Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 25 Part 2

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25-2. In the meantime, Here is the report (Part 2)

“For now, I think it’s enough about politics. Next is knowledge of the development of civilization. Let me hear about ‘electrical appliances’ for cooking you have there.”

“Okay. Last time, I explained the functions and uses of rice cookers. next…. microwave, I guess? Hmm, this is…”

There is magic in this world. It’s a world without electricity, but the night isn’t dark at all.

Magic stones and other items that have the characteristics of luminescent paint that emits light at night in response to sunlight are installed as street lights.

There are many things that cannot be used without electricity, but became possible because of magic.

Then, if I explain the functions of electrical appliances used in the earth, He can judge whether he can do something similar with magic or not.

However, if you do not specialize in magic itself, you cannot put that theory into practice.

It seems that even Illias could use basic magic. I remember when she ignited fire without using flint when cooking.

It is currently impossible to make people’s lives full of home appliances, but this dialogue has great implications for finding effective ways to use magic.

“Hmmm, when it comes to explaining the principle, it’s a bit vague.”

“I have the basic knowledge, I don’t have much scientific knowledge.”

“I’m not that familiar with magic either… Do I need to find an expert that I can trust?”

“I think yeah.”

Research is essential for the development of civilization. Then, when is the research conducted?

Now it is natural to do research in the field that you wanted, but in the past it was different.

The main purpose of research is to gain an advantage in international affairs. Therefore, if war happen, research that conducted at that time will have a rapid progress.

But, that’s not the case in the history of this world.

Of course, magic is used since long time. However, only a small part of magic research is done.

The reason is the existence of ‘Magic Sealing Stone’. This has greatly reduced the path to magical military use.

If the value of magic decreases, it will be excluded from research. That is the reason why there are few applications of magic in this world with magic.

However, it seems that there’s still some experts in that field.

Even though it is an unappreciated profession, many are fascinated by the magic that has infinite possibilities.

“Wolfe, isn’t it time for your training?”

“Yeah, I’m going!”

Whenever Wolfe comes to the castle, she takes the initiative to join the training of Lord Ragdo’ corps.

After learning how to release magic and control, Wolfe then began to learn to move her body in battle.

I specially move from the office to a place where I can see the training scene.

Desks and chairs are provided near the wall, so I could overlooking the training ground below.

Marito also finished his desk work, since it’s break time for him, so he followed me.

Below, Wolfe and the members of the Ragdo corps are doing some bout.

“Still, Wolfe-chan’ grows at a terrifying speed.”


Wolfe spares no effort, but her talent for combat is outstanding.

A beast-like body of the Black Wolf, and a huge amount of mana that can be used to strengthen the body.

Just her normal speed and strength, it is already comparable to the Ragdo corps.

In this world, the difference in the amount of mana possessed greatly leads to this difference in performance. This is because you can strengthen your body even without using magic.

Wolfe, who has extraordinary mana, is superior to others in terms of individual talent.

However, at this stage, she never win when spar with Lord Ragdo’ corps.

She tried to spar with other corps, but mostly she lose.

This is simply the difference between skill and experience. The knights are constantly training their mana, weapons, and movement.

Wolfe that moves intuitively like a beast, her opponent’ skill is good.

Furthermore, Lord Ragdo’ Corps has more old knights than other corps.

They have already passed the peak of their bodies. But, they have the experience and skills that have been accumulated up when they’re still active.

If she is against another knight corps, she can use the push-and-pull tactics that take advantage of the difference in physical strength, and sometimes she can land her attack.

However, when the members of the Ragdo’ corps are the opponents, Wolfe has not even been able to make a blow.

It can’t be helped, Wolfe. Those old men, they’re moving to evade your attack, even before you make a move, you know?

They’re not against the bandits, was it even necessary for them to use that technique, huh?

I know, when you see the opponent’s stat increased at frightening level, it will make you astonished.

The old soldiers of Lord Ragdo’ corps, their old appearance is a proof that they have continued to hone themselves, and call it as their weapons.

“But, Well… ‘That one’ is just exceptional.”

“I agree.”

I move my gaze a little further. There is a figure of Illias swinging sword alone.

She is swinging down a big sword that is several times larger than her own body. Along with that, the surrounding trees are greatly shaken by the wind pressure.

Really, that Gorilla is really scary. Illias’ strength is exceptional even in Lord Ragdo’ corps.

Her skill alone is the same as that of Lord Ragdo’ corps, which mostly is skilled old knights.

And she has overwhelming amount of mana that exceeds Wolfe.

If it’s just the talent, Wolfe seems to be better. However, by spending her life in training, the total amount of mana she has is literally out of the standard.

And with the skill of physical strengthening by mana….. I can’t imagine it. It just doesn’t make sense.

You know, they said, when she seriously strengthened her body, I heard that when Grandpa Kara try to pierces her with his spear thrust, she broke it with her raw strength of her body.

She’s not just a ‘Gorilla’, she’s a ‘Metal Gorilla’.

Illias is usually training alone. This is because even if the members of Lord Ragdo’ corps are the opponents, she need to control her strength.

And other corps can’t even count as opponents.

Only some of the leaders of the Knights can fight Illias, who is said to be the top five in this country.

But the fact that there are few who are evenly matched with Illias, it’s just a bad news for me.

By the way, Lord Ragdo seems to be able to beat Illias with a big margin. The bottom of this country is deep, huh.

One day, Wolfe spar with Illias, and that same day she didn’t went into Illias’ bedroom.

Considering that, even though it was only for a short time, Dokora who was fighting Illias with one arm was also an amazing guy…

Marito seems to like swordsmanship, and sometimes he bout with the members of Lord Ragdo’ corps.

“How is the strength of this Kingdom compared to others?”

“If it’s just the quality of the individual, I’ll definitely can be proud of it even compared to the continent.”

“But when it comes to strategy…”

“They’re a good knight that even deal the bandit straightforwardly. Still, This country only have that few individuals. Oh, and I have confident in our horses.”

In addition to the strength of knights, horses are also strange in this kingdom.

After all, If you move in this large territory by horse, you can reach the destination in less than a day, you know.

When we go to the first base of bandits, they go by foot because it was closest base and it also for the purpose of surprise attack, but we use horses when going to subdue Dokora.

This kingdom can deploy knights throughout the territory of Tiez in the evening. You can understand the horror of that mobility, right?

And even though I didn’t know how fast the horse can run, but that speed is just strange.

“Ah, Lady Ratzel’ eyes is looking this way.”

“Yeah, I know. She stare this way since a long time ago. I just pretend that I didn’t saw it.”

I understand what that mean. I’m sure She would like to say to that someone, who has Wolfe participate in the training and is watching from above, to come down and join.

When Marito waved his hand in my stead, she hurriedly reply it with thanks and returned to swinging.

I think I’ll be told something on my way home… No, please no.

However, the image that I have about the discipline that they envision here, is like that in Kendo Hall.

At least in here, it will not be like when you get thrown to mysterious place and could die by accident.

“However, it’s painful to be complained every day if I don’t participate in training.”

“Isn’t it okay? It’s not a bad thing to train yourself and be able to protect yourself to some extent.”

“I know that.”

『 First of all, how to use mana, concentrate it like this, and like this 』

When I saw Illias crushing the stone with her bare hands, I thought it was not good.

『 Like this!1 』

And when I saw that Wolfe could do it in one shot, I thought it was really not good.

“The fact that I have no mana to handle, my training is fundamentally will be different from their training.”

“Then isn’t it okay if you just ask Lord Ragdo’ Corps to take that into consideration? It’ll be good even just learning the technique, right? Or, do you want me to train you?”

“Right. I can see that in the future I will be forced to participate in that…. Sigh.”

A sigh leaked. Anyway, Illias seems to have a complicated face, but … what’s wrong?

For the time being, I was glared at by Illias, so I resumed another world exchange with Marito.

On the way back, I walk the streets at dusk with Illias and Wolfe.

“How about you just join in training already?”

Illias tells her dissatisfaction today with a scornful eyes. Well, see? I’m already being told.

“I was told by Marito too. Even if I can’t have the same amount of time as Wolfe, I’ll have to make time to participate.”

“Right, right? As expected of His Majesty, he understand.”

She nods happily. That would be the case if even the number one in this country affirmed what she said.

“Personally, I wanted to learn magic rather than swordsmanship.”

“Magic, huh? I’m proficient in the basic, so I think I can teach you.”

“If you could explain in theory, I definitely want you to teach me.”

“I can do that! Hmmph! First, you just do this to the mana…”

“Didn’t you hear what I just said? Hey, you who could learn by intuition, the Incarnation of Practical Warrior!” [TN: Yeah, I know it doesn’t make any sense. lol… So basically she’s that type, you know what I mean.]

Yesterday was a holiday, but today is the day when ‘Dog’s Bone’ is open. That’s why I head for ‘Dog’s Bone’.


Saira, the waitress, welcomes us cheerfully. In this world where most of the essential nutrients are supplemented by ingredients containing mana, salt is only a luxury item.

Therefore, in this world where even only lightly seasoned dishes are popular, ‘Dog’s Bone’ that can serve salty dishes are still very popular today.

But unfortunately, no other store seen to have menu that use of salt yet.

This is because the salt supply in Tiez is not good.

Although the salt supply of ‘Dog’s Bone’ has been secured by Mr.Ban, a leading merchant in this kingdom, other stores is difficult to establish a means to obtain it.

It is expected that the amount of salt flowing into this country will steadily increase due to word of mouth, but the spread will need more time.

By then, I must work hard to reduce the price of salt.

“Hey, Lad, I made some sample, try it.”

That said, the store manager, Gozz, appeared. The dish he served is a noodle dish in which noodles made from wheat flour are added to plain hot water soup made using chicken.

I consulted whether he could make ramen or not, and this was made.

Anyway, let try it now. Hmm, The taste of the soup is very good. The taste is modest because there is no bonito flakes or kelp stock, but it is being make up with vegetables and spices. However, the noodles feels like it out of place.

Illias and Wolfe are eating deliciously. In this world where you don’t have a habit of using chopsticks, it seems a little difficult to eat this.

There are spoons and forks, but … maybe it’s better to have a special fork and spoon.

“If you could change the hardness of the noodles to the tastes of the people in this kingdom, I think this would be okay.After that, consider what kind of ingredients to put on top, and it will ready to be added to the menu.”

“Isn’t this more than enough already?”


“It is a standard in Japan to put various kinds of grilled meat, spices, or vegetables that go well with the soup, and also seasoned boiled eggs in it.”

“Hmm, I see. And all of that is count as one meal, huh?”

“Yeah. There are no rival who use salt now, but in the future they will eventually come out. If that happens, many menu will be same. If that happens, it will be a game of ingenuity. It will be easier if you try various things and make variation now.”

“I see. Then how about consulting with the ladies and changing the ingredients on a weekly basis?”

“That’s also good. You will be able to hear the impressions of customers and they will not get bored.”

I was talking lightly with Gozz, but he hurriedly returned to the voice of the ladies calling Gozz from the kitchen. This relationship will not change for the time being, I guess.

I wanted to talk to Saira, but in this situation would just be a nuisance. Let’s check her schedule of holidays and invite her to a meal at a later date.

Then I go home and take a bath. Normally, it is necessary to store water, start a fire to prepare hot water. But, it can be solved with the excellence of Illias.

By using magic to collect water and making a fire, the hot water can be prepared several times faster than before.

These magics are not useful in battle due to the influence of Magic Sealing Stones, but they are useful in camps.

It seems that there are many knights who learn basic magic for these advantages.

Well, if you can prepare water that you can easily drink, prepare a fire, eat food safely, and prepare a bath, there is no problem in terms of hygiene.

Illias has a high standard of magic. She is indeed a ‘Magical Metal Gorilla’.

By the way, when Illias isn’t there, I just boil the water myself and wipe my body with a towel.

When I got out of the bath and went to the living room, Illias was brushing her sword alone.

I also prepare parchment and a pen, and start work. The surroundings can be seen with the light emitted by magic stones, but it is a little dark.

With that in mind, Illias put her mana into the magic stone and strengthened the light.

“Thanks… is Wolfe going to bed already?”

“Yeah, She wanted to say good night to you, but she fell asleep so I took her to my room.”

“It good that she is enjoying the day. It even makes me envy.”

“If you train, you can sleep in the same way.”

“It’ll be good, if I don’t wake up because of pain the next day.”

“That’s depends on your growth.”

“I wonder how much growth of an adult who can no longer grow tall can get.”

We spend time by a light chat with each other.

While doing so, Illias finished the maintenance of her armor.

“Well, I guess, I going to sleep. How long are you going to stay up?”

“Hmm, I will stop when it’s in a good place to stop… about another hour, I guess.”

“I see…. is this enough?”

Illias put her mana into the magic stones again.

“Then, Good night.”

“Yeah, Good night, Illias.”

Illias returned to her room. After seeing her off, I resume my work.

And get the job done in an hour as I declared.

I wanted to do a little more, but the magic stone’s light has diminished, so let’s do stop here.

Then, I return to my room quietly and sink into the bed.

……Dear my acquaintances in earth,
For now, I’m living safely like this.


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