sword. Remained in the scabbard. I guess, if she hit the barrier that is too hard with the sword pulled out from it’s scabbard, there is a good chance that the blade will break.

Illias stand in front of the barrier and swing her sword.

“I’m sure Wolfe’ punch is around that much…. So, I guess, around this much is enough!?”

She swing her sword down in a straight line.

Illias vs Lacra Illustration

“Ugh, As expected it’s hard.”


Lacra has a stiff expression. Oh, if I look closely, sure, the sword is stuck in the barrier.

The sword swung down against the side of the cubic barrier broke a part of the barrier and lost its momentum due to surface resistance of the barrier.

“It’s an amazing barrier. It’s difficult for me to get rid of this unless I’m serious.”

“Don’t try it! I’m sure Lacra together with her barrier will be blown away!”

“As, As expected of Illias. Who can be compared to be one of the top five in this kingdom….”

If it is a normal attack, Illias will not be able to hurt Lacra. But if she do it seriously, the barrier will be blown away by the attack that even my ayes could not see.

Even from the Lacra perspective, Illias seems to be exceptional.

“However, this should’ve been enough prove to Shosho-sama, right? Aside from Illias, this barrier can’t be broken by something at the level of Shosho-sama.”

Inside the barrier, Lacra turn her way here. I know that, but somehow her words get on my nerve.

“Since in turn like this, might as well try it, is it okay?”

“Fufufu, Of course!”

I look around and discover a good thing. I pick up the shovel that was leaning against the barrack wall.

“You can’t break this barrier with such a thing, though? This barrier also stretched to my feet. Even if you want to dig, It’s no use!”

“Hmm, is this just right?”

I place the shovel on the ground and lift a slightly larger stone nearby.

“Hmm? Do you change to stone throwing?”

“No, no, such a thing is bad for my hips. I’m not gonna do that.”

Put the stone aside and pick up the shovel. Then, I push the shovel to the place where the stone was removed.


“Okay, I think this is good.”

I lift the shovel, and walk to the barrier. And throw the contents of the shovel over the barrier. Of course, the contents of the shovel are blocked by the barrier.

“What are you trying to… do!?”

The barrier above Lacra is filled with soil. Since it is a cube, the soil on which it is placed naturally spreads on top without spilling.

The barrier is translucent and has good visibility, so I’m sure she can see it clearly from the inside.

A large number of insects and earthworms that’s lurking under the stone, now wriggling on top of the cube.

“Erm… ermmmm.. that… Shosho-sama!?”

By the way, Lacra was able to move even within the barrier. She don’t have to move herself since she herself as the center, can stretch it instantly. To put it the other way around, this barrier does not move.

In other words, in order for the person to leave the place, there is no choice but to cancel the barrier.

“As expected, it hard, huh… Well, let’s go?”

“How could you think of terrible things as a matter of course.”

“Wait, Please wait a minute! Please get rid this! Even just the insect, Please!”

Lacra hits the barrier from the inside and asks for help.

“You see, my hand will get dirty.”

“I will wash it! I’ll put out clean water and clean it for you!”

“Can’t you just make the barrier change from cube to a conical from inside?”

“I can’t make other than this shape!”

“That’s it. Why don’t you blow it off with Blowing Magic, immediately after releasing it?”

“If the timing of ding it wrong, the Magic will burst in this closed space you know!?”

“If you can make a barrier in an instant, you can do it too.”

“Maybe I can, but… As expected, it’s impossible!”

She almost tried to do her best for a moment, but it seems that she have lost her concentration because she keep thinking the risk of failure.

“However, in a cube-shaped barrier, if you encounter a monster that spits out poison, you might get stuck, don’t you?”

“That’s might be true. I can prevent it temporarily, but if it remains above me…”

“You should make a conical or spherical barrier, or make the surface easier to change…”

“Hmm, I think that’s a good idea.”

“Hey! Both of you! Don’t just talking, and help me! Please!”

After that, when I seriously tried to leave Lacra, she started crying, and Wolfe told me that she couldn’t leave it, so I asked Illias to wash it off with water magic.

Well, she was relieved to be able to break the barrier safely, but the water remaining on the barrier poured to her whole body.


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