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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 25 Part 1

Okay, so this is the start of arc 2.
And, I decided its better to split into 2 parts.

25-1. In the meantime, Here is the report (Part 1)

The months and days flow quickly.

Ten years have already passed since I came to this world from another world.

….It’s a lie. It’s only about two weeks.

I wouldn’t say I could live without problem to the extent that it’s okay to skip time for that long.

I wake up slowly, wash my face and head to the kitchen.

First, I need to make a fire. Well, I’m familiar with making fire using flint, so it’s easy.

Then I warm up the soup that I made a lot during yesterday’s supper.

In the other pot, I boil the water to boil the eggs.

To be honest I like it to be half boiled, but… Sigh I miss the quality control of Japan.

I’m sure it will be difficult to develop antibiotics, but what about pasteurization technology?

If I can keep the temperature of the hot water constant, I can use it to make slow-boiled egg… But, I can’t. In here, there’s no thermometer.

“Is there nothing I can do….”

I throw the boiled egg in cold water and leave it for a while.

Then, place a pot in the center of the table, then washed three wooden bowls before I put it on the table.

While draining the boiled egg, I transfer it to a colander and also put it on the table.

Finally, some fruits and fruit knives.

Hmm, seeing this makes me want yogurt too.

I want to make bacon and eggs rather than boiled eggs, but the cost of making bacon is….

Really, people who cook Japanese food in the morning are amazing. [TN; Why? because it takes a lot time to prepare]

I pour the soup onto the bowls. And joined my hands like when someone who want to pray.

Peel the boiled egg and sprinkle a bit of salt.

The outside that was chilled is a little cold, but the inside is a little warm.

And before the soup getting cold, I take a sip to my mouth.

Huuu, I take a breath, and eat one egg.

And, one of my housemate came.

“Shisho, Good Morning!”

“Morning, Wolfe. Today too, you’re so energetic.”

“Wolfe always energetic!”

Wolfe’s learning speed was very fast.

She doesn’t need Possession anymore.

She can’t speak difficult words yet, but she’s already able to speak the common language of this world.

Just the other day was a wait-and-see period after canceling possession, but she seems to have no problem.

Hm? What about the person from the another world doing?

Hahaha, still on progress.

To be able to communicate with another person were very appealing to Wolfe, So, her effort and motivation to acquire them was great.

On the other hand, because I sill used to Japanese, it’s hard for me to get rid the gap between the languages, and since the convenient magic like Possession exist, I want to keep rely on that. Te-he [TN; Te-he is… search yourself if you don’t know. Te-he]

But it’s only a week or so since I started learning, you know?

So, isn’t it enough if I can say ‘Hello’ or ‘Nice to meet you’, right?

At least I made some progress. There were many times when some words were not translated correctly using this Possession.

For example, the word ‘Sample’, at first, Grandpa Kara didn’t understand the meaning of this word.

The reason is simple, because the meaning of that ‘Sample’ is ‘Sample’ that is stuck in my head.

It seems if, when I speak that ‘Sample’ when thinking strongly that the meaning is that ‘Sample’, Then they will understand that.

I noticed that there are a lot of troubles like this when writing using western language.

I tried to write ‘Agenda’ and ‘Resume’ in western language, and no one understand it.

Well, that’s it.

[TN: so, what the MC mean is, If he said the word ‘Sample’, in this case he said it in English, and keep thinking that the meaning is also ‘Sample’, no one could understand it. So, what he need to do is when he speak the word ‘Sample’, he need to think the meaning in Japanese word.]

“Hmmmm♪ Hmmmm♪ Hmmmm♪”

Wolfe pours more soup with a humming and join her hand.

Originally there is no need to join hands in this world. But, the prayer with hands together is exist in Yugura religion.


Of course, the language she spoke is Japanese. I didn’t forced her to say it, but she had completely learned this Japanese.

Still, she eat this simple meat so deliciously.

It makes me want to cook her something better.

“Shisho, where will we go today?”

“Today we will go to Marito’ place. So, Wolfe should train with Grandpa Kara and the other knights, okay?”


And finally, my last housemate woke up.

She should have washed her face, but she can’t hide her sleepy face.

“Illias, Morning!”

“… Morning, Wolfe.”

Illias pours the soup in the same way and starts eating.

While staring at me, She reached out to the fruit and talked to me.

“When I first saw it, I thought you were a person who wouldn’t get up once you slept.”

“I was in extreme fatigue at that time. I usually wake up if I feel the morning sun on my skin for an hour.”

Because when I sleep, I always have a deep sleep, so it’s hard for me to suddenly wake up.

And the way I sleep at that time was rather close to fainting, you know?

I need to hide this grudge to her.

“And here I thought that Illias always energetic from morning.”

“I’ll be like that after I changed clothes. That’s why I always try to wear armor even at home.”

I can understand it if wearing an armor in home is like an office worker wearing suit. But, it’s feels more like a fire brigade that wearing their firefighter clothing, you know?

I decided to think it like that. And I’m sure Wolfe will be like that too… Anyway, I begins to peel the fruits for Wolfe and Illias.

“But wasn’t that the reason why a strict image was planted to you by the people?”

“That’s… I can’t deny it.”

According to Saira, who is a national representative of someone who familiar with the knight situation, the image of Illias that the citizen have are “Strict”, “Serious”, “Dignified”, “She can’t make a joke”, “I’ll die if She get angry”, and may other else.

When She heard the last one, she makes a very depressing face.

Me and Saira agrees that such an image must be dispelled to some extent, so now, we are making plan for it.

“It’s important to make achievements. But, You also have to be careful about what kind of impression should you give to other people.”

“Hmm… could you tell me in detail what should I do?”

“When someone greeting you, give it back with a smile. That’s enough for you.”

“Smile… Smile.”

Don’t tell me that it was smile?

If the greeting is returned with such a face, the citizen will think ‘Hm, did I made a mistake?’. It’ll scare them!

“First of all, practice laughing naturally. Sometimes you could do it.”

“Isn’t it hard to smile while conscious of it?”

“Of course it’s hard. Especially if rarely do it. Anyway, there’s no loss in doing it, so practice hard.”

“….Can you do it?”

“Of course, I can.”

I showed a refreshing smile. But, she drawn away.

This damn gril. My smile and yours is like heaven and earth you know!?

“What? Do you have any problem with it?”

“No, nothing, I just thought that ‘you can make that kind of face too huh’… Anyway, I need to try hard on it.”

After that, Illias changed into her armor and headed to the castle first.

I cleaned the dishes and do a simple cleaning too. Of course Wolfe will also help.

Now Illias even asked me to clean her room too. It’s not that Illias doesn’t like cleaning.

Normally, I would like to do it every day, but after returning home, it’s evening or night. So, as long as I can’t do the cleaning and washing satisfactorily, I try to do it all together when I’m off duty.

In addition, I usually asks for laundry at a place like a laundry shop.

After cleaning and washing, head to the castle. I’m walking because I don’t have such a thing like personal carriage.

In order to make things easier, I tried to have Wolfe carry my body like what that Gorilla did before, but I gave up because I was worried about the eyes of the people. So, Let’s just accept it as a walk after a meal and a light exercise.

Wolfe also follows me while humming. When Wolfe was taking a nap before, someone who was making lunch was singing a humming song, but she heard it, so that guy decided to teach it to her.

Since then, I’ve often heard phrases that I’ve only heard somewhere in Japan…

The eyes of everyone around me…. It seems that they’re getting used to it.

In the past few days, Some people from the Black Wolf tribe had been coming to Tiez frequently.

And The kingdom also officially announced it. So, it was no wonder that there were Demi-Humans walking around.

However, their reaction is not as much as the reaction of the people in Japan when they see a foreigner in Tokyo.

If anything, it’s about the same as when you look at something that seems a little unusual when you visit a rural area.

By the way, Wolfe stands out in her whiteness. It makes me want to ask which brand of bleach that she used…. Don’t worry, I haven’t used any.

If they get used in seeing her a little more, she will be accepted as a popular beast girl in the neighborhood, but it seems that she is a little reluctant to talk to others who she didn’t know their name yet.

Oh, and because someone with black hair and black eyes are rare, so I sometimes feel that they are looking at me like a foreign tourists.

Finally we arrived. I show the pass to the soldier in front of the bridge and enter the castle grounds.

This pass certificate was given by Lord Ragdo. it is an excellent item that allows you to have an audience with Lord Ragdo and Marito with almost no procedure.

The reason I said almost is because, I’ll have to wait when they are busy such as during a meeting or while dealing with foreign guests.

Continue on the pathway to the office. I say hello to the guards and they let me go inside.

Inside, there is a figure of Marito facing the desk and the documents.

“Your Majesty, Good Morning!”

“Morning, Wolfe. Morning, my friend.”

“Is it going to take a while?”

“That’s right. So, sit down for a while and wait me.”

I sit on the chair that prepared for me. There is a private book on the desk.

Marito is cleaning up the paperwork in the office during this time. Because he need some times to finish it, he provided me such a space to keep me busy.

That’s why I spent some time reading and studying with Wolfe. After that, it’s time for the original purpose coming here.

“Has anything changed?”

“Yeah. It is generally popular to let people choose what they want to learn at the school. It seems the program will start after selecting a few candidate. However, as expected, raising the education level of the entire kingdom did not get much support.”

“Well, I guess so. Children who cannot work, if their learning period is extended, they will grow to the point where they can work. It’s a pity to not use such a labor force.”

“If anyone can aim for a high-ranking official like your world, I think we can have expectations. However, many people listened to the story of giving incentives to allow ordinary children that are promising to attend the school where the aristocrats attend.”

“Did the aristocrats show no reluctance to add the ordinary people to the aristocratic-dominated work?”

“There are not a lot to say about that. However, there was also an opinion that aristocratic children would be motivated by stimulating their pride.”

“I see. But when it’s finally introduced, I feel like they’re going to be harassed by the aristocratic class.”

What I’m doing so far is to answer questions from Marito.

Why? Because when he ask me to speak about Earth, I don’t know where should I start with, so we decied like this.

How is your gorverment look like? Or, When citizens is like this, what move do your goverment take?, and other question too. So I just need to answer what he want to know.

Of course, there are many area where I’m don’t have the knowledge about.

So after hearing the answer, we always debate ‘Why they do like that?’.

Then, if he convinced, Marito will think whether that idea will be help to the kingdom or not. Because even if it works on the Earth, doesn’t mean it will works here too.

There’s also a need to consider the history of the era, what kind of changes happened and will happen in the environment.

To give an example, the election system. This is a system in which people who perform politics are selected by voting.

But, this can be applied if ‘The Citizens also understand politics’.

The citizens will vote for the one who declared that they will implement the policy that they desire.

The problem is the people of this world are ignorant of politics. The education system is underdeveloped, they receives only the minimum education necessary to lead a daily life.

They will have the knowledge to do work, but other than their work, mostly they don’t understand anything.

In that case, there is no meaning to implement voting system. Because, They will just vote without knowing the meaning, and the kingdom will be ruled only with people who are very good at getting vote.

So, In this world, it is more efficient for kings and intellectuals who have learned politics correctly to judge with their own eyes and select the next successor.

In other words, the hereditary system is more suitable.

But not all the system and structure from the Earth are useless here. The wisdom that the people on earth gain after so long is not just for show.

Even if the times are different, there are effective policies.

It is the king of Tiez himself that will selects it. It will be the work of Marito, a professional of the policies of this world.

“Even so, if just because the world is different, there are many ideas that feel brand new. Admitting gay marriage is difficult in this world, but I’m quite interested in it.”

“There are various reasons, such as the fact that the world has become a world where people can express their opinions, the world’s population has grown and it is no longer necessary to seek productivity, and as a result, the number of homosexuals has increased and it has become easier for them to express themselves. Of course, the biggest factor is that we have spent a tremendous amount of time and effort fighting discrimination in the process.”

“Still, I can’t imagine a population of over 7 billion. When that many people communicate their opinions, it seems that may confusion will happen.”

“That’s right. There is a word ‘ten people, ten colors’ in my world. By that number, It is natural that the taste and nature of the people will be different. And you may suffer if the number increases. You know, not everything is exactly the same.”

There are many things that are difficult to understand, and even if they can be understood, they are unacceptable.

And such a thing may appear before your normal daily life.


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