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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 24

So, this is it, the last ch for this arc.

24. For the time being, I’m Adapted

Illias sent me off to the carriage on the way back, but she doesn’t seem to be able to go home yet.

I heard that she would be able to go home at night, so I headed to Mr.Ban’ Trading Company.

While complimenting Wolfe who worked hard on waiting me, I changed into my original clothes while talking to Mr.Ban.

I’m hiding the fact that I’m from another world. But how should I tell that I was hired by Marito?

I honestly don’t want to say that I was hired as a Court Jester. The cool image I have will blown away.

That’s why let’s go with the story that the king interested me and asked me to come and talk for a while.

Mr.Ban was very pleased hearing that.

After all, I had the opportunity to talk to the king directly about his assistance.

The unexplored land search plan of Tiez will no longer be a dream story.

After that, I bought some products and went home with Wolfe.

First, prepare a meal for Wolfe easily.

After that, I studied language with Wolfe to kill time.

While doing so, Illias is back.

“Good work. But, you can’t rest yet.”

“This is…”

What I had on my desk was alcohol and a simple side dish prepared by Mr.Ban.

Yes, it’s a three-person celebration to close the day.

If I made a little more preparation beforehand, I might have been able to hold a large-scale event including Saira and Grandpa Kara, but this time it just three of us.

‘Dog’s Bone’ is still open, but there are other customers as well. I want to close the day with only those who can congratulate her purely.

“Illias, Good work, Congratulation!”

“Even Wolfe… Thank you.”

And even though it was a little noisy, we want to reward her efforts.

The night was completely over. Wolfe is sleeping on the desk.

She’s so easy to fall a sleep. I cover her with a blanket and go to drink again with Illias.

“By the way, Marito told me to come to the castle in the future.”

“I see, to the castle huh… Wait, don’t call His Majesty like that!”

“What to do? He asked for it himself. I know that I need to be carefull when mention his name around others.”

“I, I see…”

Illias make a slightly complicated face.

It’s not that I can’t understand what she feel.

Even though he appreciates this, my position as the one who gets along well with the king who she serve, is complicated.

“But he’s a good king. He appreciated Illias and was concerned about your problem too.”

“His Majesty was… I see.”

“Illias, you’re recognized by the number one in this kingdom. So, the rest depends on your growth.”

“Yeah… That’s right.”

It’s the first time I see Illias making a shy face. Not bad, this is refreshing to see.

“That said, I’m planning to go to Maya’ place tomorrow. Do you think Maya have a lot of free time?”

“That’s not the case. Depending on the show sometimes she was the host. So, It’s hard to meet at such times.”

“Show, huh… you mean something like a festival?”

“Yeah there are festival too. A lively festivals where the people can freely participate, and sometime a large-scale festivals held only within Yugura.”

“Which one is it this time?”

“The former one, It’s a harvest festival.”

“It seems better to look for another tutor of Wolfe then… Is there a school… I mean a place to study in this kingdom?”

“There is. It’s a place to learn reading, writing and history for small children who can’t work yet.”

“Wolfe can…. No, it’ll be troubling considering her age.”

“And she will stand out…”

I look at Wolfe’ sleeping face.

I want to create an environment where Wolfe is not treated specially as much as possible.

Right now, I’m trying to memorize various knowledge, but I hope that I will eventually become familiar with this kingdom.

Child is pure. They say what they’re thinking without reserve.

Although it’s unlikely to cause trouble, still it will put a mental burden on Wolfe.

“I have to learn faster and become a language Shisho for her.”

“Good grief. For now, aren’t you always being taken care of by Maya?”

It’s embarrassing to admit, but it’s true.

As Wolfe’ Shisho, what I’m gonna teach her is about housework and life.

Still, it is difficult to teach the art of life without having the minimum knowledge.

I need to quietly prepare up to that point… Anyway, Let’s move to another topic.

“If I ask Marito, He may be able to prepare such a place. It close to the training ground so, it seems combat training can be done at the same time.”

“When she’s good enough, she can join my training regime too. Not only her, I mean you too, you know?”

“I’ll do it, when I got the feeling…”

In physical aspect, compared to Wolfe, I’m no match to her.

And there is almost no sign of catching up to her with this much talent difference.

It’s okay. Even in the fantasy world of swords and magic, there are merchants too!

“And about the house, Marito has proposed to prepare one for me.”


Marito suggested that if I was to go to the castle everyday, I would be better off living in a place near the castle rather than Illias’ house.

If it’s the area where the aristocrats live, it’s nearby to Mr.Ban’ Trading Company then.

Sure, life will be more convenience.

“But I refused. So, Let me stay here for a bit longer.”

“Why… Why did you refused?”

“First, it’s because of Wolfe. Wolfe is fond of Illias.”

Wolfe sneaks into Illias bed at night.

She doesn’t want to remember when she was alone.

If I change my place of living, Wolfe will follow me… Perhaps.

If that happens, it’s not good for my mental health.

She’s still ten years old, so I’m sure I could control myself.

“Right. Certainly it will be difficult to take care of Wolfe alone.”

“And my other reason is for myself. I mean, you know… I talked to you that I’m not familiar with this world, right?”


“I’m still worried about living in this kingdom…. That’s it.”

I’m telling her how I’m anxiety about Wolfe, but honestly, I’m the one who are anxiety.

Sure, about a week after I came to this kingdom, my acquaintances increased.

Still, only a few people who I can rely on.

With Wolfe around me, I might not feel lonely. However, when I think that I will live while taking care of a girl in a another world, my anxiety will only increase.

Although I tried to keep my image as an adult because she is younger, the one who cannot help but have a dependence on others is me.

I should be able to live alone in this world as I lived in Japan.

However, not long after I was sent to another world, I’m almost death.

Also, the fact that I couldn’t understand anyone at first, it almost broke my heart.

I was almost deceived by thinking that It was fresh experience. I realized that it’s only the matter of time before everything didn’t work.

Can I not lose myself until I adapted to this world? Or…

Under such circumstances, the existence of Illias was great.

She gave me the way to talk. She gave me an opportunity. And She even gave me a place to live.

It became my foundation for facing this world.

Because she was there…. a lot of things… Yeah, right.

I refused because I would be lonely if I leave, and because I was sentimental!

When I got home, it always only me. But when I came back that day, I saw Illias waiting at the front door, and I think 『Yeah, this kind of life is not bad too.』.

I sigh and look towards Illias. She still has a straight face.

“I’m going to sleep.”

I stands up and tries to hold Wolfe.

Heavy… Wait, considering her age, she might still light. Still, to carry a sleeping woman in her late teens, it’s just so much physical labor.

When I bring Illias back last time, She was quite heavy.

Because, Her body is that of an adult already.

“Wait, Wait! I’ll carry her… No I mean, sure I’ll carry her, And the true meaning of words you said just now, I understand…”

“Take it in a good way. That’s the right answer. Anyway, I’ll leave Wolfe to you.”

After saying that, I escaped to my room.

If I had a little more alcohol and my tension had risen, I would have been able to express my gratitude to her honestly….

“It means I’m also still immature…”

I fell into bed and slept.

Illias put Wolfe in the bedroom.

She smiles at the sleeping face.

She wonder if Wolfe will come to her bedroom in the middle of the night later, which is she don’t mind.

She remember his word.

Take it in a good way. That’s the right answer, huh…

He wants to rely on me. And he showed his intention in action.

And admitted it.

No, wait.

It’s him you know, maybe I’ve already assumed what I think is good.

There might be another meaning behind his word.

“Why… why am I so excited…”

He was under her protection, but he was also taken care of her.

Illias think their relationship is equal.

She was happy to hear that from such a person, but she also felt awkward.

Not bad.

Since she met him, she have more and more opportunities to come into contact with new things that seem not to be bad.

But his deeds were for himself and his surroundings.

That method is not something that can be praised by a lot of people, but it seems that he is doing his best.

Now she have a mind that wants him to rely on her.

She also want to protect him.

To be stimulated by the desire to protect him…. What a man!

“But, he’s already that age. That’s not good. As expected, I need to train him!”

Illias with her unnecessary determination, returned to her room.

I came to study with Wolfe at Maya’ Church yesterday and today too.

Maya could sees through the lie.

According the secret agreement with Marito, I should avoid digging deeper.

Let’s just talk something not that important.

“Speaking of which, I heard from Illias that it’s time to prepare for the harvest festival.”

“Yeah, that’s right. I’ll be busy as it is, but I’ll secure time to be Wolfe-chan’ teacher.”

“Thanks for that. If you have any need for help at the harvest festival, please tell me.”

“I’m happy. However, there are many Yugura believer, so there is no problem with manpower. Still, I have a lot of work as a person in charge.”

“Regarding Wolfe’ education, I would like to ask not only Maya but also other people such as Illias and Grandpa Kara, so please do not overdo it, okay?”

“It’s a pity that I can’t make Wolfe to be like what I hope.”

“Rather please don’t do that. Please…”

Well this should be enough.

Let’s say that I will mainly learn about the history of the world, especially the ideology of Yugura religion, from Maya.

Can they be the ones who point their blades at us, or can they be a reliable backbone?

In addition, it is necessary to determine whether it is possible to choose the way by yourself.

The same can be said for Marito….

“Oh, that’s right. I would like to borrow Maya’s Possession Magic when negotiating with the Black Wolf.”

“I’m heard that from Ban. And, Of course there is no problem.”

“That’s good then. Just don’t make a mistake, it can create a misunderstanding on both sides.”

“I’ve done human experimentation twice, so it’s okay.”

“It was a valuable sacrifice.”

After that, I head to ‘Dog’s Bone’ for lunch.

When I enter the store, Saira welcome me.

“Welcome… It’s Bro and Wolfe-chan!”

“Saira, meal please!”

“Welcome, By the way, it’s your first time to come at noon, right?”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

I look around.

Despite the time past lunch, there are still some customers.

“The peak time has passed, so just take your time!”

“Yeah, I’ll do that.”

I finish the order and look into the kitchen.

Grandpa Kara’s wife and Gozz are busy cooking.

The movement of Gozz is much smoother than when I first saw it.

I wonder how much he has been trained to change so much in just a few days….

“Oh, it’s you, lad.”

“The owner of the bar has become a chef.”

“Thanks to it. I’m getting more and more profitable and also tired.”

“I think you’ll get used to it soon.”

“If anything, my mental was more trained….”

“I guess so.”

It’s not good to get in the way too much, so I’ll give you the recipe of the dish I thought of.

“I actually tried to made something, but I felt like I wanted another ideas for it. Anyway, Show this to the ladies for reference.”

“Okay, Thanks. When I’m this busy, as expected I can’t give you free food. but I’ll make it in big portion.”

“But my stomach is small…”

“Gozz, If you have time to talk, use it to move your hands!”

“Yes, Ma’am! I’m really sorry!”

He really become a good soldier…

Well let’s share it with Wolfe

I ate the recommended menu that they have.

It’s not the food I have seen in Japan, but it’s delicious. The cuisine of this world is purely upgraded.

It’s a lot of change, from that terrible dish to this point. Gozz is without a doubt the one who growing the fastest in the past week.

The runner-up is … Well, of course it’s Wolfe.

“There’s something around your mouth, you know.”

I remove the food from around Wolfe’ mouth. It feels good to see her eats deliciously, but she still need a lot to learn about women etiquette.


Compared to that, ‘I’ barely grown.

If there is a change that I have after I came to another world, is it that I have become more connected to my emotions and that I have a stronger desire to rely on others, I guess?

Should I say that I become weaker or…. more flexible?

Oh, right, By the way, My day with muscle-pain is almost end.

Is it that my body has finally begun to adapt to the life in this world?

Thanks to Illias, my mental adapted fast. I need to thanks her for that.

But, it’s hard to do that. I’m just a loser who can’t even thanks properly to a girl around the same age.

“….Did I’ve stayed in this world more that one week?”

Suddenly I remember my old world.

I feel homesick maybe? Considering the convenience there, it is an excellent world that does not need to be compared with this world.

This is the case with this meal that I’m eating deliciously now. I’m sure this can be lined up at convenience stores and frozen foods.

It’s the hometown of a civilization that no longer needs much of the hardships needed in this world.

Everything reminds me of my life in Japan, which is different from this world… What kind of emotions do I have now?

Is it a desire to go back?

If it’s regrets, I have some for sure.

I want to know what happened to the continuation of the book and the program I was watching.

I want to enjoy an elegant life and a luxurious meal that I haven’t seen yet.

I’m sure I can’t run out of what I wanted to to, even if I use up the rest of my life.

But every world have their own charms.

In this world, many people live honestly.

When I think again, even the bandits who had been executed, live their life honestly too.

After getting interrogated, and leaked information, they were promised to survive until Dokora was subdued, I was told by Grandpa Kara in the carriage yesterday that they were executed the day after Dokora died.

One of them left a message. It’s from the first guy I interrogated.

『 Life is fucking with me. But I got to die as a human. And, I’m thankful for that. 』

He left that message… Is He a former military officer?

Humans in this world live their lives straightforward.

It is probably because they are rarely involved in all kinds of events and news.

The pure heart that barely have dirt on it, to face-to-face with it, actually kind of nice and comfortable.

And, I don’t need to feel that disgusted whenever I see myself act in way that will allow me to live here safely.

Considering that, it may not be necessary to forcibly search my way to go back.

It’s a little early…. or maybe too early to say this, but I’d like spending the rest of my life in this kingdom.

Still, I don’t have to cut off and change the way that I’ve choose.

So, Let’s just moderately try to find a way to return to my old world.

At least I’ll stick it as my purpose and try to not lose sight of how I live in this world.

I have lived ‘that way’ in my old world. So, I’m sure I can keep with how I live here.

I want to live safely in this another world, I keep thinking so.

There’s an existence that sits deep and deep in the darkness that the sunlight does not reach.

The only fact that the faint light of the magic stone embedded as a decoration in the room illuminates is that existence has abandoned its human appearance since ancient times.

Those who face that existence also cover the whole appearance with a cloth.

But that existence, because of the tragic mask that disguises emotions, only a slightly peeping face could be seen.

“So, was that record recovered?”

“Not yet, I got a report that they searched in all the territories of Garne, Tiez, and the bases he used, but…”

“Is there a possibility that it was disposed by Mejis?”

“I have confirmed from Tiez that he use Necromancy. Similar things for Necromancy have been found at the last base he had in Garne, but only a few there. Maybe, He read the content of the book when in Garne, and learned it at that time.”

“Then where do you think the book is?”

“Perhaps he is bringing the book to Tiez territory. But in the base that have been being overthrown by the Knights of Tiez and in the survey of unused base candidates, our side found nothing.”

“In other words, someone in the Tiez Kingdom has acquired it?”

“Tiez is surrounded by mountains and forests, and the only way to connect with other kingdom is to pass Garne. So, Currently, we are constantly monitoring whether books have been taken out from Tiez at the border between the two kingdoms, but there is no such thing.”

“And if the book hasn’t moved from Tiez, what do you plan to do?”

“We are arranging a person to monitor them and searching information there. I’m not sure how long it will take, but I think we will get something out of it…”

“You better hurry. If that book come to the light, you guys will be in trouble.”

“I understand that.”

“If you guys are just blamed by another kingdom, I’ll just stand by here. But, If it’s to the point where they know my existence, our relationship is over.”


“For the one who just be a burden, there’s no way for them to go to ‘Beyond That’. Keep that in mind.”

“Thank you very much, for your advice… ‘Red Demon Lord’.”
[TN: So, in Source in written ‘緋’ which can be Red or Scarlet, but for now I’ll use Red.]


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