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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 27

Next Ch will be split into 2.

27. In the meantime, Worried about the future

It is within my expectation that Lacra aim for what Dokora left behind. It’s already at the level where me and Marito saying ‘I guess so.’.

It might not be the case, since we just being wary of the movement of Yugura religion. But if a person suddenly sent from the headquarters, it’s natural to think so.

A sigh leaks. Even though this the first time for something like this happen to me in this world, but for it to be just that kind of flag.

Just a bit more, if she take a few more days to deepen our relationship, and aim the moment when I begin to trust her, I might have some fun….

“Hm? Hmm? Shosho-sama? Why you sigh…”

“Of course. When I thought that finally it’s the time, but to only being asked for information….”

“No, no that’s not what I mean… By some chance, the Charm Magic have no… effect?”

What is that? Did you cast that kind of thing?

“Well, To be approached like that, in a way, you success in charming me….”


Oh, Her face become bright red.

“Forget.. Please Forget it! Please! Forget it!”

It’s been a while since I was grabbed in the chest and shaken. Ah, but the strength that fit a girl, that may be the first time in this world.

“Well, well, please calm down. I think it was really charming!”

“No, it’s not what you thought! That, it just that kind of movement is required!”

Lacra’ face still bright red, she complains with teary eyes. It’s seems she will cry seriously if I tease her more than this.

As an adult, I have to be moderate.

“It’s okay, as I said, I was really charmed you know. You really make my heart beat you know…”

“Uuuu, Uuaaaaaa!”

However, there were times when I lost to the temptation…. In many ways.

“Please, have a drink.”

“Uuu….gulp, Thank you very much.”

Lacra, who seems distraught, finally calms down and sits on the bed. I need to be moderate when doing pranks.

Now, I have to hear a detailed story.

“Then I will summarize the story. Lacra had something to look for, apart from this inspection, and in order to obtain that information, she approached this candidate. She used Charm magic to get information quickly, but for some reason I couldn’t be charmed.”

“… Yeah.”

“By the way, if the Charm Magic succeed, I will not remember anything what happen in the process. And, Normally you don’t want to use that because it’s embarrassing, but you put up your courage and do that. Then, your face became red because your failure was exposed, right?”

“… Yeah.”

“If only you seduce me normally, without using magic, I’m sure it will more successful.”

Ah, she’s about to cry again. Well, if it’s so embarrassing, you shouldn’t use it in the first place. Choosing the easy way, In the end, isn’t it you the one who will suffering the consequences?

“Even though it was certainly casted… why it didn’t work!?”

“Ah, Hmm, Let me confirm it first, Charm magic… is it a type of magic that cast on the target’ head?”

“Eh, Ah, Yeah. Strictly speaking, it is a magic that interferes with the target’ mana through the target’ eyes and make them charmed to the caster.”

“It’s that. You see, I told you about having small amount of mana, right? Maybe you didn’t make a mistake in the preparation, But because my body don’t have enough mana to be interfered, so the magic didn’t activated.”

I remember the Rye fruits. It uses the mana of the eater to be in control state, and then invite the eater to the Slime’ nest.

It’s effective enough even for a beast with a small amount of mana, but somebody who is a beginner in another world, where there is not even sure if that person have one magic point or not, of course it will not have any effect.

At first, I felt lucky, but when I heard that I couldn’t receive most of the healing magic because of that, I felt like I don’t have any insurance.

“Such a thing…. So, what am I supposed to do…. Oh, Right! I just need to put my mana into Shosho-sama!”

“By the way, could you tell me how you’re gonna do it?”

Oh, her face turned even Red than ever. I just roughly guessed, but is it really that kind of method? What, What’s wrong with this unreliable beauty.

“If you need to do that kind of things, isn’t it faster and effective to do it normally…”

“That… How can I do that kind of thing!”

“Didn’t you just do it?”

Well, after that we did a short break for the second time. Anyway, let’s continue the talk.

“But, why you need to force yourself until like this…. If it’s okay, Could you tell me the detail?”


The general story was like this.

The Forbidden Magic, and document related to Demon Lord are sealed at the Yugura Religion’ Headquarter.

One day, the Demon Lord may come back to get the Forbidden Magic again. It is sealed as a last resort to counter such a situation.

However, Dokora, who was working at the dark part of Mejis, stole one of the books. Lacra haven’t heard the details, but it seems that there is a description about Necromancy.

Although it’s inferior to Resuscitation Magic, Necromancy is one of the Forbidden Magic. Yugura Religion was following Dokora’s footsteps to avoid it spreading.

And They found the base when he was in Garne. There, they finds traces of Dokora trying to use Necromancy.

After that, they don’t know where he go, his footstep stopped at Garne, but recently there was a request to Mejis for his details from Maya.

A man who is one-armed and may be using Necromancy. It’s definitely Dokora.

By the time he escaped from the pursuit with Mejis, Dokora had already lost one arm. Anyway, Yugura Religion’ Headquarters instructs Maya to search for the book.

The book is likely to have been brought to Tiez because Dokora had a high level of Necromancy.

However, no book was found by searching all the bases. The Headquarters continued to instruct Maya to search, still, no results.

It should’ve hidden somewhere in Tiez, but they can’t find it. From this, some people began to raise suspicions about Maya.

In order to solve it, Lacra, a competent priest, was secretly dispatched from the headquarters.


“Tha-That’s true. I have learned all kinds of high-ranking Magic, especially I’m an expert in Purification Magic and if the opponent is an undead, I can handle it alone even on an army scale!”

If it’s that’s true, of course you’ll be called competent. Even with dozens of undead opponents, this kingdom’s most proud knights were troubled.

Still, this unreliable side of her…. is she just acting? If so, She’s indeed competent…. No, wait, why she didn’t succeed in seducing me from the beginning then, right?

However, when I hear this kind of story, it make me think that compatibility is important. To be honest, Lacra’s physical strength is honestly weak, probably about the same as me…… This sadness, I must not think of it now.

In that case, She can’t handle the attacks from unusual movements of knights.

However, the knights have no power to finish off undead. But a priest can one-sidedly slaughter the undead. They already dead though.

So, that Gorilla who blow the undead away with a single blow do not fit in the terms of compatibility, so there’s a need to categorize it as an exception.

“Then, you came to Tiez, and when you can get away from Maya’s eyes, you didn’t miss that chance to take action. Even more, when you meet someone who seems to have some useful information, so you use Charm Magic on that person to get the information quickly.”


“Aren’t you just impatient and ruining yourself!?”

“But, But, But! Thing going smoothly like this, isn’t that God’s guidance to me!”

“Even if that is the case. All is good until you use Charm Magic. And, How about the fact that you’re neglecting to confirm whether I was successfully charmed after you casted it and straight into talking the main subject?”

“It because, I never failed up until now!”

To be honest, I was very cautious about Yugura Religion. This complexity is painful because I consulted to Marito many times and devised various measures to act with the utmost care.

“Uuuu, My attempt for spying is failed, even my embarrassing figure exposed… I’m failed… Now, that it’s come to this…”

“If you decide to commit suicide, Please do it in your own room. Don’t worry, I’ll talk about your last figure while drinking alcohol.”

“Are you really saying that!? Since you said that to me, I’ll not die even if I die! I’ll become undead!”

It’s pretty dark for a priest’ joke. I want her to sleep peacefully somehow.

However, if I was the cause of her death, I can’t peacefully waking up everyday. So, Let’s follow her talk for now.

“Still, you don’t need to do this secretly though. Maya must have guessed that she would be suspected if someone came from the headquarters at this time. Then what you need to do is to declare it quickly and search for it. Why are you trying to find it in secret?”

“It’s feared that the existence of a book contain Forbidden Magic will comes to light, if that happen, some people will want it.”

“Maybe Maya is explained by the Headquater about the existence of the book?”

“… Right.”

Then Lacra clapping her hands. Hey, give me back my flattery I gave to you this morning! This Bastard! I keep responding like my life depend on it, you know!

“Oh, but what if Maya is hiding the book!?”

“Even if that so, The fact that the book still hidden is not changed. Rather, with you declaring it, her movement will be restrained.”

“… I see.”

Lacra clapping her hands again. Who? Who the fuck appointed this girl!? That person doesn’t have the capabilities in making scheme!

Sigh… I’m going to sleep.”

“Eh? You’re not gonna help me!?”

“Remember what you did earlier. Hm?”

“Forget that please! Let’s forget it.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll never forget it!”

“Why your word suddenly become rude!?”

“Do you know what it mean to have manner when going out? It’s to the word that fit the others.”

“Ugh, Even though I thought that Shosho-sama was a wonderful person…”

“Thanks for that. Lacra was also a wonderful person… just until now.”

“You hurt my feeling you know, it really hurt!”

“Good grief… I know, I know. I will ‘Help to find the book’, is this enough?”

“Really!? Thank you very much!”

Still, I’m not going to share the information that the book is in Marito’ place.

This flow made me sick, but at least I answered the question, ‘Do you know about books?’.

“Oh, by the way, do you know anything about books?”

…Or not really. A woman who keep betraying my thoughts.

“On the contrary, please tell us about the book. Is there any information about how it looks?”

“Hmm, The title is written in a language that I have never seen in any old book.”

“Even the inside?”

“Yes. It seems that it cannot be easily deciphered.”

“I’ve never read such a book in Tiez.”

“I see…”

Safe, my mouth almost slipped for moment. I’ve already seen the title several times. But, I haven’t read the contents yet.

The problem was that I was about to say, ‘I have never read such a book.’. This will be detected as a lie if I was not careful.

Because I know that it is written in Japanese, I naturally read Japanese books in Japan.

If I add the word ‘In Tiez’ at last, the lie detection sensor may react because I say it last.

I have to try to figure out what is effective and what is not, but in such a dangerous situation, I want to avoid to do anything unconfirmed. Even if there’s countermeasure for it, it’s still a troublesome ability to deal with.

“Don’t you have any way to find it?”

“Hmm, I have. The book contains special mana that will react if you set up a special barrier.”

“I see. So you go around the village to place a barrier mechanism in the village church?”

“Yeah… How do you know!?”

“Wolfe said to me, that Lacra’ luggage was gradually decreasing. The contents did not smell like food, but there was something like a stone in it. And you even prepared a simple altar so that you could at least pray in a village without a church, right? So, I can guess.”

Wolfe’s nose and ears are not that of a normal person. As expected from Wolf Demi-Human.

When I asked her to say the differences and changes of each village, she also said about Lacra’ luggage.

It is easy to predict Lacra’ purpose and what kind of actions she take based on her abilities.

“Is the barrier enough to cover the whole village?”

“Yes. By the way, it’s not harm for the villagers. On the contrary, the mana of the barrier corrects the disturbance of the mana in the body, and it is also have a weak effect of fatigue recovery.”

Oh, It’s been a long time since I saw air purification product… it’s that kind of impression that I get from her saying that.

“Many of the Knights of Tiez have Magic Sealing Stones in their weapons. Is the barrier unaffected by Magic Sealing Stones?”

“Hmm, The core of the barrier will be released under the influence of the Magic Sealing Stone. However, the mana emitted from the barrier only a properties of the barrier, so it’s okay.”

So, it’s okay as long as you don’t bringing weapons to the church, huh?

It ’s similar to the measures that Dokora took. Wait, since they are originally from the same kingdom, it may be natural that the methods they use are similar to some extent.

“Do you know when it react even if you’re far from it?”

“Yes. When the mana of that book and the mana of the barrier come into contact, it causes resonance and emits something like a wave of peculiar mana to a super wide area. If I receive it, I can judge which position of the barrier has reacted.”

It’s quite complicated to use, huh. Still, using the nature of mana does give can be said as a means to escape from Magic Sealing Stones.

However, if you can abuse this method, you can make a pretty dangerous weapon, doesn’t you?

If you can aim what kind of new mana that will be born from two or more mana with unique properties… I’m not an expert so I can’t really say anything about this.

“If it can be installed in all villages and there is still no response, it is okay to say that it is not in the villages for now.”

“Yes. At the end, if I set it up in Tiez’ capital, it means I can check all the places where there’re people.”

“Well, that’s true. But will you get the permission?”

How many countries give ‘Yes’ or ‘OK’ when asked if it is okay to set up that barrier in their own country?

It will give you a benefit like an air purification product, though….

“Shosho-sama… given your position, can’t you help me?”

“I’m still a candidate, so I don’t really have much power. I think I can talk to the king, but I have to ask whether I can get his consent or not.”

“That’s enough!”

“Oh yeah, And even if you get the permission to install it in the city, let’s try to find a good place for it together. Still, if you have all this, you should act more carefully from the beginning.”

“That’s… When I see that Shosho-sama have a small amount of mana, I feel that if it’s you, it’s gonna be okay….”

“Oi, Lacra, I’ll make sure, that one day, I going to betray you!”

“Aaahh!? Are you saying that for real!?”

With this, I ended up forming a strange cooperative relationship with Lacra.

“Huh!? Since when did you called my name without honorific!? Even though I’m older than you!”

“I’m tired of this…”

And the day afterwards, She will go around the village and set up the Barrier. It takes two days to visit the all of western village, and the third day we visit the eastern village.

However, the book was not found even though she finished setting it up in all villages. That’s of course, because it’s in the castle.

Up to this stage, I haven’t really helping her, I just continued my work as a Candidate.

“However, if this many knights positioned in all village, the Knights in the capital will be busy. Are you sure, They have enough manpower?”

“That’s right, right now, in the capital, the knight apprentices are doing their best to do various chores…”

“Lacra, I heard that the appearance rate of Monsters is high in Mejis, how do they deal with it?”

“Hmm, We are asking adventurers to handle it, and give reward depend on the parts of the Monster. Even in the villages, they can be contracted for a certain period of time and hire them as escorts.”

“I see. So, just leave it to the expert huh?”

“My Kingdom also want to imitate it, but, there aren’t many adventurer in Tiez…”

As an adventurer, stable hunting is not possible because Monsters rarely come here.

So, it’s hard to to it like Mejis. First, Tiez need something to bring in adventurers to their territory.

“By the way, since when did both of you became closer?”

“No, no, we are not closer at all…”

“Really? You talk like you could understand each other, and you even call her without honorific.”

“That’s because this damn…”

“That’s because!? When I saw friendly relationship betwwen Shosho-sama and Illias, I wanted to have that kind of relationship too with Shosho-sama, so I force Shosho-sama to call me that way, and also to use informal word when speak to me!”


“No, no, it’s just beacuse her value in my mind has fallen.”

“Why don’t you match with my story!?”

“Even if you thanks me after I match with your story, it will not make me happy. Rather, I thought it would be unpleasant to remain misunderstood.”

“How, How can you say like that!?”

“…. I’m sure, something must happened.”

“Shisho, Wolfe too, want to be treated like Illias and other!”

I call Wolfe, and let sit near me and stroke her head.

“Hear this, Wolfe. Certainly Wolfe is in the minority and different from everyone. But, you don’t have to bother to make your value bad. Choose who’re you going to imitate carefully, okay?”

“Okay, But… Shisho, only good to Wolfe.”

“I’m not treating Wolfe specially. It just the others are low compared to you, that’s why, just stay like this, okay?”


“Hey, wait a moment, why you think low of me too!?”

“Do you think, I think highly of you!?”

“Hey, don’t be surprised!”

“I’m more to type that using brain. Don’t think that you who solves everything with brute strength have a high value in my eyes.”

“Ugh, But I’m not stupid you know, I’ve a decent brain.”

“Do you think I could accept you, who always saying ‘But, it’s faster to use force.’, as someone who use brain, huh!? Damn Muscle-brain Gorilla!”

“What does Gorilla mean!?”

Then, we are going back to the capital. Lacra immediately told Maya about the situation.

“That’s of course. It can’t be helped. I want to clear their doubts as soon as possible, So, Lacra, please do your best!”

“Ah, Yes..”

She got permission to do it as she like. With this, there are no obstacles to her activities in the city.

“By the way, Maya, you knew from the beginning, didn’t you?”

“Of course. The one who don’t know it must have something wrong with their brain.”


Yugura Religion Sanctuary that exists in Mejis. It is the place where the Hero vowed to subdue the Demon Lord, and where the Yugura Religion Cathedral is built.

The smallest and simplest room in the huge cathedral is the room of the Pope, Euparo Rosaleo.

The Pope don’t like luxury and extravagance. But Yugura Religion has the most believer in the world.

Therefore, although the cathedral stands out as one of the world’s leading buildings, The Pope’ office is a reproduction of the work room assigned to him when he was a young man.

And now an archbishop was called into the room.

Ukka Kenuk, he is the lest-wing of Yugura Religion, and the one who sent Lacra to Tiez.
[TN: Seriously his name, written ‘ウッカ=ケヌク’ in the source.]

“And, I sent Lacra Salf to collect the book.”

“Yes, That’s right, Pope-sama.”

“If I remember correctly… she is an elite priest. At that young age, she has mastered almost all the Purification Magic that is the essence of Yugura religion, and she has a solid track record of Demon hunting.”

“Yes, That’s right.”

“And, As if all her talent is just in that, that her other talent is not worth mentioned.”

“Yes, That’s right.”

“Why do you choose her then…”

The Pope sigh. Will a combat-type priest like Lacra really good choice to collect books? No, it’s impossible. Because The Pope have seen Lacra once before. That child is just… a little impossible.

“Maya is in Tiez, Am I the only one who think that she can see that the purpose of sending Lacra there?”

“No, that’s exactly what I was aiming for from the beginning.”

“… I understand. It’s a pain to ask first before you answer, so tell me everything.”

“Lacra intends to search the books publicly. Maya, Archbishop of Tiez, is a smart woman. She’ll probably will be suspicious no matter who are send to there.”

“Right. Her tittle as an Archbishop at such a young age, not just for show.”

“That’s why it’s good to just publicly say it to her. That’s by by sending Lacra who is most likely get caught in her actions, It’ll also means that Maya will realized it faster, and the search will happen faster too.”

“But, must it be Lacra? Isn’t it better to sent priest who are good at investigation…”

“Fu-Fufufu, It must be Lacra. If Lacra who’s careless sent there, She will think that the upper weren’t that suspicious of her, and she’ll eventually let her guard down. That’s what I’m aiming for!”

“…. So, you secretly sent another person?”

“As expected of Pope-sama!”

Ukka praises with an exaggerated reaction. Who was the one who made him the archbishop, huh… oh yeah that’s right it’s the Pope.

Even though Ukka is like that, but his connections are amazing, really.

It is this Ukka that is responsible for most of the Yugura money policy, and he has the advantage to make others lees alert to him due to his character.

In other words, He can get along with most people. Since his achievements in that area are so great, the other archbishops who want to complain have no choice but keep their mouth shut.

“We have already sent Mejis’ Assassin to Tiez. Behind the scenes, a talented assassin gets a book while Lacra stands out in an open and publicly search for it. This, This is my plan! People relax their vigilance while finding the answer. And we poke there!”

“…. Well, Right. If you’re using someone with high abilities, I’m not going to complain. But avoid any behavior that would worsen our relationship with Tiez.”

“Yes, Leave it to me.”

However, although he has a wide network of contacts, did he have a connection to someone who work in the dark part of Mejis?

“Fu-Fufufu, My plan will never get noticed. Why? Because.. it’s perfect!”

“Well, another guy was definitely being sent in.”

“Right. You could only think it that way.”

That night, I visited Marito to report to him, and we was discussing what Mejis might do.

“It’s hard to say that person is the also priest. So it might be a merchant or adventurer.”

“Yeah, It’ll be hard for us to notice is we never seen that person face. Is there any possibility that they will sent someone who work at the dark part of Mejis?”

“Well, if that person have the ability to disguise, that person may sneak into the castle.”

“It seems that we need to devise some countermeasures. Oh, right, I decided to cooperate with Lacra, but is it okay to continue going in their trap?”

“Right. You just need to use her back.”

“Use her, huh…. I understand. So, how we should handle the book?”

“According to the your story, the barrier will be set up outside the castle, right? If that happens, we can’t take it outside. So Me and Lord Ragdo will hold it next after each other.”

“It may be okay to start deciphering it now, assuming that the worst case, the books will be collected.”

“Yeah. However, the guy who sent Lacra has a very bold personality. It’s like announcing to Tiez directly that Tiez have a book about the Forbidden Magic.”

“I would have been prepared to get caught by Maya, but I wasn’t thinking about Lacra leaking information of Tiez….. No wait, that’s not gonna happen.”

“Perhaps it’s to show some compromise and prevent the deterioration of the relationship with Tiez. I’m sure that’s the case.”

“I just talked it to the Candidate of Department of State Affairs!?”

Ukka was astonished to hear the report from Lacra. It is one of the secret art of Yugura Religion using crystals, and it delivers words to a long-distance.

Although the places where it can be used are limited, it is mostly installed in Yugura’ churches where there are someone higher than bishops.

“It, It’s Okay! When I talked about the situation, he said that he’ll help me find the book.”

“Oh, That’s splendid.”

“He is a very diligent person, and he is also very friendly with Maya. I’m sure he understood the seriousness of this matter.”

“I see, I see. You are blessed with good collaborators! Oh, but don’t forget to make sure that he keep his mouth shut.”

It’s a conversation that would have be a headache if Euparo were here, though there’s nothing to retort about.

“Lacra, if the Necromancy described in the book spreads to the world, a catastrophe will be inevitable. Keep that in mind and do your best!”

“Yes, I will do my best to meet Ukka-sama’ expectations!”

And the communication was cut. Ukka is surprised at Lacra’ unexpected action, but is pleased with the results.

He even thought that Lacra might find the book before the Assassin.

“Ukka-sama. Do you time now?”

“Oh, it’s you. Sure.”

A visitor appears. He’s a young man.

“Was it communication with Lacra?”

“That’s right. It seems that things are going well on her side more then I expected. She might find the book before the assassin that you arranged.”

“Well, well. But that’s also fine. It’s better if one of the prominent Yugura priests is the onw who succeed.”

“Yeah, that’s right. So do you have anything to say?”

“Yeah. I wanted to add a few more assistants to him who are working behind the scenes. I came to get the permission.”

“Hmm, Lacra also has a local as collaborator. If it’s the person who work behind the scenes, it will be difficult to get the cooperation of local people. You should arrange it fast.”

Ukka even signs the documents prepared by the visitor.

“Yes, then I’ll do it as you say.”

That said, and the visitor leaves the room. After seeing him off, Ukka stares at the void for a while.

“….Well, Just now, was anyone else here?”

Ukka tilted his head.


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