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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun Arc 1 Illustration

So, this is Illustration for the LN vol.1 that I found online.
It corresponded to Arc 1 of the WN version.

Cover Illustration
Ch 4 IllustrationSo this is when Illias shaking our MC
Ch 7 Illustration This is our MC
Ch 11 IllustrationThis is when Illias cut the undead summoned by Dokora
Ch 16 IllustrationThis is Illias Waiting our MC (Poor her)
Ch 18 IllustrationThis is our MC sobbing while hugging Wolfe
Ch 19 IllustrationThis is Grandpa Kara vs Grandpa Bol in front of Black Wolf Village
Ch 21 IllustrationThis is cute Wolfe
Ch 23 IllustrationThis is when King Marito offer handshake to our MC

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