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26. In the meantime, I should’ve expected it.

“Food, Check! Equipment, Check! The other stuff I need to prepare… Well, with this much, I guess it’ll be okay?”

“Shisho, all of this, to the carriage?”

“Yeah, I’ll leave it to you.”

“I understand!”

I put the purchased food on the carriage prepared in front of the church.

I’ll be leaving Tiez for a few days, and you can say that my preparations is almost complete?

This will be my first time planning for spending the night far for home in this world.

Well, how to say this, it remind me my childhood and makes me feels exited. Hell Yeah!

In fact, it makes me feel like when I went field trip. And I got this opportunity when I visited Marito.

“At the request of Maya, a Yugura religion, I was informed that she would like to borrow some of these knights as guides.”

“I see.”

“It was decided to give that role to Lady Ratzel, who is also close to Maya, and Lord Domitorkofkon, who is reliable.”

“Well, I kind of understand that.”

“That’s why you should go with them”

“What do you mean?”

“I guess, I need to explain the detail. A messenger from the Yugura headquarters is coming here for the purpose of inspecting each branch. that person wants to see the churches in each village.”


“And the messenger also plan to visit a village without a church, listened to the local stories, and said that the religions would like to build a church if requested.”

“I see, So the messenger asked the knight of the kingdom to act as a bridge and guide, and chose Grandpa Kara, who is a veteran and has a good reputation in the villages, and Illias, who is close to Maya, a Yugura religion. And, you want me to take advantage of this to see around, right?”

“Yeah, what impresses me about you every time you give your opinion is the part where you are aware of the difference between this world and your world. But, You haven’t visit other place other than this city right?”

“It was this city that I first noticed when I went down from the mountain. As for The Black Wolf Village… Well, I can say that it’s part of the culture of this Kingdom, I guess?”

“You’ve accustomed to the appearance of castles and town, right? And if you look at the lives of those who set up houses outside the castle with your eyes, I think it will be easier to express your opinions in the future.”

“That might be true.. But is it okay for me to go even though I’m not a knight?”

“Don’t worry about that. While I talked about the conditions, I added that the government will sent a Candidate for Department of State Affairs to come along for study purpose.”

“Thanks for not calling me Court Jester.”

That’s why I’m in Maya’ place with Illias and Wolfe now.

“Oh, I didn’t expect the Candidate to be you, Boy. You’ve come a long way huh…”

“I’ve still got a long way to go. That’s why, I was told to study the differences with another world, so that I could easily give useful opinions.”

“I see. I think it’s better than teaching in a classroom. It looks like it’s okay to take Wolfe too.”

“Study, My best!”

“That’s the spirit!”


“Grandpa Kara is preparing the carriage now, He will come soon.”

“So, Who is the messenger from the headquarters?”

“It’s Me!”

And, a young woman appeared.

She’s around mid-twenties, I guess. The hair that hangs on the shoulders look so soft, and the front part is blunt bangs.

“My name is Lacra Salf. Let’s work well in this journey.”

“I’m Illias Ratzel.”

“I am, Wolfe!”

“Please treat me well in this journey. Hmm, how sould I call you?”

“Just call me Lacra, Shosho-sama.”
[TN: In source, it’s written, ‘尚書’ (Shōsho), which roughly mean Department of State Affairs, so at first i wanted to translated it as official, but I guess I’ll leave it as it is. and why ‘-sama’? it is added to someone that you respect or if the person have a respectable position.]

“I’m still a Candidate, though. I’ll be careful not to get in your way, but feel free to tell me if I’m doing something rude.”

I shake hands with a smile, because I’m excited to go. Hey, Illias, don’t make a strange face! Maya too!

“…. Even so, Shosho-sama have some unusual appearance. Black hair and black eyes… Besides, the amount of mana in your body is very small… May I ask you where you are from?”

“Unfortunately, I’ve been moving from one place to another…. After parting with my parent, I started living alone, and it was Tiez, the first place I choose to settled in this continent. I was born with a small amount of mana in my body, so I am not very good at physical labor, etc.”

“Well, that’s unfortunate… Hmm? Shosho-sama, it seems that you’ve been possessed by spirits.”

“Yeah, I have Maya cast Possession so that I could talk with people who speak different language. Have you heard of the recent discovery of a Black Wolf settlement in Tiez?”

“Yes. That white-hair child is from there, right?”

“That’s right. This child has already learned the language here, but I uses this Possession to interact with other Black Wolves. It was my acquaintance, a merchant who discovered the village, and I was his collaborator.”

“Is that so? You’re young, but you’re doing your best.”

“Isn’t Lacra the same? It ’s really a blessing to be able to work with a beautiful person like you.”

“Well, fufufu.”

I have fun chatting with Lacra. Hey! both of you, stop seeing me with that eyes! Learn from Wolfe!

“Let’s start the meeting. Lacra will visit the village in turn with me, and you and Wolfe will do the preparation.”

“I understand!”

Illias and Lacra enter the back room. Now, let’s go shopping.

“Boy, how can you nonchalantly doge her question.”

“As expected, you can’t tell all the detail of your origin right?…. From your view point, do you think I got caught?”

“I think no, I didn’t feel any lies in your talk.”

Right, I haven’t mixed any lies in the current conversation. From the point that Lacra is a priest like Maya, I thought that she might have the same power to detect lie like Maya, and I acted according to it.

I don’t know the specific theory of it, but I could guess the mechanism.

One of the characteristics of these priests is that they have an excellent ability to distinguish mana.

In the past, I had eaten a nut that possesses a special mana called Rye’s fruit, and Maya guessed it only by observing from the outside.

If there is a way to detect a lie as an extension of that ability, that method may be observing fluctuations in the person’s mana.

People have some habits when they lie. If you’re a skilled liar, you probably won’t show it outside, but what about the inside?

The consciousness of telling a lie may bring some movement to the person’s mana, and the priest who can observe it…. That’s my theory of how it works.

If she say that she can see everything I think like a ghost…. I’m sorry to say this, but I decided that the possibility of that was low.

The reason is Wolfe. This child’s past is terrible. However, When Maya in contact with Wolfe, there is no reaction like she can see such memories.

Maya, who was clearly disgusted by the topic of Necromancy, should’ve made some kind of expression when she reads Wolfe’s feelings.

That’s why I was thinking about measures for the ability to detect lies based on this speculation.

If I tell a lie, it will definitely get caught in the sensor. At first glance, it seems like an impossible game, but it’s not. I just have to distort the truth with another truth.

It is true that when I was in Japan, I moved a lot. After starting living alone in Japan, it is arguably the first place I choose to settle on this continent is Tiez.

It is also from birth that the amount of mana in my body is small. And the Possession is certainly used for “also” interacting with the Black Wolf.

“As expected, it was that kind of mechanism.”

“Did you think that answer beforehand?”

“Yeah. I though that the messenger might be a priest, could do what Maya can do. And if I visit the church, there’s a probability of meeting that messenger there. Then that person will asked me a lot of question, right? So, I’ve been repeating that answer in my head for a while.”

What I said is truth. I keep thinking that this question might be a ‘Common thing’ that someone will ask to a stranger. It’s good that it’s one of many question that I simulated in my head.

But what Maya really wants to know is, ‘Is it possible to behave that way to answer other questions?’.

The answer is maybe yes. If you come up with something you want to hide, you can behave that way during the conversation.

And why I said maybe? Because, based on how I got shaken by the question, She might notice it, and feels suspicious.

If possible, I didn’t want Maya to know it, but it can’t be helped as long as someone like Lacra here.

Rather, it’s better to let her understand that there are countermeasures for it. And be careful when try to get something form someone.

“Ah, But, When I said that Lacra is a beautiful, it’s just a fact that slipped from mouth at that moment.”

“I know, I can tell just by looking how happy she is.”

Then Maya sighs. Why though?

“By the way, DO you think Illias is beautiful?”

“I think her strength is bad news for me.”

“… Pity on her.”

After that, I went shopping and now I am here.

Grandpa Kara with the carriage arrived to the church, he seems talking with Illias and the other for a while. Then, all of us go out from the church together.

“Oh, it’s you, Kid. Thanks for coming along. I almost can’t held my head high, you know.”

“It’s the same for me, Thanks for coming. In the first place, all of them would be like a child or a grandchild to you, aren’t they?”

“That’s true. And they look like a blessing to you, Kid.”

“Just that there is thorn… No, a growing spear that mixed in there…”

“Hmm, and who is that?”

“Ouch! My shoulder! It hurt! See! You know who I mean!”

My mouth slipped because of the sense of security I get from Grandpa Kara. I almost injured even before the departure.

One of the characteristics of the Tiez territory is that there are many forests and the area is surrounded by huge mountain ranges.

The only border with other Kingdom that exists is that of the neighboring Kingdom, Garne, in the east.

In Tiez territory, Tiez Castle located slightly to the east and many village spread from there to the west side.

So, even if a war happen and being attacked, most of the villages are not exposed to the war.

Also, the only way to advance from Garne to here is to go through a narrow road in the forest.

And, you know, it will be a lot of burden to advance through the forest.

Moreover, on the narrow roads, the few elite knights that Tiez proud of, have overwhelming advantage. Right, even if someone beg me to attack Tiez, I’ll not go.

Anyway, the village we are currently heading is the one in the northwest. From here, we will go around the village with a straight route.

The Black Wolf Village will be an exception. They just started having interaction with outside world after a long time, so we can’t ask them to have a great change so suddenly.

However, it is a village that hides in fear of the Demon Lord. Maya says that they may be compatible with Yugura religion.

The Yugura from Yugura Religions is the name of a brave man who was blessed by a god, and who is said to have saved this world. So, it’s okay to think that they are like Christian.

Demon Lord who were born from the Forbidden Resuscitation Magic and terrorized the world. And a brave man who received the blessing of God overthrew them and saved the world.

And it was Yugura religion that tried to leave the teachings of the brave man to the future generation.

I often hear stories of fantasy in which the name of a hero remains even in the future generation, but there are relatively few examples of it developing into a religion. It can’r be helped, because usually the hero is just a boy born in a small village.

I guess, as a black wolf, it is easy for them to like the hero who defeated the Demon Lord, which is a symbol of fear.

Lacra said that, once they becomes familiar with outside world, it might be a good idea to convey the Yugura religion as a first step to further friendship.

Well, the Black Wolves are starting to come and go to Tiez, where Yugura is already the most predominant. Even without forcing them, It will spread if they think it’s necessary.

“By the way, I haven’t heard of the damage caused by the bandits in the villages, but was there any attack?”

“I guess so. Tiez’ knights are stationed in each village. So, The bandits who wanted to avoid fighting the knights never approached the village. Even when moving from village to village, escorts were attached.”

“So, mostly the victims were the merchants from outside who couldn’t afford the escort, huh?”

“Right. But as precaution, the villagers were instructed to refrain from moving to other village as much as possible.”

It’s good that Dokora refrained from using Necromancy. If the village had been attacked by the undead, it would have been difficult to protect it with only the knights that being stationed there.

And if he did that, it will just expose Dokora’ cards.

“What kind of facilities are there in the village?”

“First of all, it’s a field. There are many other facilities such as livestock facilities that are necessary to produce food. If, It’s located near the forest, so there will be facilities for lumbering, And if it’s near the mountain, there will be more facilities for mining.”

Upon arriving at the first village, I decided to ask Illias a lot of things while Grandpa Kara and Lacra were going to talk to the mayor.

The village is like that countryside in Medieval era. Probably due to the fact that they are in territory with many forests, a lot of building is built using wood.

“Is it a form of clearing the forest while increasing the home for people?”

“Right. The village is expanding as the village’s population grows.”

“If there are many forests and mountains, there may be some villages that can’t access the river, right?”

“In that kind of place, they use groundwater. Most of the water in the fields depends on rain, but in case of emergency, they rely on groundwater or someone who can handle magic.”

“In that aspect, Magic is really useful.”

“Still, the amount of water that can be produced by magic is proportional to the amount of mana. And, depend on place, some villages have waterways drawn from the river.”

“Most of the houses my world hev no problem with water, so I don’t feel the something fresh seeing this.”

“I see… That’s amazing.”

Then, I noticed the watchtower. It’s the first time I’ve actually seen a wooden watchtower.

“They have watchtower, huh. I don’t think it’s necessary if only for looking out Beast…”

“That’s for a countermeasures against Monsters.”

By the way, I haven’t touched this topic until now, but there are Monster and Demons. Since, she bring this, I going to ask her about the monster.

The area that was dominated by the Demon Lord in the past is full of special mana, and unlike beast, the creatures that are born there have a lot of mana. That is what they called a monster.

No details are known about the Demons so far. Although they are look like a person, they are acting as a subordinate of the Demon Lord.

Even now, it seems that Monsters may born in the land poisoned by the Demon Lord, and it seems that other countries frequently purify the land and subdue the Monsters. And the most active on doing that in Mejis.

There are such places in this Tiez territory, but the frequency of Monsters appearing in front of people is quite low. The reason is ‘Black Demon Lord’s Killer Mountain’ is there.

The former Demon Lord territory where Monsters will be born exists on the other side of this mountain, and most of the Monsters that come here are processed by The Slime that lives in the Mountain.

The Slime is so dangerous that the most dangerous Dragon among the Monsters avoids it. It’s killed the Demon Lord in the first place, so there’s no enemy for it.

However, there are someone who came from other world, who are lucky enough to break through the Mountains that have Monster, furthermore without being injured by The Slime.

Most of them are flying Monsters, such as Wyvern.

Since the dragon has excellent ability to detect danger, it does not even approach the Mountain, but other crazy Monsters often challenge itself to cross the Mountain.

So, Knights are stationed in the villages to prevent damage from such Monsters.

“In general it’s like that.”

“Wyvern came out in the Tale of Grandpa Kara, and I was wondering where he fought, but now I can guess.”

However, it is a scary story that I understood late. The first place I thrown in, It was such a dangerous zone, huh.

I might have encountered a Monster if I wasn’t careful there. It’s too scary to think.

Well, I’ve already encountered that most dangerous Slime, though?

“The fact that watchtower are installed in each village means that there was some damage done in the past, right?”

“Yeah, there was a large-scale Monster attack about ten years ago. It ’s rare occurrence in the history of Tiez.”

Illias make a harsh expression. Given Illias age and life until now, it’s probably the cause of her parents’ death. I won’t pry it further for now.

Basically, there is no mechanism that use a lot use magic in the village. The quality of education in the village is lower than that in the capital of Tiez, but it seems that some degree of reading and writing is being taught. In that respect, it seems to be a higher standard than around the same era on Earth.

What is noticeable is the existence of a small knight’s garrison and a church.

For now, I asked them to show me a facility that seems to be the agriculture and forestry of the villagers, and investigated the how it works.

While doing so, Lacra and Grandpa Kara are back. It seems that she has finished talking about the management of the church, the participation of the villagers, and the budget that seems to be necessary.

Then we board the carriage and head for the next village.

“Consultation on church administration costs, huh… Does the headquarters will provide money to cover the cost?”

“Yes, in places like the capital of Tiez where there are many worshipers, there is a certain amount of donation, but when it comes to the size of the villages, forcing such a burden will hinder the one who want to worship. Therefore, we are making it possible to use the donations collected from volunteers.”

“So, It’s an inspection to decide the allocation?”

“Yes. how about you, Shosho-sama?”

“We are also checking the standard of living of the villages. Even if the disparity in capital is hard to eliminate, I want to at least eliminate the disparity in villages.”

I talk to Lacra in the carriage. I was also able to learn a lot about the relationship between Yugura and Mejis.

Although Mejis is a monarch, it is no exaggeration to say that the pope of Yugura holds the real power.

The King of Mejis has the role of communicating with the Pope and spreading the policy to the people.

It is not a perfect Yes-Man, he makes suggestions in consideration of the current situation of the country, but the King himself does not implement his own policy.

Well, most of them are believers of Yugura religions, So, if there’s a friction with the pope, the Kingdom’s management could be hard to maintain.

Although it has the drawback of being in control, the reason why the king’s position seems to be somewhat comfortable is probably because someone does not want the position of such a responsible person.

However, If that’s true, the way I look at Mejis changes a little. The will of Yugura religion strongly intervenes in the actual situation of Mejis, which does not allow the Forbidden Magic or the Taboo.

Dokora, who was work at the dark part of Mejis, has a close relationship with Yugura religions, and it is also Yugura religions who hunted him down.

With that in mind, Maya’s generosity is substantial. Isn’t it different from the will of Yugura?

“By the way, Illias mother was also priest like Maya. That means…”

“Yeah, my mother was originally from Mejis. She came to Tiez with Maya. And she married my father, who was a knight in this country.”

On Earth, Catholic’ Sisters don’t get married. I wonder if there aren’t such issues like that in Yugura Religion.

Although it is a connection with the savior, there are likely to be various differences when it comes to the teachings of heroes.

“What do you think about the teachings of Yugura?”

“I haven’t had a chance to come into contact with such teachings so far, so I didn’t belong anywhere. However, I have learned a lot from Maya recently, and I understand that the existence of Yugura Reigion is very important and valuable to those who have been hurt by the Demon Lord in the past.”

“Oh My!”

“I can’t just blindly believe in Yugura Religion at this point, but I’m not concerned with the religion of the minority. So, if I want to have faith in the future, I would like it to be Yugura Religion.”

“Even if you don’t have deep faith in us yet, we are always waiting for you.”

Hmm, I feel nostalgic for this kind of flattery. After that, there was no problem in visiting the villages, it went smoothly.

Find out the name of the village, the existence of facilities, the degree of aging, etc. The facial expressions of the villagers and the way they live are the same.

It’s not exactly the same. There is a reason why there is a difference.

Aside from the individuality of the village, the difference is mostly at the village’ disadvantages and problems, when it comes to it, we need consider a lot on how to deal with the main cause of it.

“Didn’t you come to learn the difference between a village and a city?”

“It’s no use just learning. There are many things you can get by just trying something like this. Maybe it might work and sometimes it’s not. You need to make the most of the opportunities you have been given, you know.”

“I see, today is a serious day.”

There is nothing such as not-serious day. Even if it is fooling around, it is decided to be seriously fooling around.

And today, Wolfe is also included. I have to show my dignity as her Shisho.

I also ask Wolfe to compare the villages and say what she noticed.

“This village is smaller than the previous one!”

“Oh yeah yeah Aside from individual differences, if there are overall differences can be seen, it is possible that there are differences in the breeding environment. The climate and sunlight are basically the same. If so, the size of the breeding hut, the rhythm of the cows’ lives, the quantity and quality of food can be expected. There’s a need to observe the environment of the cow and try to find the cause of those differences.”

“…. Hmm?”

Yeah, I should’ve tried to avoid too difficult words.

“Try to imagine that you’re the cow, and think why you’re small.”

“I understand!”

Thus the time passed by, and it’s evening now. We will secure beds at the church in the village we visited last today.

Illias and Wolfe are in the same room, and the others are having their own room.

But, Grandpa Kara was invited to the village mayor’s house and decided to stay there.

Even outside, in the village, Grandpa Kara who is a veteran knight is more popular than Illias.

It can’t be said that there is no prejudice or discrimination against Illias, a woman, but it is quieter than in the city.

I could have slept quickly, but I’m heading to my desk to organize the data I’ve got today.

This ‘Luminescence Stone’, which Illias put in her mana, hangs from the ceiling of the room, and I rely on the light to do desk work alone.

Then I hear a knock.

“Come in.”

It was Lacra who came in. Unlike her appearance at noon, she is wearing a loose robe in white. To be honest, It is quite stimulating.

“I’m sorry to come late at night. I couldn’t sleep and decided to have a short walk, Then I could see the light from the room … Am I bothering you?”

“Don’t worry. I’m organizing the data I got today.”

“Shosho-sama is a very enthusiastic person, isn’t it? May I see it?”

“Sure. Go ahead. Please sit on the bed.”

I asked Lacra to sit and hand over the document I have finished.

Lacra is quietly reading the document. So, I will quietly resume work so as not to get in the way.

After a while, there was a reaction from Lacra who was reading the documents.

“I see that you’ve put a lot of details, hm? You even wrote down how the children play in the village…”

“There is a reason for even the smallest things. It is quite possible that it will lead to the information you are looking for. The only thing an inexperienced person like me can do is try not to miss any visible thing that happen as much as possible.”

“I see…”

“For example, some villages have children playing with homemade toys, while others do not. The makers of the toys are probably parents. Even though they’re already busy every day, some have the time and spirit to make homemade toys for the children. Form that, it can be guessed that there may be differences in the amount of work, efficiency, and skill between villages that have time for their children and those that do not.”


“You could look deeper in that guess by looking at their work, equipment, skills, etc. Eventually such differences could be seen…. That’s is what I think.”

“….If someone like Shosho-sama…. is in a responsible position, I’m sure the people will be reassured.”

“Haha, Thanks yo-!?”

Suddenly there is a sign of someone behind me. Looking back, I see Lacra was walking up to my side.

I could smell a sweet fragrance tickling my nose, and I could feel her body temperature coming near. I feel that my heartbeat is getting faster and faster.

“Ehmm, That…”

“Shosho-sama, In fact, I earnestly would like to consult something with you.”

“Y-Yeah, yeah, if I could be help to… T-That, erm, near…”

Lacra’ hands reached to my cheek and thigh. Her face gradually approaches, and her breath reaches my face.

Lacra Illustration

“This inspection has one more, another purpose….”

“Wh-h-a-a-t is it!?”

Lacra shows a glamorous smile, and says.

“That is to find a certain book. It is a book about necromancy, do you know such book?”

S-Shit! O-Of course it is that!


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